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The God of Fertility

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“I’m sorry Jimin… but it appears that you’re completely infertile.”

Those words struck Jimin like a physical blow. He felt like all the air had been knocked out of his lungs as he looked into the lined face of the elderly doctor with this half-moon spectacles perched on his bulbous nose. There wasn’t enough air in the room. His heart was pounding so hard it was making his head hurt, his lungs were burning with the need for air even as he gasped in breath after breath, it was like trying to breathe water. He felt his heart breaking, like a hole was being ripped in his chest. The first sob worked its way out of his chest and tore from his throat, making his esophagus ache from the continual pumping as he felt like he would be sick.

All he’d ever wanted was to be a mother. He wanted a pup all his own. He didn’t care who the father was. It didn’t matter. He’d wanted pups ever since he was old enough to comprehend what being an Omega meant, and understood that he would be the one to carry pups in his future mating. He had longed all his life for the day that he would be able to get pregnant. Of course, he’d wished that he would find someone who loved him, but there was very little chance of that and what little chance there may one have been had already been erased when he’d been promised to his fiancé. That thought made another hot wave of panic sweep through him.

Oh Gods… what would his fiancé say when he heard this news? An Alpha would never want to be with an Omega who couldn’t bear him pups. The match had been the final work of Jimin’s sickly father before his passing. He’d wanted to make sure his Omega son would be well cared for and had brokered a deal with the chief of a neighboring pack to betroth Jimin to one of his younger Alpha sons. Their mating was set for only a month away… but with this news, would Jimin even be wanted?

Jimin didn’t love his fiancé. He didn’t even particularly like him. He was overbearing and sometimes mean to him, but he knew that without a family or pack to protect him, an Omega would be cast aside. He’d be left an outcast of society, scraping by to make a living. Of course, Jimin was well educated and would be able to make a living. But what living was there to be had all alone? An Omega without anyone in his life to love him, to hold him and scent him would lead to a deep depression, soul sickness and eventually death. Omegas were not made to be isolated and alone.

He’d seen an Omega with soul sickness only once. A small homeless female, frail and too thin. Her eyes had been vacant but longing. It had called out to a part of him, and he’d wanted to go to her, but his father had pulled him away, down the road before he could go to her. He thought about her now, thought about himself falling into that same state of desperate longing and loneliness until he grew so weak and weary that he finally passed. It was a terrible fate to befall anyone.

He’d gone to the pack healer after his heat had failed to come. He was six months late to have his heat. Jimin’s heats had never been particularly regular, and he’d always had more intense symptoms than other Omegas. The pains he went through were horrific as he felt like his very innards were trying to claw their way out of him, and afterward, what should have been a minimal bleeding to signify that he didn’t conceive was not normal either. He would bleed heavily for days, passing blood clots the size of his hands until it finally stopped. The healer of their old pack said it was worrisome, but as long as he continued to have his heat, that he was most likely still fertile and just suffered more intensely than most.

“H-healer… you must be mistaken! How can this be?” Jimin gasped, hands clutched into the silk of his robes right over his belly.

“I’m so sorry. But I have seen your symptoms before. I am definitely certain.”

Jimin was still sobbing, shoulders shaking and eyes swollen from his tears. He was ruined. He would never be allowed to mate with his fiancé if he were infertile, and the healer was bound by pack law to tell the Head Alpha that his son’s fiancé would not be able to bear children for him and continue their lineage. No Alpha would have him like this.

“Jimin… I have to tell the Head Alpha. Would you like to come with me?”

Jimin couldn’t think, couldn’t answer the question. His throat was aching, his chest hurting and his head pounding from the intensity of his crying. He knew with unassailable certainty that he was going to die alone. Everyone had always said he was beautiful, that didn’t matter now. No matter how beautiful he was, he could never be accepted as an Alpha’s mate. There was a chance he could be consigned to a harem in another pack whose traditions were less strict and allowed such things, but even that would be a miserable existence. To live only for the pleasure of another. To be called upon and used for his body at the whims of someone else. It was unthinkable. His mind was whirling, and he grasped onto one last small hope.

“Can the Mages not fix it? Is there nothing they can do to heal me?” Jimin asked, reaching forward and grasping the healers brown robes in his trembling fists.

“No, unless they were to summon one of the Gods themselves it would be impossible. But to summon a God is to play with fire. You are more likely to get burned than to get the intended result. The Gods are clever and wise, and do not hand out favors so easily. I doubt the Head Alpha would risk the wrath of the Gods to heal this. It would be too great a risk.”

Jimin’s final hope was dashed. The mages would never summon a God to help him, he was no one. Even if he was affianced to the son of the Head Alpha, their mating was not official and he was easily replaceable with any number of other Omegas. They would never take such a risk for a nobody with no pack or family to back him. All his hope fled from him as he looked into the sympathetic face of the Beta healer and knew that he had no way out of this situation. He was doomed.

“Oh Gods… what am I going to do?” Jimin moaned as he let go of the healer’s robes and buried his face in his hands.

The healer reached forward and patted his back consolingly, though there was little that could comfort under the present circumstances. He gave Jimin a few moments to collect himself and when he emerged from his hands, his face was red and splotchy, his eyes and lips swollen from crying. Strands of his long blond hair were stuck in the tear tracks down his face. He was a truly pitiful sight.

“We have to go to the Head Alpha now, don’t we?” Jimin asked, sniffling and wiping his eyes on the sleeves of his robe.

“I regret the outcome of this news, but… I swore my loyalty to our pack, and I cannot go back on that oath. I truly hope that you will be able to find a home here within our pack, regardless of this news.”

The words were kindly spoken, and Jimin would have appreciated them more if not for the thunderstorm of emotions rumbling in his chest. He did his best to bottle everything up, shoving it deep down inside himself so he could get a handle on his state. He gave a small nod and slid down from the examination table, landing gracefully onto his feet and straightening his spine, wiping his tears and sniffling. He had no choice. He had nowhere else to run. He was at the mercy of others, and that thought made him ache with shame. His entire future was in the hands of people who did not love or care for him. He would be lucky to be given so much as a place to sleep, much less to be granted any great favors. It would bring shame to the Alpha who he was supposed to mate with to cut off arrangements so close to their ceremony, which made this situation fraught with danger.

Jimin looked to the healer and indicated to the exit from his tent, doing his best to suppress his emotions for later when he was alone, when he could finally unbend and allow himself to feel the full range of his emotions. The healer gave a sad sigh and led the way out of his tent. The village wasn’t much more than a series of tents, amongst which were a few small cabins and buildings. The lanes between the tents were muddy and uneven, the mix of the spring rains and horse hooves trodding over the wet soil. Jimin’s soft, shoes were no match for the uneven ground, and his feet sank into the mud as they walked with soft squelches. He disregarded it. All his shoes had been ruined within mere days of staying in the village.

Jimin hated it. It was rough and dirty and smelled of damp and earth and manure. He missed his old village. There they had at least been almost all proper buildings and cabins, and the paths between places had been mostly paved with stones. He wondered if he should return there, but knew that there was nothing there for him either. His entire future depended on the outcome of this meeting with the Head Alpha. He held his silk robes up out of the mud as he slogged after the healer toward the largest tent in the camp, where the Head Alpha held council.

Jimin’s eyes fell toward the area of the camp where the mages stayed. Their tents were byfar the most luxurious excepting perhaps the ones for the Head Alpha and his family. But that area of was off limits for most of the villagers. The mages provided the village with glowglobes, firesticks and other small magical items, and in exchange they got to live a life of luxury within the camp. On occasion they were able to summon Gods and lesser deities for favors and requests, though these ceremonies were rare, dangerous and time consuming. Not to mention secretive. No one but the mages were allowed access to the magical texts, since their information was considered sacred.

Jimin turned his attention back to the Beta that was leading him along toward the large tent whose flaps were pulled open in invitation. They walked into the tent that was lit by candles, the Head Alpha was sat on his seat. The carved chair was almost like a throne, at least it was more intricate than the seats that his sons all sat in around him. Furs hung all over the walls of the tent, testament to past hunts and victories over nature’s apex predators. The Alphas were all sitting around a large, roughly-hewn wooden table that was covered in flagons of cheaply made ale, that they were all drinking. As he and the healer walked in, the room fell silent.

The Head Alpha was the one who addressed them first.

“What is this about? Why does my son’s fiancé look so upset?”

The healer looked at Jimin with question, obviously asking if he wanted to tell them, or if he wanted the healer to do so. Jimin thought for a single moment and decided that the news should come from him. It was a show of respect and humility. One he felt loathe to give at the moment, but he knew that this was the only time he’d get this chance, and he had nowhere else to go. Jimin dropped down to kneel, pressing his closed fists into the soft dirt under his hands as he bowed his head.

“Head Alpha, I have some… very unfortunate news that I must share with you, as well as my… fiancé.” Jimin was struggling to hold back the tears that wanted to fall.

“Rise, Jimin. What is this news?”

“I have been having problems with my heats and I have consulted the healer. He has informed me that I am… infertile. I will not be able to bear any pups now or in future.”

There was a long pause where Jimin stared at the ground and waited for the reaction that this would cause. It came in the form of an angry voice. The voice of his fiancé, Jiwoo.

“What did you just say?”

Jimin cringed at the clear anger and deep growl in the voice, turning his head down farther. His inner Omega was withering in shame. They were infertile. They were a disgrace.

“I-I’m infertile.”

Before another word could be said, Jiwoo stood from his seat and Jimin looked up at him just in time to see the hand that had swung out to hit him. The Alpha’s backhand made contact with the side of his cheek hard enough to lift Jimin off the ground as he was thrown back by the force of the hit, to land in the damp earth with a soft thump. His entire head was ringing and he felt strangely numb for a few moments, but all too soon feeling surged back into him and he wished it hadn’t. The entire left side of his face was agony. He could feel his heartbeat in the place he’d been struck, and a small whine left his lips as he felt tears well up in his eyes once again, this time from not only the emotional pain, but physical pain on top of it all.

“Jiwoo! Stop.” The Head Alpha called harshly to his son.

The healer rushed over to Jimin and knelt beside him. The Omega’s head felt strangely light, but he was still focused on the pain in the side of his face. He could hear the conversation between the Head Alpha and his son as if from a long distance off. Everything was muffled.

“Appa! This… bitch, lied to us. He deserves to be punished. I could have mated him!”

“He came to us and offered the truth. He did not lie. He came to us with this news, knowing that he was putting his fate into our hands.”

“I don’t care. I never want to see him again. Disgusting. What good is an Omega who cannot bear young? None.”

“His Appa was a great friend of mine, and you need to learn to control your temper before it gets you into real trouble.” There was a short pause and he addressed the healer. “Healer, is he alright?”

“Yes sire, I believe he will be fine. However he will need to rest to recover from this injury.” He healer answered.

“Fine. Take him to his tent, we’ll figure out what to do with him later.”

That was the last thing Jimin heard before the rushing in his ears overtook him and he lost consciousness. When he came to, he was in his little tent, laying on the small pallet of furs and blankets that made up his small nest. The pain was with him from the first moment of waking, the side of his face felt like he’d been kicked by a horse. He groaned and opened his eyes… eye. One of them was swollen closed. His heart was heavy and full of sadness. Not for the loss of a fiancé that he’d never loved or wanted, but for the loss of the only desire that had kept him going. He was infertile. He would never have pups. He would never watch his belly grow and swell as he nurtured and created a life within himself.

The first sob ripped from his mouth and he pressed a hand over his mouth to muffle the sound. It hurt. His lips were busted on one side and puffy, his cheek and eye swollen. But he just dug the tips of his fingers into the tender flesh and held his sounds back. His other hand found his belly and pressed into the flat expanse as he sobbed and curled into himself, bringing his knees to his chest and making a little ball. He cried until he couldn’t cry anymore, until he was completely wrung out and he fell back asleep.

When he next woke, the healer was opening the flap on the front of his tent, and with him was none other than the Head Alpha himself. Jimin sat up in his nest and looked up at the imposing figure that was somewhat hunched into the space of his small tent.

“Head Alpha.” Jimin said, inclining his head respectfully even if every part of him hated that he had to do this for a male he knew was about to destroy his future.

“Young Jimin… As you know, your Appa was a friend of mine. We knew each other many years before I became Head Alpha of this clan. I promised him before his death that I would take you in and make sure you were cared for.” He sighed. “I thought by betrothing you to one of my sons, I was doing that, but Jiwoo is young, violent and not of a disposition fitting the son of a good friend. I misjudged greatly, however my other sons are all mated… and with your condition, I could not allow you to mate with any of them regardless. So, I will make sure you have a place here. You can keep this tent as your quarters and we will assign you work around the camp to earn your keep. This is the best I can offer.”

Jimin knew that the Head Alpha was doing him a great kindness, and despite that, he was still angry. He wasn’t really angry at the Alpha in front of him… but more at the world as a whole. He just nodded and looked down.

“Thank you, Head Alpha.” Jimin said quietly.

“Rest for a few more days to heal, and then go to the healer’s tents, they will assign you some work.”

So Jimin rested. Well, mostly he just lay in his tent looking up at the ceiling and tracing his hands over his flat stomach over and over again, thinking about the tragedy of his life. How had he gone from the beloved child of two happy parents, with a bright future and a loving family… to an aimless, homeless wretch with no future, no prospects and no connections? He was completely at the mercy of others, he had nothing, and without the ability to have pups, he would never have anything truly. So he lay alone in the confines of his tiny tent and pined. He pined for the future he would never have, the little ones that he would never know, the loving mate that he would never meet. He mourned the only way he knew how. With isolation and silence. He did not speak to anyone, he didn’t leave his tent other than to use the restroom, he didn’t eat. He just lay in his tent and grieved for all the lost futures he would never know.

After his three days of mourning he emerged from his tent, went to the river to bathe and dress in his plain clothes, knowing he would be put to work and dragged himself to the healer’s tent, sloshing through the mud to the large tent and finding inside the healer who had told him of his condition. Jimin didn’t know his name, though he was sure the Beta had told him. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered. He greeted the healer with a small nod, face stoic and emotionless.

“Jimin, are you feeling better after your rest?” The healer greeted, and Jimin just shrugged, looking down. “Well, the Head Alpha asked me to put you to work. So, I was going to have you go to collect some herbs that we use for healing. Do you know much about herbs?” Jimin nodded silently and the healer looked at him with sympathetic eyes, but that made Jimin more uncomfortable, he didn’t want pity. “Okay, take this basket and collect bishopwort, helenium and willow bark. Just a bit of each will do for now. The best places to get it are just into the wood on the northeastern side of the village.”

Jimin nodded silently again and left the tent. He kept his head down as he walked through the village toward the northeast. He could feel people looking at him. He must truly be a sight. He knew his face was likely black and blue all over one side, his lips were split and scabbed and his eye though now able to open was still a little swollen. He’d been engaged to the son of the Head Alpha only a few days ago, and now he was walking through the village with his bruised face and head down in shame. He didn’t know if the news of his circumstances had spread and didn’t want to know. It wouldn’t help him now. So he walked with his basket until he was away from the village and into the forest.

It was quiet among the trees and grasses. He liked it much better than in the village, even if it was lonely. He didn’t want to be near anyone right now. He wanted to run. He wanted to run into the forest and keep running until he was so far away that no one would ever find him. He wanted to run until he reached the ocean, the endless expanse of water that his mother had told him of. She had grown up in a village near to one of the oceans, and she told him of white sand beaches and the delicious sweet fruits of the trees and plants there. She’d told him that he smelled like coconut fruit and that he always reminded her of her childhood home. The temptation was so real that he almost dropped the basket and started to run, but he knew he’d never make it on his own. He didn’t have the skills to survive alone in the wild. So he walked until the spotted a little clump of red helenium flowers and collected what he could of them before moving on and searching for the distinctive purple of the bishopwort, eventually finding it. He carved several slivers of bark out of one of the willows by the river with the little knife in his basket, adding them to his collection.

He knew he should go back to the village, but he didn’t want to. He wanted to stay in the quiet isolated forest. He wanted to stay where it was safe and he wouldn’t have to talk to anyone or see anyone. He wanted to be alone… and yet, he longed for company. But not the company of any of the villagers. He didn’t know them, and he didn’t want to. He wished he had someone like… a mate. Someone he could turn to when he was sad and lonely and upset. Yet that life was not for him. It would never be for him. He was an infertile Omega and he was doomed to a life of solitude.

Jimin sat himself on a large rock overlooking the riverbank and set his basket down beside him. He was tired. Not just sleepy, but filled with a bone deep fatigue that reached all the way down to the deepest parts of himself. His Omega had been quiet over the last days, curled inside him in a ball of shame and sadness. Usually they communicated freely, their thoughts and feelings intertwining together, just as they always had since he’d been a child. The lack of his wolf’s presence only made his lethargy and despondency worse. He could feel himself slipping into a depression already, and knew that it was only going to get worse. He would wilt and decay with time and soon he would be nothing but a shell of his former self. He wondered vaguely how long it would take. He didn’t care. He had nothing to live for anymore.

Of course, it wasn’t the loss of his terrible fiancé that made him so down, it was the loss of his one and only comfort that he’d used to keep himself strong and dedicated over the years. He would have mated with Jiwoo, no matter how frightening or distasteful he found him to be, if only he could have had a child, he would have had something to keep him going. A tiny other person who he could love and who would give his life purpose. He sighed and rested his chin on his knees, wrapping his arms around his legs that were curled against his chest as he watched the water in the stream rush by. He was chilly and the weather seemed to match his mood, as the grey clouds drifted overhead, threatening rain.

