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Super Smash Bros - The Anomalous Case of Mr. Chambers.

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 The Lobotomy Corporation. That’s what the public knew them by at least. To the average folk, they were just an energy company with a curiously morbid name. However, to the employees of the company, as well as a select few in multiple governments around the world, they went by another name. The SCP foundation. Their job was to Secure, Contain, and Protect unnatural entities dubbed as anomalies. Though their reputation as a power company isn’t unwarranted, as the foundation has found a way to harvest energy from these anomalies for relatively cheap.

 In one of the corporation’s facility is where our fine tale starts, as two employees, one a male redhead with a coat that mimicked the night sky and a scythe that was similar to a musical note, and the other a blonde female with an outfit not unlike one would find on a magical and with odd boney wings protruding from her back and holding a blue rifle escort an odd cube container, being pushed by several miscellaneous employees of the corporation down a metal hall lined with doors. 

 “Do you know what madness they captured this time, Diego?” The gal asked, curiously.

 “If you don’t know, then I don’t, Carrie.” The newly dubbed Diego stated. “But it’s gotta be dangerous. We don’t use these transportable high-security containment units for Zayin or Teth.” 

 “So you’re saying it’s an Aleph?”

 “Oh god no, you know they don’t trust me with those, especially after the Silent Orchestra incident. Honestly surprised they haven’t put me in one of these containment cells because of that.” He stated.

 “Heh, I know. I’m just teasing you! Though that only leaves He and Waw. I heard rumors that it came from the black forest, you think they found a fourth bird?” Carrie questioned teasingly.

 “Whoever told you that is full of crap. There were only three birds in the story, where would a fourth one even come from?” 

 “You’re only saying that cause you’re scared of them.”

 “Hey! I have a very good reason to be scared of those anomalies and you know it!” He snapped back, voice laced with anger.

 “Yeah Yeah, I know. I just like seeing you riled up, Dee. nothing wrong with a little teasing!” 

 “...fine. Just don’t bring up the birds like that again. I know you’re joking but it’s a sensitive subject for me,  Carrie.” Diego sighed.

 “Ah, gotcha. Sorry, Diego. didn’t mean to rub you the wrong way like that.” The pseudo magical girl apologized.

 “Yeah, yeah, apology accepted. Let’s just get this thing in its permanent containment cell and then we can get lunch, it’ll be on me.” 

 “Would it be a date?” Carrie asked teasingly.

 “If a date can be platonic then yes. It’s a date.” Diego flatly replied. “Ah, here we are.”

 The group paused in front of a door, not unlike a garage door. It was the same cold steely color that the rest of the hall was. There was a single window into the square room behind it. No lights were on and it was empty. To the right of the door was a small keypad with a card reader.

 “You guys” Diego pointed towards the group of misc. Employees. “Line the unit up with the door, but don’t open it without my permission. I’ll give the go once I’ve opened the containment cell door.” With that, he walked over to the keypad and began typing, though for a second he paused. 

 “And Carrie?”


 “No peeking, or you’ll buy your own lunch. Last time someone tried to catch a peek when we were doing this their face melted off.”

 “Fine, I wasn’t going to anyways, since we know literally nothing about it anyways. Contrary to what you often think, I do value my life!”

 “Whatever you say, Carrie.” and with that, he went back to typing for a few seconds, before swiping his ID card through the card reader. By this time the portable containment unit had been lined up with the door, and at the swipe of the card, everyone could hear the sounds of mechanical whirring as the door began to open.

 However one of the misc employees must’ve not been paying attention. They began to open the containment unit unprompted. They realized their mistake when there was only about a one-inch gap. On a good day, the employee would’ve been able to close it before anything got out, and everything would be fine! They might’ve gotten written up for a slip up like that but nobody would’ve been hurt.

 But today was not a good day.

The containment unit was thrust away from the door, knocking all the employees to the ground. Diego and Carrie readied their weapons as they caught a glimpse of what their new arrival looked like.

 Two skinny arms reached out, having opened the gap by a few more inches so they could fit. The arms were like if someone froze a galaxy in the silhouette of an arm. The arms began to open the gap more and more, as what seemed to be a liquid began to drip out, sharing the arms galaxy aesthetic. 

 “Carrie. Go to the security hub and get a breach alarm going. It won’t register as a breach on its own because-” Diego was cut off.

 “-We didn’t put it in the cell yet. I know! And gotcha. Don’t die on me Diego, I’ll be back as soon as I can!” And with that, the pseudo magical girl took off running, away from the fight.

 Now on his own, Diego gripped his scythe tightly as the anomaly emerged. It has an aesthetic that vaguely reminded him of a nun. Its body was a purple dress that reached all the way to the floor, and under it is where the galaxy liquid was leaking out. Its head floated above the body, nothing connecting them. Its eyes were closed and its skin was a lighter purple. Short yellow hair hung close to the face, as a veil hung down to just below its waist. It’s outside was the same purple as the dress, but the inside was a galaxy, and instead of the arms coming off of where the shoulders would be, they game out of the veil itself, just a little below the shoulders of the body.

 Without missing a beat Diego rushed at the anomaly, raising his scythe for a strike, but one that would never come. The thing caught the scythe with ease and looked down at the employee. She grinned a thin, malicious grin, revealing needle-sharp teeth. Before Diego could pull back for another strike, out of the galaxy goop rose multiple hands, grasping at his legs and body. The moment they touched him he felt paralyzed. 

 “You… sir.” He could hear the thing’s voice in his head. It sounded calming, like a mother trying to calm her crying baby. “You’re special. Are you not?”

 He couldn’t respond to her question, as the paralysis had taken away his speech.

