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I will always wait for you

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Madam Lan carefully fixed the headband on her youngest son before running a hand along the boys robes as if to smooth them out more. "My is important that you are on your best are meeting your future mate" She instructed the solemn boy who nodded in understanding. "We are very lucky that the wandering sect of Ying has agreed to this union. Our two kingdoms futures will be secured."

"I don't think you have to worry. Our son is well behaved" Her husband assured reaching for his son. Lan Wangji grabbed his offered hand. "Now come on lets let your mother rest while i take you to the court. "

"Why..can't mummy come with?" He frowned reluctantly leaving with his dad leaving his mom behind.

"She...just can't" he sighed. " when you are older you will understand." He sighed. Lan Wangji frowned doubtful. Once they arrived to the main court his uncle Lan Qiren handed the boy a box. "This is a present for your betrothed. " He informed the small boy. "Make sure to give it to him." He said before gently pushing him forward over to where a small frail boy also age 4 stood next to his mother holding a small box. His mother whispered something into his ears.

The boy stumbled forward trying to not trip before giving a clumsy bow. "for you" He said handing the box over. Lan Wangji nodded taking it before bowing and handing over his. "thank you" the boy smiled opening it revealing a necklace with the lan symbol . Next to it was matching hair pins. "It's pretty" he said examining it.

Lan Wangji opened his revealing a purse with a rabbit on it. Inside the small purse was a goodluck token hung by red and black thread.

"I picked out the bag myself" the boy said proudly.

"Mn.." Wangji nodded in approval.

"How about we put the new hair pin in your hair. A-Ying" His mom cooed. " The boy nodded pleased as the jade hair pin was put in. "How do i look?" He asked doing a playful twirl.

"Pretty.." Lan Wangji nodded blushing. Wei Ying's mom smiled pleased nodding in approval to the two older Lans. They spent the summer together getting to know each other. The parents hoped..that them getting to know each other better would help make the betrothal go smoother come adulthood. a year later Wei Ying and Lan Wangji spent another summer together growing closer with each passing visit.

Wei Ying held his latest gift from his friend.. a stuffed bunny as he hid behind Lan Wangji scared. Lan Wangji stood passively with his arms spread out protectively as he glared at the medium dog that barked at them. "Scram" Lan Wangji warned coolly with a rather impressive glare for his age. The dog got the hint and ended up running away quickly with a tail between its legs.

"You...are so brave" Wei Ying gasped impressed.
"Mn..No problem I can protect you A-ying..Im your husband" He reminded ying smiled kissing the others cheek before skipping off happily swinging his stuffed bunny happily. Lan Wangji touched his cheek in wonder before following clumsily after him.

The Year Lan Wangji was 6 his mother died and he refused to accept it...he barely moved from the spot outside his mothers door..He barely ate as he stubbornly waited as if expecting his mother to open the door and let him in. After a month of this his friend came to visit and didn't bother him...he just went over and sat at his side waiting with him. Wei Ying became a reminder and the one thing that helped him eventually get past his grief..Wei Ying was his one constant...his source of joy...however even that couldn't last..

"Where is...A-Ying?" Lan Wangji asked curiously.

" sorry my dear child..but there was an attack" Lan Qiren tried to explain to the blank faced boy who was wondering why his friend was late on his yearly visit. His older brother frowned worried.

"Wangji...there was an attack..Some ghouls...attacked the wei's when they were on their way.." Xinchen tried to explain. "They...couldn't find A-ying...but his parents were found dead.."

"...You can't find him? Then go look for him..I bet i could find him." The 7 year old said surely.

"No It is too dangerous..we will continue looking but...its looking like he maybe...already with mom"

"No..." Lan Wangji said eyes wide with tears. "Not..A-Ying...not him..." The boy moved hugging his older brother in grief.

" sorry little brother...really im so so sorry" His older brother frowned hugging him close.

