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A Night to Remember

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Being student body president has its perks.  Besides the hard work that comes along with helping her fellow classmates, there are times where her creativity really comes into play. This year, Marinette was able to be part of the conversation of what functions would happen  at lycée.  She was able to convince the board to allow the  them  to hold a dance, making this the last function that  her  graduating class will have before they head off to  university .  

Since Marinette had come up with the idea and had it approved, it only made sense that she run the event.  As soon as she was given her budget, she went off to planning. So many ideas ran through her mind.  Should we do something romantic? Something in the fashion scene? Maybe go old school and bring back the decades? What about a tropical getaway theme?  

She jotted down all her ideas and picked her top three. From there, she figured out what decorations would work and if the food should be catered to the theme.  

After spending a few hours deep in thought, her focus shifted to the buzzing phone on the table beside her. She squealed when she noticed the picture on the  screen.  

“Hey Adrien!” Marinette said excitedly.  Over the last few years, Marinette’s crush on Adrien had toned down  quite a bit . Her constant stuttering  h ad stopped shortly after her expulsion and re-admittance from lycée  when she was 14.  Adrien had stood up for her and soon thereafter ,  this sweet, blond-haired ball of sunshine became one of her closest and dearest best friends.  

She still loved him. She could never stop loving him. His constant positivity and selfless care made her realize that she never wanted to let go of him or his friendship. So, she stopped pursuing him.  It was a hard decision, but she needed to  do it  for her sanity.  

“Hi, Marinette!” Adrien replied back. “Alya told me that you got the budget approved for the dance.”  

“Yeah, I just got the confirmation today. As soon as they told me, my mind already went through all the possible themes we could use.”  

Adrien chuckled, “I thought as much. You always get so focused on the task when you're determined. I’m just calling you to make sure you at least ate something.”  

Marinette let out a grumbled humph. “You’re just as bad as my parents! And yes, for your information, I did eat  dinner  and  m maman  brought me up some pastries to hold me over.”  

“Good then.  So, have  you decided what theme you wanted to go with?”   

“Not yet, but I am down to three main themes. I’ve separated them and  am  listing out all possible decorations, food choices, and music selections for each. I’m still hashing out some of the details, but I can nail th ose  down more once I finalize the theme.” She stood up to head to her balcony. “I was just about to take a break when you called.”  

“Well, I’m glad I called then. Do you need some help figuring  things  out ? ” He asked with  sincerity in his voice .  

Marinette  let out  a sigh  as she sat in the lawn chair. The sun was low in the sky, starting to give off the red and orange hues in the horizon. “Sure. I could use some help.”  

“Awesome, what is your first  theme ?”  

“Well,  it’s  not my favorite, but it was better than most of my other ideas.” She paused at the thought. “It’s called  Paris in Paradise .  Pretty much a tropical beach theme. Oranges, reds, and whites everywhere with palm trees adorning the entrances. Maybe include sand and seashells? Colorful tropical flowers everywhere? Maybe keep the dress code beach party casual with sundresses for the ladies and khaki shorts and Hawaiian shirts for the guys?”  

Adrien scowled a bit. “ Mmm ... I don’t know Mari. I can see the idea, but I don’t know if it will work in the way you envision it.” He backtracked a bit. “I mean, everything you do is pretty awesome, but I don’t think it would work.”  

“Yeah, like I said,  it’s  not my favorite and I’m having a hard time coming up with food choices.”  

“Then maybe we should just take it off the list? If you’re not passionate about it, why keep it?  

“You’re right. Okay. One off the list.”  

“What’s the second theme?”  

The  Grand Venice Jubilee. ” She said with a little more enthusiasm. “The colors would be jeweled tones, blacks, and golds. The tablecloths would have those colors, with candelabras as the centerpieces. We could have some shimmery, tasseled decorations all around. Maybe we could even bring some small water fountains to give the illusion of the Venetian water channels. I’m even thinking of  adding  in some blue up-lights to help with the water theme.”  

“Hmm, I do like that idea. Bringing in the water fountains may be a little costly. Are you sure the budget works with all those extra decorations?” Adrien asked  quizzically  

“Yeah , t hat might get a little costly. Like I said, these are just ideas that still need hashing out before going to the school board. I’m just trying to get the theme and ideas in place before I figure out what will and will not work within the budget.”  

“Well, that’s why I’m your sounding board! To help you hash out those ideas.”  

Marinette worried her lip a little before getting up and walking towards the  railing .  “And I appreciate all this help, Adrien. I really do.”   

There was a full moon tonight. The large moon gave off a serene, blue glow into the clear night sky.  The Eiffel Tower was all lit up, the  shimmery lights overtaking the city.  She became quiet; her eyes widened when the thought of the perfect theme hit her like a sack of flour.  

“Oh my goodness Adrien! I figured it out! The picture perfect, romantic Parisian night!  A Night to Remember! ” She went off. “A dimly lit gymnasium with lanterns and shimmery lights everywhere. We could stick with pale pinks and yellows for the table cloths with a lantern and a vase of roses or peonies for the centerpieces.  A large mural in the background with the moon and stars... Hold on, hold on. I need to take a photo!”  

She removes the phone from her ear and opens up the camera to take the picture of  the  view.  This was the perfect inspiration. She had to capture it right then and there.  

Marinette could hear Adrien cackling in the background. She rolled her eyes and put the phone back to her ear.   

“Shush you!”   

“What?” He said as he wiped a stray tear from his eye .   H is belly hurt from all the laughter. “You are so adorable when you go off on your tangents.”  

Marinette blushed.  She did not expect him to say that. Sure, they have said things like that to each other before, but again, her feelings for him were still there. The blush always made a return whenever the sweetness flowed from his mouth. She was glad they weren’t video chatting.  

“Well, did you want to hear the rest of my idea, or are you going to laugh at me the rest of the night?" She said while trying to hide her flustered tone.  

Adrien calmed down enough to answer .  “ O kay, okay .   G o ahead.”  

Marinette pursed her lips before continuing. “Okay, so a large mural with the moon and stars in the background. Maybe I could ask Alix to paint he Parisian skyline with buildings and the windows lit up?”  

“Hmm, what do you think having  her paint the Eiffel Tower in the background of the mural ...”  

Their conversations continued well into the night. Marinette filled up her notebook with all their ideas and thanked him with promises of delicious pastries tomorrow. She could feel his bright smile through the phone. A quick laughter ensued and they ended their call with goodnights and sweet dreams. She can feel it. Tomorrow will be a good day.