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The Betrothal

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Bella sat on the edge of the bed, her heart pounding. When she had first moved to Forks, she had no idea it would lead to this. Being an Omega was... hard. She sighed. The room was beautiful, full of the smell of flowers and subtle perfume. She wondered who had cleaned it up, who had made the bed so neatly and put roses and sunflowers in all the vases. Probably Esme. The curtains were a deep burgundy red, with matching bed sheets, and the walls were a pristine white. It truly was the most perfect room for the ceremony. 

Bella had only been waiting for a few minutes, but it felt like she had been waiting her entire life. Ever since she started presenting as an Omega at age fifteen her scent had been getting stronger and stronger, until it caused every Beta and Alpha in the same room to start paying attention to her. Last week, though, she had fully presented, meaning it was time for the ceremony. 

Embarrassingly, it had happened in the middle of a Biology lesson. Bella hadn't noticed at first, though she did feel a sort of warm feeling in her stomach, but then Edward Cullen started to cover his nose and tried to push her out the door. She only understood what he was doing when a minute later the other Betas in the class started to follow him, all of them hoping to claim her as their own. Luckily, Edward's heightened vampire senses had let him know it was happening before it hit fully, so she was saved the embarrassment of having to turn down all the other boys.

It was weird, she had never really thought about what would happen when she fully presented. She knew about it of course -- she had learnt about the marriage process in sex ed, how her husbands would be selected when she fully presented by matching her scent with the most compatible. It was all done by committee, of course, so no one got to choose who they were matched with. You could if you wanted to, but everyone knew how accurate the commitee was. It was the best option.

Bella bit her lip. Secretly, she had been hoping to get claimed by one of the elusive, secretive Cullens before the committee could choose. She had befriended Edward when she moved and then discovered his secret, and she knew that, in order to keep his secret, he couldn't put his scent in the database, so the only way to get matched with him would have to be if he claimed her himself, without the help of the committee. It was seeming less and less likely, though. 

The Cullens had been kind though. When she presented they had whisked her away to their house and set up a spare room for her to use as the ceremony room. They had known, Bella guessed, that she wouldn't want to perform the ceremony in her childhood bedroom. She wanted it to be special. 

Bella certainly looked special. She was wearing a pretty white dress -- the traditional Omega colour -- with ribbon tied around her waist. Her hair, too, was tied back with a ribbon, and her shoes were matching white, all of it courtesy of her friend Alice, of course. Bella looked pretty as a picture. She hoped her husbands would agree.

She would get two partners -- an Alpha and an Beta -- and they would both be sealed to her, as her husbands. She was excited, truth be told, despite how nervous she was. Everyone secretly dreamed of love and happiness, and this was the start of hers. Bella glanced at her watch.

She had been waiting ten minutes. It was normal to have a fifteen minute wait, so you could read over the files of your mates, but Bella hadn't been given any files. There had been a mix up, apparently, and she was going to have to meet her new husbands without knowing anything about them. 

When the last five minutes were up, Bella heard a knock at the door. It was polite, but confident nonetheless.

"Come in," she called softly. Her heart beat a little faster.

The door opened and in stepped Edward Cullen, the trademarked crooked smile on his face. He was wearing a crisp black suit -- the outfit of a Beta -- and he looked very pleased with himself.

"Edward?" Bella's eyes widened. What was he doing there? Did he need to give her a message or something, because it looked like he was there to claim her -- but she knew that couldn't be possible.

Edward took a moment to answer, and in that time another figure stepped through the door. A gorgeous, commanding, utterly mesmerizing figure, dressed in a figure hugging, blood red dress, with her hair falling gracefully in a blonde veil behind her back. Rosalie.

Bella was stunned. It didn't make any sense. Rosalie and Edward? They were both dressed like... they were meant to be her partners. She gaped at them, unable to find any words. Rosalie smirked at her, her gaze sultry.

"Good evening, Isabella."