Hours turned to days...which turned to weeks..and eventually years...They never could find the lost boy eventually he was deemed dead and with him the last of the Wandering Royal sect of Wei...was considered extinct..The Only person who refused to believe it was Lan Wangji...who became cold and unapproachable to many as he grew older and more handsome. ..Still no one not one omega or any other status could break his cold exterior.

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Jiang Ying woke up sleepily as he was practically tugged out of bed by his brother. "We are going to be late." His older brother Jiang Cheng complained. "Yanli is already ready and waiting for us."

"Yea...Yea i am getting up" Ying yawned reluctantly getting out of bed causing his under red robes to droop more revealing his pale shoulders as well as a few scars on his back barely noticeable and faded from age. Sometime when he was 7 he had woken up weak and wounded in a ghouls den..and had managed to escape somehow. He had been 8 when he was found wandering the streets outside Yiling city by his now adopted father Jiang Fengmian. He had been living on his own struggling to survive for about a year by that point.

He had barely a memory of who he was before then..All he knew was his first name and age...other then that was all a blur with passing fleeting memories that came and went. The only things he had on him was a silver necklace with a symbol in jade..and a stuffed bunny that he had somehow managed to cling to ..the other stuff had either been stolen or sold to try to get money for food.

He had been near death from starvation when his now adopted father had found him..and been nice enough to take him in and even give him their last name..He owed them everything..

"Put yourself together..I hear some suitors will be there as one of the possible husbands for you." His brother reminded. "Try not scare these ones away"

"Ug..I know..i should be nice...but just not right about the ones dad finds" He sighed as he ran a hand thru his messy bedhair.

"yea yea you seem convinced you need to be part of the Lans right? Because of that necklace." His brother asked with a scoff. Ying touched the necklace with the gusu symbol on it. "Maybe...It's a sign.. it says eternal love on it...someone there must be waiting for me.." He said surely.

"No one has come looking for you or trying to claim you yet. Besides for all you know..thats just a necklace you found in the woods..It might not even be yours." His brother huffed as he grabbed his little brother a change of clothes. "Just give these ones a try.."

"You are right..." he sighed giving in reluctantly. The servants came in and helped him get ready even taking care to put his hair up in a bun and putting hair pins in it. He sighed as he waited for them to finish. Yanli peaked her head in. "Oh look so pretty" She praised coming in before tisking at the sight of the necklace. "You better take that off or hide it. You might make the alphas outside Jealous" She said hiding it under the under robes before patting it gently. "There Come on." She smiled leading the pouting omega out.

In the courtyard 4 alphas waited. two from the wen clan,one from a minor sect and..Jiang Ying blinked. A lan sect member. He studied him hoping to get a hint of recognization only to frown disappointed when he felt nothing. They all bowed offering him gifts. He took note that one of them..Wen Chao was rather rude and too self confident as he shoved his over extravagant gift his way. A red and gold figurine.

The minor sect member gave him a painting. It was rather average. He took it and thanked him politely none the less. The more timid Wen Ning offered him perfume and some wine. The later he eagerly set aside to drink later. The final one from the Lan sect. He was apparently just a disciple and was named Su She. He had gifted him a fan decorated with gold flaked clouds. They all mostly seemed nice...but he felt no connection with any of them. Still he had promised he would give them a chance.

At the very least..he felt he could become friends with Wen Ning...that was a start at least..

After a few days with them and he was still not fully settled..He was at a loss. His adopted father however soon had an idea. He pulled his oldest son aside. "I want you to take your younger brother with you to Gusu. "Two of the four are going to be studdying there this year and this will be a good way for him to get to know two of them..and who knows..maybe he will meet some other alphas that would catch his interest. "

"Are you..sure a bit of.. a trouble maker...he could cause problems for a strict like Gusulan" Jiang Cheng protested.

"I think that a place like Gusu might be just the place to help shape him up and make him ready for marriage" Master Jiang said surely.

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Wen Chao scowled as he kicked the servant who had delivered the message. He clutched the note before turning to his older brother who was smirking. "Don't say a word." he warned.

"What i wasn't the one that was rejected." his brother taunted.

