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Hot and Cold

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Mingi woke up sweating and annoyed. It was stifling under the covers of his bed and having Yunho wrapped around him with his nose shoved into his neck wasn’t making it any better, as cute as it was.

Mingi threw the covers off himself trying to leave Yunho under as much as possible so he didn’t wake up. Goosebumps raised up on his body where the cool air touched, but he still felt too hot. Yunho’s body heat feeling like a furnace against his skin.

Carefully, Mingi removed himself from Yunho’s hold, the omega’s face pulling into a small frown in his sleep at the loss. Mingi decided a shower would make him feel better. He slid off the bed, taking a luxurious full body stretch that had his joints popping in relief. He cast a glance back at Yunho, who had now curled up with his face in Mingi’s pillow. The alpha couldn’t help the fierce strike of protectiveness that cut it’s way through him. Yunho’s blond hair was messy, and his face flushed with sleep, he looked so innocent, so angelic, so fragile it made Mingi’s alpha instincts burst to life. He couldn’t help but to lean down and press a gentle kiss to the omega’s forehead. He brushed his wrist against the omega’s scent gland to make his scent just a little stronger there.


The word burst out of his head with an intensity that almost scared Mingi. This omega is mine, his instincts screamed at him. He couldn’t help himself but to lean down and nip and lick gently at Yunho’s neck. Mingi didn’t want to wake him up, but had such a visceral need to mark Yunho he couldn’t resist it. Yunho whined lightly in his sleep at Mingi’s teeth on his neck and instinctually bared more of his throat. Mingi rumbled at the vulnerable and completely instinctual display from the omega, and tore himself away after sucking a light mark into his neck. Yunho had been up late last night figuring out some new choreo, he needed sleep.

Mingi grabbed some clean clothes and stepped into the bathroom. He was still sticky with sweat and so hot he wanted to die. He put on the cold water and stepped under it, jolting with the shock. After the first few seconds he got used to it and it started to feel good. He felt more clearheaded now. He stood under the water until he felt his body temperature get to a more normal level and then turned the water to lukewarm and started his shower routine.

As he scrubbed shampoo into his hair his mind began to wander back to Yunho. He really liked his blond hair, it fit him and his golden retriever aesthetic so well. He looks extra pure, and extra cute. Mingi could just eat him up. His mind suddenly filled with flashes of images. Yunho’s pale thighs purpled with Mingi’s teeth marks. His neck marked up and down, making it unmistakable that he was taken, that he has an alpha. The omega’s chest heaving, eyes filled with tears as he whines for more.

Mingi shook his head and groaned, leaning his head against the cool tiles of the shower. What was up with him today? He usually has a better handle on himself and his instincts. He wasn’t a teenager anymore.

He finished up his shower and entered the bedroom to see Yunho rubbing sleepily at his face surrounded by a mess of blankets. A swell of affection filled Mingi and he let his feet carry him over to the bed.

“Good Morning”, Yunho mumbled, lifting his head in Mingi’s direction, squinting a little at the morning sunlight. Mingi placed his palm on the omegas cheek and leaned in to place a slow, sweet kiss on his lips. They separated just barely, enough to lean their foreheads against each other, basking in the other’s scent and presence.

“Mmm, you smell good”, Yunho said, pulling away a little to look into Mingi’s eyes before nipping gently at his neck, inhaling the alpah’s cinnamon scent deeply. This action hit Mingi right in the alpha instincts and he was helpless to resist the urge to push Yunho roughly back on to the bed. The omega let out a surprised squeak but submitted fully, pushing his head back into the pillows to fully expose his neck. Mingi growled possessively as he buried his own face into Yunho’s neck, roughly sucking and biting at the spot just above his scent gland. The omega’s orange scent was driving the alpha crazy, and he loved the way his own cinnamon scent mixed with it to make it a little spicier.

Mingi pulled away after placing one last gentle kiss to the dark spot on Yunho’s neck and looked into his eyes.

“Well good morning to you too”, Yunho said amusedly, “You seem a little excited this morning.”

Mingi blushed a little, embarrassment edging into his mood, “You just look especially cute this morning.”

Yunho’s already sleep flushed face turned slightly more red as he retracted into the covers shyly, smiling the whole time.

“Unfortunately we don’t have time for that this morning. We gotta be in the practice room in an hour. This new choreo is killer.”

Yunho got up, collected some clothes, and closed the door behind him as he disappeared into the bathroom to get ready.

