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A Wise Man Once Said

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The petals were soft against his face, as he laid chest down on the bed of flowers. Idly, he wondered why the fall didn’t splatter him across the ground on impact. A voice, close to the ground, seemed to verbally prod at him.
“Hey, Kid. You aren’t dead, are you?” He groaned.
“Just leave me here to starve to death, please.”
"Huh? You gotta death wish or something, Kid?" There was a grunt.
"Yup. Thought the fall would paint the ground with my brains. Looks like I can't even try to kill myself right..."
"Dude...You're what? 14?"
"Hit the nail on the head. How did you even get down here? I had to fall like ten stories."
"I live down here. know where you decided to off yourself, right?"
"Meh. Didn't care to check the location."
"This is Mount Ebott. Unless you look up, you're gonna think I'm crazy when I say that...well...Welcome to The Underground. The home of monsters." He scoffed.
"What drugs are you on dude?" There was silence, before something wrapped around his head and lifted it, letting him see...a flower with a face?

"I'm Flowey. Flowey the flower. And you?" Dull green eyes blinked, as he sat up.
"Midoriya Izuku. The forgotten and hated one."
"Damn, Kid. You're a real burst of sunshine, you know that?" The flower got a shrug, making him sigh.
"Well. Since you're here, you most likely will run into the keeper of these ruins. Usually, this would be where I try to kill you for your soul, but I just don't want to."
"Hm? What made you change your mind?"
"For starters, the keeper of the ruins and her adopted daughter kinda took me in, so I would only get them very mad at me if I were to even try to hurt you. Besides. Technically the keeper is my mom." That made Izuku choke on his surprise.
"I wasn't always a flower and Flowey isn't my actual name. The only ones that know about her being my mom are me, you, her adopted daughter, and one of the other monsters."
"Then, why tell me? You literally met me minutes ago." Flowey rubbed at his face with a leaf.
"Honestly? You have the same attitude that I do...or try to have, now that I'm no longer as evil as I used to be."
"So......bitter and apathetic?"
"So...until I starve to death or this keeper comes around, could I ask some questions?"
"Why the hell are you monsters down here? I mean still. Couldn't you have left by now?" Flowey sighed.
"There's a barrier keeping us here. Magic. Literally. The only way we can think to break it is by getting seven human souls. But that idea was shot down when the eighth human fell. She solidified herself a place here."

Izuku blinked.
"Ok? Why were you once evil?" The flower took a deep breath.
"I don't have a soul. Like...I have none. I can't really feel much, which is why all I feel is apathy."
"What? How the f-"
"I was an experiment. One my creator doesn't really remember anymore."
"A question of my own. Well...two. One. Why did you throw yourself?" Izuku sighed a little.
"What is there to tell? I'm useless. A quirkless nobody. Even my own mother used to pity my very existence, while some loathe it. I decided to save everyone the trouble and toss myself."
"You all have probably been down here a while. In the past 80-someaught-years humans and some animals gained a freak mutation in their genes. Roughly 80% of the population has, what could be called, a superpower. Those without them are called quirkless. As if it were some kind of disease."
"Well...That answers my second question of what is happening up there." Izuku shrugged and fell back into the flowers.
"Looks like she's here. Over here!" A goat woman came over and saw Izuku.
"Oh you poor child! You've been here a while."
"Not really a child, but...whatever floats your boat I guess..." She looked startled.
“You…” He got up with a sigh.
“I’m Izuku.” He held his hand out and she took it.
“I’m Toriel.”
“Flowey was explaining where I am. Actually surprised the drop didn’t kill me.” She clapped her hands softly.
“Ah. I believe I can answer that. There’s a lot of magic here, in the Ruins. We aren’t, truly, sure why it made a cushioning effect, though. It’s saved eight humans...nine now, from falling to their deaths.” He nodded and shoved his hands into the pockets of his school uniform, after picking up his backpack from the ground.
“So...How is it that no one knows about Mt. Ebott where I’m from, but I can remember it so well?” Flowey cleared his throat.
“Apparently, this mountain and, by extension, the Underground are so bound to magic that it bounces around the world at random. The last human, Frisk, was from America.”

He followed behind Toriel, as she lead him through the traps that scattered the Ruins. When outside the woman’s home, something caught his attention. It looked like a star that had fallen from the night sky. The goat woman didn’t seem to notice, as she continued inside.
“ that?” Flowey, who was wrapped up his arm answered him.
“That’s a SAVE point. Most monsters can’t see them. Touch it.” He reached out and did so. It was warm in his fingers, sending tingles up them. Then, he heard a voice.
”The sight of such a well put together house and the knew knowledge fills you with WISDOM. He heard a beep and jerked his hands back, hissing under his breath.
“What the FUCK was that?!”
“Looks like your main soul trait is WISDOM.”
“What does that mean?” Flowey motioned with his leaf.
“Focus on bringing your soul up.” He did, feeling something in the middle of his torso. It was a weird object that didn’t seem like it belonged, but did, at the same time. Bringing it out, it was about the size of an apple and a lilac purple color.
“This is your soul. It’s the very culmination of your being. Every human has a specific trait their soul gravitates towards. Frisk’s soul trait is DETERMINATION.”
“Ah. I think I understand. What do these save points do?”
“If you get into a situation you don’t want to be in, you can focus on your last SAVE point and you can go back to it. No one will remember, except you, me, Frisk, and Sans.”
“Oh. He’s a skeleton that lives in Snowdin. A town through the exit of Toriel’s house.”
“I see…”

