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Life Is Strange: After The Storm

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"Arcadia Bay has been hit with a F5 tornado! Government relief is cooperating with the prestigious Prescott family to search for survivors. If you or a fa-"

A hand rushed to turn the radio off. A purple bracelet seemed to be shown off by sunlight. "Let's go to Seattle. Maybe your family can help us." Her voice was shaky, not as much as her hands. 

"I'm going to call them," Max said as she dialed in their number. A small delay stopped her. Everyone's gone. I could have stopped it. She glanced at Chloe, who didn't notice as she focused on the road. Even with the windows closed, they could still hear the ambulances and helicopters that sped in the opposite way that they were heading. I can still save them. But. She raised her hand to the window, her outstretched arm almost touching the windshield.

"Max. Please." Chloe's attention had turned to Max's arm. A strong lump appeared in her throat, her eyes feeling heavy. "You saved me so far. You saved me from Nathan. You saved me from that creepy art teacher of yours. You saved me from that tornado." God I feel like a asshole for trying to talk her out of this. \

Her arm slowly fell down, blood slowly creeping out of her nose. She turned her head towards her window and lowered it. Her hair fluttered in the wind as she wiped her nose. Blood stained the sleeve of her grey jacket, turning it into a wine color. She finally pressed the call button on her phone, and placed it on speakerphone. It rang for a second, and then a frightened voice answered on the other side.

"Oh my god! Are you okay? Is Chloe with you?"

Max opened the glove compartment and placed the phone on top of a stack of dusted papers. "We're okay. We're on the way to you guys right now."

"What about Joyce? Is she with you?"

A sniffle escaped from Chloe. "No," she forced out. One sniffle turned to multiple tears dripping down her cheek and splattering on her ripped jeans. She pressed the emergency lights and slowly drove the car to the side of the road. Metal railings blockaded them from going over, but both of them knew it wouldn't stop them if they chose to. The truck softly bumped into the railing, pressing their seat belts against their chests.

"We'll get the guest room ready over here. Please be safe you two. Both of us love you."   A beep signaled the end of the call. 

Max leaned over to Chloe's seat, taking the seat belt off. "I'm so sorry, Chloe." She held her as Chloe banged her head against the wheel and sobbed. 

"How do I live with this? Everyone I know is dead. Why was I a asshole to Mom after everything she did for me?" she managed to say through her gasps for air. "Sure, she could do better than David, but she's all I had." Max's hand grabbed hers off of the steering wheel. Her finger smoothed out the back of her hand as she thumbed the bracelet. "And you. I wish I had your power, so if I knew it would all end up as this, I could still say sorry. And maybe do shit different. And not be a ass after Dad died."

"Believe me, you don't want this power." They both sat in the truck, traffic becoming to cloud up the opposite lane. Maybe they feel the same way, Max thought. Minutes passed, and the sobbing began to stop. Harsh thoughts seem to travel from each others minds, like a relay system. 

Chloe sat up, a red mark stuck on her forehead engraved with the texture of the steering wheel. "I kind of always wanted to see what the fuss was about Seattle. Is it true that its always cold as balls there?"

A smile cracked out of Max's lips for the first time in days. "I don't remember."

She pressed the emergency lights off after a few moments of thinking and regaining her composure. "You're the one that lived there for five years."

"Then lets go find out."