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> Kamizu Bakugou's P.O.V. <

"Dad? ... Dad!? ... Dad where are you!?" I screamed, suddenly encased in darkness. Just moments before, I was in the middle of the city, side by side with my dad, fighting against a villain with a strange dissapearance quirk.


Name: ???
Quirk: Time Warp
Her quirk can transport people to random points in time. The effects are unknown. The way to reverse it are unknown.

The villain grabbed my arm and smirked at me. That fucking bitch actually smirked at me! Then, everything was white for a split second, before I was shrouded in darkness.

I could make out the small hallway that I was standing in, and ran my hand across the walls until I found a door, which was in the corner of the room. I ran my hand across the name plate (the names were engraved) and made out the feel of a few letters: T, k, y, a, m, i.

Tkyami? Tkyami? No. Tokoyami. But why would I be near - OH SHIT. I rushed towards the door on the right and checked the name. A, y, m, a. Aoyama. Which meant if my hunch was correct, and it probably was, this next door will be-. M, d, o, i, y, a. Papa's room.



"Hello? Excuse me Miss?" A familiar voice said. "Hello?" 

I opened my eyes and stared at the figure standing over me. This could not be happening. I stumbled to my feet, opening and closing my mouth, trying to form words. 

A green haired boy stared at me in bewilderment, trying to figure something out. Without even thinking, I jump tackle him into a hug. He may not know me yet, but that doesn't stop me from doing so. 

When I realised what I was doing, I quickly pushed myself off of him and backed up a bit.
"S-s-sorry! I-uh, thought you were someone else." I stumbled over my words.
"It's alright." He chuckled. "By the way, my name is-"
"Izuku Midoriya. I already know. I'm sure you don't know me yet though. My name is Kamizu B-" I just caught myself before saying it. If I said my last name, they'd know who I was immediately, and I did not want that happening.

I took a breath and restated my name. "My name is Kamizu Misaki. I-um ... I think I'm from the future."