He looked up into the canopy of the trees overhead, the branches swaying in the wind as they dappled down the diffuse, gloomy light on him. He needed to return to the village and give over the herbs and receive his next assignment. He knew that, and yet it was impossible to motivate himself to move from his little ball, curled up on the rock as the chilly wind cut through his thin clothes and ruffled his long blond hair. He heard voices and looked around, seeing no one but the voices still carried through the silent forest. He could hear them getting closer and closer, along with crunching footsteps.

“… recommended that he summon the God of Fertility.” Said one voice, deep and husky. Jimin recognized it as one of the mages he’d seen around camp.

“I’ve never summoned him before or heard of him being summoned. What is the price he demands?” Replied a female voice that Jimin thought might also be a mage.

“He requires the summoner to carry his pup in exchange for a favor.”

“But… the Head Alpha cannot carry a pup. How could that be?” The voice sounded shocked.

“It matters not to him. He is the God of Fertility. He has the power to impregnate anyone, no matter if they are male, female or Alpha, Beta or Omega. He is powerful; indeed he is one of the most powerful of the Gods. He has won wars, and fought battles, and given many a favor to those who summon him. But the cost is always the same. They must carry his progeny and raise them well. I heard legend that one of his children was killed after birth, and he destroyed the offenders entire family line. He does not forgive those who wrong him.”

“So he could easily deal with the impending conflict with the Naran Pack from the south?”

“Of course, but the Head Alpha refuses to summon him. It would be shameful for an Alpha to carry a pup, and he will not allow it to be done. So we are looking into alternate options to deal with the threat.”

“Have you consid…” The voices grew fainter as they moved away through the woods until he could no longer hear them.

His mind was suddenly buzzing with possibilities. If the mages were to be believed… if he figured out how to summon the God of Fertility, then he could have a pup. The God could put a pup inside him, regardless of his infertile condition. But, he was no mage. He didn’t know how to summon Gods or perform magic. That information was a closely guarded secret, and he would never be allowed to read the sacred mage texts. But if he could get his hands on it… would it be possible?

Jimin stood from his rock and grabbed his basket, walking back toward the village as his mind whirled with possibilities. He paid no mind to his surroundings beyond aiming himself in the right direction and doing his best not to stumble. His head was spinning, mind working to try and figure out how to get his hands on the information he wanted. He felt his wolf awaken inside him at the prospect of this one last chance. He didn’t have to be alone. He didn’t have to give up his dream. He could still be a mother.

His eyes were on the ground, and his head in the clouds as he walked and only as he felt his arm caught in a harsh grip was he pulled from the whirlwind of his thoughts. He turned his face to look up into the snarling countenance of his ex-fiancé as he almost dropped his basket, a few of the purple flowers falling down into the mud below. A shot of fear crawled up Jimin’s spine as he looked into the angry face of Jiwoo. Around them, several people had slowed and stopped in their various tasks to watch the scene.

“What are you still doing here? I said I never want to see you again. You disgust me.”

The hand on his arm tightened as the Alpha spoke, making Jimin gasp and try to pull away.

“Ah! Please stop. You’re hurting me.” Jimin begged, trying to pull his arm free, more of his herbs falling from the basket.

“Just leave. Do you want to disgrace our entire village? I can’t stand to look at you.”

“Please… I have nowhere to go… I can’t leave. Your Appa said I could stay.”

Jimin gasped as the hand released his arm, and the area throbbed as the blood flow returned. But before he could even reach up to massage the bruised flesh, he was struck across the unbruised side of his face. The basket in his hand tumbled to the ground as he fell backward, to land in the mud with a wet splash. His cheek and lips were blooming with hot agony, and he whimpered as he landed, his body weak already from the lack of sleep and food, as well as the pain he’d been in the last days made him unable to keep up his front of strength and he sobbed out loud and wild, a high note of distress shivering from his bleeding lips. The sound was cut off by a hard kick to his side and he curled over as a second kick landed, straight to his stomach. All the air was knocked out of him as his side and stomach both rioted with pain, clamoring for his attention.

Jimin couldn’t get a solid breath, his mouth was heady with the taste of blood, and his body was excruciating. Pain was blooming from so many places he couldn’t focus on just one. He looked to the other villagers, but knew that they would not help. Jiwoo was the son of the Head Alpha, going against him would be a death sentence for any of them. He could see the pain on their faces, the sympathy and the longing to intervene. He watched as a young Alpha, no older than thirteen tried to step forward, but he was held back by an older Omega with the same shade of fiery orange hair, clearly his mother.

Jimin’s watery eyes turned fearfully back to his attacker as the Alpha crouched next to him, and the Omega gasped as his hair was seized in a hard fist, his head yanked up until he was mere inches from the snarling face and bared teeth of Jiwoo. As he growled out his next words, his hot, disgusting breath fanned over Jimin’s face, making him cringe back.

“I don’t care what my Appa said. Leave this village tonight and never come back.”

Jimin didn’t know what else to do but agree. He didn’t want to be beaten anymore. He didn’t want to stay here anymore. His voice was barely a husking whisper, but he managed to get out a quiet, “Okay.”

He was released and he fell back in the mud. Jimin watched as the Alpha stomped away and as he disappeared he tried to get up, but his entire body was hurting. He could barely move. But before long, several pairs of hands were helping him up. He was unsteady on his feet, but he brushed off all attempts to help him as he turned and limped back to his little tent. His face, arm, side and stomach were all throbbing with pain. He could feel his heartbeat in the places he knew bruises were forming under his clothes. He had no choice. He had to leave this village. If he stayed, he would continue to suffer the abuse of Jiwoo until he eventually died from some injury or other.

His mind was already ahead of his conscious thoughts and as he reached his tent, a plan formed in his head. He hobbled into his tent and had to fight the urge to collapse onto his little nest. His whole body hurt. He just wanted to sleep and forget the world for a while, but that was not possible. He had to act quickly if he was going to make his plan work. Jimin grunted as he knelt down in front of the wooden chest that held all his worldly possessions. He lifted the lid and dug down to find his worn leather pack, pulling it out and beginning to pack everything he would need into it. As much of his things as he thought he could carry he put into the pack, leaving room for food.

He pulled out another set of clothes and a drying cloth and took them as he left his tent. He walked the short distance to the river that ran around one side of the camp before stripping down and taking a second bath of the day in the icy water. He rinsed the mud and blood from his skin and hair, letting the cold water numb his injuries and give him some small relief. He got out, dried himself and dressed in one of his sets of heavy robes, the material thick enough to battle some of the cold. He went back to his tent leaving the clothes by the river, knowing he wouldn’t be taking them with him.

He’d spent most of his day alone in the forest and it was already almost evening, the sky darkening rapidly. He knew that fires would be being lit and people would be gathering for dinner. He rolled up the two thickest of the furs in his nest and tied them tightly to his pack. Before sitting in the remains of his small nest and waiting. He would wait for full dark, and then he would initiate his plan. He was tempted to lay down, but he knew he’d fall asleep, and he didn’t have time. He would have to start his plan and then run before he could be caught.

He closed his eyes and breathed deeply, resolving himself to follow through with his plan as he waited for the light to stop coming in around the edges of his tent flaps. He was still aching and so sore that moving at all was agony, but he had to go before Jiwoo saw him again. He didn’t doubt that the Alpha could kill him. He’d seen nothing but hate and disgust in those cold eyes as he’d looked at him from the mud, and he knew that the threat was not an idle one.

Once night had fallen and he could hear the sounds of revelry out toward the village center, he stood with a soft groan of pain, put his pack on his shoulders, grabbed the small glowglobe that cast the tent in its soft light and crept out of his tent. He made his way around the edges of the village to one of the few real buildings among the tents. This was the place that food was stored. He cracked open the back door to see that it was dark and empty inside. Jimin opened the creaking door only as far as he had to in order to enter. He held out the small glowing sphere that cast light like a rainbow-sheened bubble. The glowglobes were one of the most valuable creations of the mages, along with firesticks. He quickly found a small sack of rough hewn burlap and set his glowglobe on the shelf as he grabbed things frantically shoving them into the bag and before a full minute had passed he was pushing his way out of the storage building.

He continued his trek around the outskirts of the village, now making his way to the area where the mages lived. He knew that they would all be in the center of things while dinner was served, mages liked to show off their skills and get appreciation from the villagers. It was a reminder to them that they were the ones who kept them stocked with the magical conveniences that made their lives easier. Jimin set his pack on the ground and put the food inside it before he crept with his small glowglobe into the forbidden area of camp. His steps were light and quick, skirting the larger mud puddles he found the main tent where the mages gathered for spellcasting and summoning. He peeked inside to see that it was well lit, but empty.

Jimin cast a look around before stepping inside and rushing to the main table in the center of the room. There on the table was a large book, ornately made and written in a scribe’s elegant hand. He pulled the book to him and flipped through it frantically, quickly reading titles for spells and names for Gods that could be summoned. His heart was racing and his stomach queasy as he searched, sweaty palms flicking through page after page until finally he read the large text at the top of a page. ‘Summoning the Fertility God’.

He looked to see that it was two pages long. He grabbed the top edge of the pages and ripped them from the book. He flipped back some pages to try to disguise the fact that pages had been stolen. Jimin looked down at the pages in his shaking hands and read quickly through the necessary ingredients that he would need to summon the God of Fertility. His eyes darted around and he grabbed a leather satchel off a nearby shelf and slung it over his shoulder before running to another shelf lined with many bottles and little baskets of dried herbs all neatly tied with string. He located the things he’d need quickly and shoved them into the satchel. Some of the ingredients he would have to find on his own, and that was fine. He took a wickedly sharp looking knife off the shelf in front of him and as he walked to the exit, he saw a tall pot full of firesticks and he grabbed one of those as well before peeking out the entrance to the mage’s tent and seeing the coast was clear, he exited and ran.

Running hurt, his side and stomach were excruciating, but he didn’t stop. He found the tree where he’d left his things and grabbed the pack, tying the firestick to the outside with some of the leather straps made just for this and he set off. He ran into the forest with no particular idea where he was going. He just had to get as far from the village as possible before it was discovered what he’d done. He’d stolen from the mages, and once it was realized they would be on the hunt for him. So he ran until he couldn’t anymore, as his side and gut ached too much and then he walked. He followed the river northward.

The forest was dark and quiet, the only light was coming from his glowglobe that he held in his hand and the moon and stars above. Jimin walked and when he felt up to it, he ran. But he didn’t stop moving, no matter how tired he got, no matter how much his injuries ached, he continued. His pack felt like it weighed a thousand pounds and his legs felt like they were made of lead, but he pushed himself forward until the pink light of dawn peeked over the world and it was a new day. He knew that if he was going to be successful in his attempt, then he had to summon the God of Fertility today. He didn’t have the time to waste. They could already be after him.

He pulled the pages of the mage’s book out of the satchel and looked them over, noting the things he’d need. He had everything, except a wild rose, a pure white stone and an oak tree to carve the summoning symbol into. He turned to the river and as he walked, his eyes scanned the stones at the bottom in the dawn light, looking for a white one. He found one after about half an hour of searching. He stuck his hand into the icy rush of the river and fished the stone from the bottom, pulling it out and studying it. It was pure white, about the size of his closed fist and smooth. He looked around and searched for roses. He knew they grew along the river sometimes. He recalled seeing them back at the village near the place where he would bathe.

He walked for a few hours until a flash of red in the far distance to his right caught his eye. He squinted and the blur resolved into a thicket of rosebushes. He rushed to it, his weak legs stumbling on the uneven ground of the forest floor, but he was able to remain upright. He cut one of his fingers on the sharp thorns but ignored the pain. It was nothing to the pain of his other injuries and screaming muscles and burning eyes. He pulled the knife from his satchel and cut the rose free from the bush and carrying it gently so as not to get himself again with the thorns.

He was thirsty and faint from hunger so he knelt by the riverbank and scooped handful after handful of icy water to his mouth, drinking until he could feel the water sloshing around in his empty stomach. He pulled out the little bag of food that he’d stolen and went through it, pulling out a few hard, grainy little bread rolls. They were made with the coarsely ground flower that was common in the village, Jimin had eaten many things made with it, and he thought that it kind of tasted like dirt. He was so hungry at that moment however that it didn’t matter. He chewed his way through the tough rolls and then ate an apple that was just to the right side of too tart. He was still exhausted and his entire body hurt. His feet were sore and a little raw spot had been rubbed into the backs of his heels from the shoes that were not made for walking and running so far. But the food gave him a small amount of energy.

It took several tries for him to get up, his whole body was a symphony of complaints. He had thought that a short rest would have helped, however it seemed to make the pain worse. His muscles had cooled down and were starting to cramp and seize up, probably from the lack of water and food over the past days. He finally pushed himself up on his aching legs and grabbed his pack, which felt like it had tripled in weight. He pulled the pack onto his shoulders and set off into the forest to find an oak tree.

He looked around the forest, eyeing the ground looking for acorns. Acorns were the easiest way to identify an oak tree. The forest was full of them, so it didn’t take long to find a cluster. He went to them at once, and set his pack down. He reached into the satchel at his hip and pulled out the stolen pages, he read them three times over, making sure that he understood every detail and memorizing everything. He started by pulling out the knife and carving into the trunk of the oak tree the symbol that was pictured on the pages. A large egg shape with a smaller egg shape in the center, bordered on either side by three parallel lines. He was careful and made sure the symbol was carved deeply and looked just like the symbol inked on the yellowed pages before moving on to the next step.

Crouching down, Jimin swept dead leaves, acorns and stones out of the way at the base of the tree. He pulled grass up with clawing desperate hands until he had a large patch of earth to work on. He pulled out all the little jars and bundles of herbs he had stolen, as well as his white stone, and fetched the rose from next to his pack. He used a fallen stick to trace in the soil the same symbol, the larger egg and the smaller egg with their three parallel lines. Around the symbol he placed the herbs in the exact pattern that they were specified according to the summoning spell. Dried strips of ginger, cinnamon sticks, chaste tree berries, dried evening primrose petals, red raspberry leaves. These were all herbs associated with fertility and virility. Next he placed the white stone in the center of the symbol and across it laid the rose. He pulled out the tied bundle of sage and set it before the little arrangement he had just made.

He stood and pulled at his robes, removing them all to leave himself completely bare. It said that you had to be unclothed completely before performing the ritual. He left his robes, next to his pack and toed off his shoes. He looked down at his body and saw that one side of his ribs were black and purple, his stomach also held a large, dark bruise, his upper arm held a clear handprint and he knew his face must be the worst of it all. His lips still felt swollen and he knew that they were still slightly bleeding from the split. His entire face was a mass of agony, he hoped that the God would still help him with his disfigured face and body.

Jimin took the firestick from his pack and set it on top of a large stone, before passing his hand over it and speaking the words to activate the spell on it. “Solas dhomh.” The stick immediately caught fire and Jimin bent and grabbed the little bundle of sage, ignoring the acorns digging into the soles of his feet and used the firesick to catch the end ablaze before passing his hand over the stick again. “Falbh a-mach.” The flame went out. Jimin turned back to the arranged materials for the ritual and followed the instructions to a T. He began by kneeling, disregarding the pain of acorns under his knees and swirling the lit bundle of sage around the symbol three times before laying the burning herbs on top of the rose and the stone and beginning the incantation.

“God of Fertility, I summon thee to the human realm. I offer to you my body to carry your progeny in exchange for your benevolence.” He repeated these words over and over, putting his very soul into each word he clutched his hands over his chest and rocked back and forth, repeating over and over the words of the incantation finally ending with a soft, low, “Please…” as tears fell from his eyes and his ribs protested the shudder of a sob.

Jimin squeezed his eyes shut, his nails clawing at his chest as he strained his ears for any sound, anything beyond the usual forest noises. But all he heard were the shifting of the trees, the calling of birds and the buzzing of insects, the low sound of the babbling river. Nothing out of the ordinary. He covered his eyes with his hand and wept. It hadn’t worked. He hadn’t been able to do it. He was not a mage, he had failed, and now he would die as soon as the pack members from the village realized what he’d done, there would be a hunt.

“Why are you crying, Omega?”

Jimin let out a shriek of surprise and spun on the spot to see a tall male standing only feet behind him. He was exquisitely handsome with a divinely carved face accentuated by long curls of black hair that ended at his jaw. High cheekbones, strong jaw, stern brows and pink lips, the top lip thinner than the bottom one. His skin was golden with a tan, his body exposed by the gold silk trousers and open robe that showed his muscled physique. Jimin met his eyes and saw they they were a softly glowing honey color. He must be…

“Are you the God of Fertility?”

Jungkook hadn’t known what to expect when he’d been summoned. He’d felt the tug on his powers, requesting his summons to the human realm and he’d allowed himself to be pulled there by the power of the spell. He could refuse a summons, though it wasn’t often that he did. His power came from his progeny. He had to have children in order to keep his strength, so he performed feats for those in the human realm, and in exchange they carried his pups and brought them into the world. He’d been thinking lately, (well… over the last few centuries at least) that he wished that he could find a mate. But, he knew all the other Gods and none of them were what he wanted, and the only time he came to the human world was when he was summoned.

