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I Like You

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When did it start? Nezuko was lost in thought while she was preparing dinner. Recently she had come to the realization that she had developed feelings for the former water pillar, Giyuu. Once she reverted back to the sweet human she was, she started interacting with everyone normally. Everyone was happy for her but Giyuu was the only one who hadn’t had much of a reaction. From the beginning she was curious about him. Her memories of him remained even when she became a human. She remembered their very first encounter. He was the one that made a bamboo muzzle for her and put his life on the line along with Urokodaki and her brother in trust of her. Her brother was his only friend and they visited him often. She remembered when she asked if she could be his friend too. He gave her a nod. In the inside he was happy to have made another friend. Nezuko visited Giyuu even without her brother. Sometimes she would go just to check up on him, bring him food, just spend time with him, or all of the above. As she spent more time with him, the more she started to see him in a different light. The feeling of love had blossomed within her.


“Nezuko the water’s overflowing!” Tanjirou shouted.


“Huh?!” She looked and saw the pot was overflowing. “Ah!” She carefully removed the pot off the fire. 


“Nezuko what’s wrong? It’s unusual for you to be daydreaming while cooking.”


She mustered up a smile. “It’s nothing!” 


“If you say so...Oh! It’s that time of the year again.”


“What is it?”


“Where we go flower viewing! The sakura trees are going to be beautiful this year. I’m so excited. We should bring Giyuu-san with us!”


Nezuko’s eyes lit up at the mention of Giyuu. Giyuu-san’s going to come too?! What am I going to wear?! 


Tanjirou picked up the scent of anticipation from Nezuko. Nezuko must really be looking forward to seeing the flowers this year.


The next day she decided to bring some food to Giyuu. She was always concerned whether he properly ate in that huge empty house of his. She knocked on the wooden door. “Giyuu-san!” There was no response. After trying a couple more times, she gave up. Feeling dejected she turned around to go back home. That was when she saw Giyuu coming back home. She ran up to him with eagerness. She didn’t see the rock on the ground and tripped over it.


“!” Giyuu ran up to her and caught her just in time. That was close.


“Hehe, thank you!” She stood back up. “I brought some food over for you!”


“Come inside.” Giyuu entered the house with Nezuko following behind him. Nezuko unwrapped the cloth and unpacked the food for him. She had packed all sorts of delicious food causing his stomach to grumble loudly.


“Please eat Giyuu-san.”


“What about you?”


“I’m okay!” Just then her stomach rumbled too. Her cheeks turned red. How embarrassing!


She must be hungry. “Eat.” 


“Okay…” They ate breakfast in silence. 


“Thanks for the meal.” Nezuko started packing up the empty containers. “Do you have time?” he asked.


“I do!”


“I’ll bring out tea.”


“Giyuu-san don’t you have to go to the store?”


“I have time.” He set out tea for them. Giyuu enjoyed the extra time with her because it was soothing to him. Whenever he started off the day with Nezuko, he felt happy inside all day long.


Nezuko was feeling incredibly nervous. She wanted to ask him if he had time to go view flowers this weekend. “Um...Giyuu-san.” Thump, thump. “I was wondering if you have time this weekend.”


“I have time.”


“W-Would you like to go flower viewing with me?!” She realized the way she invited him sounded wrong. “Ah! I meant not alone! Nii-chan will be there and also Urokodaki-san too!”




Thank goodness he said okay! Part of her felt disappointed that he said okay to all of them going. Would he have said okay if it was only me? After wishing him a good day, Nezuko walked to the tailor shop to start the day. 


“Nezuko-chan, good morning~” the seamstress greeted her. 


“Good morning!” Nezuko settled down.


“We have quite the orders we need to work on. Are you ready to start the day?”




“I like your energy. Let’s start working.” The two women started working. Many customers entered and exited for the next few hours. It quickly became lunch time and they decided to go on a break. 


“Hello~” a voice said. 


“Wel-” Nezuko gasped and smiled. “Mitsuri-nee!” 


“Nezuko-chan~ Are you free right now?”


“Yeah I’m on a break! What brings you here? Do you need a kimono or some altering done?”


“Maybe next time. I came to get you!”




“Let’s eat lunch together. Is that alright miss seamstress?” 


The seamstress laughed. “Of course it is Mitsuri-chan. You two have a good time.”


“Thank you~” Mitsuri linked her arm with Nezuko’s. “Let’s go!” Mitsuri brought her back to the restaurant she ran with Obanai. “Obanai-chan~”


“Mitsuri.” He noticed she wasn’t alone. “The brat’s sister.” Obanai didn’t have much of an opinion about her. He was fine with her coming often because Mitsuri treated her like a younger sister.


“H-Hello Iguro-san!” Nezuko bowed her head to him. 