"I wasn't rejected..No one rejects me" He protested seething. "This isn't over... Jiang Ying will be my bride."

"What is so special about this one anyway" His brother asked rolling his eyes.

"If you don't know..then you clearly aren't worth my time"

"If you are referring to his obvious are wasting your time. The Wei's probably didn't leave him anything that could help you find that Sygil. "

"Oh thats a part of it..but you know the old legend...about how powerful and treasured their omegas were..If i get a hand on him and secure him as mine...i just know i will be secured." Wen Chao said surely.


Yanli frowned as she listened to her parents argue just down the hall..It seemed her two brothers leaving was not going to slow their mothers ire.

"Why must you send him to Gusu of all places?" Madam Yu scolwed. "He is too wild and willful for an Omega. I keep telling you we should just marry him off soon before he causes us too much more problems"

"My dear...we can't do would be a disservice to his parents." Fengmian said patiently. "The Wei's were a noble royal family...a powerful royal family...their only son and last remaining member of the sect deserves better and needs to be protected...Handing him to the wrong family can be disastrous.."

"LIke i said...he is causing too much problems..I still to this day don't get why we had to be the ones to take him in.." Madam Yu said bitterly thinking back to the day the boy had been brought home..

The boy was dirty and clearly starved..He had somehow survived so long in the woods and on the streets..only proving how strong his will was..even she had to admit his will was strong..especially with how many enemies his family had and were no doubt trying to find him...So Fengmian ...and so her worried for the boys safety decided it was best for now to seal some of his memories of his true identity..

Now thanks to all of that..they had to keep the boys real identity hidden and protect him until he was old enough and given to a new mate and sect they could was all a pain to madam Yu..the sooner they found an alpha who could take him the sooner they could focus on her son instead.

Jiang Cheng yawned as they made their way down the street just outside of Gusu. "We Should stay the night here before going out tomorrow" He suggested. Wei Ying nodded in agreement before turning to their servants. "Are you all tired?" he asked gently. The others nodded just as tired. However when they went inside the only open tavern they were soon informed that it was too full for them.

" was open just a moment ago?" Jiang Ying protested as the tavern owner bowed apologetically.

"I am so sorry young master...but..another Royalty..Prince Zixuan has just ordered the whole tavern to be empty to house all his servants." he explained. "We...can't just say no."

"Royalty...Do you not know that we are from the yunmeng Jiang Sect!" Jiang Cheng protested. "Im the Heir...!"

"I...really am sorry..." The tavern apologized

Jiang cheng opened his mouth to protest again only for his brother to stop him. "Come on lets just go A-Cheng" Jiang Cheng was about to protest again before giving in with a glare.

Together they made their way with their servants up the gusu Mountain exhausted. Eventually they made their way towards the gate only to find themselves unable to fully enter..

"I am telling you we were invited...Honest..We just don't know where our invitation is" Jiang Ying tried to explain helplessly. "Can't you just let us all in..we are tired..we can show you the invitation tomorrow after we find it."

"Sorry...but the rules state you need the pass" The gatekeeper said firmly just as a group of Lan's walked up carrying an injured man on a stretcher behind them. One of the teens following behind and stopped making eye contact with Jiang Ying. The boys eyes widened before he quickly looked away following the others inside.

"Wait..." Ying stopped him grabbing the others robe sleeve. "Can you help us..we lost our invitation...and we need in ..its so late and its going to storm.." He tried to plead. The boy seemed to consider before awkwardly looking away. " entrance" he muttered before leaving them.

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Annoyed Jiang Ying informed the others he was going to head back down and go find the invitations himself. IT took some time but he was able to find the papers needed before heading back with papers and two jars of emperors smile. He was surprised to his his attendants and his brother were gone.. He huffed guessing that they must of been let in side. Still the trip wasn't a complete waste. He grinned glancing at one of the jars before opening it and taking a sip as he managed to sneak in with ease. Unsure of where to even go he settled on a roof and started to drink. He felt someone watching him suddenly and turned only to see the Lan sect member from earlier.