He stepped inside and Toriel smiled, gently, at him. She looked nervous.
“Ah...I’ll make you something to eat and then take you to the barrier, so you can go home...I’m sure you don’t want to be here…” He shrugged.
“I’d rather be anywhere but up there. Thanks for the meal, though.” She looked confused.
“Didn’t you fall?”
“Not like I’ll be missed, honestly. The only one that would miss me would have been my mother. She had a stroke a month ago, which killed her. I have no one up there.” Toriel looked horrified.
“And your...your father?” Izuku shrugged.
“He was murdered before I was born.” She covered her mouth and stepped forward, wrapping him up in a hug. He chuckled softly.
“Thanks. I know I seem blunt about it. I’m just...desensitized to it all.” She nodded and walked to the kitchen, throwing some information over her shoulder.
“There’s a room you can stay in, should you choose to. There’s some stairs that lead to the exit. Please don’t leave through them until you’ve had some food.” He nodded and took to wandering. He checked the room and found crayon drawings pinned up on the walls, a wardrobe, a bed, and an old box of toys. He smiled a touch and pulled out a toy train, just looking at its chipping paint. It was a familiar weight in his hands.
“Did you have one?”
“A toy train? Yes. Mum got me one for my fifth birthday...but an ex friend destroyed it. Told me I didn’t deserve it.” Flowey looked saddened, but didn’t reply, as he put it back in the box.

Izuku decided to see what was down the stairs. He peeked his head into the kitchen, remembering to speak in English.
“Miss Toriel?”
“I thought I’d let you know that I was going to check out what was down the stairs. I didn’t want to just disappear without telling you.” She seemed to brighten.
“Oh! Thank you for telling me. I’ll come let you know when the food is done.” He nodded in thanks and went back out to the main entrance and then down the steps, leaving Flowey to keep Toriel company. He followed the long hallway, up to a large door at the end. He heard a knock and rose a brow, before a voice accompanied it.
“Knock Knock.” Huh? He knelt in front of the door. He absolutely loved jokes.
“Who’s there?” The other person seemed to start, before continuing the joke.
“Nobel who?”
“Nobel. That’s why I knocked.” Izuku felt a smile force itself onto his face for the first time in months.
“Good one.”
“Say. Who are you? You’re definitely not Tori.”
“Oh. I’m Izuku. I literally just fell down here an hour ago. Miss Toriel offered to make me a meal and allowed me to come down here to explore what was here. Who’re you?”
“I’m Sans. Sans the skeleton.”
“Flowey mentioned you.” There was a pause, making the teen sigh.
“He’s not bad, me.”
“He’s told me what he’s done, but I really don’t give a crap. So...Why shouldn’t you let advanced math intimidate you?”
“Why?” Izuku smirked.
“It’s easy as pi!” That earned him a laugh from the other side of the door.
“Nice! A neutron walks into a bar and asks the bartender what the price of a drink was. The bartender replied, ‘For you, no charge!’” Izuku snickered and they went back and forth for a while, sharing jokes and laughs, until footsteps came down the hall.

Toriel smiled at the sight of the greenette sitting against the door.
“Lunch is ready, my child.” Izuku stood up and rapped his knuckles to the door.
“Thanks. I haven’t laughed like that in years.”
“No problem.” Toriel cracked a smile.
“Good afternoon, Sans.”
“Hey, Tori.”
“Would you like to come in and have lunch with us?” There was a hum.
“I guess I could use something that sticks to my ribs.” Both Izuku and Toriel snickered, as the door was opened inwards. In stepped said skeleton, who held a hand out to the teenager.
“Sup?” The greenette could see what was in his hand, but humored him. The cushion went off, making the three of them laugh again. Izuku spoke in unison with Sans.
“Whoopee cushion in the hand trick. It’s always funny.” Sans snorted again.
“Jinx!” Izuku was maybe a head and a half taller than the skeleton, as they made their way back inside and away from the nipping cold of the outside. The man was texting on his phone, probably letting someone know where he was.
“If I may ask...How are you doing that?”
“Hm? Doing what?”
“Texting. I don’t have any...meat on those bones.” He laughed a little.
“Magic...Not sarcastically. Monsters are made of magic and will. Sounds like sci-fi, I know.” Izuku shrugged.
“Sounds legit to me...especially from the world I came from…” Toriel glanced over.
“What do you mean, my child?” He scratched his head.
“I assume this last human told you what was going on on the Surface...right?”
“No. She’s been here for a thousand years. Before you ask how, the magic here and her DETERMINATION let her live indefinitely, like most monsters do.”
“I see...Well, as I told Flowey, 80-ish years ago there was a freak mutation in human gene codes. It allowed around 80% of the population of the entire planet to have a sort of power. My mom could attract small objects and my dad could breathe fire, for example. If you were to think of almost any power, I’m pretty sure someone has it or has had it in the past.” Both monsters looked awed.
“And you?” He gave a bitter chuckle.
“I was born in the 20% that doesn’t have one. I was born to be a failure.” His eyes went dull and trained forwards, making it so he couldn’t see the concerned expressions on the faces of the other two.

The lunch was fantastic. That was for damn sure.
“Thanks for the food, Tori. Sorry to eat and run, but Pap’s looking for me.” She laughed gently.
“Not a problem, Sans. Better not to make your brother worry.” He gave a solution and blinked out of sight, as Izuku tipped his head.
“Hmm...I wonder. Teleportation or glitching?”
“No one actually knows, my child. Not even Sans.” Nodding, he stood up and took his plate into his hands.
“Oh. You don’t need to take your dishes into the kitchen.” His vision flickered, replacing Toriel with a woman that had long green hair and deep green eyes. His mother. He blinked back the tears that beaded into his eyes.
“You made lunch. At least let me clean up.”