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Rules of Engagement & Marriage

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It was December 24th, Christmas Eve, and on the gray frigid day, Kat and Adena were headed downtown to ‘Portly Pete’s’ to meet Kimberly, JJ, and his new girlfriend for brunch. Afterwards they were going to the ‘Holiday Pin-Action Party’, a yearly Christmas Eve event at a local bowling alley. Kat knew Kimberly had also been dating someone new but she was alone on this trip, with no mention of her boyfriend’s status.

Kat entered the small parking lot cautiously, being careful not to maneuver the vehicle too abruptly. Although the lot was cleared of snow, there were ice patches in some places and she didn’t want to scare Adena by throwing the car into an unsuspected tail spin. She found a spot around the back of the building, up against the cleared snow piled into a massive mound. Kat turned off the ignition and unbuckled her seatbelt. She glanced over to the passenger side and smiled at Adena, “Hey beautiful, kiss me before we go inside.”

Adena smiled back and leaned closer, parting her lips slightly. Kat closed in and pressed her mouth perfectly into Adena’s, like a puzzle piece that had just found its mate. “Mmmm, babe,” Adena savored the kiss, then gently bit and pulled on Kat’s lower lip, releasing it to speak. “Have I told you what a good kisser you are?”

“Mmhmm...but let’s try it again to make sure,” Kat answered with squinted eyes, re-introducing their lips. This time around, the kiss went on longer, was more sensual and hungry. Kat reached up and grasped Adena’s covered hair with an open palm and applied pressure to deepen the kiss. At that moment, Kat felt like starting the car and turning it right back home ASAP, forgoing the brunch and her friends. But then, there was an interruption.

Tap...tap...tap! Kat released her lover’s lips and quickly spun her head around. Standing right by the driver’s door was a bearded JJ and a girl with straight black hair. He was tapping on Kat’s window and calling, “Hello there?”

“JJ!” Kat yelled, and opened up her door to promptly hop out of the SUV and warmly hug him. “Oh my god, it’s been too long dude. I’ve missed you! I hardly recognize you with this hairy beard.”

“Missed you too, Kitty.” The slim male released his grip on Kat and pivoted to his left. “This is my girlfriend, Molly Wu. Molly this is Kat Edison, my superhero.”

“Stop. I only saved you from that bully one time, in 5th grade,” Kat chuckled.

“Pleased to meet you,” the girl greeted and extended her hand for a limp shake.

“Very nice to meet you, too, Molly. I’ve been following you guys’s travels on JJ’s feed. How exciting.”

Molly giggled and wrapped her arm around JJ’s. “Yes, we are having fun. Going to go on an African safari next time,” JJ added.

Adena exited the vehicle and walked around the car and to their side, adjusting her hijab and placing her hand on Kat’s lower back. “Oh and this, JJ and Molly, is my beautiful fiancée Adena El-Amin.” Adena extended her hand out and everyone shook it. She then used her thumb to wipe some of her lipstick off of Kat’s face. “Thanks babe,” Kat whispered as the three walked towards the restaurant’s entrance.

- - - - -
Inside, the place was warm and smelled of freshly baked bread. The hostess greeted them and led them to the back table by the kitchen’s pizza oven, where Kimberly was already seated and looking at a menu. Her eyes lifted and lit up immediately when she saw Kat and JJ approaching.

“Oh-em-gee! Kimmy, it’s so good to see you, my girl!” Kat exclaimed with a big smile as the girl stood up to hug her.

Adena noted that Kimberly was as tall as Kat with beautiful honey-colored eyes. She had golden crochet braids and dressed very fashionable. To a stranger, Kat and Kimberly could be easily mistaken for sisters.

“Kat, oh it’s great to see you, too. And you also, JJ my man!” The three friends hugged then introduced Molly and Adena to Kimberly. They settled down and ordered their brunch.

“So, we should start with a toast to the brides-to-be, hip hip hooray,” JJ sung out. The group raised their water glasses and cheered, clicking them together in a toast.