His experiences with humans had taught him enough to know that they were all selfish, conceited creatures who craved violence and cruelty. He was one of the most powerful Gods in the pantheon, but he was still a God of creation. Some of the destructive acts that he’d been forced to do over the centuries had left him with guilt over the lives that had been lost, all because of his need for children. He didn’t even get to know his children, as they were born in the human realm and raised by their birthgivers. He did not have the ability to rear them or feed them like a mother, and though he longed for his pups, he had to resign himself to watching over them and keeping them safe from a distance. He wished that they could know him, and that he could know them. However part of the bargain that was struck with his summoners was that they were to care for the children and raise them as their own.

But if he had a mate, he would no longer have to do these favors, he could have just one person who could provide him with pups aplenty to keep his power strong. In fact, he was certain it would only increase his strength. He had once asked one of the fates if he would have a mate someday, and her response had been a laugh and pat on his back and one very mysterious clue.

“You will know him by his purple blooms.”

Jungkook had no idea what that meant. For some time he’d wondered if the God of Spring was his mate, as he was constantly draped in various blooms and bud garlands, but he was very colorful, and purple was not a particular focus. But those words came back to him as he looked down at the small, pale Omega kneeling naked on the forest floor having just summoned him. He hadn’t seen anything but his back, and his long blond hair as he’d appeared, but as he turned, he saw them. The dark, purple bruises blossoming under his skin, like painful violet flowers. Could this Omega be the one who the fate had said was his future mate? Could these bruises be the “blooms” to which she had referred?

The Omega was shaking and clearly in pain. Both his eyes were blackened, and one of the whites was red, but he could see the light gray of his irises. He had kind eyes. Jungkook’s eyes searched the Omega’s body, looking at each injury and trying to evaluate them and determine their cause. His eyes fell to the handprint bruise on his arm and he felt murderous. But he didn’t understand why for a moment, and as he looked at him, he realized what it was. He was so defenseless. This was the first time he had been summoned like this, by a single Omega. Usually a whole group of mages gathered to summon him, which he personally thought was pompous and unnecessary. But this single small male had no defenses, nowhere to run. Jungkook let his powers reach out and he searched the Omega’s intent, and felt nothing violent or cruel. Once he touched him, he would be able to read all his thoughts, but from a distance all he could sense were emotions and intent.

“I am indeed the God of Fertility. Are you the one who has summoned me?”

The Omega flinched at the sound of his voice, as if bracing for a scream. He turned his face down and bowed forward, pressing his forehead to the ground before speaking.

“Yes, it was I who summoned you to ask for your favor.”

“You know the cost for my favor, do you not? In return for my help, you will pay by carrying my pup and raising it as your own.”

“Yes. I know the cost.” The Omega spoke from his bowed position.

“And what is it that you seek in return for my price, Omega?”

“What I seek is the price itself. Please, give me a pup and I swear I will love it with all my heart. Let me carry your child and transport me somewhere where we can be safe. That is all I ask.”

Jungkook looked down at the Omega with surprise. He only wanted… his pups and transport to a safe place. Never in all his millennia had any human asked for something so… oddly selfless. His eyes fell to the arm with the handprint bruise and he needed to know. He needed to know everything.

“Stand now, Omega. Give me your hand.”

Jungkook watched as the Omega sat up, revealing all his purple bruises again. Jungkook watched him try to stand, but he was weak, his legs trembling as he tried to lift the weight of his body. He reached down and the Omega laid his small hand in his. Jungkook helped him to stand. As soon as his hand made contact with the Omega’s skin, his powers reached into him, and he felt what the Omega felt and tears pricked at his eyes. The small blond was in so much pain. He could feel his body as the Omega felt it, and he had no idea how he was standing at all. It was excruciating for him to even hold up his own slight weight. He could feel the exhaustion pulling behind his eyes, the hollow ache in his stomach, the grinding of his tendons and bones, the sore, aching feet that were raw from walking. But more than all of that were the injuries all over his body that were singing with agony.

He let his power surge, using his abilities to reach inside the Omega’s mind, through his thoughts, feelings and memories. This Omega had known a hard life, pain and loss were his closest companions. The God let himself be lost to the flood of memories, he lived through Jimin’s experiences through his own eyes, watching each hardship and loss and terrible tragedy of his life with sadness. When he reached the most recent memories he felt his anger swell inside him. The one who had hurt him was supposed to be his future mate, supposed to be the Alpha who would care for him and love him. But he’d been tossed aside and beaten for something that was not his fault.

He reviewed all of this in mere moments, seeing everything that the Omega had seen and known and felt in his short life. What surprised him the most, were the small male’s emotions. He was not angry. There was no hatred or cruelty in his heart. He craved no vengeance or retribution against those who had wronged him. He felt only fear, and beyond that a deeper more intense feeling of longing. Longing for a family, for a pup who he could love and cherish and carry inside his body to nourish and grow. The desire was pure and gentle. This Omega… Jimin, who had known nothing but cruelty in his life had not himself grown hard and bitter. He had become unendingly kind and gentle. He wanted only love, only safety and warmth, and most of all a child.

In that moment, Jungkook knew. This was it. He had found his mate. How could he not love him when he’d witnessed all that he’d endured, all that he’d sacrificed and all that he would give just to carry his pups. He could see that Jimin wanted more, he would have as many pups as he could if he were given the chance, but he had resigned himself to only having one. Though it only took mere seconds to see all of this with his powers, Jungkook felt himself go through a material change deep within. He fell in love. He fell in love with the memories of Jimin frolicking and playing with the pups at his old pack, picking them up and raining kisses over them as they giggled and squealed. He fell in love with the memory of him caring for his parents as they fell sick, first his mother, then is father. He fell in love with the endless optimism that had carried him to this point in life and kept him afloat. He even fell in love with the bone deep sadness that the Omega felt in that moment, the worry that his task had been for naught and that he’d be left alone. Jimin was nothing but kindness to anyone and Jungkook loved him for that. For every small deed done in service of others, every soft word of encouragement he’d ever spoken, every quiet night he’d spent alone crying and in pain that he’d secreted away in the deepest part of his heart.

“You have known much pain, Jimin.” The God said as he opened his glowing golden eyes and looked down at him.

Jimin didn’t know what to say. He’d felt an odd sensation as the God had touched his hand, it felt like he’d searched through him, like he’d read the book of his life and now knew everything that Jimin had ever done or thought or wanted. It was unnerving to think that this powerful being must know so much about him. But he was a God, and Jimin was but a mere human. He hoped that he’d seen the depth of his conviction, the truth of his request. He did only want a pup, just one small life to devote himself to. If he could have that, he would do anything.

“It is nothing, your grace… or, your holiness… I-I’m sorry I don’t know how to address you.” Jimin stuttered out, looking up at the taller male before him.

“My name is Jungkook, you may call me that.”

Jimin had never heard of anyone calling the Gods by name, but he just nodded.


“Come here, now. Let me heal you.”

Jungkook looked down at Jimin and reached his hand forward, feeling a small twinge as Jimin flinched away from him. But he simply lay his hand on the Omega’s forehead gently and concentrated his power into the contact, pushing his magic into Jimin’s body. He focused on his pains and let his power accelerate their healing and take all of it away. He could feel inside Jimin the relief as his pain was leached from his body. He heard his small sigh and watched as the bruises on his face faded and disappeared, to reveal his perfect beauty. The grey eyes looked up at him, and he saw them fill with tears and felt through the contact of their connection the emotions inside the Omega. Gratitude and relief and hope all swelled inside him.

Jungkook was stunned by his beauty as it was revealed in its entirety. His features were delicate, his eyes catlike and given to smiling, his lips full and lush, his cheeks slightly rounded. He was completely lovely, and as his magic searched through him looking to heal, he found the cause of his infertility, a malformation in his internal organs, he poured his power into the connection and that too was healed. As he pulled his hand away, he looked down at him and the grey eyes were wide and looking up at him with awe clear in every line of his face.

Jimin had never felt anything like the healing power of the God who insisted that he call him Jungkook. As he’d poured his magic into him, his body had lit up like little sparkles of ticklish energy racing through his veins, erasing all the pain and ache in his muscles and joints. As all his other injuries were healed, he felt the power coalesce deep in his lower belly, in that small place that always ached, tender to the touch. He felt the small pain that he’d lived with his entire life disappear. He knew that this was a miracle. He didn’t know how he knew, but he did know that he was healed. The God had healed him inside, he would be able to have pups.

Jimin felt the tears spill over as he clutched both hands against his belly. Now that the pain was gone, he realized how much he’d grown accustomed to the constant twinge in his abdomen. How much he’d ignored it, and how bad it had really been. He’d had to get used to it, but now he felt like a weight much greater than himself had been lifted from him. He was healed. He looked up into the face of the male in front of him and had no words, but he tried. He released the hold on his belly and grasped both of Jungkook’s hands in his shaking ones. He fell to his knees and pressed his forehead to the larger hands in his palms, overwhelmed by the generosity of the God to heal him. He had not asked for a payment. He had healed him before any bargain was struck, and that told Jimin that he was both merciful and worthy of his power.

“Thank you… thank you…” Jimin repeated over and over as he knelt and wept.

Jimin felt the larger hands in his pull him upward.

“Stand now. There is no need to thank me. You have suffered much, sweet Omega. Listen to me now. I want to make you an offer.”

Jimin allowed himself to be pulled to his feet. He released the hands in his to wipe his tears. A breeze shifted through the trees and as the cool air hit his skin, Jimin realized that he was still completely naked. His hands immediately moved to cover his genitals as his face went hot with embarrassment. He was sure that Jungkook had seen many people naked, but Jimin wasn’t used to anyone seeing his nudity, and now that he wasn’t hurting anymore, his mind and his inner Omega were pointing out how very attractive the God before him was. His Omega wondered if he would lay with them to get them pregnant, or if he could do it by magic, and hoping for the former. Jimin watched one of Jungkook’s hands raise and his robe floated over from the place on the forest floor before the God offered it to him and he took it with trembling fingers and pulled it on, quickly tying the front closed.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

There was a short pause where Jimin was looking down at the ground, still pink in the cheeks and seeming unable to look up into the eyes of the God before him. Jungkook wanted to see his face, wanted to see him now. He turned the Omega’s face upward toward him with a gentle hand, feeling a little satisfaction that he didn’t flinch from him again. He looked down into the most beautiful face he’d ever seen, and since his hand was touching him, he could feel all his feelings and sense his thoughts. Jimin was attracted to him, which wasn’t unusual. He was the God of Fertility after all. But more than that, he felt something like reverent trust inside the Omega who was looking up at him with pure adoration and awe.

“As I said, Omega I want to make you an offer.” Jungkook said, looking into his gray eyes.

“An… offer?” Jimin asked quietly.

“Yes. When I touched you, I saw you. I saw all of your pain, your loss, and your fear. I saw your desires, the want for pups, your desire to be a mother. I saw everything. But before I make my offer, let me show you.”

“Show me what?”

“I need to show you myself. I need you to see me as I am, to understand the truth and the potential of this choice.”


Jungkook released one of Jimin’s hands to reach up and place it on his forehead again. He closed his eyes and focused on opening his mind. He let his memories flow from his mind into Jimin’s. He didn’t hide anything. He let him see all of his long life, most of which had been spent in solitude. He showed him each of his bargains, the favors and the resulting pregnancies. He showed him all his children, how he’d watched them grow up from afar, never able to love them or be with them. He let Jimin feel his longing for his babies. His desire to fill his empty palace with the sound of love and laughter and tiny pattering feet. But he also showed him the darker parts of himself. The wars he’d fought and won, the people he’d killed and the destruction that he’d wrought over his long, long life.

He let his emotions flow from himself into Jimin, so he could feel what he felt, see what he saw. He showed him his palace, beautiful but hollow, just like his heart. He had friends among the other Gods, but it wasn’t the same as having a mate, or pups. He was for all intents and purposes as alone as Jimin was. But he showed him his desires for the future. He showed Jimin the potential of accepting his offer. If he became Jungkook’s mate, he would share in his immortality. He would come with him to live in the realm of the Gods, and he could carry all of Jungkook’s pups for all eternity. It would fill that emptiness in them both. He showed Jimin image after image of what he’d look like pregnant, swollen and replete with his pups and as he did, he felt the Omega’s emotions reaching out to him.

He opened his eyes as he let the magic slow and stop until it was over. He’d shown Jimin exactly who and what he was. He’d shown the good and the bad and he was now going to make him an offer. One he knew that the Omega would accept, because he was still touching him and he could feel everything, hear all his thoughts as they whirled and reviewed all that he’d shared. He watched the gray eyes open and focus on him as he pulled his hand away from his forehead. He watched as those eyes filled with tears again. He felt small, soft hands reach up and gently cup his face, petting over his skin with tenderness as he spoke quietly.

“It’s okay. You don’t have to be lonely anymore. You’ve been all alone for so long… needing someone to love you and care for you. Take me. Let me love you. Let me give you pups that you can hold and keep with you and love.”

Something deep inside Jungkook shattered at the quiet words in the lovely lilting voice and the soft hands on his face. But just as he was about to pull Jimin into his arms, he heard the sounds of many running feet, the sounds of dogs and men headed toward them and he turned. He knew who it would be, the members of the village that Jimin had fled from coming to take revenge on him for stealing the pages from the mage’s book. Of course Jungkook would never allow that to happen.

As he turned, his connection with Jimin had been broken. The Omega’s hands falling away from his face. But as the small hands gripped his larger one, he felt Jimin’s emotions burst into him, frantic and terrified. Jimin’s fear was so palpable, so intense that he looked back at the small blond and found him trembling. He could hear his frantic thoughts as they raced through his mind in a whirlwind. Jimin knew that they were coming to kill him, and he was filled with fear. The memory of the pain of his beating was fresh and he didn’t want to feel that again. He didn’t want to hurt anymore.

“Please… let’s go.” Jimin begged, tugging on his hand and looking up at him with wide, panicked eyes.

It was the fear that made Jungkook angry. Jimin was so kind, so gentle and empathetic. He should never have to feel the kind of terror and anxiety that were making his heart pound and his body tremble. Jungkook turned and brushed the hair out of the Omega’s face, looking down at him with calmness and surety.

“No one can hurt you while I am here. Don’t be afraid.” Jungkook said quietly, cupping the side of Jimin’s face, and brushing a thumb over his cheek.

The gesture felt somehow familiar, even though they had never touched like that before. Jungkook’s powers had allowed them to share between them a complete understanding of each other. It had been like having a million conversations all at once, like they had been together for a century, instead of mere minutes. Jungkook felt the fear lessen, but it was still there. But it wasn’t the fear of being hurt. Jimin did feel safe with him. It was the fear of being shamed. He’d suffered so much and Jungkook knew that the humiliation of being an infertile Omega had been dehumanizing and degrading. He was afraid of reliving that same shame again.

“It’s okay, little one. I’ve got you now. But I want to see their faces. Come here, you don’t have to look.” Jungkook said as he pulled Jimin into his arms, cradling the back of his blond head with one hand and letting the Omega hide against his shoulder.

The sounds of pursuit got closer and closer and finally resolved into figures running toward them, though as they got closer, the animals refused to move forward, sensing the pure malevolence rolling off of Jungkook in waves. Jungkook felt the smaller body against him shiver as a cold sliver of shame and fear slid down his spine. The God watched as the dogs were left behind and the men came forward, still pursuing the Omega. Jungkook could sense their intent, though he could not meet minds with them from a distance. What he felt from them was a whole mix of emotions, all horrible. Hatred, anger, violence and cruelty bled from them in waves, directed at the small, innocent Omega that he was sheltering in his embrace. As they got closer he knew that they could tell he was no human. His glowing eyes watched as they stopped in a semi circle around him, unsure what to do when their target was being protected by a God.

There was a long pause where no one moved or spoke, and finally one of the Alphas before him wearing mage’s robes called out.

“Are you the God of Fertility? Has this unworthy Omega summoned you here?”

Jungkook felt his anger rise higher, his powers sparked through the air around him, making the temperature rise and the leaves on the trees shift in the ferocity of his fury.

“Who are you to call my mate unworthy, human?” Jungkook snarled.

“Your mate?”

The one who spoke Jungkook was able to identify as the Head Alpha of the pack Jimin had run from, but he had little attention for him. His eyes were focused on the Alpha next to him. The one called Jiwoo. His eyes fixed on him and he could feel hatred inside him the likes of which he’d never known, but he still answered the question.

“Yes, you heard me correctly. My mate.”

“But he is no mage. He has no power to summon you. You are not bound by his summons.” The mage spoke again.

“You mages are all so obsessed with the notion that you have some divine gift. It is not written anywhere that you must me a mage to summon a God, and it is foolhardy of you to think that you could bind any of us against our will. It shows your arrogance that you believe yourself equal to any of the pantheon.”

“That Omega is infertile. Did you not curse that upon him? Are you not the God of Fertility?” The Head Alpha asked and Jungkook’s eyes flicked to him for a brief moment.

“The Gods do not curse individuals without reason. I do not personally make the choice of fertility for each human in your realm. Nature is what it is, and though Gods have the ability to change that nature, we do not control each person individually. Do you think that the God of Spring makes every bud bloom on every branch? I have healed him, though his fertility is no one’s concern but my own.”

“That Omega is my fiancé. He belongs to me.” Jiwoo finally spoke.

Jungkook’s entire body felt hot as he heard the words, his lips pulled back off of his teeth and he growled, the ground beneath him rumbling with the force of his anger. But he felt another anger alongside his own. It was Jimin’s anger, smaller and less intense, but still present. The Omega pulled away from hiding in his shoulder and turned in his arms to look at the Alpha who had attacked him. Jungkook kept his arms around Jimin, one around his middle and one hand against his heaving chest. He heard the Omega’s growl before he spit his words at Jiwoo.