"Uh, hi, Rosalie." Bella couldn't remember the last time Rosalie had spoken to her -- in fact, she was pretty sure the vampire hated her -- but she would be lying if she said the sound of Rosalie saying her full name like that didn't send shivers down her spine.

Edward closed the door behind them and stepped forwards. Bella stood up from the edge of the bed. She fidgeted with the hem of her dress, she really wasn't sure what to say.

"You're probably going to think I'm stupid," Bella said eventually. "But are you two here because of -- because of the ceremony?"

Edward nodded. "Yes, Bella. We are."

Bella was taken aback with shock. It made no sense. She couldn't deny the sexual tension in the room though, or the way Rosalie was looking her up and down with relish. Rosalie stepped towards her, her face just inches from Bella's.

"So we're betrothed then?"

Bella's breath hitched as she felt Rosalie's fingers trace the edges of her jaw. "Yes, my dear... it took a while to sort out, but you're mine now." 

Bella felt a thrill go through her. "How?"

"Bella, dear, I've been wanting to bed you since I first laid my eyes on you. You have no idea how hard it was to keep my hands to myself." Rosalie moved a little closer.

Edward lent suavely against the wall, watching Bella's reactions. "We had to call in a few favours to make sure you weren't matched with anyone else, but it was the best option. Now that you know what we are, we thought that you really should join the family. Not as a vampire, of course, but as our betrothed."

"To be your Omega?"

"Yes, if you'll have us," Rosalie said. "Edward as your Beta, myself as your Alpha."

Bella looked into Rosalie's eyes, at the beautiful gold eyes of the girl who wanted to be her Alpha. They were swimming with emotion -- care and concern, lust, and, somehow, love as well. How could Bella refuse?

"Of course," she said. She was nearly breathless.

Rosalie smiled. "I'm glad to hear that."

"You should know I've, uh, I've never done this."

Rosalie quirked a perfect eyebrow. "You've never had sex?"

"No, I've never kissed anyone."

Edward placed his hands on her shoulders, his touch gentle. "It's okay, we can go as slow as you want to. There's no pressure."

Bella relaxed into his touch. Being in his protection and Rosalie's, it felt like she would never be tired or hungry or hurt ever again. It felt safe. Bella could feel a warm sensation in her stomach, though, reaching out to the rest of her body. Her nerves were already set alight with desire.

"No, I want to," she laughed. "I'm just nervous."

"Allow me to make it easier, then," Rosalie took Bella's face in her hands and pressed their lips together.

Rosalie's lips were cold and hard against Bella's, and yet in the heat of the moment they still felt soft. It was passionate and full of desire, the simple need to feel each other winning out. Bella lent in hungrily to the kiss. Her nerves buzzed with electricity, it was like they were burning. She couldn't control herself -- she could barely breathe -- she just knew she needed more.

Rosalie slid her hands down Bella's body, stroking the curve of her neck and her chest. One hand came to stop at her chest, pulling gently at the fabric of her dress, while the other one traced its way gently down to her thigh. Bella moaned as Rosalie touched her through the white cloth, her fingers dancing across sensitive flesh but never quite reaching where she wanted it most. 

Rosalie broke away for a moment, her lips still only inches away from Bella's. "I could claim you right here, you could be mine, if you wanted," she whispered against the Omega's mouth. "We could make the marriage official, we could have a whole litter together, and then Edward's too."

Bella nodded, breathless. "Or we could be traditional and wait until you go into heat, we could kiss all night long instead, if you wanted," Rosalie continued.

Nothing sounded better to Bella in that moment than being in the arms of her Alpha and her Beta. Rosalie pushed her slowly down onto the bed, her arms pinning Bella down. Rosalie lifted herself above her lover and kissed her hard. They melted together, soft lips and soft hands mapping out the pathways were they touched.

Beside her, Bella felt the mattress sink as Edward joined them, slowly lifting his hand up to caress her side. He seemed happy just to lie there like that while the blood rushing to Bella's cheeks were staining them bright red.

When Rosalie pulled away, she was grinning like the cat that got the cream. Bella sighed happily.