“Sit, sit, Nezuko-chan!” Mitsuri seated her. “We have a new menu item called omurice, would you like to try it?”


“Yes please!” Nezuko loved Mitsuri’s cooking. 


“One omurice coming up~” Mitsuri went into the kitchen with Obanai following her.


Nezuko felt envious looking at the lovely couple. I wonder if Giyuu-san and I can be like that one day. She let out a small sigh. 


“What’s with the sigh?” Mitsuri came out with a plate of omurice for her. She settled it down in front of her.


Nezuko saw what looked like beaten eggs topped on fried rice. She noticed there was a heart ketchup on the egg. “It looks and smells amazing!” 


“Thank you~ Try a bite!” 


Nezuko took a spoonful of the omurice and ate it. She looked at Mitsuri with a surprised expression. “This is so good!”


“Hehe thank you~” Mitsuri sat down next to Nezuko while Obanai sat next to her. “So did you sigh because of Tomioka-san?” 


Nezuko blushed and bashfully nodded her head.


This girl likes Tomioka?! Obanai was in shock.


“How did you know?!”


“I can tell from the way you look at him~ You two would make a cute couple! Did you invite him to go flower viewing this weekend?”


“Kind of...Speaking of which, would you two like to join us?”


“Thank you for the invite but we’re running the restaurant that day. I want to go though,” Mitsuri had a sad expression.


“Mitsuri, how about you go? I can man the place down.”


“I would never go flower viewing without you Obanai-chan! I’m going to work with you right here.”


Mitsuri. He was touched by her response. 


“So how did you ask him?!” Mitsuri was eager to know.


“Well...I invited him with everyone else.”


Poor Nezuko-chan! She knew that someone like Giyuu needed a girl who would take initiative. They continued to chat until it was time for Nezuko to return. Mitsuri sent her off with sakura mochi to share with the seamstress. She was determined to help Giyuu and Nezuko out. “Obanai-chan I’m going to visit Tomioka-san’s place! Can you look after the place for a short while?”


Tomioka’s?! Tomioka you bastard! Obanai internally sighed. He knew she wanted to help them out and there was no stopping her. “Take your time.” Misturi gave him a quick peck on his cheek. Obanai’s cheeks turned red. 


“Thank you Obanai-chan~ I’ll bring back something yummy~!” She waved as she exited through the door.


“Mitsuri.” Obanai was clutching onto his chest. His love for her grew more and more everyday. 


Mitsuri was happily humming on her way to Giyuu’s store. She saw him sitting with an emotionless face. Tomioka-san looking so cute while just sitting there! “Tomioka-san~”


Giyuu noticed Mitsuri running his way. "Kanroji. Are you here for some fish?"


I guess it'd be a little rude not to buy anything. "Give me the best fish you have! By the way I came to talk to you."


Talk? What could she want to talk about?


"Say Tomioka-san is there someone you like?"


"..." Giyuu didn't know how to respond to the question. The silence made Mitsuri feel like she asked an awkward question. "I…"


Could it be that he's going to say Nezuko-chan?!


"Like my friends…"


This wasn't the answer I was looking for! Tomioka-san needs a little push! Mitsuri grabbed his arm. "We need to go somewhere Tomioka-san!"


"The fish."


"We'll come back for it later!" Mitsuri lead him to the tailor shop Nezuko was working at. Mitsuri noticed the usual group of boys that admired Nezuko, standing outside the shop. Perfect timing! 


Giyuu noticed the group of boys as well. There was a strange feeling that arose within him. He didn't know what it was except that he didn't like it.


"Oh those guys again!" He looked at her. "These guys always come to Nezuko-chan's shop to look at her. They must really like her!!" She peeped at him to see his reaction.


The fact that these guys came here often to look at Nezuko didn't sit well with him. He decided to approach them.


Tomioka-san is jealous! Nezuko-chan he really likes you~


"What are you doing here?" he asked them.


"Oh, uh!" One of the guys stepped up. "Are you Kamado-san's older brother?! I-It's nice to meet you! I'm Suzuki Teru!" His voice cracked towards the end of the sentence. The guys behind him snickered. His face turned red. "I-I would like to take Kamado-san flower viewing this weekend!" He bowed his head.




"May I know why?!"


"She's already going with someone."


"Who?! Does she have a lover?!"




The young man came to the realization that Giyuu was not her brother. Looking at him closely, he didn't even resemble Nezuko at all. Craaaap! I just asked her out in front of her boyfriend! "I-I'm terribly sorry! I didn't know she was seeing someone!" He bowed his head and ran for his life. The others followed after him.


"?" Giyuu was confused. Seeing someone? Is she seeing someone? 