“I do not ‘belong’ to anyone. You told me to leave and I did.” Jimin’s voice was cold and harsh with anger.

“Someone needs to teach you your place, Omega. You’re good for one thing, and now that you’re fixed at least you’ll be able to do that properly.” Jiwoo retorted.

Jungkook’s growl was deafening and as his anger surged, so did his powers. The forest shook around them, stones, leaves and sticks all trembled and rose into the air around them. Lightning cracked overhead as the sky darkened and clouds formed, casting the scene in grayish gloom. None of the little crowd in front of the God moved. They were all still, as fear surged from them. He wanted to kill them. He wanted to rip them all limb from limb and leave their bodies for the vultures. But they did not deserve the mercy of death. The Head Alpha understood that they were about a second from death and he stepped to his son and struck him across the face, hard.

“Did you not hear him claim Jimin as his mate? Do you want to die, you fool?” He snapped at his son.

Jungkook felt Jimin’s emotions. The Omega was conflicted. He did not want to see anyone die. Jungkook felt his tender heart ache at the thought of seeing anyone die, even the repulsive males before them. Jungkook tightened his arms around Jimin for a single moment before he spoke.

“It’s alright, little one.” He said softly to Jimin, then turned his attention to the little half circle of Alphas standing before them. “Kneel to my mate. None of you are worthy to stand in his presence.”

Everyone knelt, except Jiwoo. The Alpha seemed determined to show him no respect, regardless of the clear danger. Jungkook felt absolute hatred bloom from his core, and he reached with his powers and a bolt of lightning struck the ground, mere feet in front of Jiwoo, charging the air with energy and leaving a scorched little crater right in front of him as the Alpha drew back and stumbled. The air was heavy with electricity and energy both from Jungkook’s powers and the lightning strike. He would accept no disrespect from this human.

“Kneel!” The word echoed weirdly through the charged air, seeming to echo off the very molecules in the surrounding air and bounce around.

Jungkook felt now fear radiating from Jiwoo. The Alpha had realized that Jungkook could kill him so easily. That had been a mere swatting of a fly to him, his powers were far beyond what any of these mortals could comprehend. He could destroy this entire forest if he were so inclined. He could scorch it from the face of the earth with ease. Jiwoo scrambled to kneel with the others now that he had seen a taste of Jungkook’s power.

Jungkook looked at them and felt nothing but hatred, but he also felt Jimin’s emotions. The Omega was… sad. He was sad that this all had to come so far. He wished that they would have just left him alone and let him run away with his stolen pages and meager possessions. He didn’t want this conflict, and Jungkook understood that feeling all too well. It was the same every time he was summoned to help win some war or conflict through violence. But he also knew that this was necessary. Jungkook was a God, and he’d claimed Jimin as his mate. He could not allow these transgressions to pass unpunished.

Jimin turned his face and looked up to Jungkook who was still holding him against his body. The God looked down into his eyes and Jimin whispered softly, meaning for only Jungkook to hear, but the charged air seemed to distort and amplify it, echoing it to the males on their knees before them.

“Please don’t kill them.”

Jungkook felt an overwhelming gentleness when he looked at the small Omega in his arms. But his mind still saw him the way he’d appeared when he was first summoned, face and body a barrage of dark purple bruises, only the physical evidence of what had been done to him. But Jungkook had seen and felt it all, just as Jimin had, and he was not of a disposition to be forgiving, though he would not put these human’s deaths on his mate’s conscience.

“I will not kill them. But they must be punished.”

There was a long beat of pause as Jimin and Jungkook looked into each other’s eyes and Jungkook felt the Omega’s trust in him. He’d seen Jungkook’s memories, felt his feelings. He knew that pain and violence gave him no pleasure. Though, if any violence was ever going to, it would be this. These Alphas were unworthy to breathe the same air as his mate, much less to look upon his beauty, and they had dared to hurt him so terribly. He was a God, and he could not allow his mate to be treated thus by anyone.

“Do what you think is just.” Jimin said softly, gazing up at him with his kind grey eyes.

Jungkook leaned down and pressed a soft kiss to Jimin’s forehead, closing his eyes briefly and letting the Omega’s feelings of trust in him calm some of his fire, though he was still angry. He took a deep breath through his nose and turned his attention back to humans kneeling before them.

“Head Alpha, you were charged with the protection and care of the son of an old friend. Yet, you allowed your son to brutalize him and now you lead the charge to see him killed for the sin of simply doing what he must in order to survive. You are unworthy to lead any pack or to leave any imprint on the future.” Jungkook proclaimed, looking at the Alpha with disdain. “Your pack will fall when you are attacked by the Naran Pack. Your sons will be the last of your line. None of them will procreate, they will be completely infertile. Your legacy is no more.”

The Alpha fell forward, prostrating himself before the God and begging. For an Alpha like this, his legacy was everything to him. There would be no future of his line, no pack left to remember him. He would be completely lost to history.

“No! Please! Do not do this! I’ll do anything. Please!”

“You had your chance to do the right thing and yet you chose to do nothing. My word is final.” Jungkook turned his attention now to the son. “Jiwoo, you were supposed to be Jimin’s fiancé. You were charged with his care and wellbeing, and yet you savaged him near to the point of death, forced him to take drastic action, and then came to kill him all for something that he had no control over.”

“He was infertile! What was I supposed to do?”

“You were supposed to TRY! You could have summoned me yourself, you could have summoned another God to heal him. Yet you made no attempt to help him or heal him. Your concern for your own self interest meant more to you than his life. You are callous, cruel and unworthy. Therefore you will live as no Alpha would choose. You will never again lay with any Omega. You will not have that which is most precious among your kind, your sex organs will never again function for the purpose of pleasure. The injuries you inflicted on my mate, you will bear for the rest of your life. They will never heal, never lessen. You will feel every ounce of pain you have caused and you will live with it until your final day.”

“Y-you can’t do that… Ah…” Jiwoo tried to protest, but before their very eyes, dark purple bruises bloomed across his face, and the hand that went to his side, showed that he had the ones under his clothes as well.

Jungkook did not deign to issue any response to him and moved on to the mage who had called his mate unworthy.

“You, mage. From you I strip your power for magic wielding. My mate is not unworthy. You are the one who is unworthy of him. Never appear in my sight again. Live your life humbly and peacefully and think before you attack an innocent again of what the consequences of your actions are.”

He at least accepted his punishment with grace. He inclined his head and made no move to protest.

“You would all be wise to consider that I am at least letting you keep your meager lives. Never speak the name of my mate again. You are unworthy to even think of him. Actions have consequences and you will feel these consequences for the remainder of your lives.”

Jungkook looked down at Jimin, who he could sense wanted to say something. He made an accommodating gesture and Jimin turned toward the kneeling Alphas with a sad smile.

“I’m so sorry it’s come to this. I am sorry to be the cause of anyone’s pain. However, your cruelty to me was not necessary. You didn’t have to hurt me. If you didn’t want me in your village you could have sent me away, instead of making me flee in fear of my life. Y-you have brought this on yourselves and I hope that you learn to treat everyone kinder in future.” Jimin’s voice was wavering and Jungkook could feel his despair.

Jimin really did feel bad that these Alphas would suffer, and that was what made Jungkook love him and feel sorry for his sadness. He shouldn’t have to feel sadness for these monsters who were not worth one hair on his perfect head. He hugged Jimin tighter to his body and summoned his powers, transporting them from the human realm to the God’s realm. The scene of the forest dissolved around them and reformed into his private rooms in his palace.

The Omega looked around at the surroundings that were all at once unfamiliar and incredibly well known to him. It was odd to have all of Jungkook’s memories alongside his own. He’d never been in this place, and yet he had the memory of Jungkook spending millennia walking these halls and rooms all alone, longing for the pups who could not know him and a mate he could not find. He looked at his surroundings. The place was like nothing he’d ever seen in the human realm. It was no hut, nor tent or other rough shelter that he had seen. It was a palace, a place built for pleasure and secret egress.

The floors and walls of the place were a pure white marble, the pillars and scrollwork all around the walls and floor were gold, and the rugs and curtains were all red. Jimin watched for a moment as the red curtains gently waved in the soft breeze that carried on it the scent of the ocean. The Omega moved forward, Jungkook allowing him to escape his hold and stumble out toward the balcony on shaking legs. Jimin braced his hands on the marble railing and looked out at the white sand beach and the perfect turquoise of the ocean all the way until it met the lighter blue of the sky. It was beautiful. Jimin had never been anywhere so beautiful. The forests where he had lived all his life held their own kind of beauty, but this was something so far beyond what he could ever have imagined, and now this place was his home.

Jungkook felt joy rise in him as his new mate turned to him and for the first time he saw a true smile of pure joy. It transformed him from beautiful to ethereal. His smile held more magic than Jungkook’s entire body. He was resplendent in happiness, and Jungkook decided that he’d make sure to see that smile every day for the rest of eternity. But as he turned, he watched as his smile faltered and Jimin swooned, one hand catching himself on the railing while the other went to his head.

Jungkook rushed to him and immediately pulled him into his arms, lifting him up and carrying him inside. Jimin had not had proper sleep for days, and had eaten very little in that time. Now that the excitement had passed his body was weak and in need of rest. Though Jungkook had healed his injuries, he still needed food and proper sleep. Jungkook carried Jimin to the bed, a giant marble monstrosity draped linens and silks of teal and red, piled high with pillows. He laid his mate out on the soft down mattress and felt a deep satisfaction when he sighed and settled back against the fluffy pillows. Jungkook brushed his hand gently through Jimin’s hair, eyes taking in his every beautiful feature as he immediately started to fall asleep, a soft purr emanating from him.

“Just rest now, my love. I’ll get the servants to bring you some food, then you can bathe and get some more sleep.” Jungkook said softly, and wanted to coo when tired grey eyes blinked up at him and Jimin smiled.

“Okay.” Jimin reached up and took Jungkook’s hand between his own and the God could feel him focusing on all his emotions, trying to make him feel him through their connection. “Thank you, Jungkook.”

“You’re more than welcome. Thank you, for coming with me. I look forward to spending eternity with you.”

“Me too…” Jimin said, eyes drooping as he started to lose consciousness, too tired to remain awake any longer.

Jungkook left Jimin to sleep, walking out of his rooms and into the hall. He used his powers to call out to his servants, and after a few moments they all began to appear. He had a total of seven servants in his palace, and they were all loyal to him to a fault. Though they were loyal to him and cared deeply for his wellbeing, they simply thought of him as their distant and mercurial master. They were all once humans, who he’d saved from various ill fates in the human realm and brought here to live in his palace. The oldest and most trusted was Lian. She’d summoned him almost ten thousand years ago, her entire family had been slaughtered by a wild tribe of Alphas and she’d offered Jungkook whatever he wanted in return for his taking vengeance upon them. She had been so old and frail, Jungkook had not wanted to give her a child to bear, so he’d offered her a choice to come live with him and serve in his palace eternally.

Jungkook didn’t honestly need servants for much. There wasn’t really any cleaning to do here, this place was not like the human realm where everything constantly accumulated dust. His servants were more like, refugees that he’d offered a chance to live eternally in comfort and peace to escape their lives. He had the power to grant them immortality, but only so long as they remained in his domain. If they left the boundaries of his territory, they would die instantly. He knew them all completely, though none of them had been allowed to see into him the way he’d let Jimin. He’d never allowed anyone to see into his heart like he had with Jimin. He looked at the small group in front of him, looking at him with expectation. It was rare he gathered them like this, usually only if another God was going to be coming to his palace.

“I have found my mate.” Jungkook said, and watched as their expressions all flowed through the same phases of surprise that became happiness.

Lian stepped forward and took his hand between her own, bowing over his and pressing her forehead to his knuckles, allowing him to feel her complete joy at the good news. Each one of his servants did this one at a time, allowing him to read through their thoughts and emotions and share in their happiness for him. He gave them all a kind smile.

“His name is Jimin. He is resting now, his life has been hard and he needs much care and rest before he will be well again. Please get him something to eat and have it brought to my chambers. I will introduce him to you all once he is more well recovered.” He finished, and they all bowed to him and rushed off to get food prepared for his mate.

Jungkook returned to his room to find Jimin just where he’d left him, sound asleep and beautiful in his bed, the only thing out of place were the robes the Omega was wearing, dirty with mud splashes over the bottom hem from him running through the night, small holes in them from the material being snagged on branches and nettles in the dark. Jungkook climbed up into his bed and laid beside his mate, propping his head up on one hand and just watching Jimin sleep. He was absolutely lovely in his calm repose. He’d never seen anyone whose beauty called out to him like Jimin. Though, as he watched him, he saw his brows draw down in his sleep and his lips part as his body gave a little jerking movement, clearly having a nightmare. Jungkook slid his fingers around the Omega’s wrist to see what he was dreaming, closing his eyes and focusing on Jimin’s mind.

He was running through a forest, the stones and sticks under his feet, hurting through his soft shoes, but behind him he could hear dogs howling and men shouting. Branches and thorns whipped across his face and hands, stinging his skin, but he couldn’t stop. He pumped his arms and legs faster, though no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get away, the pursuers were right on him until he stumbled on the edge of his robe and fell to the ground. Before he could get up, someone was on him and as he rolled over he looked up into the shadowed face of an unknown Alpha. A hand flew down at him, but before it made contact, Jimin gasped and woke with a small jerk, looking around his surroundings and giving a little sigh of relief, then looking over at the God in bed next to him.

“Are you okay, my love?” Jungkook asked, quietly as he reached up and brushed blond hair out of Jimin’s face, cupping his cheek.

Jimin gave him a soft smile and a nod. “Yes, just… a bad dream.”

“Come here, let me hold you while you rest. I promise to keep you safe.”

Jimin allowed himself to be pulled over, against Jungkook’s bigger, harder body. He was warm and smelled like the ocean breeze that blew through the windows mixed with the spicy scent of sandalwood. Being in his arms made Jimin feel so safe and protected. He rested his head against his chest and breathed in his scent, letting the feeling of security and warmth wash away all his worry and tension. He was safe now, he didn’t have to be afraid. He’d seen into Jungkook’s heart and knew he was good. He wouldn’t hurt him. He didn’t like hurting people. Jimin had seen that when he’d shared his memories and feelings with him. All he wanted was love and he wanted his pups. He longed to hold his own child in his arms, the way he’d never been able to. Jimin closed his eyes again and drifted off into a much better dream, one where he was pregnant, and surrounded by a myriad of young children with a mix of he and Jungkook’s features. A perfect, peaceful dream.

Jungkook closed his eyes and watched Jimin’s dream through his mind’s eye and felt so much fondness and adoration swell inside him. It was so strange to love someone so much after knowing him for less than an hour of human time, and yet… he’d known Jimin all his life. In his mind he held every thought and feeling that the Omega had ever had. He’d watched as Jimin grew up from a too small, too frail pup into a teenager, and eventually a young man. He’d watched as Jimin nursed his mother through her sickness and eventual death, then had to watch as Jimin did the same for his father. He watched him leave the only home he’d ever known and travel to an unknown village where he’d been promised to a stranger to be his mate. He felt the tiny hope that maybe his mate would be kind and would care for him and love him, would give him the pups he’d always wanted, and then he watched as those hopes were dashed. He watched every little snub and cruelty that Jimin had withstood from his fiance. He felt the disappointment of finding that all his expectations of joy were for naught.

He’d felt that final defeating blow of being told the worst news. He was infertile. He wanted to cry as he thought of the pain in his mate’s heart when he’d been told that news. It had been the final blow that finally toppled the Omega’s optimism and left him completely bereft of any joy or happiness. The loss of his engagement to an Alpha he did not love was nothing to him. He didn’t care, he’d never cared. It was the loss of his only true desire, the one thing that would have made him happy. That was the thing that had broken him. Jungkook knew he was still broken. It had taken a lifetime to finally break him, but it had been done, and now he needed love and care and Jungkook would make sure that he got it, as much as he could bear. He was a tiny white dove with a broken wing. Beautiful and sad. He’d make sure his little dove was healed and happy for the rest of eternity.

After a while, Jungkook didn’t know how much time passed as he’d watched Jimin’s dreams and gotten lost in his own thoughts, but eventually there was a soft knock on the door, and Jungkook willed it to open and watched Lian push a little cart laden with dishes into the room. He saw her pause for a moment as she looked at him on the bed, holding Jimin’s smaller body against him and felt her joy reach out to him. Though he was older than her by millenia, his young appearance always made her look at him like a son. He’d felt her concern for his loneliness. She had been with him so long that only she had really seen how lonely he was, how much he suffered as he pined for his children. His sadness as he watched them age and die in the human realm, longing to bring them here, where they would enjoy life eternal. But now that time was gone, he had his mate, and he’d be able to have him, have their pups with him.

“Wake up, my love.” Jungkook said quietly, gently shaking Jimin’s shoulder. The Omega groaned and retreated further into his hiding place of Jungkook’s chest, settling down like a petulant kitten, little hands curling into the silk of Jungkook’s robe. Jungkook had to bite his lip to keep from laughing as he gently shook him again. “I know you’re tired little one, but you need to eat. You haven’t had a proper meal in days.”

Jimin pulled back from his chest and slowly opened his eyes, blinking up at him and smiling when he saw the God looking down at him with a soft expression. He yawned and rolled onto his back giving a little gasp and sitting up when he saw that they weren’t alone. Jimin looked at the elderly woman standing in front of a tray full of dishes that were producing a delicious aroma that had his stomach instantly growling. His eyes took in the woman standing a few feet from the bed and Jimin knew at once who she was. He’d seen her in Jungkook’s memories, seen him help her get revenge and then bring her here to live with him as a servant. He gave her a small smile and a little wave, which made her smile in return before she looked to Jungkook.