"There's plenty more where that came from," Rosalie purred. "But for now I think it's time for the human to sleep."

Bella was about to protest but, in truth, she was already holding back a yawn. Instead she nodded her head. 

"Okay Rosalie," she said. Rosalie got up off her, letting her stand. 

Slowly, Bella got to her feet and reached behind her for the ribbon tying her dress back. She pulled on the bow and then unhooked the buttons, trying to be as sensual as she could while doing it. Rosalie laughed. 

"You're adorable," Rosalie said as she pulled Bella's dress down further. Her eyes glanced briefly at the rest of Bella's body, now covered only in her lacy white underwear.

Bella hummed in response. She felt a little awkward getting changed in front of Edward and Rosalie, but she knew they wouldn't judge her. "Did Alice leave out any pyjamas for me?" She asked.

"No, she didn't," Edward said. "I don't think she thought you would do much sleeping." He smirked.

Bella blushed a deeper red. After a pause to decide what she was going to wear, she let the dress fall completely to the floor and stepped out of it. She climbed into bed, next to Rosalie, her nearly bear skin electric next to the blonde's. Edward joined them on the other side, tucking the blankets around her.

"You'll stay tonight?" she said, her voice small and fragile. Rosalie's heart nearly broke.

"Of course, Isabella," Rosalie reached over to tuck a strand of hair behind Bella's ear. "Goodnight, my love."

"Goodnight Rosalie, good night Edward."

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There were a lot of weird wedding rituals when it came to Omegas getting married. For example, Rosalie, the Alpha, would be the one the first one Bella slept with (Bella did not mind this at all). Second, they got to move in together. It was an awkward conversation to have, but the Cullens insisted she stayed with them, at one of their houses. Edward and Rosalie wanted to make sure she was safe, it was part of their duty as her Alpha and Beta, and it was comforting to be around them all the time.

Although Bella was completely inexperienced, she daydreamed a lot about her partners -- Rosalie, especially. She was trying to take it slow, to make Bella as comfortable as possible, but Bella could tell there were times when Rosalie just wanted to push her against the bed and take her right there and then. Her Omega scent must have been overwhelming now that she was fully presented, and until she was claimed by an Alpha she wouldn't be able to go outside without attracting a lot of attention.

It was with that in mind that Bella approached Rosalie one morning. The other Cullens had largely left them alone, in fact Bella had only seen Alice once or twice since presenting, when she had given her more of the traditional white clothes, smirking the whole time.

Rosalie was wearing black high waisted jeans and a red v-necked shirt that left large patches of her pearly white skin exposed. Bella gulped as she approached. Ever since Bella presented, Rosalie had been a lot more friendly towards her, though Bella still found it hard to read the closed off vampire's emotions.



"Can I ask you a question?"

Rosalie turned to her gaze to Bella. "Of course."

"Why haven't you -- why haven't we, you know, done the whole ceremonial thing yet?"

Rosalie seemed surprised, but it was hard to tell. "Are you asking why we haven't had sex yet?"

"Uh, yes, I am."

Rosalie smirked and took a few steps towards Bella. Her posture was relaxed but still graceful -- she had always moved so gracefully, it was something Bella admired about her.

"I don't want to push you into anything. There's a lot to consider."

"Like what?"

"Are you ready for sex? Are you ready for marriage? You could get pregnant."

This stopped Bella right in her tracks. "I could get pregnant? I thought Vampires weren't able to have kids."

"Usually they can't, but if they have a human Omega it's possible -- otherwise your scent would have no impact on us, it just wouldn't make sense."

Bella nodded. "So we haven't had sex because you're scared I might get pregnant."

"Oh believe me, Bella, there's nothing that would make me happier than to see you pregnant with my litter, but you're still very young. We have time." Rosalie placed her hand on Bella's stroked her thumb against Bella's wrist.

Bella felt the soft feel of Rosalie's skin against her skin and knew what she wanted. How could she want anything else? Rosalie was commanding and charismatic, she was so enticing; she was captivating.