Tomioka-san the way you scared that group of boys away from Nezuko-chan! I love how assertive you were~ 


The door opened and Nezuko poked her head out. "Giyuu-san, Mitsuri-nee? What brings you two over here?"


"Oh! We were just solving a minor problem!" 


"Oh so that's what the commotion was about."


"Sorry~ Hope we didn't bother you!"


Nezuko shook her head. "I'm not bothered at all."


"After work…" Giyuu spoke up. "I'll walk you home." He wanted to make sure he properly scared the group of guys away for good.


Nezuko's cheeks grew hot. Did I hear him right?! "You're going to pick me up after work?" He gave her a nod. She broke out into a huge smile. "I'll be waiting!" He gave her another nod before she went back in to work. 


The sun was setting, indicating the end to another day. Like Giyuu promised, he walked to the tailor shop to pick Nezuko up. As he was approaching the store he noticed Nezuko happily talking to some man. The uncomfortable feeling bothered him again. He stood there until they were done with their conversation. Nezuko spotted Giyuu and waved at him. He walked up to her. “You ready?”


“Yes!” The two started walking together under the orange pink sky. Nezuko was enjoying the time she was spending with Giyuu.


Giyuu was deep in thought. For some reason he couldn’t stop thinking about the man he saw just before. 


“Giyuu-san would you like to join us for dinner?” There was no response from him. She looked at him and noticed he was lost in thought. How was she able to tell? Who knows. Nezuko could tell that his mind was elsewhere. “Giyuu-san?”




“I was wondering if you’d like to join us for dinner.”


“Okay.” Giyuu joined the Kamado siblings for dinner. He was spacing out through dinner and his walk back home. As he was lying down to sleep, the scene where Nezuko was talking with the young man kept replaying in his mind. He kept tossing and turning because he couldn’t fall asleep. He eventually gave up on sleeping for the night and walked out to the corridor. The moon was shining bright. He looked up at the moon and saw Nezuko’s smiling face. Is that the person she’s seeing?




The day to go flower viewing has arrived. Nezuko woke up super early to head down to Mitsuri’s restaurant. Mitsuri had told her that she would help her make food for everyone. Nezuko entered the restaurant. “Good morning. Mitsuri-nee I’m here.”


Mitsuri popped her head out of the kitchen door. “Nezuko-chan good morning~ Come to the kitchen!” 


Nezuko went to the back and entered the kitchen. She gasped at the luxurious ingredients laid out before her eyes. “Mitsuri-nee can we really use all of these?! Shouldn’t you use these for the restaurant?”


“It’s okay! We’re going to make Tomioka-san fall for you even harder today!”


Nezuko blushed. “How are you so sure that he even likes me that way?”


Mitsuri giggled. “I just know~ Let’s start cooking!”


After they finished cooking some food, Nezuko went to where they would be viewing the sakura trees. As she was waiting at the entrance, she noticed Tanjirou still wasn’t here. I wonder where nii-chan could be? Just then Tanjirou’s crow landed on her shoulder and gave her a letter. “Thank you.” The letter read as follows,



   I’m very sorry but something turned up last minute with Urokodaki-san. We’re sorry we can’t go watch the flowers with you but please have a good time with Giyuu-san.”


That means it’s just me and Giyuu-san viewing flowers?! Her heart started beating faster. What if he doesn’t want to stay? What should I do?! 


On the other hand Tanjirou’s crow returned to him. “Did Nezuko receive the letter?”


“Kaw! (Yes!)” 




“Giyuu’s changed,” Urokodaki said. 


“You think so Urokodaki-san?”


“Ever since he sent you two to me, I knew something about him changed. He’s not the kind of child that would let a demon live. Now look at the three of you. You guys are like a family.”


Giyuu-san! Tanjirou was glad he made the decision not to go. Giyuu was the only person he fully trusted Nezuko with. Earlier during the week he bumped into Mitsuri and she revealed to him what she thought about Giyuu and Nezuko. She said she was positive that they had feelings for each other. A lot of pieces started coming together as he listened to her. He couldn’t have asked for a better person for Nezuko. Please have a good time with our Nezuko!


Giyuu arrived and saw Nezuko waiting. “Nezuko.”


“G-Giyuu-san!” Her voice squeaked. “Nii-chan and Urokodaki-san said they can’t make it last minute. If you don’t want to go, it's okay.” Even though she said that, she was hoping he’d still want to watch with her.


Giyuu started walking forwards but noticed Nezuko wasn’t following. He looked behind at her. “Aren’t you coming?”


Nezuko was elated. Giyuu-san said yes! “I’m coming!” She walked next to his side and they started walking. The sakura were in full bloom. All they could see were the beautiful light pink petals surrounding them. Many couples were walking around and enjoying the view.


Giyuu noticed that she was carrying what he assumed was a container of food. “Let me hold that.”