 “You’re a lucky one. The ones who are special get to explore. The mercy of death cannot save you now. Perhaps your little friend will join you if she proves to be as special as you.”

 Diego began to feel himself being pulled down by the arms into a puddle of the galaxy goop. He felt it encase his body as he sunk into the floor. As it reached his head he could hear the alarms blaring, signifying something had breached.

 He wanted to scream. The goop felt like he was being frozen and burned at once. It was like he was being wrapped up in the world’s comfiest blanket and impaled by the world’s sharpest iron maiden. He would rather die than go to whatever hell dimension this thing was going to send him to.

 Then the goop encased him completely. All the sensory information became too much for him and he lost consciousness.

 In all honesty, Diego wasn’t sure if he would wake up. When he did, he wasn’t expecting the hell dimension to be like… This.

 The first thing he noticed when he came to was that he was in a relatively comfortable bed. He blinked a few times before sitting up and looking around. Everything had this blurriness about it, but it quickly dawned on him that he wasn’t wearing his glasses.

 Through his impaired vision, he saw bright white walls, and the room he was in had multiple rectangle shapes that he assumed were beds. His first thought was that someone had saved him from that anomaly, and now he was in the facility’s medbay. However, that hope left as quickly as it came, as he remembered that the facility’s medbay was cold and grey with at least a few occupied beds at all times. Unlike this place which was a warm, comforting white and (as far as he could tell) he was the only one here.

 Ok. so best case scenario he was just in a different part of his own world. Worst case, he’s trapped in another dimension for all eternity. With that thought in his mind, he did a quick patdown of what he had. Which wasn’t a lot. The good news was that he wasn’t injured majorly injured, just a few scrapes and bruises, most of which had been bandaged. Though, the bad news was that he had none of his gear. His scythe he could understand. But his suit had been replaced with a basic t-shirt and some sweatpants.
 Upon this short reflection, Diego felt a mix of emotions. He felt somewhat relieved, as whoever was in this place had no intention of killing him, at least not right away. Though he was also scared. He felt defenseless without his gear. Sure he could still put up a pretty decent fistfight, but he would feel more confident in his new environment if he had some sort of weapon,

 “Oh! Sir, you’re up!” Diego was snapped out of his thoughts by a newcomer. They seemed to be a small person, blonde with green clothing. Their voice sounded kind of cute if he was being completely honest.

 “...Yes. I suppose I am.” He responded, trying to mask his uneasiness.

 “Are you feeling okay? I was worried about you, you seemed really banged up after you fell!” Diego was a bit taken aback by this response. Not in a bad way though, back at the facility no one really showed worry or concern for one another. It was just rushing to make sure you didn’t die by whatever monster breached that day.

 “I believe I’m fine. Though if it isn’t too much trouble, may I ask you a question or two?” He asked, his mind was already running with him trying to figure out what she meant by “After you fell”.

 “That’s completely okay! I figured you’d have some questions, it’s not every day you fall out of the sky!” Well, that answered that thought. “And I’m Isabelle, by the way!”

 “I’m Diego. Diego Chambers. It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.” he greeted. “Now… I was wondering where my glasses are, though I assume they got broken when I fell?”

 He wasn’t expecting Isabelle to giggle a bit in response.


“I’ve never heard someone be so nonchalant about falling from the sky!”

 “Hm… I guess that is a thing someone would be more shocked if they heard that, though where I am from, I have encountered far stranger things.”

 “Oh! That sounds interesting! Though as much as I wanna ask you about that more, that can come later! Your glasses are being repaired! Your clothes were pretty damaged, so we’re taking the time to repair them since they seem pretty unique! I’m not sure how soon your suit will be patched up, but I think your glasses will be here in a few minutes! A friend of mine said he’d bring them here the moment they were done!”

 “Alright… now, I suppose this is the more important question. Where am I?”

 “Well-” Before Isabelle could continue, the door to the medbay burst open. It was hard for Diego to make out the figure, as they were clad in mostly white and blended in with the room pretty well.

 “Hey, Isabelle! The guy’s glasses are fixed!” Diego winced at the newcomer’s voice. It was loud and very childish.

 “You don’t need to yell.” He grumbled. If he wasn’t up already, that surely would’ve woken him up.

 “Pit! You couldn’t have had better timing!” Isabelle said, waving the newly dubbed pit over. 

 “Sorry for yelling! I’m just excited. People who come here usually don’t-”

 “Fall out of the sky. We’ve established that’s not normal already.” Diego said. He was already tired of this guy. He knew people like Pit. Loud and Childish employees who never made it past their first breach. 

 “Geez, there’s no need to be such a grump about it!” Pit pouted.

 Diego was gonna say something before Isabelle butted in. “Look, let’s not get into a fight right now! Now that pit’s brought you your glasses, instead of just telling you about this place, we can show you! Some of the other people here have been really curious about you, Mr. Chambers!”

 “Showing is better than telling unless it’s…” He paused, before shaking his head. “Nevermind. May I please have my glasses, pit?” He held out his hand

 “Right. Here you are, sir! Maybe you’ll lighten up a bit once you can see better!” And with that, he dropped the glasses into Diego’s hand.

 He put his trusty glasses on, and the fuzziness of the world cleared away, but he wasn’t ready for what they revealed.

 Isabelle was not the tiny person he thought she was, and Pit wasn’t a normal loud kid. They were an anthropomorphic dog and a stereotypical depiction of an angel. His shock and fear must’ve been prominent in his expression because- 

 “Mr. Chambers? Are you okay?” Isabelle asked he could clearly see the worry on her own face.

 “No.” He bluntly stated. He could feel his heart start to pound, Diego wanted to scream. If these two were anything to go by, he’d just landed in some sort of hotbed of anomalies, and he was utterly defenseless.