Mingi fell back into the bed with a huff. He felt… off today. He hoped it didn’t mess with his performance at practice today. Especially if even Yunho was saying the choreo was difficult, he needed to be at 100%.

An hour later he stood in the practice room struggling to catch on to the new choreo. This was an unfamiliar struggle for him, he usually caught on pretty fast. This stupid footwork though…. He just couldn’t get it. Yunho was being a saint as usual, working with him as the others took a breather.

They both faced the giant mirror on the wall and Mingi did his best to follow the steps Yunho was carefully counting out for him. Mingi found himself distracted though, none of the foot work even entering his brain. Instead, his eyes followed the trail of sweat making its’ way down Yunho’s neck towards his chest. Dripping over the purple mark Mingi had left earlier that morning.

“Hello? Earth to Mingi!”

Mingi swallowed and ripped his eyes up to meet Yunho’s in the mirror.

“You aren’t even listening to me are you?” Yunho accused, some annoyance leaking into his tone.

“I am! I’m sorry I’m not as great of a dancer as you, and everything just comes effortlessly.” Mingi spat, suddenly angry. “I’m taking a break,” he spat, turning on his heel and busting through the practice room door and out to the hallway. As soon as the fresh air of the hallway hit him he felt horrible. Yunho was just trying to help him while he was struggling and what had he done? Not paid attention and threw a fit like a child when called out on it. A wave of shame washed over Mingi and he suddenly felt like crying. Mingi let out a loud huff and hung his head, closing his eyes. He needed to get a handle on his emotions today.

Mingi took a few deep breaths and did his best to center himself before heading back into the practice room. Aside from a couple questioning stares from the other members no one said anything about his little outburst. With a renewed focus and determination Mingi threw himself into memorizing the choreo.

Practice ended without further incident but Mingi still felt guilty about snapping at Yunho earlier. He walked over to where Yunho was packing the speakers back into his bag and mumbled, “Hey,” peaking up through his eyelashes at the omega.

Yunho raised his eyebrows at Mingi, “You feel better after your little tantrum earlier?”

The alpha felt heat flood his cheeks and he surged forward to hug Yunho. “I’m sorry babe, I don’t know what’s wrong with me today. My emotions are all over the place.” Mingi felt Yunho sigh before lifting his arms and returning the hug

“You were kind of an ass, but I guess you’re cute enough that I’ll forgive you,” Yunho replied, pulling back a little to peck a quick kiss to his lips. “You can make it up to me by letting me pick what we watch before bed tonight.”

“Of course! Whatever you want!” Mingi replied earnestly, not wanting his omega to be mad at him. “How about I buy you those chips you like from the corner store on the way back home too?”

“You don’t have to do that, I already forgive you.” Yunho smiled brightly, pushing playfully at Mingi’s arm.

“I know, but I want to,” Mingi replied, “I was a real ass to you earlier and want to make it up.”

Yunho didn’t say anything, but hummed agreeably and bumped his shoulder against Mingi’s as they made their way back home.

It wasn’t long before they were cuddled up in bed watching some youtube video Yunho had put on. Mingi wasn’t really watching it, more interested in Yunho’s reactions. The omega was basically laying in Mingi’s lap, settled back against his chest with the laptop on his own lap so they could both see. Mingi loved feeling the omega’s comfortable warmth settled between his legs. He felt like he was keeping the omega safe, and seeing him smiling and laughing at the video satisfied his instincts that he was keeping his omega happy too. He loosely looped his arms over Yunhos chest, squeezing him a little closer for a moment.

He wondered what it would be like if he were to let his hands wander up to the omegas throat. He pictured his fingers closing around it, how it would feel to apply some pressure and feel the omegas breath and pulse quicken beneath his fingertips. It made it breath stutter for a moment.

Mingi really didn’t know what was into him today. He and Yunho kept things pretty vanilla. The one time that Yunho had asked him to spice things up with dirty talk hadn’t ended well. Mingi had done a little googling (search terms mostly “how the fuck do you talk dirty”) and tried it out during their next sexual encounter. The internet had told him that a lot of people liked to be called dirty names so he tried doing that. But when he had called Yunho his “dirty whore” while the omega was sucking his dick, he saw the omega’s eyes widen and fill with legitimate tears. Mingi immediately ended the whole thing and declared they were never going to do that again. It had taken a bit to calm Yunho down and a lot of cuddling to make them both feel better again. He had felt terrible. Yunho was his precious angel, and all he wanted to do was keep him safe and make him happy.