"Eh..oh its you" He said taking another sip.

"Drinking is forbidden. " the other teen informed coming over holding his hand out expectantly.

"Oh you want some too that's fine i can share" He moved to offer him the other jar only to protest as the other broke both jars. "What was that for!"

"You are breaking the rules" The other reminded.

"Rules..what rules?" Ying asked incredulously.

"Underage drinking, staying out past curfew, unmated omegas being unattended without a guardian.." He listed.

"Wow i had no idea...gusu had so many rules" He booed. "Either way I had no idea. I just got here. You know since you wouldn't let us in earlier. I had to go back and find them" He showed the invitations. The other boy frowned reaching to take them causing their hands to brush against each other. The others ears turned bright red as a flash of memory briefly flashed in Ying's mind before disappearing again out of reach.

"Have...we met before.." The omega asked confused staring up at him carefully. The other teen looked away quickly not answering. He simply took the papers before making Ying follow him. He followed confused before he found himself facing a list of rules.

"Here are the rules memorize them." the other teen said sternly.

" lot of rules" He whistled before looking over at The other again. He couldn't explain it..but he was really familiar...but why...?

The next day after being lectured gently by the eldest Lan and next in line. Lan Xichen. Thankfully he was gotten off easy and wasn't going to be punished partially also thankfully to the boy who helped him...Appearently his name was Lan Wangji..and was the younger brother..and second.

He told his brother and his friend Nie Huaisang about the past night. Jiang Cheng tisked. "You are already causing problems..YOu promised mom and dad you would behave..and actually try to learn from them.."

"Forget that..he is screwed..."Nie Huaisang stammered behind his fan. "You caused problems with one of the top 5 most powerful alphas in all the sects!"

"Powerful..him? He seems kinda awkward and clumsy to me" Jiang Ying laughed before spotting Lan Wangji walk past they met each others gaze before the other quickly walked away awkwardly nearly knocking over a display before quickly correcitng himself and walking away stone faced. "See...he is so adorable"

"A-Ying..." Jiang Cheng said in disapproval.

In the Gusu library a red eared Lan Wangji paced unsure as his older brother walked in. "You ...seem troubled little brother is this about that one wayward student from last night?"

"Mn.." Lan Wangji frowned giving a nod as he looked down at the worn good luck charm in his hand.

"This..Jiang Ying...seems like a nice Omega..and he is single..." His older brother said carefully. "if you are interested i can send out a letter to the Jiangs...This could be a good thing..maybe its time to finally move on.."

Lan Wangji shook his head. " not moving on..I promised myself to Wei Ying...He is the only one for me."

"He...was declared dead...years ago" His brother reminded gently.

"He isn't..dead...he is here." Lan Wangji said suddenly.


"No..he is big brother..Jiang Ying...thats Wei Ying" He informed without any doubt.

"How..can you be so haven't seen him in what.. 9 years...sure they have the same name..but..surely if it was him..someone would of reported him as being alive...he is the only heir and last member of his country.."

"No it is him..He is older sure...but he has the same Lotus scent..the same smile...and even personality...He is Wei Ying" He insisted.

" are sure...but why is he living with the jiangs...why hasn't he contacted us..?"

"I am not sure...but i am going to find out." Lan Wangji frowned clutching the good luck charm in his palm tightly.

Meanwhile Wen Qing sighed as she tried to talk her brother out of leaving.

" can't go to Gusu...if the prince finds out you are still trying to court that will get in trouble or worse killed.." She protested.

"I...know but..even if i can't court him..i would still like to be his friend...he is so nice..and he was really kind to me..and treated me like i was that wrong to at least want to be his friend?" he asked innocently.

"No..i suppose not..I will go with you...just be careful" his sister sighed.

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Ying was in his omega ettiequte class when he heard news about two other alpha joining the students at Gusu. The others murmured excitedly. "You don't look so excited Jiang Ying" Nie huaisang noted curiously as he carefully prepared the tea that the instructor ordered them to make.