Kimberly jumped in with, “Kat...Adena...this news makes my heart so happy and warm. Couldn’t happen to a nicer person...people. Welcome to the family, Adena! We know you must be super-special if our picky sister, Kat, chose you for her forever.” Everyone took a gulp of water and laughed.

Adena chuckled, “Is so sweet of you all, thank you.” Adena and Kat gazed lovingly at each other and they pecked on the lips.

“Thank you very much. Adena and I are very happy,” Kat uttered, then made a toast to great friendships and to the spirit of the holiday season. “Also, mark your calendars, May 8th is our big day in NYC. No excuses, my parentals are setting aside a bunch of hotel rooms for family and special guests. I’ll be sure to save you guys a space.”

- - - - -
As the waiter cleared plates, leaving the check for Kat who insisted on paying, JJ got a call on his cellphone and left the table. Adena rubbed Kat’s arm and excused herself to use the ladies room, and Molly followed her lead. “Okay babe, hurry back ‘cuz I’ll desperately miss you, “Kat jested and gave Adena a wink.” The two women stood up and walked to the back of the line formed outside the single-person unisex restroom. Kat and Kimberly were left alone to converse.

Kimberly smiled up at her friend and watched Adena walk away. “Adena is such a nice girl.”

“Oh man, life is good Kimmy. It’s so wonderful to be back home for the holidays and see you all. Molly also seems like a nice girl for our JJ.”

“She does. And, life surely is good,” Kimberly agreed and then paused to look at her childhood friend inquisitively. “Hey Kat, when did you know?”

Kat finished signing her credit card receipt and looked up, “Huh?”

“That you were attracted to girls?”

“Umm...after meeting Adena for the first time she awoke something inside of me, and I just could not get her out of my head. I knew that she was a lesbian, so that part was know...not having to figure out if she would be into me, too. But we had this tremendous chemistry together and I was pretty sure the feeling was mutual.”

“Wow, neat. Remind me, how did you guys meet?”

Kat explained how she had met the photographer, how their first encounter was negative and Adena was not amused by her visit to her studio. How they quickly became close; her arrest for defending Adena’s honor; their complications with Adena’s Visa and immigration issues; their wonderful time in Peru; and their heartbreak in Paris. “But in the end Kimmy, #love wins,” Kat finished and leaned back in her chair.

“I’m so happy for you, my friend. Adena is really swell.” Kimberly smiled and she and Kat glanced over to see that Adena and Molly were still waiting in line. “But...was that the first time you were attracted to a woman?” Kimberly turned back to face Kat, with the corners of her eyes crinkled.

Kat leaned forward in her seat and thought for a moment. “To be honest, my first attraction was in first grade, Miss Schanklen. I remember sitting in my little desk and having this warm feeling for her, and I loved going to school because I was going to see her. I thought it was admiration for the teacher, but now I know it was more like infatuation. She was beautiful...Yep, Miss S was my first girl-crush.”

“She was very nice, I remember her,” Kimberly nodded and Kat continued.

“Then in sixth grade I had a crush on Carmen, the exchange student from Mexico. I even dreamt one day she kissed my cheek at recess and I woke up for school smiling that morning.” Kat rolled her eyes and grinned. “I wonder what happened to her?”

“I think she ended up going to the Catholic high school across town, after middle school.” Kimberly watched as Kat took a sip from her water glass and checked her cellphone for messages. “Hey, remember at Brittney Jacob’s Sweet Sixteen bash when we played spin the bottle, and Liz kissed Sarah?”

“Yes...gosh, I had forgotten about that,” Kat chuckled.

“Then it was Liz’s turn and she spun and got you?”

Kat looked up to the ceiling briefly, “Uh-huh?”

“I remember you stood up quickly and said you needed to use the bathroom, darting out of the room. I followed you and you begged me to drive you home immediately.” Kat nodded and stared at her friend. “Was that because you didn’t want to kiss a girl, or because you were afraid you’d do it and like it?”