So it surprised Mingi that he was having thoughts like that. He really wasn’t an aggressive guy, especially for an alpha. He loved the sweet, slow, playful side of lovemaking more than anything rough or fast. Was he having a second sexual awakening?

Mingi realized that all this thinking about sex and Yunho had him getting a little hard. He did his best to will it away, but it was difficult with having a wiggly, happy omega literally in his lap. Mingi bit his lip and threw his head back as Yunho shifted his position and brushed just right against the alpha’s hardening cock. His head hit the headboard with a resounding thump, and he must not have been able to hide his facial expression in time because when Yunho turned around to look at him his face broke into a mischievous smile.

The omega then turned the puppy dog eyes on full blast and asked, “Baby are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine”, Mingi replied, heat flushing his cheek at the knowledge that he both got caught with a boner and smacking his head against the wall trying to get rid of it.

Yunho just turned back around and wiggled deeper into Mingi’s lap, basically grinding onto him. The room was starting to fill with the mahogany scent of the alphas arousal. Yunho then dramatically laid all the way back into Mingi’s chest and threw his head back on to the alpha’s shoulder whining, “I’m tireddd, let’s lay down.” Mingi had to tear his eyes away from the omega’s neck and just nodded in response, not trusting his voice to come out right.

Yunho took his sweet time to roll himself off Mingi’s lap, struggling a little more than believable, as a pretense to rub his ass a little more against Mingi’s crotch. Mingi was fighting off visions of snatching up the omega and fucking him until he couldn’t even talk to beg for more.

The position he found himself in now seemed to be a new sort of hell. Yunho had basically just flipped himself over so he could lay his head on Mingi’s chest comfortably, but his shirt had rode up so that his bare torso was pressed against Mingi’s sweatpants clothed boner. Mingi also had a delightful view of Yunho’s ass from this position.

Mingi lasted in this position for all of 2 minutes before Yunho had laughed particularly hard at something in the youtube video, providing friction to Mingi’s clothed dick. Mingi let out a frustrated growl and roughly flipped himself on top of Yunho, grabbing the omega’s wrists and pinning him to the bed. He must have looked as ravenous as he felt because when Yunho met his eyes he let out a needy whine and the scent of honeysuckle started to fill the room.

The scent hit Mingi right in the gut and he dove in for a claiming kiss. He felt wild, not like himself, after what barely could be called any teasing. A desperate urge was pulling at his gut to put his claim on the omega under him. He wanted to treat Yunho so good that he would never even entertain the thought of another alpha, and mark him so thoroughly that no other alpha would ever even try.

Mingi pulled away from the kiss only to latch on to the omega’s neck. He was pretty high up and their stylists would be pissed at him, but he could not bring himself to care right now. He wanted everyone to see. Mingi sucked, licked, and bit over the spot until he was satisfied with how dark the mark was. Yunho was whining loudly under him, the omega’s breaths starting to come a little quicker. Mingi sat up just enough to remove Yunho’s shirt and then dove back in to attach his mouth to a nipple. Yunho’s hand tangled in Mingi’s hair and he pressed his chest up into the alpha’s mouth. Mingi sucked and licked until he was satisfied, and then moved to the other one.

Yunho began pulling at Mingi’s hair, wanting him to come up for a kiss. The alpha allowed himself to be pulled up and the kiss was all passion and heat, both of them yearning for more. Mingi made his way back down to the omega’s chest, caressing up and down his sides, leaving kisses and sucking possessive marks all over his torso. He pulled back to observe his work and couldn’t help the satisfied, possessive growl that left his throat.

“A-alpha”, Yunho whined at the growl and not liking the loss of contact. Mingi made quick work of the omega’s pants and underwear, not able to ignore the strength of the honeysuckle scent anymore. He wanted to drown in that sweet scent. The alpha flipped Yunho over and pulled his hips up so that he was on his knees with his ass in the air. The omega whined loudly at the manhandling and a fresh line of slick oozed out of his hole. Mingi groaned and dove in, eating his omega out like it would be the last meal he ever had. Yunho tasted so fucking good, he could never get tired of it.

Yunho was a mess of whines and moaning, hands gripping the sheets tight as an achor to the earth as Mingi’s tongue turned his world upside down. Mingi was fucking him open with his tongue, licking so dirtily at his walls, and sucking so lewdly at his rim that it was making it hard for the omega to stay still, he kept wiggling trying to push Mingi’s tongue deeper. The alpha made an annoyed sound and reached around to place his hand in between Yunho’s shoulder blades and firmly pushed down. The omega collapsed, taking all his weight onto his chest and he moaned helplessly into the bed, pinned and unable to move.