"Eh who cares who it is..I am waiting for the one who im promised to" he reminded as he clumsily poured only to spell a little much to the omega instructors disapproval. He wrote something down that no doubt wasn't good. Jiang Ying winced at that trying to pour a little neater.

"You..dont even know who that person was...they could be would you even know?" Nie Huaisang reminded with a tisk. "It's just not possible..Think realistically."

"I...just know i will know..besides...we know they live here..they have to..the gusu sect symbol is on the necklace." he reminded. "also..i remember little things about him from my dreams.."

"There are so many here though" His friend huffed. "I just don't see how you will find them..its been almost 10 years since you last saw them..and you have no memory of your past.. How can you find this alpha when you dont even know who you are." He taped him with his fan.

"I..will know who i am once i find him" he insisted stubbornly. "I will not accept any suitor but that boy from my dreams.."


Lan Xichen bowed low welcoming the wen siblings. "I am surprised that you were allowed to come here. I hear most Wens are restricted to just the wen Doctrine" he admitted.

"We got special permission."Wen Qing said handing a scroll over.

Lan Xichen nodded looking over before getting a troubled look. "I know..we don't allow any trouble here.." he warned confusing wen Ning.

"No worries it is just to make sure everything is going well" Wen Qing replied smoothly. Lan Xichen nodded looking conflicted.

Once they were alone Wen Ning looked to his sister confused. "What...did that letter say?" He asked curiously.

Wen Qing sighed stoping what she was doing and turning to her brother. "You..should of wasn't going to be easy just leaving..." she said carefully.

"You...just told them we were going to study is all...i...didn't think he would object..." Wen Ning confessed. "We are family after all.."

"We are still under the wens and still owe Wen Ruohan a big debt for taking us in as children.." She reminded. "To be able to go i promised we would help his youngest son by getting the young Jiang Ying to agree to marry him.."

"Why...would you do this knowing how i feel big sister?" he asked feeling betrayed.

"Pursuing him would be hazardous to your health." he was reminded. "This way you can still be his freind and even help him along to a path that would at least make him close to would be saving him..You know what happens to those that refuse wen Chao."

"...I are right..I everything i can to help...but he told me himself...that he wont marry anyone..he is wrapped up in some old childhood crush" he stammered.

"Love can be influenced..and persuaded..just leave it to me" She frowned picking up a jar of one of her potions. Wen Ning eyed the one in her hand and gulped.


Lan wangji was studying when his uncle opened the door and a another followed hidden slightly. "Nephew I need you to take care of this trouble maker..He was caught skipping classes and..he was found swiming the stream..its...unbecoming."

Lan Wangji opened his mouth to protest only for his ears to turn red as his uncle stepped aside to reveal none other then his long lost love Wei Ying smiling sheepishly.

"the other boys spying on me weren't complaining" Wei Ying said shamelessly making Lan Qiren's face turn even redder. Lan Wangji frowned feeling envious of those that got to see him but also mad that they even dared to look at what was his.

"You copying down all the rules of modesty ...and write a report on why you must stay pure for your future mate" Lan Qiren roared.

"Eh why are you so want to be my mate" Wei Ying shamelessly flirted with his uncle causing Qiren to sputter. "Shameless... copy the rules of modesty 500 times!" He screeched before storming out red faced.

"EH..he is hilarious when he gets upset.." Wei Ying Laughed.

" you that with everyone?"

"Do what ?" Wei Ying asked innocently as he played with the necklace around his neck. Lan Wangji zeroed in on the necklace and felt secretly proud to note it was the one he had given him all those years ago..


"Oh that..that wasn't flirting..Either way..Im not looking for anyone right now..Im waiting for someone special" He said honestly.

"Mn.." He frowned wondering..just who that was.

"You kinda remind me of him...a little" Wei Ying confessed leaning in closer. "I recall him being stiff just like you...and you have his eyes.." He said as lan wangji's ears turned red as he felt himself shift as the closeness brought forth feelings he had never felt before..