Kat sighed, “Hindsight is twenty-twenty, Kimbo. I think I was in denial, my friend. All those years I suppressed how I really felt, afraid my family and close friends would disapprove, judge me. But now as an adult, finding such a wonderful human being to complete my life, like Adena completes me, I don’t care if she’s a woman or what society thinks, and I feel totally free and content.” Kat handed the waiter the faux leather bill holder with their payment. “Plus now it’s easier to come out, if you have the right support system. And, my parents are wonderful about Adena and me. They are ecstatic that we are getting married and I’m settling down, no longer alone in this cold, cruel world,” Kat laughed quietly.

Kimberly reached across the table and rubbed Kat’s hand, “And JJ and I are both super-happy for you and supportive, Kat. When you posted you were engaged to a girl, we didn’t care. We can’t wait to go to your wedding and share in that special moment. You’re a lucky girl, but Adena’s an even luckier girl.”

“Aww, thanks Kimmy. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Kat reached up with her second hand and squeezed her friend’s shoulder, “Hey K, will you be my Maid of Honor? You are my oldest friend and my adopted sister. So I’d love for you to hold that spot.”

“Yes, I’d be really honored...Maid of Honor, honored.” Both women giggled. “Thank you Kat, thank you. I can’t wait to stand next to you and beautiful Adena, on that altar.”

“That’s awesome, my friend.”

“Hey...Have you guys secured a wedding venue and church, yet?”

“Yes, as matter of fact we got so lucky and found an old opera house turned theater, turned wedding venue, that you will love. It’s very quaint, in the heart of Greenwich Village. And, we have decided to hold our interfaith ceremony at the adjoining little park. It’ll be in this big white gazebo that the City lets us reserve for 35 minutes. The theater will provide extra folding chairs for us to use around it, then everyone will walk next door to the reception.”

“Oh, sounds very nice Kat. What about the honeymoon? Where are you guys thinking of going?”

“Ahhh yes...Adena thinks we’re going to Miami Beach, because she’s never been.” Kat paused and briefly looked over her shoulder, “But I’m actually taking her to Costa Rica to a secluded resort for three weeks. We have the honeymoon suite with our own private alcove and little pool, you know, for skinny dipping,” Kat raised her brows and Kimberly giggled. “It overlooks an amazing secluded beach for those long sunset beach walks she likes to take. It’s a big surprise. I’ll only tell her the real plans when we’re near the departing airport gate, in LaGuardia,” Kat silently laughed. “I’ve already reserved the room for that date and I can’t wait.”

“Wow Kat, I’m impressed. You truly have become the queen of romance. Can your Maid of Honor go, too? I’ll carry your luggage and bring you endless cocktails by the ocean.”

The girl’s broke out in loud laughter for a minute, then Kat stopped and abruptly answered, “Uh...that’s a no for you, dawg.”

- - - - -
The bowling alley was exactly as Kat remembered. Not a thing had changed since two years ago when she joined a group of friends and family members for a night of fun and games. The music featured for this year’s event was ‘2010’, and the DJ was playing a mix of tunes from the group’s high school and early college days. The loud pounding music and bowling pins crashing loudly into one another, plus the laser lights ricocheting off all four walls in the establishment, gave Kat and her friends déjà vu of high school hang outs and summer days gone by.

The group walked up to the counter and Kimberly paid for their shoe rentals and a few rounds of bowling, and they were assigned a lane. Kat soon found out Adena knew how to bowl and she was always a point behind her on the scoreboard overhead. “Man babe, you’re going to make me sweat to beat you,” Kat teased, as Adena bent down at the return to pick up her hot pink colored ball.

“Good luck, aziz-am. I got pretty good at this when I stayed with friends in Finland,” Adena bragged and smirked at Kat.