"What if... what if I wanted to have sex?"

"Well then I would happily take you now," Rosalie purred.

Bella grinned and grabbed her hand. "I'd rather do it in the bedroom."

There was a pause as Rosalie weighed up her options. After a moment she pulled Bella into her chest, engulfing the smaller girl. With a single, fluid movement, Rosalie lifted Bella's lips to her own and they kissed hard. Electricity danced along Bella's skin as Rosalie fingers ran up and down her, tugging at her clothes.

Rosalie moaned as Bella reached out and held her chest, cupping at the breast in her palm. With a ravenous look in her eye, Rosalie turned around so that Bella was leaning against the counter, caged lovingly by Rosalie's arms on either side.

"You are simply delectable," Rosalie whispered against Bella's neck, before pushing her lips against the sensitive skin there.

She traced her lips along Bella's collarbone, her tongue brushing against Bella's pulse point. Beneath her, the Omega was a whimpering mess, unable to truly think in the bliss of it all. Bella ground her leg against Rosalie's and was surprised to find something hard.

She smiled and took her hand from Rosalie's chest to to touch it, the friction sending Rosalie mental. Rosalie growled, her lust palpable, and went to press another kiss by Bella's ear. "Are you sure you're ready?" She asked, breathless. "I want you to be sure."

Bella nodded, only able to gasp out her consent. "Please."

Rosalie smiled a sinful, loving smile, and pulled Bella into her arms, picking her up bridal style. She ran to the bedroom and threw Bella onto the bed before she sauntered over to where Bella lay.

Rosalie climbed over Bella and reached for her dress, helping the Omega to slide it over her shoulders. She slipped out of her own shirt too, leaving them both half naked, skin almost on skin as Rosalie inched closer. Bella looked up at the perfection that was Rosalie -- she was beautiful, from the graceful arch of her neck to the curve of her chest, breasts held in place only by the sexy red lace of her bra.

Rosalie raised her eyebrow. "Like what you see?"

Bella nodded, breathless. She placed her hand on the back of Rosalie's neck and pulled her down for a kiss. Bella moaned into Rosalie's mouth, her tongue sliding into the Alpha's and enjoying the taste of her-soon-to-be mate. With a sly look on her face, Rosalie broke away from the kiss and took her mouth to inside of Bella's thigh.

Bella sighed as Rosalie got to work, kissing all the way up to her underwear. She played with the thin white fabric of Bella's lingerie, right where Bella wanted her the most, before running her lips up the flesh of Bella's other leg. Bella groaned, thrusting her hips forwards to try and create a little friction.

"You're teasing me," she said.

Rosalie smiled something wicked before pressing another kiss onto Bella's thigh. "I know you love it."

"I think it's unfair that you get to keep all of your clothes on," Bella said.

"Why don't you take them off me, then?" Rosalie's voice was sultry.

Bella grinned and and reached down to unbutton Rosalie's jeans, her fingers moving deftly. Rosalie slid forwards so Bella could reach, before climbing out of the jeans herself. She was left in matching red underwear, a tent poking clearly through the fabric.

Bella looked up at Rosalie's legs and licked her lips. "May I?"

Rosalie nodded as Bella tugged the lacy underwear away and allowed her erection to spring free. Bella placed her hand on the thick rod and moved it up and down carefully, looking up to check that Rosalie was enjoying it. The Alpha's eyes were closed in bliss and she began to rock her hips back and forth against Bella's hand.

Bella took her hand away, a mischievous grin on her face.

"Now you're the one teasing me," Rosalie's eyes fluttered open. "You flirt."

Bella stuck her chin out defiantly. "I want you," she said.

She parted her legs and threw off her underwear, leaving her bare skin exposed to the air. The feeling was electric, and when Rosalie reached her hand down to stroke along Bella's thigh, she felt the tingles all over her body. "Rosalie, please," Bella moaned.

Rosalie smirked, her hand grazing over the sensitive flesh of Bella's pussy. "You are simply divine."