"We...should work on your punishment.." Lan Wangji coughed awkwardly.

" are no fun" Wei Ying pouted.

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Ying left the pavilion and stretched his arms as he squinted at the sunlight..he had been stuck in there for hours writing as Lan Wangji watched him...Was it just him..or did it seem like he was always watching him. Speaking of the stalker..

"Jiang...Ying.." Lan Wangji said carefully not looking pleased at the name.

"yes..Lan...Wang...ji" he said slowly in a teasing manner. Lan Wangji frowned covering his mouth as his ears turned pink. "You are too easy to tease" He laughed noticing. Wangji frowned lowering his hand and looking back at him.

"...You...never change" He muttered making him confused.

"Eh...You act like you" Ying frowned thinking before his eyes widened. " I know you from before..?" He prompted getting a small nod. "Oh...really..thats great..I dont remember my past...if i really did know you before...then maybe you can help me..Im trying to look for someone who i think maybe here" He informed excitedly as he revealed his hidden necklace. "I was found with this around my only clue to my past.." he said showing him the lan sect necklace. "I came here..hoping to try to find the one who gave this to me"

Lan Wangji opened his mouth to respond before closing his mouth and narrowing his eyes as another alpha came over. It was one of the two Wens..Wen Qing. Confused wei ying turned over before noticing her . "..can I help you?" he asked curiously.

"I think you can. Please join me and my brother for some tea. We have a big preposition for you." She said giving a respectful bow. "One that i think will interest you."

"You have me curious" Ying said curious. He turned to Lan Wangji and bowed. "Please excuse me..we will talk more later."

Lan wangji reluctantly bowed letting him leave.

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Lan Xichen watched his younger brother pace troubled. "You are sure..he doesn't remember...Strange he wasn't that young" He frowned.

"Mn" lan Wangji frowned clenching his fist. "He doesn't...I am sure something or someone is blocking it..I have looked into it a bit..Certain cultivation methods could suppress memory..but why?"

"It could be related to the mysterious death of his clan..I will send a letter and ask for The Jiang Sect leader . He has some answers he owes us" Lan Quiren frowned stroking his beard. "This is most was a known fact that Wei Ying was your chosen Fiance...this would be considered a slight no matter what their reason."

"In the mean time...we will try to keep an eye on Wei Ying..and have gaurds keep an eye as well" Xichen promised. Lan Wangji nodded in approval before frowning. "All..those others...are trying to court him....and some are even here..I don't like it." He confessed.

"You should speak up and at least try recourting him little brother" Xichen encouraged.

"Mn.." Lan Wangji nodded glancing out to where he knew Wei Ying and the wens were talking.


Wei Ying smiled taking the offered tea from a nervous Wen Ning.

"If this is about the courtship offer..Im sorry but i must decline..i wish to remain friends though."

"Oh no we assure you we understand and respect your choice" Wen Qing nodded. "We actually were going to pull out anyway...a much better suitor is interested in you..that we think you should consider."


Wei Ying lowered his cup with a frown. "You can't be talkinga bout who i think are you" he sighed looking down at his untouched cup.

"Wen Chao is a powerful alpha..he would be good for you. You would be worshiped and they would no doubt appreciate you for your unique talents." Wen Qing informed.

"My abilities...are considered demonic among forgive me if i doubt that they would appreciate my ability to converse with the departed." he said flatly. "I have heard what they call me..The demonic cultivating omega..They act like they think im going to raise an army of ghosts" He scoffed. "as if i could even do that"

"Prince Wen Chao finds that talent to be very he knows about your past..and he promises if you meet with him.He will tell you everything." Wen ning informed eagerly. "maybe..he even could help you with your ability"

" past..really?" Wei Ying explained wide eyed. "...when can i meet him?"

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Lan Wangji grew worried when he saw that Wei Ying hadn't come back yet..They were supposed to work on his punishment still..He decided to head out to where the Wen siblings were housed. He found that the older sister was gone but the younger brother Ning was packing. He narrowed his eyes suspicious. "Where is he?" he asked narrowly.