After completing the tenth frame, JJ and Molly took a quick break to go buy the next round of beer for the group at the bar, and Adena grabbed her wallet and went to the concession stand for another Sprite and an extra-large nachos plate for the group. “Be back soon, ladies.”

Kat and Kimberly sat on the blue plastic chairs at their lane and waited for them all to return. “So, what about you, girl? Are you still dating someone?” Kat asked.

“Oh it’s a complicated web I weave. Yes, you can say I still am dating Nate. But he’ the moment...Hmm, how to put this? Uh, trying to find himself and his true feelings.”

Kat’s forehead creased, “What? Oh no. Yes, sounds complicated. Been there, done that.”

“He’s 36 and legally separated from his wife of seven years. They have two little girls, ages three and four, and recently hooked up after a family wedding reception.” Kimberly’s eyes fell shut for a moment. She sighed and reopened them, now bloodshot and wet.

“Oh no, I’m so sorry, Kimmy. You don’t deserve that,” Kat put her arm around her friend’s shoulder and Kimberly laid her head on her.

“Perhaps I do, Kat. I knew he was married after our second date. But I still pursued our relationship.”

“You mean, separated. Not married.”

“Yeah, legally separated. But still, he had a wife and kids at home. He was still living in his finished basement with them and going on Tinder dates with other women. That’s how we met six months ago.”

Kimberly paused and Kat waited a bit before asking, “Well, is he worth it? How long are you going to wait fo him to find his ass?”

The girl let out another sigh, “I don’t know. We’ve already broken up once before. Because he was being very controlling and possessive. So I don’t know the answer to your question. Perhaps this should be a sign, right? Maybe I should open my eyes and realize he is not worth it.”

Kat nodded in response, “Perhaps it is a sign. My mom always says, ‘Better to be alone than with bad company,’ and I think she’s right.”

Kat’s doppelgänger chuckled, “Yeah.”

“And...whatever happened to Xavier Peterson? You guys always had a special connection and attraction.”

“Ahh, the ‘X-man.’ Yes, we did. He’s the best kiss I ever had. Remember that Kat, when you walked in on us in the back room of the gym?”

“How can I forget. That was the night we won and advanced to the State title game with our girls’ varsity volleyball team. You, on the other hand, got two wins...X-man’s lips and the team’s win.” Kat broke out laughing and Kimberly followed.

“Oh Kat, you always remind me of good times.”

“Maybe you should look Xavier up. I hear he’s in Newark, that’s not too far from you in Philly. The train takes you both ways in an hour.”

“Yeah maybe I should, huh? I think he’s a woman’s volleyball coach at a community college there. Hmm, great idea, Kat. You’re the best!” Kimberly turned and hugged her friend tightly.

Adena returned with her soda and tray of nachos. She laid the tray on the small side table and sat next to Kat. She smiled warmly at the girls, “Hey you two, what did I miss?”

“Oh just your amazing fiancée giving me relationship advice, Adena.”

“Ahhh, that she is. She’s amazing,” Adena agreed, patting Kat’s thigh.

- - - - -
After bowling, the five friends returned to Kimberly’s house for the rest of the evening. They were unwilling to part early. They hung out in her parents’s basement, which was always cozy and inviting, shooting pool and playing darts, foosball, and Pictionary on the Wii. Mrs. Hayes brought them apple slices, goldfish crackers, and caramel popcorn to munch on, and Mr. Hayes provided them with hot toddys.

“So, who can tell me some good stories about a young Kat Edison that I haven’t heard,” Adena inquired with a big grin on her face.

“Oh boy, fasten your seatbelts,” Kat replied, pocketing the cue ball. “Crap!”

“Hmm...let’s see? Good juicy stories? Have you heard about the time we all ditched school, our end of Junior year, to go skinny dipping in the lake, but the high school called our parents and we got in a lot of trouble? There were like five guys and eight girls in the murky water, all trying to keep a distance from each other ‘cuz...well, we were all bare-assed,” JJ snorted.