She lifted herself up until she was angled over Bella, her arms on either side of her lover, and pushed inside. Bella gasped, the feeling of Rosalie's dick filling her up completely. It was thick and hard, at least eight inches, and it sent Bella into a state of pure bliss. Rosalie edged in slowly, letting Bella get used to the feeling, before she began to draw out again.

"Faster, faster!" Bella cried, bucking her hips against the blonde.

Rosalie grinned and pushed back in, her hips colliding with Bella's before she pulled back. She thrust in, again and again, her dick pounding into Bella's sensitive pussy. Rosalie leant in to suck on the girl's nipple, her tongue swirling in circles as she slid her dick in and out.

Bella moaned beneath her, her breath coming out in gasps. Her head was rolled back in ecstasy as she cried out Rosalie's name.

"Faster — oh, yes, Rosalie!"

Rosalie sped up, her dick pulsing inside of Bella. A buildup began inside of Bella as something pooled inside her stomach, a hot tension reaching crescendo. Rosalie continued, determined to fill Bella up entirely. With a cry, Bella felt Rosalie hit the G-spot, and she came undone. There was a rush of pure pleasure as she orgasmed, her pussy clenching around Rosalie's dick as she did. This was enough to send Rosalie over the edge and she joined Bella in her orgasm, her cum filling up inside of her.

Rosalie pulled out, her dick still erect, and lay down next to Bella. She placed her hand on Bella's shoulder and kissed her hard. "That was... amazing," Bella panted.

Rosalie hummed. "You're now officially mine," she said.

Bella rolled over. "You up for round two?" She said with a grin.

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When Bella woke up, she knew that her life had changed forever. Of course, every Omega's life changed when they presented, but Bella doubted anyone else's had changed quite as much as hers. She was part of the Cullen family now -- she was married to Rosalie. Bella still couldn't believe it. All that was left was Edward, her Beta.

Her eyes fluttered open as Rosalie ran her hands softly down her spine. Bella shivered in pleasure. "Hi Rosalie."

"Good morning," Rosalie whispered into her ear. "Did you sleep well?"

Rosalie's eyes slid over Bella's naked body, taking in the Omega's soft curves and blushing cheeks.

"It was heavenly." Bella smiled and reached up to kiss Rosalie. It felt the easiest and most natural thing to do, and yet it still filled her stomach with butterflies. Bella smiled into the kiss before she broke away.

"May I have a human minute? I feel a bit gross."

Rosalie laughed. "You are anything but gross, Isabella," she leaned in for a quick kiss on the cheek. "You are adorable, really, but take all the time you need. I'll be waiting."

Bella saw the smirk on Rosalie's lips as she darted out the bed and down the corridor -- she had no doubt what would be waiting for her when she got back. The day before, full of sex with Rosalie, had been glorious, and she regretted none of it. Even just thinking about it made her feel horny again. Luckily for her, her Alpha felt exactly the same way.


Edward arrived back from his hunting trip a few hours later, his eyes much lighter than when he'd left. As soon as he'd stepped inside the house he could smell the change, though.

"Rosalie?" He called up the stairs. "What happened?"

Rosalie appeared at the top of the stairs, grinning. "I think you know what happened."

There was a sigh before Edward responded. "Are you okay, Bella?"

"I am amazing."

Edward smiled. With a spring in his step he climbed up the stairs to join his Alpha and Omega in the bedroom. When he opened the door, he was greeted by a very welcome sight.

The two girls were on the bed -- Bella lying naked against the headboard, her head thrown back in pleasure as Rosalie licked up and down her thighs. It was clear that they had been right in the middle of fucking when Edward had arrived.

Bella's eyes flicked open and met those of the voyeur on the other side of the room. Her cheeks flushed red, but she made no move to stop Rosalie in her ministrations.

"Would you like to help?" Rosalie said, her voice dripping with innuendo. She took her mouth away from Bella's thigh and moved to allow Edward access to their gentle little Omega.