" mean omega-Ying...he left with my older sister.." he stammered guiltily.

"GO...? Where" He asked clenching his fists.


" Chao...He is a suitor..and he knows about...his he agreed to meet him.."He said backing up nervously trying to appear as submissive as possible. Lan Wangji scowled looking away. "I...was going to tell him that tonight..." he cursed quietly before looking towards him again. "How long ago did they leave..where are they meeting. Tell me now"

"Please...don't be mad at my sister...she means well..." He tried to defend.

"I didn't stutter. I said tell me right now." he reminded his eyes flashing red in warning.


Wei Ying couldn't believe it..he was finally going to find out the truth of his past and even find out who is promised one is. He couldn't wait. He bounced on the back of his feet excitedly as he waited near Wen Qing. He was so preoccupied with his excitement that he didn't notice the look of guilt on the girls face. Wen Chao and two servants met them in the tavern. He smirked when he saw the prized omega smiling obliviously.

It had taken him so long to find the last remaining survivor of the Sanren legacy..The Jiang Royal Family had it appeared taken great care to hide him..but not good enough. For He had find out his real identity.He looked too similar to his mother Queen Cangse Sanren..Fools should of known that some of the other families had obviously seen the royal family before..He was no different. When he was really young he had been there the day the king and queen were wiped out..and seen wei Ying escape narrowly.

HE had actually let him escape and neglected to tell his father. He didn't care at the time but now he regretted it..had he said something maybe he could of molded him into the ideal mate..Now he would have alot of work cut out for him.

He sat down at private table and waited expectantly for wei Ying to sit down. With a self assured smile Wei ying followed suit across from him as Wen Qing stood by his side.

" Prince Chao.. i must admit..i was surprised when i heard you had information on me..I wonder how long you have been withholding from me" He hummed eyeing him carefully.

"Maybe if you had not turned down all my invitations and gifts i would have sooner" He said smoothly as a man set a teapot in front of them with two teacups. Wei Ying's face reddened at that as he guiltily looked away clutching his robes near his knees. "Still you are being good now and coming to see me ..So i suppose i should reward you for your good behavior." he added calculatingly.

"Oh Well i hope the reward is the info i want" Wei Ying said trying to appear pleasant much to Wen Chaos amusement.

"Oh it is..but the information will not come cheep."

"Of course not" wei Ying sighed taping his finger along his teacup. "Tell me what you want.."


Jiang Cheng was furious..someone had the nerve to take his brother out of gusu without asking him..and his idiot brother had agreed to go with them! To make matters worse he had to find out from that damn ice prince Lan Wangji. Now here he was following Lan Wangji towards the tavern in town. They arrived just in time to see Wei Ying exit looking troubled with that rat Prince Chao's arms around his waist holding him possessively. He opened his mouth to respond when a flash appeared to move past him before a seething Lan Wangji punch a surprised Wen Chao away from Wei Ying.

Wei Ying stepped back startled before realizing what had just happened. "Lan...Zhan what are you doing!?" he gasped.

"Mn..mine" lan Wangji responded curtly as Jiang Cheng went to go back sure his brother was okay.

" no ones" Wei Ying protested before storming off back to gusu as Lan Wangji started to protest following helplessly behind.

"Idiots..they are all idiots' Jiang Cheng muttered following back not bothering to look back at Wen Chao who was glaring murderously as wen Qing helped him up.

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Wei Ying sighed as he listened to his brother rant in front of him. "You actually left by yourself without telling anyone to meet an alpha...and Wen Chao of all people...and not only that but you two were way too close.." Jiang Cheng scowled.

"Wen Chao...isn't that bad..He was nice enough to tell me a few things..." He informed annoyed.

"Yea like what?" Jiang Cheng rolled his eyes. "Like how to be an pompous prick?"

"Like..How apparently my name is Wei Wuxian.. Wei Ying! WEI" He informed making Jiang Chengs eyes widen.

"You...aren't supposed to know..that..Dad said" Jiang Cheng gasped before scowling. "Wen Chao..shouldn't know one should.."