Kat added laughing, “Yeah, and we were all a bunch of horny teenagers. Hence, Rob Dormann trying to swim close to me. All I remember from that day is screaming at him to back away.”

“Oh Robbie! It’s safe to tell you now, he had a big crush on you Kitty. He told me he wanted to someday marry you,” JJ cackled and Adena found the revelation very amusing.

Kat snickered, “Oh? What the - -“

A very animated Kimberly interrupted, “Oh god, I remember being mortified when our parents somehow tracked us down to the actual lake. There we were, buck-naked. My mom was fuming,” Kimberly added. “All I heard in the back of the car ride home was, ‘A respectful young lady doesn’t cut class to swim naked with boys!’”

“Yeah, same. But you got off easy with just being grounded for a week, Kim. I was grounded for a frickin month after that,” Kat huffed. “No television, no car, no cell, nothing....ugh! Only school and athletics were my life.”

JJ laughed, “Oh man, kids do the dumbest things thinking they won’t get caught. My dad game me a swift kick in the butt while I got into his van.”

“Yeah...and you deserved it, dude.” Everyone laughed at Kim’s remark and Kat made a toast to teenage stupidity.

- - - - -
The funny stories continued, as well as the drinks, and by the end of the night Adena was the only one sober. It was late and time to go home. Kat and Adena stepped outside into the cold night’s breeze, Kat turned around pointing, and reiterated, “Remember, May 8th, 2 p.m. in New York City. Save the date, weirdos. Be there or be square!”

JJ responded from the doorway, “We wouldn’t miss it for the world, guys...Love you my kitty-Kat!”

“Already on my calendar, babe,” Kimberly giggled as she held on to Kat’s shoulder, twisting around to warmly embrace her and kiss her cheek goodbye, doing the same to Adena afterwards.

Kat staggered down the front porch’s steps and hollered back, “Okay, we love you guys sooo much! Hey...did you guy’s notice how hot my fiancée is?” Kat patted Adena on the butt three times and got her hand swatted away by the artist.

Adena chuckled and took the car keys from Kat’s hand, “Okay let’s go home, joon. We need to get you to bed fast.” She ended up driving the four blocks back to the Edison’s without any complains from Kat. Molly and JJ decided to crash on Kimberly’s basement pull-out couch for the night, since neither of them could drive home.

Adena parked inside the garage and led Kat out of the SUV by her hand, into the warm house. “Hi girls, how was your day with the kids?” Susan inquired, as soon as she heard the door opening from behind the staircase. She was on the living room couch watching a holiday movie with Marcus, who looked like he had just woken up.

“Terrr-rificc,” Kat answered. “But Mom...the kids are all grown up and graduated...and...why did you ground me for soooo long?”

Susan turned around and slowly nodded, not understanding her daughter’s question, and gave Adena a concerned look. “Is okay, Kat’s going to bed now. We had a really lovely time with Kimberly, JJ and his girlfriend Molly. I’m sure Kat will tell you both more in the morning. Goodnight.” Adena waved and pushed Kat in the direction of the stairs.

“Alright, goodnight girls.” Susan turned around and went back to watching her show, while Marcus fell back to sleep.

- - - - -
“Ohhh..” Kat moaned with her eyes closed, holding her hand over her forehead. The room was pitch dark still and the house quiet.

“Merry Christmas, baby,” Adena whispered, stretching her neck up and kissing Kat’s chapped lips. “How do you feel?”

“ I have a vise on my head. Ouch.” Kat cracked her eyes open and looked into Adena’s eyes, “Merry Christmas, love. Sorry...I drank too much last night. But, I’ll feel better after coffee and a couple of aspirins, promise. What time is it?”

Adena propped her head on one elbow and glanced at the desk clock, “Just a little before very early.” She pulled the covers back and got out of bed, heading to the medicine cabinet in the bathroom. She quickly returned with a jar of aspirin and a glass of water for Kat. “Here sweety, takes these and I’m going to go downstairs and bring us back two cups of coffee from the Keurig. Close your eyes and wait for me in bed.” The artist threw on her robe and left the room.