Bella moaned at the lack of contact, the smell of her arousal hanging heavy in the air. Edward paused before closing the door behind him. He ripped away his shirt and trousers and stood in front of them in only his underwear.

Rosalie gestured for him to come closer, and, after a moment of hesitation, Edward complied. He climbed over Bella's soft, naked body and let his eyes roam from the slope of her beautiful breasts to the slender arch of her neck. There was something very sexy about how she looked away, her heart beating fast with nervous desire.

Bella let herself lie bare before Edward -- if Rosalie could have a taste, why couldn't he? She was certainly tempted to try him out, and the heat between her legs was becoming unbearable. Beside her, Rosalie was growing impatient.

She moved up to lie next to Bella and placed her hands on the swell of her breasts. Bella smiled at her touch and leaned over to kiss Rosalie, their tongues meeting in an epic dance around each other. Edward couldn't take it anymore and he kissed Bella too, his lips landing on the tender skin of her jawline and making their way down her neck. Bella moaned at the twin sensations of her lovers as they left a hot trail on her skin.

"Edward," she said, her voice a breathy whisper. "Take off your pants."

Edward began to reach for his underwear, but he wasn't quick enough, so Bella pushed her thumbs into the fabric on either side of his waistband and tugged the boxers down. Edward's dick sprung forward, revealing an already big erection.

His dick wasn't as big as Rosalie's, but Bella didn't notice as she took the long rod in her hand and began to pump up and down. Edward closed his eyes in bliss and rocked his hips in time with her fist.

Bella licked her lips and moved her head down the bed, enjoying the show. Next to her, Rosalie had slid down too, until her face was between Bella's thighs again and she was able to begin licking again. Bella moaned at the feeling of Rosalie's tongue on the sensitive skin of her leg, edging closer and closer to the place where she wanted it most.

"Mmm, yes," she groaned.

She let her tongue flick out and touch the tip of Edward's dick, just enough to get the salty taste and to make him spasm in pleasure. Bella looked shyly back at him, her cheeks somehow still red as her Omega pheromones filled the air. Edward was just about ready to claim her then.

"What is it, Bella? What do you want?"

She gazed at him with lust filled, half lidded eyes. "You."

He kissed her neck, his teeth grazing the tender skin. "What do you want?"

She gasped. "I want your dick in me!" She cried.

Edward grinned and parted her legs with one hand. "Are you ready?"


He plunged into her, his dick filling up Bella's tight hole. She groaned in pleasure as he thrust inside her, her head lolling back. Rosalie, who was still kissing up and down Bella's legs, smiled as she heard Edward's grunts.

He pulled out of her, his eyes pitch black, and then drove right back in, the frenzy of lust overtaking him. Bella pushed her hips out to meet his, her boobs bouncing up and down on her chest as she did so.

"Oh, yes, Edward! Yes!" She cried as he began to thrust harder.

Edward picked up the pace, skin slapping on skin as he drove his dick deeper and deeper inside her. He reached one hand down to her clit and began to rub it, and Bella immediately started to moan.

There was a tense feeling in her stomach as the orgasm began to build. Bella's thighs, already slick with her arousal, began to tremble, and her nerves felt electric as Edward filled her up completely. Rosalie's touch on her legs began to move up to meet Edwards thrusts, until Rosalie's mouth was at the bottom of her pussy, and it was this that sent Bella over the top. With a cry she came, clenching around Edward's cock and releasing the orgasm that had been building for so long.

This triggered Edward's orgasm, and he came soon after, his breath coming out in little pants despite the fact that he didn't need to breathe. He pulled out and laid beside Bella, stroking his hands along her boobs and the outside of her vagina. Bella hummed in pleasure and returned the favour, letting her hands grace the side of his cock and the outline of his butt .

Rosalie leaned back from her ministrations, a dirty grin on her face. "Now that you two have had your fun, I think it's time I got some attention."

Bella watched as the Alpha stood up, her body as beautiful as ever, and Bella smiled. "Certainly, Rose," she said.