“Oh, it’s oka-” A child bumped into her causing her to drop the container of food. Some of the contents spilled out of the container. The food Mitsuri-nee and I worked so hard on! 




Nezuko smiled at him. She lifted him up and patted the dirt off of him. She was sad because she wanted Giyuu to eat the food but it couldn’t be helped. “Are you alright?”


The kid nodded. “I’m so sorry onee-san!” The kid’s parents came to get him. They profusely apologized to Giyuu and Nezuko.


“Oh no it’s okay! As long as he’s alright.” 


“Please take money as compensation for the food.”


“It’s alright! Please don’t worry about it!”


While Nezuko was talking with the kid's parents, Giyuu started separating the food that fell onto the ground and the ones that remained in the container. He put everything back in an orderly manner. After the parents and the kid left, Nezuko turned to Giyuu. “Ah Giyuu-san it’s okay.”


Giyuu knew how much effort she put into making the food. He coincidentally saw her go to Mitsuri’s restaurant early in the morning. He wasn’t going to let her work go to waste. “I separated the ones that touched the ground from the ones that didn’t.”


“Oh! You didn’t have to.” She smiled brightly at him. “Thank you.”


Giyuu felt like his heart was being squeezed. He turned his eyes elsewhere. “It’s nothing.” They continued walking until they reached a secluded area. It was the perfect place to sit down and look at the flowers. “Should we sit here?”




Giyuu took off his haori and placed it on the grass. “Sit.”


Giyuu-san’s haori is going to get dirty. “But your haori is going to get dirty.”


“It’s okay.” She sat down and he sat down next to her. He started to undo the cloth. 


The cute food Nezuko spent time making looked like a mess. She felt embarrassed looking at it. I can’t let him eat this. “Giyuu-san please don’t eat this. There are plenty of places to eat around here. Let’s go to one of those.”


Without a word, he took a bite of the potato croquette. There was a mixture of meat and vegetables inside.


Nezuko looked at him with eager eyes. Is it to his taste? The corners of his lips curved up a little bit. Giyuu-san is smiling! He rarely ever smiles!


“It’s good.”




He took the other potato croquette and brought it to her mouth. “Try it.”


“I-I can eat it myself.” She took it from his hand and took a bite. The crispiness of the outside with the softness in the inside combined with all the flavors, made it feel like there was a flavor party in her mouth. Mitsuri-nee thank you so much! 


They ate the delicious food as they enjoyed the scenery. After finishing the food, they remained seated. “Thank you for the meal,” he said.


“Thank you for the meal~” Nezuko said. “I’m so full!” Giyuu noticed a crumb on the edge of her mouth. He brought his hand to her mouth. “?!” Nezuko was shocked from the sudden touch.


“There was a crumb.”


“T-Thank you.” She could’ve sworn that her heart was going to leap out of her chest from his touch. She continued to enjoy the good weather and the flowers. Her eyes wandered to Giyuu. Giyuu-san is really handsome. “I like you,” the sentence slipped out of her mouth. Giyuu’s eyes widened and their eyes met. Nezuko gasped at the realization of what she just said. She quickly looked away from him. 


Is she thinking about that guy? His eyebrows furrowed. "Are you talking about that young man?" He didn't know why but it just came out of his mouth as well. After seeing that scene when he went to pick her up, it hadn't left his mind.


She looked back at him with a confused expression. "Young man? What young man?"


"From that evening when I went to pick you up." Is he the one that you're seeing? 


Nezuko took a moment to dig through her memories. "Oh you're talking about that customer! He wanted to surprise his wife with a beautiful kimono for their wedding anniversary. He was sharing a funny moment from their wedding. It was funny."


Giyuu felt all the tension leave his body. He was relieved that he was just a customer.


"Why do you ask?"


"It's nothing." 


Nezuko knew it wasn't nothing but she wasn't going to push him to tell her. "Giyuu-san, I meant what I said. I like you. I really like you." You don't know how much I like you. 


Giyuu looked into her gorgeous deep red to pink eyes. He didn't know exactly when it started. All he knew was that feelings had bloomed for the young woman in front of him at some point.


"I'm sorry if this is too sudden for you. I understand that you may need some time. I'll wait for you."


"There's no need to wait."




"Let's start right now." Tears started streaming down her eyes. He wiped them with the sleeve of his kimono. "Don't cry."


"I'm crying because I'm happy!" She launched her body at him, giving him a hug. It caused Giyuu to fall on his back. "Please take care of me!"


Giyuu had a small grin. "Please take care of me as well." 


Spring marked new beginnings. Everything that had died during the cold winter wind, spring revitalized. The once bare sakura trees grew back their beautiful flowers. Under these sakura trees, a new flower had grown. A flower of love. Spring was finally here.