Adena returned a few minutes later with the coffees and made Kat sit up to drink half. “Thanks Dee, this will work in a little bit. Come, come back into bed with me.” Kat threw the duvet back and Adena lost the robe and crawled back under it, snuggling close to her girl.

Three hours later Kat woke up feeling much better and hungry. Adena stirred and also awakened. “ better?” Adena asked in a breathy voice.

“Yes love, my headache’s almost none existent.” Kat turned and faced Adena, “Let’s try it again. Merry Christmas.” Kat wrapped her hand around Adena’s lower back and pulled her close, crashing their lips together for a heated kiss.

“Mmmm, Merry Christmas to me,” Adena mumbled into Kat’s lips. “I really have to pee.”

- - - - -
A half-hour later, the girls came downstairs and found the parents in the kitchen. They were sitting at the counter enjoying a big meal of eggs, pancakes, bacon and fruit. “Hey, Hey! Well, Merry Christmas you two!” Marcus cheered.

“Yes, Merry Christmas! Please sit down and join us. You’re just in time for Dad’s traditional Christmas Day grub.”

“Thanks Mom And Dad.” Adena and Kat hugged both parents and joined them for breakfast, discussing all their previous night’s capers with their friends, expressing all the fun they had.

After kitchen clean up, the foursome headed to the living room to open gifts. Marcus turned on the radio to Christmas music and lit a fire. The tree looked stunning, a kaleidoscope of colors and presents underneath. Kat and Adena had previously mailed two big boxes filled with their gifts to Connecticut, avoiding having to drag them on the train with them. Inside the boxes were individual presents for each parent, one separate one for the Edison household, and individual presents for the children attending the Christmas family feast at Kat’s aunt’s house, later. Kat always made it a point to bring her little second cousin’s a toy for Christmas, and Adena had fun picking them out with her. Kat also brought an assortment of makeup samples from Scarlet for the four teenage girls in the family, as well as extra copies of the Fall edition of the magazine.

Kat sat under the lit tree with Adena and handed everyone their respective gifts. “And this one, my love, is yours.” She handed Adena a medium sized wrapped box. “Open it first,” she requested.

“Ooh, wonder what it is?” Adena grinned widely, shook the box and unwrapped it, finding a much smaller gift box inside. It was wrapped in sparkly red paper with a gold bow, and in it Adena found a one-of-a-kind rose-gold heart locket necklace. “Beautiful!” Upon opening the locket, she saw a mini black and white photo of Kat on one knee proposing to her. The piece was engraved in the back, ‘My Heart is Forever Yours.’ She teared up and gave Kat a big hug, whispering in her ear, “So is my heart. Asheghetam.” A tear escaped and trailed down Adena’s cheek and Kat wiped it with her thumb, kissing her forehead softly.

“Asheghetam, Adena,” Kat whispered back. “Here baby, let me put it on you.”

Adena turned around, gathered and lifted her long hair up and Kat put the necklace on her. She looked down at it and smiled, pulling away, reaching for a gift buried deep behind the tree. “This one’s for you, love.”

Kat quickly tore open her box, digging through piles of scrunched up tissue paper to find a small silk pouch at the bottom. Inside was a gold diamond cut ear cuff with tiny sapphires and ‘Asheghetam’ engraved inside. “Wow, it matches my wedding band. It’s just so beautiful, babe. Thank you!” The girls leaned forward and kissed again. Kat took it out of its wrapping and Adena clipped it on her ear.

“Is lovely on you, Kat.” The fiancée’s embraced again lovingly.

“Hey you two, look this way and say cheese.” Marcus aimed his new Canon Sureshot up at the girls and snapped a couple of pictures. “Okay, I’m mailing them to you as I speak...done!”