“He is indeed a beauty, my lord.”

Jungkook hadn’t looked away from Jimin, but he still answered her. “I know.”

Jimin felt his face get hot as shyness overcame him and he looked down, letting the curtain of blond hair block him from the two people who were closely studying him.

“That will be all for now, Lian. I’ll make proper introductions later on.”

“Yes, my lord.”

Jimin looked up as she left, and turned his face to see Jungkook still staring at him, but as his stomach gave another grumble, he finally looked away from him and toward the cart of food. Jungkook scooted over to sit on the edge of the bed, and Jimin followed, sitting right next to him. He pulled the covers off various dishes before picking up chopsticks and picking up a little bite before offering it to Jimin. The Omega blushed deeper but opened his mouth and allowed himself to be fed one bite at a time. Everything was delicious and the Omega felt so happy as his mate fed him and watched him eat with a joyful satisfaction. It was so nice to have someone take care of him, he’d always hoped to find a mate who would love him and treat him with kindness. Once he was full, and pushing the God’s hand away and shaking his head with soft giggles as he tried to push a few more bites on him, Jimin snatched the chopsticks from his hand and turned the tables.

He started to feed his mate in little bites with the chopsticks before setting them aside and picking up the spoon and scooping up soup, he held his hand under it as he brought it to his mouth and blew gently to cool it before offering it. Jungkook allowed himself to be fed, in return and felt love swell in him as he looked into the Omega’s pretty face and felt nothing but joy and contentment reaching out to him in his emotions. Jimin fed him until he too was full and he was the one pushing the food away with a laugh that brought out Jimin’s little tinkling giggle. It was the first time he’d heard it in person, and it was so lovely that he felt himself falling all over again. He took the bite that Jimin offered him before taking the chopsticks and setting them aside on the cart and pushing it away.

Jungkook leaned down and picked Jimin up into his arms, carrying him bridal-style toward his private baths, pushing through the silk curtain and into the large room tiled in the same white marble and gold trim as the rest of the palace, set in the center was an enormous tub, big enough for several people to bathe in at once. Jungkook set Jimin on his feet and waved a hand over the tub, making it fill with gently steaming water. He turned and looked down at his mate whose long blond hair was a tangled mess and whose robes were scratched and dirty. He wanted to get him clean and into fresh clothes and then let him sleep as long as he wanted. He needed the rest.

Jungkook reached for the ties on the front of Jimin’s robe and hesitated, looking at him with mild question, asking permission. The Omega nodded and he pulled at the ties until the front fell open to reveal Jimin’s naked body. It was a little embarrassing, but Jimin didn’t move to cover himself. He knew that Jungkook was his mate now, and that soon they would lay together and the God would put his pups in him. There was no reason to be shy, he knew that Jungkook thought he was beautiful. Jimin shrugged his shoulders and the robe fell off of him, pooling on the floor and leaving him completely naked. Jimin reached forward and slid his hands to the lapels of Jungkook’s open robe, looking up at him with question.

"I don’t have to bathe with you, my love. I can just bathe you, if that’s what you prefer." Jungkook listened to Jimin’s thoughts, and felt the shy happiness as he smiled up at him and pushed the robe off his shoulders before untying the laces on the front of his silk pants and pushing them down to pool at his bare feet. Jungkook smiled at Jimin, not ashamed at all of his nudity. He felt Jimin’s curiosity and his attempts not to look down even though he could tell that he very much wanted to see him. Jungkook reached up and brushed a soft thumb over Jimin’s cheek right where a little smudge of dirt was.

“It’s okay, little one. You can look at me. We’re mates now, even if we haven’t exchanged bites yet. My body is yours. Don’t be ashamed of your curiosity.”

Jimin felt heat bloom under his skin but he allowed himself to look down and see Jungkook’s naked sex. He was big, and at the moment he wasn’t even hard. Jimin knew he would get bigger when he was aroused. Jimin’s cheeks flamed and Jungkook gave a small chuckle, which reminded Jimin that the God was still touching him and could read his thoughts, which only made his blush increase. The Omega bit his lip and looked up into the honey eyes of his mate before glancing at the bath.

“Should we get in?” Jimin asked, with some asparity.

“Of course. You need to bathe and you need some rest.”

Jungkook held Jimin’s hand as they stepped down into the little marble pool. As the Omega entered the water he let out a soft gasp and giggle.

“It’s warm. It feels so nice."

Jungkook guided Jimin into the bath and led him to sit on the steps so he was chest deep in the water, the light strands of his blond hair drifting around him in the warm current. He knelt in front of him so they were face to face and reached up with a wet hand to pinch his nose and guide the Omega to dip backward and wet his hair and face. Jimin allowed himself to be washed with gentle soaps, blushing at the feeling of Jungkook’s hands slippery and tender against his skin, though he made no move in a sexual direction. He washed his hair and applied a salve to it that left it feeling smooth even after it was rinsed from his long hair. The gentle treatment and warm water had his eyelids feeling heavy as his scalp was massaged and fingers untangled his long hair. He felt himself start to purr involuntarily as he was calmed and soothed by the loving reverence of the hands cleaning his body.

For all his powerful magic and immortality, Jungkook had never seen anything as beautiful or majestic as his mate as his pale skin was cleared of dirt and sweat, his long hair clean and wet, little drops of water all over the parts of his skin that weren’t submerged making him shimmer gently in the light filtering in through the open windows and carrying the smell of the ocean inside. He cleaned him and quickly washed himself before finally lifting him out of the tub and carrying him to the little settee made of the same red slik as the curtains and bedding and rested him there, reaching out and summoning the towels to his outstretched hands before kneeling and starting to dry him from his feet upward. Jungkook could of course dry him with his powers. He could have cleaned him with them as well, but he wanted to care for him with his own two hands. He deserved the respect of being gently tended to and revered by his mate.

Jimin didn’t know how to feel when the God knelt in front of him and started to dry him. It made his heart race to see the powerful being before him on his knees like he was the one who deserved to be worshipped. And as the strong hands dried him, his fingers brushed over his skin and those glowing eyes looked up into his face. Jimin saw there that he’d seen his feelings and thoughts. The God went back to his task and dried him all the way up to his head, wringing the water out of his hair with a towel and leaving it damp. It was strange that his nudity didn’t bother him with Jungkook. In many ways it felt like they had been together for many years, though it had not even been a single day. The juxtaposition was still trying to justify itself in Jimin’s mind and resolve the clear conflict which left him somewhat confused about his own feelings. He guessed that the sluggishness of his sleep-deprived brain wasn’t helping much either. So he simply relaxed and let his mate take care of him.

The God could feel the confusion in the Omega’s mind. He was human, and it was not usual for him to undergo so material a change of knowledge and disposition so quickly. But he could feel the love that Jimin held in his heart, love directed at him, even if his mind was still battling the sudden onslaught of new thoughts and feelings, his heart was true and pure. He knew he felt unequal to Jungkook. In the human realm Gods are creatures of myth and legend, worshipped and revered for their power and influence. But he had feelings and felt love much the same as humans. Jungkook focused his mind and opened his own mind to Jimin again, letting the Omega feel his emotions and hear his thoughts. He wanted him to understand that he was loved, he was worthy, he was beautiful, kind and perfect. He showed him how special he was to him, how different he was to anyone else he’d ever met, and how kneeling at his feet was right. It felt right for Jungkook to worship the Omega who had offered him everything he’d ever wanted.

Jimin felt the sting of tears as he looked at himself through Jungkook’s eyes, saw himself as the God saw him. His heart swelled with emotion, as he shared in his love and felt his gentle veneration of him. The God truly did love him. His feelings were beautiful and his thoughts of him were those of calm and assured adoration. It was not the simple heat of attraction, though he could feel that simmering under the surface, pushed down by the stronger desire to care for him and get him healthy and strong. Feeling the way Jungkook’s mind accepted their newfound relationship helped Jimin’s mind to resolve his own tangled thoughts. He felt the acceptance of his love start to sink in as he shared his mind with the God, their connection allowing them to read and feel in a way that was open and honest. Nothing was secret or taboo, they were laid before each other with no mysteries or privacy. It was a beautiful kind of openness. When the connection closed, Jimin was relaxed and much more resolved in his emotions. His heart and mind coming together in agreement.

Jungkook dried himself and summoned two of his silk robes to his hands, throwing his on quickly and helping Jimin to stand before draping him in the hopelessly large robe, and belting his waist before picking him up again and carrying him back to bed. He settled the Omega there and laid beside him, letting him curl back up into his little spot against his chest. It felt good to hold him here, knowing he was safe and clean and happy. Knowing he would never allow any harm to befall him again. Distracted by his own thoughts, he didn’t realize what Jimin was doing until he felt him shift his body upward and press a soft kiss to his lips. Jungkook let his eyes close so he could enjoy the soft brushing of lips, feeling both his own as well as Jimin’s innocent pleasure at the sensation.

Jimin pulled back and looked into his eyes, the gray orbs questioning and curious. Jungkook smiled at him softly and pressed another chaste kiss to his full lips, cupping the side of his face and brushing his thumb over the soft skin of his cheek. When they pulled apart, Jimin settled back into his chest, purring a quiet little hum and he was asleep in moments. This time his dreams weren’t so clear as he fell into a deeper sleep. They seemed to be made up of part memory and part swirling colorful dreamscapes that had no real purpose or direction. He saw himself mixed in with other fleeting images, some of them from his own memories, some of them Jimin’s. He lay and held his mate, feeling a deep and abiding peace settle within him as he felt for the first time since he was a small child that he wasn’t alone.

He wasn’t sure how long he’d been sleeping, but when Jimin woke, the light coming through the windows was the early orangey-pink of dawn. He was still held in strong arms, but now his back was pressed to the front of his new mate. He could feel the calm, even breaths from Jungkook’s lips against the back of his neck, making shivers crawl over his skin. He blinked himself into consciousness slowly, watching the red silk curtains billow in the breeze, the wind bringing in the clean scent of the ocean. He was careful not to wake Jungkook as he extricated himself from the God’s arms and slipped from the bed. He padded over to the balcony, holding up the too-long ends of the robe he was wearing and pushing through the billowing curtains so he could look out on the scene.

The sun was just peeking over the edge of the horizon, shimmering on the crystal blue water and casting everything in the pink-peach glow of dawn. Jimin’s eyes found the pure white sand of the beach, and saw the gentle lapping waves against the shore and he longed to go to it, to feel the sand between his toes and the water rushing over his feet. He turned and tip-toed through the bedroom, glancing at the sleeping God in the huge canopied bed and dashing past, and out into the hallway, closing the door behind him. Jimin was smiling as he raced down the hallways that he’d never seen, and yet knew like the back of his hand. He bounced down staircase after staircase, breaths coming hard and fast as he hastened through the palace.

Jimin found his way to the grand foyer, slipping down the huge grand staircase and admiring the enormous cavern of a room that was mostly dark, but still made of the same white marble, long banners of red silk draped from all around, down from the ceiling in great sweeping arches of crimson fabric. Tall pillars were spaced evenly through the grand room, the columns disappearing up into the darkness above. Jimin could picture this place as it usually looked in the brightness of day, knowing that there were statues of white marble lining the walls that he couldn’t see at the moment, and the intricate scrolling gold gilt work across the floor that matched with the ceiling high above. He made it to the gigantic front door and pulled at one of the handles until it creaked open slowly, the wooden monstrosity heavy and hard to move.

“Where are you going, my lord?”

The unexpected voice startled Jimin so badly he let out a tiny shrill squeak of sound, as he turned to see Lian a few paces behind him. His heart was racing and he put a hand to his chest as he gasped in huge gulps of air.

“Oh… Lian, you startled me.” Jimin whispered, though the sound still echoed through the large room.

“My apologies, my lord. Is there something you need help with?”

“Please don’t call me that… just, Jimin is fine. I was just going to go see the ocean, I wanted to watch the sunrise.”

“I see… would you mind if I walked with you? I must admit I’m curious about the one who has stolen the master’s heart.”

Jimin’s face went hot, but he nodded and indicated to the slightly open door, letting her go out first before he followed and pulled the door closed as best he could. Jimin wasn’t sure what to say to her, but as it turned out, she began their conversation.

“I have served the master for a very long time…”

“I know.” Jimin said, looking at her lined face and silver hair, just the same as the day Jungkook had brought her here. “He showed me.”

“Oh? He showed you that?” She asked, her papery voice kind and happy.

“Yes, he showed me… everything.”

This gave her pause and she looked at him with wide eyes. “He allowed you to read him?”

“Read him?”

“He opened his mind to you?”

“Oh, yes. He let me see everything. He said that I needed to know if I was going to be his mate.”

They walked down a path lined with white stones, bordered on either side with sweet-smelling plants that cast a sweet perfume over the dewy morning. Jimin could see the beach ahead of them, but stopped when he felt the wizened old hand wrap around his wrist in a gentle hold. He looked to Lian to see that she had tears in her eyes. Jimin wasn’t sure what else to do, so he pulled her into a hug and rubbed her back. After a few moments they pulled apart and her trembling hands came up and she cupped his face, patting his cheek softly.

“I’m so happy. I’m so happy the master has found a mate. I can see you are a gentle boy, you have kind eyes.”

“I’m happy to have been found.” Jimin answered, taking her hands into his and giving them a gentle squeeze.

“I have watched my master for thousands of years. I have seen his sadness and loneliness. He longs for his children… his heart pines for them. He brought us here as part of our bargain, but the laws that govern his power do not allow him to bring anyone to this place without that magical exchange. Today was the first time I have ever seen him look so full of life.” She paused. “Will you… are you going to give him pups?” She asked this question with a solemn kind of longing in her voice, and Jimin knew it was for Jungkook’s happiness.

Jimin gave her hands another soft squeeze. “Yes. I will.”

Lian gave him a genuine smile, her trembling old hands squeezed his before she pulled him in for another hug, whispering so he could barely hear. “Thank you.” She pulled back and gently pushed his hair out of his face, tucking the long strands behind his ears. “You truly are a beauty. The master has done well selecting a mate.” She gave him one more smile and stepped back. “I’ll leave you here to enjoy the sunrise. I’m sure the master will wake soon and come to find you.”

“Thank you… for everything.” Jimin said, and she gave him a small nod, her eyes showing that she clearly understood that he wasn’t talking about their talk, but about her caring for Jungkook for so long.

Jimin watched her go until she disappeared around a bend and turned back toward the ocean. He walked forward, bunching his silken robe up in his hands and stepping onto the sand. He giggled at how odd the sand felt under his feet. It was so different that the damp earth of the forests of his childhood home, it shifted and he sank into it a few centimeters as he put his full weight on each foot. He walked all the way to the edge of the water, where the waves lapped at the shore and made the sand darker with wet and stepped forward, letting the water wash over his feet. He curled his toes into the soft, wet sand under them and smiled so wide it hurt his cheeks.

Looking out across the water he saw the pink disappearing and turning more orange-red, the color reflecting off the water and making it look like fire. He could still see the moon… wait… two moons? He stared up at the dual moons that were still only slightly visible in the quickly gathering light. He closed his eyes and shifted through Jungkook’s memories in his head. Yes, this place had two moons. It was not on the same plane of existence as the Earth where Jimin had grown up. This was a place ruled by magic, the laws of reality were not the same here. Jimin’s mind ran through the plants and animals of Jungkook’s memory, so different from his own. As he thought that, he watched a little fish with its glittering rainbow scales leap from the water some distance away and land back in it with a soft plash.

Jimin sat,leaving his feet where the water would wash up over them on each pull of the tide, knees slightly bent. He rested his arms on his knees and watched the sunrise. Movement in his periphery caught his attention and he looked to see a little swarm of butterflies with glowing, luminescent wings fluttering toward him. Their colors were vibrant and lit the air around them as they flapped their light, pretty wings and danced around him in the early light of dawn. He held a hand out, and a large, purple one landed in his palm, its wings moving slowly up and down. The others landed all over him once their brother was accepted and Jimin felt the soft brush of wispy butterfly wings against his hair and skin which made him giggle.

Jungkook woke and smelled the soft coconut scent of his mate clinging to his skin and clothes. It made a low purr of contentment vibrate from his chest, but as he opened his eyes and found himself alone, a quick shot of panic raced through his body and he reached out with his powers, searching for Jimin. He felt his presence and calmed at once. He was outside, on the beach. Jungkook rolled out of bed and walked to the little balcony, pushing the curtain aside and strolling to the railing to look down at the place he felt Jimin’s emotions coming from. The Omega was happy and content, bubbling with a quiet wonder. He looked out and saw a little cloud of butterflies with their glowing wings fluttering around the little blond in his oversized white silk robe and unbound waist length blond hair. He watched as Jimin held out one of his tiny, chubby hands and one landed in his palm. The others settled all over him, their wings opening and closing, winking their luminescent wings in the dim light of the morning.

The God smiled down at the scene and willed himself down to his mate, appearing beside him silently and causing the little cloud of butterflies to flutter away. Jimin must have sensed his presence, because he wasn’t startled. The Omega just turned to him with a smile and stood from his seat in the sand, the white robe hanging open all the way to his belly button, the bottom half revealing one long, lean leg, he was a vision there, in the warm ocean breeze with the wind gently pulling at his pale hair. He felt the air around the Omega warm, and felt his shy arousal reaching out to him. Jungkook gave him a soft smile and reached for him, wrapping his hand around the back of Jimin’s neck, caressing the skin with whisper-soft fingertips and enjoying the shudder that ran down his spine.