“I’m, I’m gonna fucking cum Mingi, oh fuck Mingi, alpha you’re making me cum,” Yunho babbled. Mingi pulled away at those words and Yunho absolutely cried out a whine at the loss, left at the precipice of an orgasm.

“You’re going to cum on my knot, omega”, Mingi growled out. He was sure he looked absolutely feral, with slick running down his face, hair wild from Yunho grabbing at it, and pupils blown wide in arousal.

“Please, alpha”, Yunho whined out weakly, turning and making eye contact with Mingi. The alpha felt the bottom drop out of his stomach. Yunho looked absolutely wrecked and desperate for more. His eyes were glazed over and his mouth was parted, taking in ragged deep breaths. How could Mingi say no?

“Of course, baby”, Mingi replied, knowing that word was Yunho’s weak spot. The omega let out a broken moan and shuddered, bending his back impossibly further and pressing his face hard into the mattress to present his hole further to his alpha.

Mingi growled and leaned in to take one last long lick of slick from the omega’s ass. He then took his dick, which was almost purple from neglect at this point, and teased around Yunho’s hole. Spreading the slick up and down his length before cautiously pushing in. Yunho let out a broken sound, and Mingi took that as a good sign and kept pushing in until he was fully seated. He took a couple quick gasping breaths, resisting the urge to immediately start wildly fucking the omega.

That resistance lasted exactly three shallow thrusts before one particularly needy sound escaped Yunho and all his resolve broke. He grabbed on to the omega’s hips and pounded furiously into the tight wet hole.

“Fuck, alpha, oh my god”, Yunho moaned out at the new pace, all he could do was ball his fists into the sheets and take what he was given.

“Omega, you feel so good. You gonna take my knot?” Mingi rumbled, almost losing it at the thought of Yunho full of his cum, plugged with his knot.

“Yes! Want your knot alpha, please”, Yunho begged, “You feel so good, I feel so full.”

Mingi could feel himself getting close to cumming, his knot beginning to form at the base of his cock.

“Ohh fuckk Yunho,” He groaned out through gritted teeth. He pushed the omega into the bed harder with a hand between his shoulder blades and mercilessly fucked into him, using his hole savagely, until he felt his knot pop in and he was cumming. When his knot locked into place Yunho also came, clenching hard around his knot. The pleasure was so intense it almost felt unbearable. His vision whited out as he pumped cum into Yunho until he had nothing more to give.

Mingi huffed and carefully maneuvered them both into a comfortable position to wait for his knot to go down. Both he and Yunho were breathing hard and needed a moment. Mingi wrapped his arms around Yunho and pulled him close. They were both hot and sweaty but he still wanted to be close to the omega. They lay there just enjoying each other’s presence until Mingi’s knot went down enough to pull out, Yunho whining a little at the loss.

The omega turned to face Mingi and kissed him slow and sweet.

“We need to let the managers know we won’t be at practice for the next couple days.”

Mingi looked at Yunho confused, “Why? Is something wrong? Oh my god, did I hurt you?” Mingi’s face turned from confusion to worry in a second, looking over the omega for signs of pain.

“No! You didn’t hurt me Mingi, you’re going into rut,” Yunho replied amused.

“What? No I’m not. What makes you say that?” Mingi asks incredulously.

Yunho just stared at him in silence for a few moments before saying, “Wow you really are the dumbest person alive, huh?”

“Yah! Don’t disrespect me like that! I’m not going into rut!”

“Mingi, you’ve been up my ass, no pun intended, all day. You’ve been moody as hell. Your scent has changed. Plus, you only fuck me like that when you’re in rut or pre-rut.” Yunho replied easily. Mingi just stared at him dumfounded. So much made sense now. His mood swings. The weird fantasies. Why it’s been so fucking hot everywhere. He really is the dumbest person alive.

Mingi fell back onto the bed, “Damn it. You’re right.”

“Usually,” Yunho replied smugly, “Let’s go take a shower and then we can deal with the rest tomorrow.”

Mingi can’t believe himself. This happens literally every time he gets his rut. He has all the signs but doesn’t put them together until the last moment or until someone, usually Yunho, puts them together for him. It’s been like this for literal year, and he is just as shocked every time.

It can’t be too bad though, he does get to spend the next few days fucking Yunho like an animal so that has to count as something positive. Mingi smiles a little smugly at the thought and gets up off the bed to follow Yunho into the shower. What’s the harm in starting a little early?