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Seven swords for the crown

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Once upon a time there was a kingdom in the mountains. The people of this kingdom were known to be great warriors and over time they gathered much wealth and prestige. Their legend grew so great that even the dark ones beyond the veil came to envy them. The Duke and his men, full of high spirits from their victories, never foresaw the attack. It came in the dark, on the longest night of the year. And so the war of shadows began.

For six long months Duke Jango led his men in fight after fight, and though the clans all rallied to his banner, the dark elves, and shadow beasts turned the very land itself against them. Many despaired, for there seemed no hope of victory against a foe as ethereal as a night breeze. 

But Duke Jango was a clever man, and bore the gifts of a seventh son. He gathered those he trusted most, and on the longest day of the year, when the sun was high in the sky and the enemy would be at their weakest, he spoke words of ancient power and called forth the queen of air and darkness. He challenged her in single combat with sword, and bow, and the magic in his blood and name. The dark queen matched him skill for skill, and for a time it seemed there would be no victor. 

When the dark queen saw she could not win she turned her blade on another. Jango's queen had stood in silent support of her love. She had no weapon to defend herself, and so would have fallen on the spot had the king not sacrificed his own life, taking the blow in her stead.

And so the kingdom might have fallen if the Duchess were not as clever as her husband.

As the Queen of air and darkness boasted of her victory, the Duchess stood. Her hands red with her husband's blood she spoke further words of power binding both the Queen and the kingdom.

No knight may burnish steel. No soldier string their bow. Border of stone and sky, turn back all of their foes. This price was paid in blood, and so by the suns light; let all remember well the Duke and his last fight.

So it was that the Queen was cast down back to her dark kingdom, and the Duchess Satine rose to claim the throne of Mandalore. May her rule bring 100 years of peace, and her sons 100 more.