“Is that the camera we sent you for your birthday? I love it,” Adena smiled.

“Yes dear, and Marcus has become so tech-savvy with it,” Susan answered.

“Okay, your turn, guys.” Kat and Adena watched as the parents opened up their gifts. They gave Marcus the new power drill he was looking for and Susan a keyboard for her iPad. There was also a Bose Portable Home Speaker for their kitchen in another box. “That one is really nice guys, you’ll love the sounds it puts out.”

“Thank you girls, it’s all wonderful.”

“Yes, just lovely. But you spent so much on us,” Susan bowed her head and held her hand over her heart.

“Nah, you guys are worth it,” Kat replied.

Susan and Adena collected the torn wrapping off the floor while Kat and her dad figured out the Bluetooth speaker. “I’m going to go upstairs and shower. Remember, lunch at aunt Patty’s is at 1 p.m. sharp, everyone.”

“Okay, Mom. We promise to be ready on time.”

- - - - -
Christmas lunch with Susan’s side of the family went smoothly. Everyone was feeling festive and joyous. They were all very welcoming of Adena and extremely happy for Kat’s engagement and upcoming nuptials. Kat knew her mom had prepared the family in advance for their situation, being two women in love and Adena’s Muslim background, and she was glad. So everyone behaved, including her Uncle Jim and Aunt Peggy, who tended to be right-winged and the most religious of the Goodman family. They only got a couple of strange looks from the two great-aunts when they first arrived at the party, but even they eventually came around, laughing with Adena and telling her funny stories about the children and elders.

Once back at her parents’ house, in early evening, Kat stood behind a freshly showered Adena, who was moisturizing before bed in their bathroom, staring at her new necklace in the mirror. Kat brushed her hair to the side and buried her face in her neck. “Mmmm, you smell so devine,” Kat said faintly, painfully dragging her lips on Adena’s skin.

Adena closed here eyes and let out a soft whimper, ”Hmmm, that feels sooo good,” reaching up and over with her left hand to softly scratch the back of Kat’s neck.

“Wait ‘til I get you in bed,” Kat teased, trying to untie Adena’s robe.

“Hey?” Adena quickly turned around to face Kat, fisting her hands in her sleep shirt. “I had a really wonderful time tonight. Your family was all very warm and inviting. Some day I hope my Persian family can reciprocate with a similar reaction to you.”

“Umm well...I’m pretty damn irresistible, so that won’t be a problem,” Kat joked, holding Adena by both hips. They shared a chuckle, but then Kat got a very serious look on her face. She gazed deeply into Adena’s eyes, like she was looking into her soul, “God, you are heaven on earth. Sometimes I feel like a drug addict must feel...can’t get enough of you, babe.”

“Me too,” Adena replied in a soft whisper, and stood on her tippy toes to reach Kat’s lips. But Kat denied her, pushing her own face back and away, releasing her grip, and sauntering backwards out of the bathroom.

“Finish up, Dee. I’ll be waiting for you in bed,” she said as she disappeared around the doorway.

After hearing those words, Adena felt her heart racing and she became crazy with desire. She rushed to brush her teeth and dabbed some of her lavender body splash on her wrists and neck, turning off the lights and walking up to the side of the bed, where Kat laid. The intensity of Kat’s stare was almost paralyzing. Adena barely managed to pull at the tie on her robe and she let the fabric slide off of her shoulders, onto the ground, having a hard time catching her breath. Kat looked her up and down, and swallowed hard, lifting the comforter back, and Adena crawled into the bed in just black panties.

- - - - -
It was Sunday, their final morning visiting New Canaan. The girls woke up early to do some laundry and pack. They left the house just briefly, to catch an early lunch with Kat’s parents in the downtown area. After returning, they collected all their things and relaxed by the fireplace one last time. A few hours later, Marcus and Susan drove them to the railroad station and they boarded the 4 p.m. train back south to New York City. It was the best six days Kat ever spent in her hometown...her heaven on earth.