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Hunger Only Grows

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Remy didn't move. He barely breathed. He could be dead for all he cared. He wanted the pain to end. Didn't matter how, just for it to be over. He tried to sit up, as the nausea came back, and out came more pain over the side of his bed

"Ngh..." That's the only noise he could make as he.dry heaved over the pile of puke. Nothing would come out if he put nothing in, right? Wrong. He couldn't stop. Acid burned at the back of his throat after his final heave.

He curled back up, wrapped in his blankets, his sunglasses on his nightstand. A knock came at his door, one that silenced his breath.

"Hey buddy!" Patton called cheerfully from the other side of the locked door. "If you want, I've got breakfast for you."

Remy didn't move, dry heaving at the thought of eating. Yet, he wanted to eat. Didn't he. He wanted to let Patton in and let him hold his now frail body. And to fix it.

He knew, it was obvious at the way Patton used to ogle him. Eyes on his every curve, made from seconds and thirds at the dinner table. It was utter bliss.

But he decided he had to open his damn mouth.

"I'll leave it in the fridge if you want it." Patton said sadly, walking off. But Remy wasn't paying attention to that. He was paying attention to the deodorant eating gremlin, standing in the corner of his room, eyes a light with disgusting childlike Glee.

"Well, well, well~" Remus purred, walking closer. "The fatass finally gave up on ever living to our standards, and instead has gone off to violently puke all that enters his mouth!"

Remy tried to ignore him, but it failed. "Remus... Just go away..." He said quickly, before dry heaving at the other sides feet. God it hurt. So, so badly...

"Why should I? There's a lovely show going on right in front of me!" He cackled, pushing Remy back into the covers, facing little to no resistance. "You've gotten so weak and sickly. Not even Patton would want you!"

Remy turned his head away, the nausea not fading this time. "Don't-" He couldn't finish the sentence as Remus covered the other sides lips with his own, kissing him passionately.

"Don't what? My saccharine god~" The man purred, nuzzling against him. "I got ya a little something to help with the nausea. But, you have to eat your whole breakfast to give you it."

Remy nodded without a second thought, acid burning in his mouth. "Please..." Remus nodded, holding the others face in his hand.

"They're worried, y'know." He said simply, before materializing the plate of food Patton had left for the man. "Wow, he really stacks your plates."

Remy blushed dark, coloring against his pale skin. "Just get this over with.... It hurts..."

"I know, hot stuff, but I'm gonna fix it~" Remus scraped up a forkful of eggs, before starting the long and tedious process of feeding the insomniac.

- - -

"Hng..." Remy whined, finishing off the plate, his sunken stomach almost flat now.

"Good job." Remus hummed, kissing him quickly. Suddenly all of the nausea Remy was feeling was gone entirely. "Rest now. You deserve it!" Remus then disappeared.

"Thanks..." Mumbled Remy, passing out.