"Protect me...why..why wouldn't anyone tell me who i really am?" He demanded. "Why did i have to hear from Wen Chao of all people?"

"Dad just wanted to protect you...if this gets out to more could be in danger..You are the last left of a royal cultivating family..people might want to use you..People like Wen Chao" He said pointedly. "We should..leave now that he might be wise" He fretted pacing. "We can't have you seeing him again.

"I can't..i made a promise to him." He sighed. "It was the only way he would agree to tell me and help me."

"A-Ying...what did you promise?" He demanded.


"That was a gamble my lord" Wen Qing informed as she walked with him. "Not to mention you could of demanded so much more...i am honestly surprised you asked for so little."

"Wei wuxian is a very independent Omega..If i am going to lure him in i need to be careful how i word things. Besides trust me i am getting alot of this then you can imagine. Just one date i can size him up and figure out how to make my next move..besides I need to keep an eye on him..Did you see how that Prince Wangji was eying my omega..HE thinks that he can just come up and claim whats mine..I don't think so"

"Well..he is the prince's former betrothed from back then" Wen Qing sighed. "He ...does have more claim.."

"Not for long if i have anything to do about it.." Wen Chao glared.


Lan Wangji stared blankly at the yellow Camellia in his hand before noticing out of the corner of his eye a troubled Wei ying walk along the bridge nearby before stopping to stare at the water below. Wangji looked down at the flower again before walking over determined. Wei Ying looked up as a flower was handed to him. He took the Camellia with a small smile. "Thanks..I love Camellias I always have" He smiled leaning down to sniff it happily.

"Mn. I know" Lan Wangji nodded sagely.

"You seem to know an awful lot about me.." he hummed twirling the flower idly.

"Of course..I know everything about Wei Ying" he replied blankly. Wei Ying looked up eyeing him.

"You just said Wei Ying"

"OF course..its your name. Prince Wei Ying ." He replied putting the flower in wei Yings hair. "I know your favorite food is anything spicey, i know you like to play tricks but you actually like to study. I Know you cant sleep without a hot cup of tea before bed..Your fear of dogs..Everything. I Know everything about you."

"How..did you know so much.." he gaped looking up at him.

"Because...Im your betrothed."

"But...that can't be...prince Wen Chao..said he was mine..." Wei Ying explained confused causing lan wangji's eyes to narrow and glow red in anger.

Chapter Text

"but...he said I am engaged to Wen Chao"

Lan Wangji narrowed his eyes at those words. "No ..I am."

"Wow..i have long looking for my soul mate....and now i got two " he snorted amused finding the whole situation humorous.

Lan Wangji frowned narrowing his eyes. "Are you going to say yes to him?"

"Hm what if i did? What would you do? eh Lan zhan" he purred amused leaning in close with a teasing look. Lan Wangji frowned looking away . His ears turning red.

"Tease" he muttered crossing his arms as he tried to avoid looking away from wei ying who was now circling him amused. He frowned as he got to close before reaching out and pulling Wei Ying into his arms. "Don't choose him...I have waited so long..I never once gave up on you being alive" he confessed as Wei Ying's eyes became wide. He had never heard him speak so much. "I can prove it..that you are mine" He informed digging into his robe before taking out a protection charm from his that wei ying had made when he was really young. He handed it over carefully.

Wei Ying took it and looked it over noticing a drawing of a bunny with messy writing on it..and next to it was his name. "You made this for me.." he explained simply. "Also..that necklace you have from me." he said carefully running his finger over the Lan sect charm. "It was to prove you were apart of our sect even before our union."

"I..don't know what to say..." Wei Ying said wide eyed looking up from the charm.

"Just...promise me you will give me a try before you say yes to him..Let me remind you of our past...get to know each other again" he proposed taking the charm back and putting it in his robe.

"Okay...Yea i can do that" he nodded blushing despite himself.

Wen Qing frowned bitting her fingernail worriedly as she watched hidden.. This was not good.