“Good morning, little dove.”

Jimin’s hands reached forward and curled into the black silk of his robe and he looked up at him with his wide gray eyes full of trust and love. He felt his pleasure at the little nickname, which made him smile.

“Good morning.”

He felt Jimin’s longing as the Omega’s eyes flicked down to his lips, then back up, questioningly. He knew that Jungkook could hear his thoughts, and he let him feel his desire. He wanted to be kissed. Really kissed, not like the gentle, chaste pecks from the night before. He wanted to be kissed like a lover, like a mate. He was full of longing to test the passion inside him, to see if it would feel as good to be kissed and touched as he thought it would. One side of Jungkook’s mouth turned up, and he let Jimin feel his own fire, his need that had grown stronger every moment since the first second he’d seen him and he felt it fuel Jimin’s own lust.

Jungkook pulled Jimin toward him, keeping the hand on his nape, and wrapping the other around his waist to pull him closer. Jungkook looked down at his mate and watched his eyes slide shut, letting his own follow. They met in a sensual slide of lips, slowly moving together and feeling their combined pleasure as Jungkook left the connection open between them. Lips parted to share breaths, and they pulled even closer together, Jimin’s hands slid up Jungkook’s shoulders to his neck to hold him into the kiss as their tongues met and both of them made a sound of needful pleasure, Jungkook’s low and gruff, Jimin’s high and whimpering. Jungkook’s hands slid down to wrap one around the backs of Jimin’s thighs, lifting him up before lowering himself down to sit in the sand with the Omega straddling his lap.

Their kiss was hot and fervent, Jimin was firmly in his lap, and their dual arousal was no secret as their minds and bodies were connected. The God plundered his mouth with his tongue, tasting and dominating equally, exploring every little crevice and licking against the roof of his mouth in a way that was both ticklish and devilishly erotic. Jimin pressed forward until his lips were sore and tingling from the constant pressure against them, and only then did Jungkook finally break the kiss to slide his lips down over his cheek, leaving a hot trail that cooled as he passed, moving down to his neck to run his teeth over the smooth, unmarked skin before lapping at Jimin’s scent gland. He sealed his mouth over the spot and sucked at the skin, pulling up a dark mark and making the spot ache with delicious pleasure. Jimin wrapped his arms around the Alpha’s neck, head tilted back to give him more access as his hips moved of their own accord, pressing them together intimately and gasping at the overwhelming sensations.

Jungkook’s hands slid up Jimin’s back, feeling the arch of his spine under his hands, and the perfect, lightness of his figure. He was small and light, like a little bird. It seemed that he weighed nothing, and to Jungkook he really did weigh nothing. The God could move mountains, lift anything he chose. Sometimes it was hard to control his strength, but with Jimin it came so naturally. It was instinctive to be gentle and careful with his mate. The skin under his mouth was sweet, with the slight tang of salt off the ocean breeze. He was delicious, and between them, he could feel the wetness gathering between his legs, soaking through the thin layers of their robes. The sounds from Jimin’s mouth were the softest melody, perfect as they floated into the air from his pretty swollen lips.

“J-Jungkook… please… nngh…” Jimin moaned against his ear, the Omega’s hips shifting down against him as his trembling fingers gripped the back of Jungkook’s robe.

Jungkook released his lip-lock on Jimin’s neck and pressed one last kiss over the mark he’d left there before pulling back and looking at his mate. He was so beautiful with his pink cheeks and kiss swollen lips, Jungkook could feel his need, and though he wanted nothing more than to take him, here and now, he knew that it wasn’t a good idea. Once he got started, he wasn’t going to be able to stop himself until Jimin was thoroughly impregnated with his pups, which would require him to put Jimin into his heat. He wanted to take Jimin as a true mate. Though he could simply will him pregnant with his magic, it was just like with the bath, he wanted to care for Jimin as his mate, he wanted to get him pregnant with his own body connecting with his.

Though, he wanted to make sure Jimin was strong and healthy first, because he wanted to show him that his heat wasn’t something painful, as he’d always known it. His heat could be pure pleasure, and Jungkook would give him that. But he needed rest and food and care before he would be ready for that. He wanted him in the best condition when they finally lay together. But he still would help his Omega to get relief, knowing he was needing his touch. Jungkook reached between them and pulled at the tie on Jimin’s robe, until it fell open, revealing his arousal.

Jimin leaned forward and kissed him again, in a wet brush of lips that was chaste until the Omega opened and nibbled his bottom lip with gentle teeth, sucking on it before releasing him.

“Are you going to put your pups in me, Jungkook?” He asked, looking deeply into his eyes.

“Soon my love, but not yet.”

Jimin felt the God’s emotions and thoughts and saw the refusal for what it was, he didn’t feel rejected. He saw mate’s reasons and his own desire, how hard it was for Jungkook to hold himself back. Jimin reached between them and untied Jungkook’s black robe, exposing his hard length. They were pressed together as the last layer between them was pulled away, the heat of their erections shared where they were rubbing between their hips.

“Touch me…” Jimin said, tilting his head back and offering his neck, a sign of trust.


Jungkook leaned forward and attacked the Omega’s neck with open-mouthed kisses and licks as his hand wrapped around both their cocks, his much larger than Jimin’s, which only fueled his arousal farther. His delicate little mate was so beautiful and dainty compared to him and the difference in their sizes was perfect. Jimin’s small hands gripped into his shoulders as he started to move his hand in short, firm strokes. It didn’t take much to have them both spilling over his hands, the feeling of their dual awareness, and arousal was overwhelming. Being able to feel both their own pleasure and the pleasure of the other person was so intense, so erotically satisfying to know exactly how much the other wanted you, how good they were feeling and compounding that on top of their own had them both electrified with heat and need.

The air around them was heavy with power and Jungkook’s magic surged, but it wasn’t remotely frightening to Jimin. He knew that his mate would never hurt him. He felt his magic and it was just like him, gentle but still unbelievably strong. He felt the way the air shifted as the little sparkles danced over his skin in ticklish waves. Jungkook loved him and therefore his magic would not, could not hurt him. Magic was pure, even if some people used it for wrongdoings, the magic itself was never bad, and Jimin could feel Jungkook’s magic through their connection, like a phantom limb that he had no experience with. It was a real and present force inside the god, and Jimin could feel it reach out into the world around them, feeding in constant information. He knew that sometimes it got overwhelming for Jungkook to receive so much all at once. It was part of the reason he lived isolated from others. He was powerful, yes but with that power there were downsides too.

Jungkook closed his eyes and willed them back to his bed, smiling at Jimin’s little squeak of surprise when the dropped lightly onto the fluffy pillows and silk sheets. He was sure he would never get used to that sensation, like a little pull behind his bellybutton as Jungkook transported him with his magic. He looked into his mate’s eyes and saw the boyish mischief glinting in them before the god pushed his robe off, then shrugged out of his own and in the blink of an eye they were in the bath again, surrounded by warm water. Jimin knew that moving them around his palace, flashing from place to place was nothing to Jungkook, whose immense magical strength could do so much more than Jimin had ever thought possible. They bathed again, though this time, it was just to wash the evidence of their activities on the beach from their skin.

Over the next days, all Jimin and Jungkook did was eat and sleep and occasionally let themselves be lost in the powerful heat of dalliance, hands and mouths wandering. Jungkook watched with pleasure as Jimin gained weight, his skin and hair glowing with health and vitality. Each night as his Omega slept, he let his power surge forward into him, looking for any small thing that he could heal or make better. He watched Jimin’s dreams and more often than not, found his Omega sitting on the beach in the early morning light of dawn watching the sunrise. He felt Jimin’s feelings and thoughts as he touched and held him, observed his happiness and comfort and the ease of all the little pains that Jimin had grown used to all beginning to disappear and he was perfect, just how Jungkook wanted him to be.

Jimin met all of Jungkook’s ‘servants’, one afternoon after Jimin was healthy and well rested again. They had all bowed to him and greeted him with genuine happiness, all addressing him as ‘my lord’, which Jimin cut off right away, asking them to call him by his name. They were an odd mix of people, but each of them were kind and generous with the new addition to their household. Jimin often ran into them when he snuck off to explore his new home and they always greeted him with happiness.

Jimin was a joy to the residents of Jungkook’s palace. His sweet disposition and tiny frame making him so fragile and soft that anyone would be motivated to keep him safe. His moonlight skin and sunlight hair were ethereal and as the shine of health came over him, he was resplendent as any of the gods. Often he was patted on the head, or stroked on his soft cheeks that were fuller and rounder now. Sometimes they would turn his face up to get a better look at him, and admire his beauty. But what they liked the most was how Jimin’s presence changed their master. Jungkook was no longer the distant, lonely god who walked the halls of his palace in quiet contemplation. He now appeared hither and yon, usually chasing after his Omega, who was like a curious kitten, wanting to see all the things he could.

Jimin and Jungkook didn’t talk much, but it wasn’t necessary. Jungkook kept the connection open between them when they touched, so Jimin heard his thoughts, felt his feelings. It was a relationship of understanding and meaning, something that neither of them had ever had before. It seemed that they were of one mind on all things, and when the time came for them to take the next step, it was done with the same quiet love that had blossomed between them. Jungkook could feel Jimin’s rising desperation, his longing for Jungkook to finally give him a pup, to put his babies inside him. Jungkook’s own desire to see Jimin carry his young was just as sharp edged and deep.

“Little dove?” Jungkook whispered quietly as the two of them sat side by side on the beach one morning, watching the sunrise. They were not touching, allowing them to be alone in their thoughts.

“Yes?” Jimin replied, turning to look at his mate.

“I think it’s time.”

Jungkook reached over and gently touched the Omega’s wrist, letting him see what he was thinking. The time had come for them to finally consummate their mating. To indulge in that intimate connection and mark each other with their mating bites. But more than that, it was time for Jungkook to impregnate his beautiful Omega. He heard the soft gasp as his thoughts were revealed to Jimin, and he felt his joy and anticipation, his banked lust surging forward at the images both their minds were creating, of them together, connecting their bodies in the most intimate way.

Jimin looked at him with wide gray eyes, full lips slightly parted. Jungkook thought there was nothing more beautiful than his Omega with the peach of the morning sun making his pale skin glow, the light catching on his pale eyelashes and softly blowing hair. He was resplendent in health, beauty and happiness as his eyes curved into little crescent moons and his lips stretched into his pretty smile. Jungkook couldn’t help but respond in kind, smiling as he leaned over and pressed a kiss to Jimin’s perfect lips.

Their lips moved together, Jungkook leading as they slowly opened and tongues met sliding against each other in patterns and rhythms that had become familiar over the languorous days they had spent sprawled in bed resting and letting themselves learn each other’s taste and feel. Jimin felt the shift, but it didn’t startle him anymore. He was used to Jungkook transporting him with his powers, and as the sand under him turned to the soft mattress and silk sheets of Jungkook’s bed, he broke away and opened his eyes. He looked at his mate and felt so happy that Jungkook had come to him, that he’d fallen in love with him. He couldn’t believe how much his life had changed, how much he himself had changed as well.

Jimin reached up and laid his hand on Jungkook’s cheek, letting the god feel what he was feeling. Jungkook’s eyes slid closed and he smiled softly as he concentrated and read him deeply. Jimin was like his favorite book, a story he wanted to return to time and time again until it had the happy ending he deserved. His Omega’s love was so pure. It was a little light inside him that cast the whole world in its luminescence and made Jungkook’s own love grow deeper each time he felt that warmth. He let his eyes open slowly and stared at the Omega who had gone in nothing but a short few weeks from a stranger, summoning him in a dark forest, scared, hurt and alone, and became his entire universe. He would do anything to make him happy, to keep him safe.

“I will have to put you into heat, little dove.” Jungkook said and winced at the shot of fear he felt from Jimin. “It’s okay. It’s not going to hurt. You’re healed now. It won’t hurt like it did before. I promise you’ll never have to feel that again.”

The fear inside Jimin eased, and was replaced by anticipation. “Okay. I trust you.”

It started slow. Jungkook didn’t want to put Jimin into heat right away, he wanted to give Jimin pleasure and ne wanted him to feel it without the veil of heat between them, at least at first. They kissed and Jimin climbed into Jungkook’s lap, straddling him. This was all familiar. They had kissed and touched many times in the days since Jimin had come here, and even as Jungkook pulled open his robe and slipped it from his shoulders, there was no embarrassment or shame in him. He’d seen and felt Jungkook’s desire for him. He’d looked at himself through the eyes of the god, and to Jungkook, Jimin really was beautiful. It had done much for him to see himself like that, as someone so desirable. It erased all those old feelings of inadequacy. The feeling of being just an object to be bartered and sold.

He knew his father hadn’t meant it that way when he’d sent Jimin off to be engaged to Jiwoo, but it had still felt that way to him. It had felt like he wasn’t a human anymore. It had stripped something of his humanity away and made him feel like a burden. His destiny had always been in the hands of others, and he supposed that in many ways it still was, but the difference was that he’d put himself in Jungkook’s hands. It had been his choice to give himself to the god, not the direction of someone else. No matter how much his father had loved him, and Jimin knew that he had, and that he’d done what he thought was right, but it didn’t change the feelings that he’d had secreted away in his heart.

Jungkook broke their kiss and started to scent Jimin softly as he moved his lips to the Omega’s ear to he could whisper soft low words to him, his hands skimming over Jimin’s curves.

“I love you, little dove. I love you so much.”

Jimin felt emotion well up in him at those words, and the deep truth he felt behind them. Jungkook really did love him and he could see the contrast in his memories of how his presence had changed his life. He saw the long eternity of solitude, longing and aimlessness and compared that with how he felt now, he was happy, fulfilled and full of purpose. Though he still longed. Both for those few of his children who were still living as well as for their own future pups that Jimin would bring into the world. Jimin turned his face to speak just as quietly, his lips brushing over Jungkook’s cheek and ear.

“I love you too. I can’t wait to feel your babies growing inside me. Fill me up, Jungkook. Give me your pups.”

Jungkook made a soft noise of pleasure at these words, he dragged his lips down to Jimin’s neck, mouthing over his scent gland, biting gently at the tender spot and making Jimin tremble in his lap. Jungkook was sorely tempted to take time and play with Jimin, to work him up with his hands and mouth. He desperately wanted to taste him in that sweet place between his legs, but they had both been waiting too long to delay anymore. They had the rest of eternity to touch, taste and experiment, and Jungkook planned on using that time to the fullest. He would love to feel Jimin under him when his belly was big and full with his babies… but he turned his thoughts back to the present as he traced one hand around Jimin’s hip and slid his hand down to the soft warmth of his entrance, probing tenderly. Jimin moaned and wrapped his arms around Jungkook’s shoulders, one hand tangling in his long hair, the other clutching at the robes on his back, his face turning into the god’s neck.

Jungkook pushed one finger inside, and Jimin’s body quaked at the minor action, responding almost violently to the feeling of being touched so intimately. Jungkook took his time and stretched Jimin slowly, moving from one finger to two, to three until he could move them in and out with ease and the Omega’s pain was gone, turned to pleasure and fullness. Jimin’s hips moved in time with his hand, moaning unabashedly against the skin of Jungkook’s neck, raising goosebumps over his skin.

“Please… I’m ready. Take me.” Jimin spoke against his throat, but still whimpering as he pulled his fingers free.

Jungkook rolled them over so Jimin was on his back with Jungkook between his legs. Too impatient to undress, Jungkook willed his clothes away and lined himself up with Jimin’s entrance. He let his mind focus on Jimin for a moment to make sure there was no hesitation, no fear, and he found none. He pushed inside slowly, groaning at the perfection of Jimin’s tight warmth enveloping him. Jungkook could feel his powers surging, the silk drapes around his bed and at the windows billowed and the air around them crackled with magic. Sparkles of every color danced over Jimin’s skin, heightening his pleasure as Jungkook slid all the way inside him.

Jungkook looked down at Jimin whose head was thrown back, his long golden hair spilling out over the red silk of the sheets, mouth open in a silent cry as his eyes screwed shut and small hands scrabbled at Jungkook’s back. Jungkook could feel Jimin’s pleasure edged only slightly by pain, but he could feel that the Omega liked that too. Jungkook moved slowly, pulling out just a little and pressing back inside. He captured Jimin’s lips and kissed him as he made slow, sweet love to him. They shared in each other’s pleasure, heat building between them like an inferno until the slow softness wasn’t enough for either of them. Jungkook moved faster, pushing in as deep as possible, to press right against that tender button of pleasure deep inside Jimin’s body which had him racing toward his orgasm.

They burst apart as one, Jimin’s body seizing and fluttering with his orgasm as his back arched and toes curled he let out a scream of pleasure. The air around them grew hot as Jungkook’s magic threaded out into their surroundings as his knot formed and he spilled himself deep inside Jimin’s body. The entire bed levitated off the ground a few inches as the drapes whipped in the hot wind that seemed to emanate from Jungkook’s body. They held onto one another as they fell into pleasure and heat, clinging to their mate with desperation as they were pulled under the tide of bliss.

The bed clunked back down to the floor as Jungkook’s high started to fade from his first orgasm. He was pretty sure that by the time Jimin’s heat was over, the entire room would be destroyed. His powers were hard to control at the best of times, but with Jimin, he was wild with need. As his knot started to lessen and deflate, Jungkook brought his hand up to his Omega’s face, cupping his jaw and looking deeply into his eyes. It was finally time.

