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Welcome To The Show

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Patricia Blum a young woman currently being dragged to the new circus that showed up in their town about a week ago by one of her closest friends.

"Come on Patty!" The girl tugged on her arm as she tried to run.

"What is so special about this place anyways" Patricia asked seeing the tent come into view, she hadn't really heard anything about it other than from Audra who has been at least three times in the week it's been here.

"Patty. I told you the reason I want you to come is a secret. Now come on or we won't get good seats!" Audra tugged on her harder, this making Patty laugh a bit.

Soon enough the pair made it to the big tent, after paying for tickets they walked in. To their luck front row seats, that was when Patty noticed her other friends walking up to them. Turning to Audra Patricia glared lightly.

"Why didn't you tell me they were coming too?" She whispered harshly, not that she was angry just a bit upset one of her friends would lie.

"Hey guys" Ben says with a happy wave to them. Patricia turned back to the two boys with a sweet smile, waving at them happily.

"So why did you call us here again, this place if filthy" Eddie whined looking around not wanting to sit with everyone else. Patricia sighs wondering the same thing as Eddie. Before anyone could get any words in the house lights shut off, the tent going pitch black. Audra grabbed Eddie's arm causing him to sit down much to his protests.

The four watching as the show started. They watched in awe as the show continues, Patricia noticed how Audra was way more invested in watching the juggler than any of the other performances. She found that a bit amusing and she would definitely be using it as teasing material later. That was until the final act came on, he had to have been their age all of them were. Dark golden curly hair that was clearly pulled back to keep it out of his face, his eyes glittered like a gem under the spotlights and the little glitter on his face, his outfit tight to his body. This body definitely caught Patricia's attention, and her friends noticed. How she leaned over a bit sitting on the edge of her seat and he hasn't even started. When he did start the other three sworn they watched Patty's jaw drop.

By the time the show ended the group stood around the grounds, just chatting with each other that was until a fifth voice broke through their conversation.

"Did you enjoy the show?" the four turned to see the knife thrower. Now wearing some tacky shirt, his hair freed from the styling and makeup wiped away to reveal some freckles. Patty could have sworn she saw Eddie staring.

"We did, might have to come back again" Audra spoke up for the group with a bright smile. This caused the knife thrower to smile wider.

"Was I your favorite act?"

"It was dangerous! How could anyone enjoy that!? Almost gave me a panic attack" Eddie answered almost immediately after the boy finished his question. This made everyone including the knife thrower.

"RICH!" a new voice called running to the group, Patricia could recognize him instantly. The final act, but now he was done down and looked like a normal boy. Rich threw his arm around his friend with a smile.

"Hey Stan, I was just talking to our fans" He said with a smile and gesturing to Patricia, Audra, Eddie, and Ben. Stan nodded slightly.

"Richie you know if we are late for post show meetings it won't end well" Stan said in a hushed voice, yet Patty picked it up and frowned softly.

"If you two need to go I'll drag my friends away" Patricia spoke up with a smile to which Stan returned.

"Sorry to cut the meet and greet short but duty calls. See you later?" Richie says with a wink, Stan rolling his eyes before pulling him away. Patricia doing the same with her friends.

"Eds you were totally checking out Richie I think his name was? The knife thrower" Audra comments as they walked.

"Well you were staring at the juggler. I don't think you even blinked" Eddie argued back with a huff.

"Why do you think I've been so many times?" She says with a shrug. Patricia giggled softly at this and that made her friends look at her.

"And Patty here couldn't take her eyes off of the contortionist." Audra pointed at her with a teasing smile. The blonde blushed softly and shakes her head.

"I was not staring at him, just fascinated. I've never seen a human bend like that" She mumbles kicking a rock, mind going back to how worried he sounded right before they left. The four walked with comfortable silence until they each branched off to their homes. Patty and Ben being the last two.

"Did you realize how worried he sounded before we left" She spoke out knowing if anyone noticed it would be Ben.

"I did, but you shouldn't worry about it" Ben sighs shoving his hands in his hoodie pockets.

"Ben what if they are in danger, I can't just let them stay there if they are"

"What could you do Patty? You can't house five people in your home, your parents don't even like it when Eddie or I come over to study" Ben sighs not trying to sound rude, but they were only teens what could they possibly do. Patricia sighs with a nod.

"Yeah I know" she mumbles stopping in front of her home. Turning to run inside. It was already dark and her parents were probably already upset or worried

"I'll see you tomorrow" Ben called before walking to his home.

Patricia spent the night laying in bed thinking about the boy from the circus and if they actually were in trouble how she could even help.