“I’m going to put you into heat now, little dove. Are you ready?” Jungkook whispered softly.

There was still a tiny fear deep inside Jimin as he heard those words. It was something that could not be soothed away by words. It required action and proof. Jungkook would show his mate that there was nothing to be afraid of. He would never have to hurt like that again. But alongside the fear there was a deep trust that combated the fear and tamped it down. The Omega truly did love and trust in him, and he would prove that his trust was not misplaced.

“I’m ready.”

Jungkook pressed a soft kiss to Jimin’s mouth as he focused his powers and felt inside the Omega with his magic. He pushed the glittering sparks of power into Jimin and let them surge through his body and pull his heat to the surface. Jungkook could feel as his magic worked through Jimin, he closed his eyes and concentrated on Jimin’s feelings, the fever that surged under his skin, the hormones rising and bursting through him like fireworks, lighting up every part of him. There was a tiny edge of pain, but it was less pain than just need, a heat low in his belly that simmered like a banked fire, a single burning coal. They were still connected intimately, and as Jungkook slowly moved his hips that little ember of pain turned to pleasure.

Jimin was burning, but in the best possible way. His body was hot, his skin dancing with heat and magic. That place in his belly that was usually a hot knife of agony was nothing but a pleasant, aching tingle of need and as Jungkook moved inside him, sliding himself in and out with long slow strokes, any ache turned to bliss. It was powerful, mind-numbing pleasure and it was joy. It was more than just the physical act that keyed him up, it was the knowledge that Jungkook was putting his pups in him. Soon he would be pregnant. Jimin could feel the reaction of Jungkook to his thoughts and feelings, he felt his happiness at Jimin’s anticipation of his pups, their mutual love passed between them as they kissed and shared breaths, the needful passion of Jimin’s heat surging between them.

Jungkook was a god, and unlike humans, he had no refractory period. His powers were those of sex and fertility. He knotted Jimin over and over, spilling himself deep inside his Omega, each time he pumped more of his seed into him, Jimin’s body ached perfectly as he arched and toes curled with pleasure. His flat belly distended as he was filled to the point of pain, but still he didn’t want it to stop. It lasted all day, Jungkook’s magic healed his aches and pains as they sprung up and kept him from hurting between his legs where otherwise he would have been tender and pained. It was well into the night when Jungkook felt it. He felt the surge in his powers, his magic bursting forth and showering the room in glittering rainbow sparkles as his seed took to Jimin’s egg and his Omega was fertilized. He’d done it.

The heat and power coalesced at the base of his spine and he came one last time, pouring himself into Jimin. Several vases shattered, the curtains were ripped from the windows and canopy of the bed, things lifted into the air, swirling around the space as his power grew in him in a way he’d never felt before. Under him, Jimin was just as much at the mercy of his magic as he was, the Omega tightened and spent himself again, one more to add to the countless orgasms they had milked from each other through his Omega’s heat. Jimin turned his head up, exposing his neck.

“Bite me… ahn… mate me… please…” Jimin begged between sobs and Jungkook didn’t hesitate.

He leaned down, his flat belly pressing into the distended one of Jimin’s fullness and sunk his teeth into the Omega’s neck, warm, sweet blood gushed into his mouth and he swallowed him down. The shimmer of his magic was already healing the wound before he even pulled away, and by the time he offered his own neck and Jimin returned the bite, the last of his wound was being closed by the tiny sparks of power. Jungkook felt another wave of power burst through him as Jimin’s teeth sunk into his neck, pain and pleasure mixing as he felt his life force being bound and woven inexorably with that of his mate. Jimin would now share in his immortality, so long as Jungkook lived, Jimin would as well. They were mated, bound together for eternity.

As Jungkook’s power banked itself back down as the last vestiges of Jimin’s head subsided and he was able to get it back under control, he focused on his mate, who was moaning softly as the ticklish waves of Jungkook’s magic danced over his skin, dissipating until it was gone and everything was still and quiet. Only the sounds of their breaths, and the crashing ocean waves outside could be heard in the room. Jungkook leaned down and pressed his bloodstained mouth to Jimin’s and they kissed slowly, passionately and shared the taste of their blood on each other’s lips, pulling apart slowly and meeting eyes. They were again it seemed of one mind, looking into each other’s hearts and thoughts they were happy. Jimin’s body had taken Jungkook’s seed, and though they were not out of the woods yet, it was beginning.

Jungkook held his hand out and manifested in it a clear glass plug, and as he pulled himself free of Jimin’s body, he slid the plug inside him. He collapsed onto the bed next to Jimin. Everything was damp with slick, sweat and cum and both of them were exhausted. But Jungkook didn’t heed his tiredness at all. His body might be tired, but he was thrumming with more power than he’d ever felt before. In the past, he’d always impregnated his summoners with his magic, never with his body as he’d just done with Jimin, and the difference was astounding. He was absolutely brimming with magical energy and felt like he could do anything at the smallest whim.

He turned and looked at his mate, his perfect Omega who was already dozing, tired and replete. Jungkook’s eyes traveled down to the distended bulge of Jimin’s belly that was full of his seed, and as he thought about doing this over and over for all eternity, he felt both humble and grateful that he’d found someone so perfect to be his. He couldn’t have come up with a more perfect companion if he’d created him himself. He ran his hand over the slightly rounded, tautness of Jimin’s belly, and the Omega blinked open his gray eyes to stare at him with a soft smile, one of his smaller hand laying on top of Jungkook’s.

The god sat up and even he was aching with tiredness, but he heeded it not. He scooped Jimin into his arms and in a mere moment they were in his bath, surrounded by warm water. Jimin sighed and purred quietly as Jungkook crouched down in the steaming tub, the room dark excepting the light of the twin moons outside shining through the windows. Jungkook cradled his mate in his arms and washed him gently, until he was completely clean. Jungkook decided that he liked taking care of his Omega with his own hands. Throughout his existence, he had slowly stopped doing things for himself through physical means, allowing his magic to just range out and take care of anything he needed. But being with Jimin had taught him a valuable lesson. Sometimes things were worth doing yourself. It was worth putting in hard effort to do things right. The power of impregnating his Omega with his own body instead of using his magic already had driven that lesson home. He was stronger and more complete than he’d ever been in his long, long life. Jimin had given him that. The small, defenseless human in his arms, who he was sure wouldn’t have the strength to even lift Jungkook’s weight, was the source of his greatest power.

Yet, perhaps that was truly the right way of things. Jimin was powerful not in the ways that Jungkook was, he didn’t have magic or physical strength, but he loved more deeply and more purely than anyone Jungkook had ever met. He read the hearts and minds of countless humans over his lifetime, and never had he met anyone as kind and gentle as the Omega cradled in his arms. He was strong inside. He had a strong heart and the ability to love and accept those around him. He was endlessly humble and Jungkook knew that he didn’t understand how beautiful he was, which was why he tried to show him everyday. He let Jimin see how pretty he was through his eyes. Not just externally either, he was beautiful for all the little things that Jungkook admired each day. The way that the butterflies had landed on him that first morning, blinking their softly fluttering glowing wings. The kindness of the way he interacted with Jungkook’s servants. He treated them as if they were family, and Jungkook knew that they all loved him in return. He was someone impossible not to love.

Jungkook stepped out of the bath and laid Jimin on the red silk lounge seat and dried him with soft towels, gently wringing out his hair and patting the droplets from his skin. He couldn’t help but to let his hands skim over the taut skin of his Omega’s belly, picturing it just like this, but full of his pups. Jimin was going to be so pretty as he grew and got heavy and full with his babies. Jungkook pressed a soft kiss to the place where soon his pups would be growing inside. He dried himself with his magic and picked Jimin up again. The Omega was thoroughly unconscious now, exhausted from the day and night of his heat.

As he stepped out into his room, Jungkook closed his eyes and focused, returning everything to the way it was before. The vases that had shattered, flew up onto the shelves, putting themselves back together, the curtains that had been ripped, mended as they returned to their places, the bed returned to his right place, the hangings and sheets, clean and fresh. He walked over to the bed and lay Jimin down there among the red silk sheets and pillows, following him into the bed and wrapping his larger body around his mate, feeling a deep satisfaction at the feeling of the tiny glowing ember of his future child that he could feel deep inside his mate. His large hand spanned over Jimin’s round belly and felt a deep and abiding love and contentment in that moment. He had his mate in his arms, and in his belly was the seed of their future family, a little growing life.

He thought about the fact that when Jimin gave birth, that would be the first time he would ever hold one of his own babies. He’d sired thousands and thousands of children over his life, but each time he was left just to watch over them from his place in the realm of the gods. He pictured it in his mind, Jimin giving birth, bringing their baby into the world and finally, finally he would cradle a tiny body in his arms. Run gentle fingertips over soft baby skin, feel the little life wiggling in his embrace. He imagined holding his mate as Jimin suckled their pup from his breast, giving him life and sustenance through his body. It was all perfect, it was everything he’d ever wanted and now he was so close. In a mere nine months, he would have the one thing he’d desired more than anything else in his life, a family.

Jimin had expected to be sore when he awoke, but as he blinked his eyes open to the light of day streaming through the windows, diffused by the red curtains. His body didn’t hurt, and he realized that Jungkook must have used his power to heal him in his sleep and soothe all the little aches and pains. The only pain was in his belly, but that was a welcome one. His small hands went to the swollen bulge of his abdomen, to stroke over the aching fullness, but found that his entire belly was spanned by the large hands of his mate. The god was cradling his little belly bump in his sleep as if guarding it. It made him tear up, his emotions unstable after his heat, the hormones surging and retreating so quickly had left him feeling raw and exposed. He was so happy. He had everything he’d ever wanted, a mate, and if he wasn’t very much mistaken, a pup on the way. He vaguely remembered feeling through Jungkook the moment that his body had accepted the god’s seed and taken it in. There was now a pup growing in him. Right now just a little tender flame that would become the light of their lives.

And so their quiet lives went on, Jimin flitted about the palace with his growing baby bump, often swaddled in Jungkook’s too-big robes, though he had many of his own now. He liked wearing Jungkook’s things. The Omega liked to walk the halls or go out to the beach, and walk along the shore. Usually with his mate at his side, and anytime he wasn’t with him, it could be guaranteed he wasn’t far behind. For many months their lives went on in this fashion, but as Jimin’s belly grew, Jungkook became more and more nervous and protective of him. The god started to carry him from place to place, not wanting him to walk or strain himself at all.

Jimin didn’t mind being carried around by his mate, he knew how important it was to him. He could feel his fear through their connection. It had become second nature for Jungkook to keep that connection open anytime they touched. Jimin soothed him with soft petting hands and gentle kisses as he let the god cradle him in his arms. Jungkook rarely left his side anymore, only occasionally being pulled away by some small thing or another, usually other gods wanting something from him. But each time Jungkook returned, no matter how short his sojourn, he was always in a panic until the moment he had Jimin in his arms again. The Omega knew that over time, as they had more pups, Jungkook would calm. This was their first time, and he was afraid something would go wrong. It made sense to Jimin. The god had wanted this for millenia, and he was so close to having everything, that the prospect of losing it would be completely devastating. So Jimin allowed himself to be protected and did what he could to assuage the god’s nerves.

Jimin adored being pregnant. He loved laying on his back and looking down his body at the bump of his stomach, watching it grow day by day. He would never forget the first time he’d felt his pup kick inside him. He’d immediately started to cry at the feeling of the little life inside him moving and growing. It had been in the early hours of the day, Jimin had just woken up and whereas he normally would have walked down to the beach, he was currently trapped in Jungkook’s arms. The god’s protectiveness had begun to extend into his sleeping hours, his strong arms banding him against the stronger body. He’d woken up and as he lay in the shelter of Jungkook’s embrace, he felt a tiny movement inside his body and completely frozen, looking down at his bare belly, the sheets having moved down to his hips in the night. He felt the little movement again, and gasped. He reached a hand down and laid it against his stomach and felt the soft bump of a movement inside him.

“J-Jungkook! Jungkook! Wake up!” Jimin hissed, grabbing at the god’s arm and shaking him.

“What? What’s wrong? You okay, Baby?” Jungkook asked groggily as he was roused, his arms tightening protectively around him.

“The pup! Our pup is kicking! Feel it!”

Jimin grabbed Jungkook’s wrist and led his hand to his baby bump just as there was another little kick, and suddenly the god was wide awake. He sat up on one elbow to look down at his Omega, who was smiling his beautiful crescent eye smile and beaming with pure adoration and delight. He could feel his mate’s happiness and it was mirrored inside him reflected back and forth between them until it built to a point that had tears leaking from their eyes and soft sobs of happiness working their way up from heaving chests. He slid his hand against the smooth roundness of Jimin’s pregnant belly, feeling the tiny kicks and shifts until the pup settled down inside his mother and the movements ceased.

As the pup inside him grew and became more active, Jimin would put Jungkook’s hands on his belly anytime they began to move. He constantly reached for the god’s hands and laid them over to feel it. Jungkook loved it, and as the baby developed, the god started to be able to sense the little one’s feelings from inside Jimin’s body. They were not complex feelings, more just good or bad simple things. The pup liked their voices, he liked when they spoke out loud, and so they started to talk much more and sometimes they would sing soft lullabies. This was soothing to the baby and so they sang and spoke and told stories to the little one inside his belly. Jungkook even got Jimin a harp from the God of Music so that the Omega could play songs for his little one. He’d seen in Jimin’s memories, the earliest ones where his mother was still alive that she had played the harp and taught her son, and listening to Jimin play and sing had become one of life’s great joys for Jungkook.

The first time, Jungkook took Jimin out with him was when he was seven months pregnant, his Omega was absolutely resplendent. His skin and hair glowed with vitality, his slender body line interrupted with the perfect roundness of a belly full with his mate’s pup. It was time for those on earth to celebrate the Ritual of the Gods. A days long celebration of the gods and all the gifts that they bestowed on the human realm. In the realm of the gods, it was similarly celebrated. The gods all came together, and poured their magic out into the human realm. This was how those humans who wielded magic were able to do so. It was not their power, it was the power of the gods, borrowed from the connection forged between their worlds. Jungkook knew that he could not leave Jimin alone in his palace for days. The god would go completely wild if he were separated from his mate for that long. He worried when Jimin was out of his sight for a mere few minutes, he couldn’t imagine leaving him behind.

When he’d told Jimin, the Omega had responded with happiness, he’d been wanting to meet Jungkook’s friends and the other gods in person, and honestly Jungkook wanted that too. He’d been closeting his mate away in his palace these last months, first for his healing and then for his safety. He knew Jimin didn’t mind staying at his palace. He liked the peace and quiet of the place, the quiet of his days and spending time with his mate and playing his harp. He was a restful person who liked harmony and comfort.

Lian helped Jimin get ready to go, brushing out his long waves of golden hair and dressing him in his soft silk robes in red, which he knew to be Jungkook’s favorite color. She added delicate jewelry around his neck and in his ears, gold with fiery rubies, sliding many bracelets onto his wrists and rings onto his small fingers. She told him that Jungkook had gotten them for him, as she worked a small comb with ruby flowers on it into his golden hair, pushing back one side to reveal his face more. She painted his eyes and lips and as he looked at himself in the long mirror, he thought he’d never seen himself look so pretty before. It was almost like the times he’d seen himself through Jungkook’s eyes and it made him shy.

When he walked back out into their bedroom, he knew his cheeks were pink and his heart was racing. But as he looked up into the face of his mate, he was instantly calm. Jungkook was there, solid and present and real and looking at him like he was the most beautiful sunset he’d ever seen, or some masterful work of art. It was the familiar look, but more intense, more surprised than usual. As he stepped forward and stumbled slightly on the edge of his robe, Jungkook was there, catching him and scooping him up into his arms.

“You’re beautiful, little dove.”

Jimin blushed more and leaned up to press a soft kiss against his mate’s neck, nuzzling at him and making his ocean and sandalwood scent bloom over his skin before pulling back.

“Thank you. You’re handsome too.”

Which was true, Jungkook’s long curls were free and he was dressed in his usual open robe and silken pants, but this time in the same red as the silk of Jimin’s robes, though the Omega’s were multi-layered and much more like a dress. As Jungkook held him. the fabric parted over one of Jimin’s lean thighs and showed his smooth, pale leg. Jimin could feel Jungkook’s desire for him, but it was near to sunset and they had to get to the celebrations or they would be late. Jungkook pressed one more soft kiss to Jimin’s lips and gave his little body a gentle squeeze. In the blink of an eye they were in the middle of an unfamiliar place. It was a sort of garden, full of blooming plants and flowers, and even from above them flowers dangled from the vines of trees. This place was very different from the sandy beach and tropical plants of Jungkook’s home. It sort of reminded Jimin of the forest in springtime, but more exaggerated.

“These are the Chimerical Gardens. They are part of the domain of the God of Spring.” Jungkook answered Jimin’s unasked question.

“Oh… they’re beautiful…” Jimin said, looking up into the canopies of the trees above with their soft pink petals.

“Thank you.” A deep voice answered and Jungkook turned them around to see the very god they had just been talking about right behind them with the very group that he wanted most to introduce to his mate.

Jimin gave a little wiggle, clearly wanting to be put down. It was one thing for Jungkook to carry him around his palace and in front of the others who lived there, but something entirely different to be carried here in front of all these powerful gods. Jungkook gave a little laugh and set Jimin down, keeping one arm wrapped around his waist, hand resting on the side of Jimin’s large belly.

“Jungkook brought his mate!” One of the little group called out and suddenly they were surrounded by gods and goddesses who all wanted to get a closer look at the human who had managed to lay claim to one of the most powerful among them.

It was not unheard of for the mates of the gods to be human. It was actually quite common. Vary rarely did two gods mate with one another, but it did happen. But Jungkook had been completely alone for so long that it was a shock to see him mated, a true mating, not just taking a human into your home and keeping them for a while before sending them back to the human world, which wasn’t unheard of. Jimin curled into his side as the crowd around them got louder, pushing in to see the small Omega. Jungkook could feel Jimin’s belly pushing into his side as he retreated into his mate’s embrace. He felt Jimin’s discomfort at all the attention, and when one of the crowd reached forward as if to touch his mate, Jungkook growled at him and around them crackled little sparks of power as his anger surfaced. Jimin was his, and he was pregnant with his pup, anyone who tried to touch him without his permission would sorely regret it.

“Back off, can’t you see he’s afraid!” One of the others around them said.

A tall, powerfully built blond man came forward and started to shoo the crowd away. His commanding voice and presence marked him out as a leader, someone powerful and respected.

“Everyone, go on now! They will have plenty of time to make the rounds and introductions, but he’s pregnant and if you stress him out, we’re going to have one pissed off God of Fertility on our hands.”

This seemed to work, and everyone moved away retreating farther into the gardens as only five of the gods remained. The one who had spoken stepped forward and shook Jungkook’s hand, then offered it to Jimin. The Omega hesitated, but felt through Jungkook’s connection with him that he would block them from reading his thoughts and memories, so he reached forward and had his small hand enveloped by the enormous one that belonged to Namjoon, God of the Ocean. He was introduced to each of them in turn, shaking their hands as they told him the names he already knew. Of course he knew them, because Jungkook knew them. There was Hoseok, God of the Sun, Yoongi, God of Music, Taehyung, God of Spring, and Seokjin, God of Fortune.

Though Jungkook could keep them from reading Jimin’s mind and memories, they all still had the same ability to read emotions that all gods had, and they could feel Jimin’s shy curiosity and quiet pleasure at meeting them and they were instantly endeared.

“I was wondering if we’d ever get the chance to meet your mate. But now I can see why you have secreted him away. He’s quite a little treasure.” Taehyung said as he eyed Jimin with curiosity.

The God of Spring raised his hand and in a swirl of dancing light, manifested several red poppies and little ferns that weaved themselves into a little crown of flowers. Jimin’s eyes went wide and his mouth popped open in a little ‘o’ as he was presented the crown, and as he reached forward and took it, his face broke into the first real smile he’d shown them and again, they softened. Jimin reached up and set the ring of poppies on top of his head, giggling when Taehyung straightened it for him.

“Oh… he’s such a little dear.” Seokjin said, moving forward and patting Jimin lightly on his head.

The others all seemed to think the same. They could feel the love from Jungkook directed at Jimin. It was no secret that the God of Fertility had been thoroughly claimed. Jimin and Jungkook did indeed make the rounds, visiting with all the different gods. Jimin was an object of great curiosity for them all, something new and exciting, which was actually pretty rare. As beautiful and magical as the realm of the gods was, it did not offer much in the way of new things. The gods were immortal, and had lived among each other since time immemorial, so a new face was immensely valuable, and Jimin with his tiny frame, pregnant belly, and stunning beauty was something to be enjoyed by all. When they reached Hyuna, the Goddess of Fate she smiled and actually hugged Jimin, smoothing a hand over his hair as she pulled back.

“Ah! He found you at last.” She said, looking at Jimin and taking his hands in her own to give them a soft squeeze. “I’m so glad, I’ve been waiting for centuries.”

As everyone came together at the center of the garden, Yoongi insisted that Jimin play for them at his harp, and despite his protests, the God of Music summoned a grand harp from thin air, and a little chair. Jimin sat down nervously, positioning the enormous harp so that it rested against his shoulder but didn’t press on his belly and looked at his mate who smiled kindly at him as he began to play. He gently plucked the strings and pulled forth into the air a soft and sad song that he had made himself. After months of practice, he’d started to write his own songs again, and the outlet had been vastly helpful in shedding away past feelings. Jimin closed his eyes and focused on the strings in his hands, plucking and twanging at them letting the music fill the air and drift out over the listening crowd. When he finished he was met with a round of applause, that made him blush, and when he stood to return to his mate, he was bade to play more. One song turned to another which turned to another until Jimin’s arms were tired and he could play no more.

Jungkook could see that his mate was weary, and Jungkook went to him at once, lifting him into his arms and carrying him off to sit with he and his companions. The Omega’s arms cradled contentedly his round belly as he rested his head on Jungkook’s shoulder and made no move to resist being carried. He didn’t want to strain himself while pregnant, and with all the newness and stresses of the day, he could feel that Jungkook was worried about him. But he could also feel the simmering lust under the surface of the god’s thoughts. He could see through his mate’s eyes, how his robe parted over his legs again, showing the pale skin of his thighs. Jimin loved how much his mate enjoyed his body, especially while pregnant, and the bigger he got, the more Jungkook seemed to want him.

Jungkook sat back down with Jimin in his arms, settling his mate into his lap. As the night went on, there was food, wine, dancing, music and displays of magic. Jimin enjoyed it all (except the wine), and it seemed that as the only new guest at the celebrations, he was the target audience, and he was a good one. He gasped and clapped at wonderful displays of power, and beautiful scenes. Jungkook’s enjoyment of the familiar routines was only enjoyed through his mate, who was awed by the incredible spectacles. Though he’d seen them through his eyes and memories, it was very different than seeing it himself.

As the night wound down, things turned to more serious matters, the real reason they gathered together. Jungkook carried Jimin along as everyone filed through the maze-like passages of the gardens and into a large clearing where an enormous stone ring sat up from the ground like a portal. It was covered in climbing ivy and ferns dotted here and there with little flowers. Jimin stared up at the monument that seemed much bigger and more imposing in real life than in Jungkook’s memories. He watched what he knew would happen. At the stroke of midnight, the portal would open and each god would have their turn to go forward and pour their magic into the connection, feeding their gifts and blessings through the connection and releasing it into the human realm.

Jimin watched in awe as the portal opened, revealing a swirling mist of color that looked somewhere between liquid and gas, it rippled and swayed and as each god went forward, the colors inside moved faster and faster. Jimin observed the different colors of each person, as the mists inside seemed to change with each from Namjoon’s unsurprising blue to Yoongi’s unexpected pink. Jimin waited until it was Jungkook’s turn and watched as the mists turned from Taehyung’s green to Jungkook’s fiery red. Jimin’s eyes took in the color and he smiled as he thought of the red curtains and the red silks of their bed at home, then to the vivid red of the wild rose he’d used to summon Jungkook what seemed like an eternity ago. It truly was his color.

When the ceremony was finally over, the color inside the ring ending on the yellow of Hoseok’s power, it was clear that it had taken it out of the gods to perform the arduous ceremony. Draining their magic was hard on them all, but the only one who seemed almost unaffected was Jungkook. The Alpha got his power from his progeny, and as long as Jimin was there and pregnant with his pup, his power would remain strong. Jungkook wrapped Jimin up into his arms again as everyone stood and again filed through the maze of the Chimerical Garden to what Jimin could only call a castle. It was enormous and made of a rosy-colored stone that only barely peeked through all the climbing vines and blooming flowers. Jimin knew that everyone would stay here for the next few nights, they would rest and recoup their power and perform the ritual twice more over the next two days. They bid goodnight to all of the other gods and Jungkook carried Jimin up several flights of stairs and into a large bedchamber decorated in shades of pale blue and gold. All around, there were more pots full of blooming flowers, lush and heavy on their bending stems.

Now that they were alone, Jimin felt his mate’s lust start to ignite into something stronger and more powerful that the simmer that he’d felt from him throughout the day. Jungkook looked down at him and petted over his skin and hair, admiring his perfect mate. He wasn’t surprised in the least that everyone had loved him. Jimin was just that kind of person, someone it was impossible to dislike. He was sweet and pure. The god stripped his Omega out of all his finery, down to the way he liked him the best, completely bare. He started with the flower crown, setting it aside before pulling the gold and ruby comb out of his hair and all his jewelry, clothing and underclothes. Jungkook followed suit and stripped down before getting his mate into the large bed and laying him out among the pale blue sheets.

Jungkook laid down next to him and kissed his mate, sliding his tongue into his sweet mouth, claiming his lips, one hand coming up to cup his jaw and the other moving down to caress his pregnant belly. It had been a long and stressful day for his Omega, as well as for him. Taking Jimin out of his palace was hard for him to do, especially around the other gods, whose strength was unpredictable and powers sometimes not as under control as Jungkook’s. But everything had gone well, and he would make sure that as long as they were here, his mate was safe.

They kissed and touched, hands running over skin that had become familiar in the last months together, and yet felt brand new every time. Jungkook stretched his Omega tenderly, opening him and preparing him. Jimin had become so incredibly needy since his pregnancy. The surging hormones made him long for his mate at all hours of the day, and Jungkook spent most of his time firmly planted between Jimin’s legs, his very favorite place. Jungkook started with one finger, quickly moving to two and then three. The Omega’s body knew what it wanted, and as Jungkook pulled his fingers free with gentle slowness, and moved to get up, Jimin stopped him with a gentle hand on his shoulder.

Jungkook lay back and groaned as Jimin lifted up and straddled him. Jungkook’s hands went to Jimin’s hips as the Omega lined himself up with his cock and sank down with a small sound of pleasure. Jungkook moaned as he was surrounded was warm, velvety wetness. He looked at his beautiful mate who was so ethereal and perfect in his pregnancy. His belly round, his chest barely starting to get a slight fullness as his milk came in. His long blond hair was shining cloak of golden waves. Jungkook thought that he truly must be the most beautiful thing to ever exist, and he would never get tired of just looking at him. Especially how he was in that moment, wrapped in pleasure as he slowly started to move his hips, head falling back and mouth open to let out the quiet sounds of ecstasy.

Jimin loved this position. He liked being on top and pleasuring his mate, and he loved how deep Jungkook’s cock reached inside him as he bounced lightly on top of him, coming back down each time with a soft slap of skin. His chest was aching, his nipples throbbing. He knew his milk was coming in and that was what was making him sore. The small pain still added to his pleasure, as Jimin moved on top of his mate and his cock pressed at that sensitive place inside him that made him feel better than anything ever had. As he felt his pleasure building, his nipples started to throb dully with his heartbeat until he felt a slight wetness.

Jungkook used his hands to help Jimin move on top of him, taking as much of his weight as he could in his position. But as Jimin’s orgasm began to mount, Jungkook was hit with a sweet scent that made his mouth water and he watched in desperation as twin drops of creamy milk slid down from Jimin’s nipples over his pale skin. Jungkook could feel the throbbing ache of Jimin’s chest and nipples through their connection and he knew that Jimin could feel his own desires as well, the need to taste him, and he could feel his Omega’s approval of this idea. Jungkook sat up and had to curl forward to keep from pressing into Jimin’s belly. He licked over one of Jimin’s nipples and sweet drops of milk spilled into his mouth. Jungkook moaned in tandem with Jimin as he latched his mouth onto the little pink but and pulled in gentle pulsing sucks until it stopped aching and he switched to the other side, giving it the same treatment, soothing the ache of Jimin’s chest and nipples.

As Jungkook sucked him dry, Jimin’s hips continued rolling against him, slowing the momentum of his orgasm, but not stopping it. It was a new kind of bond to let Jungkook suckle from his breast, but it was a welcome one. Anything that brought him closer to his mate was a positive. It was a strange intimacy that had Jimin’s heart pattering wildly in his chest, and as Jungkook released him nipple from his mouth, Jimin’s bouncing movements sped until he was bouncing up and down, closing in on his perfect moment of bliss. Jungkook’s knot started to form as Jimin tightened around him, the god laid back on the bed and thrust his hips up into Jimin, pressing deeper and harder against his prostate until he was cumming, shooting up onto his belly as well as onto Jungkook’s below him. Jungkook’s knot formed and locked them together as his eyes rolled back and he arched his hips up, swiveling them and making Jimin cry out at the stimulation to his sensitive body.

Jungkook felt the weakness overcome Jimin’s body and he rolled them over so Jimin could rest on his back as they waited for his knot to relax, and when it did he pulled out gently and rolled to the side, to lay next to Jimin and did something he’d only done on a couple of other occasions when Jimin was too sleepy to bathe or move, he used his magic to clean them both and the bed underneath them. Generally he preferred to bathe Jimin personally, but it was already exhausting and the next two days would prove to be just the same.

They spent the following days among the other gods, visiting and celebrating. Jimin was asked to reprise his role at the harp more than once, and both nights the gods fed their power into the portal, leaving them all drained and tired as they retired to rest. Though at the end of the second night, Jungkook scooped Jimin up and they bid their farewells before the god transported them back home.

Jimin sighed as he was laid in their bed, the familiar red sheets and the smell of the ocean soothed him and pulled him into sleep almost instantly. He roused as Jungkook willed his robes away, and he felt the silk of the material disappear from his skin, but he smiled and rolled onto his side curling up like a happy kitten in his bed, surrounded by the safety of home. As much as he liked Taehyung and his home, the sweet smelling gardens and beautiful views, there was something about being home that filled him with contentment and happiness. He was a pregnant Omega, and to someone in his condition, there truly was no place like home. He had been longing for the safety and security of his familiar surroundings.

He purred softly as Jungkook curled himself up behind him and they slept.

Jimin continued to grow as their pup developed inside him, until finally on a warm quiet morning in bed, Jimin woke and rolled over, feeling a rush of wetness between his legs. He felt a shot of surprise and a little fear for a moment until his mind caught up with his body and he reached for Jungkook, fingers digging into his shoulder as he shook him violently.

“Jungkook! Wake up! The pup is coming!” Jimin cried out.

Jungkook was awake at once, sitting up and taking in the condition that his mate was in, his eyes fell to the wetness between his legs and over the sheets and he was immediately there helping Jimin to sit up slightly against the pillows as his powers called out for Lian. It was mere moments before the elderly woman was pushing through the door and rushing over to the bed. She threw away propriety and climbed up onto the bed to sit next to Jimin. She took the Omega’s hand as the first contraction hit and Jimin cried out at the pain.

“It’s okay. I’m here. I’ll help you.” Lian said as Jimin crushed her hand with his.

Jungkook took Jimin’s other hand and let Jimin squeeze as hard as he could as the contractions came and went. It took hours and hours of painful contractions, before Jimin’ s body was ready to give birth. Jungkook and Lian both stayed with him through the entire ordeal, talking him through it and soothing him as best they could as he poured sweat and tears. Jungkook held his hand through it all, feeling Jimin’s pain with him, so that he would never forget, nor take for granted the pain that his mate suffered to bring his pup into the world. He wished that he could make the pain stop, but this was one area where his magic was useless. The miracle of birth was a magic all its own and all he could do was be there and support his mate.

Jimin was in agony, but he didn’t care. Pain was nothing. He only cared about his pup, the little life inside him, ready to come out. He pushed and pushed and screamed at the excruciating pain, but he didn’t give up. Even as he sobbed between hard pushes, he pushed when Lian told him to until finally, his baby crowned and he pushed and a tiny baby cry echoed through the room. His tears were more than pain as he heard that sound and had to push again until Lian could gently pull the newborn pup from his body. As soon as the baby was free of him, Jungkook laid his hand on Jimin’s forehead and just like he had all those months ago, he poured his power into him, sending the glittering sparkles tickling through his body, healing him and taking all the pain away.

Jimin looked down his body at Lian who was still kneeling between his legs, and as soon as they made eye contact he saw the first tears slip from her eyes in happiness. In her arms was a fussing, crying baby, cold and shocked from the trauma of being birthed, and needing to be soothed. She looked around for something to wrap the baby in, and Jungkook summoned a small blanket to her that she took and swaddled the tiny pup up tightly before handing the perfect tiny bundle to its mother.

“It is a boy, my lord.”

Jimin took his son from Lian and held him against his chest as a sob of pure joy worked up from his chest, but he knew he could not keep the joy all for himself. He looked to his mate and saw Jungkook’s golden eyes, wide and full of tears as he looked at his Omega and his son. Jimin shifted the tiny bundle and offered his pup to his Appa. He knew how much Jungkook had been waiting for this moment. Millenia of watching his pups be born and never being there to hold them, to love them.

“Would you like to hold our son?” Jimin asked, voice thick with tears.

Jungkook’s hands shook as he reached forward and took the baby from Jimin’s arms. His tears fell in hot tracks as he held the tiny, fragile life in his hands. He cradled his son against his chest and wept. He’d been all alone for so long, and now he had everything that he could ever have dreamed of. A mate, a child that he could hold and love.

For one who had lived so long, it felt like nothing of import had ever happened in his life. He had been an empty shell walking through his existence without purpose. For one who was immortal, he sure hadn’t enjoyed life very much. But the last year with his Omega had been more exciting, humbling and terrifying than any other moment in his long, long life. He knew that Jimin felt like Jungkook gave him so much and that he offered nothing in return, but the truth was that Jimin had given him everything.

Before Jimin, he’d had life, but the Omega gave it purpose. He’d had love, but Jimin had given it an outlet. He’d had dreams, but his mate had made them a reality. He’d had power, but his little dove had given him someone to protect.