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Violent Tendencies (BNHA x Male!Reader)

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Quirk: Scary Monsters (yes like Diegos' if you're familiar)

Dino Morph
You gain the characteristics of a dinosaur such as claws and a tail. Or you can turn into one completely. Being in you're dinosaur state for too long increases your bloodlust and you start to turn on friends

Dino Infect
By simply touching someone you can turn them into a dinosaur that you're able to control then said dinosaur can infect others. You can only control 2 at a time going over the limit results in excruciating painful headaches you also refuse to use this part of your quirk on humans

You were always identified as a 'troubled youth' due to your parents physical and emotional abuse. You always talked about being a hero and going to UA to be a pro but you were always put down by your parents because you were 'too weak' and your quirk was a 'villain' quirk and should never be used. You're mother really never hit you (but she might as well had with her words) but your father being the insufferable drunk he is would look for any reason to from waking up too late to being too quiet.

When you're parents weren't putting you down they argued with each other 24/7...until one day you came home from school to find your mother laid out on the floor in a pool of blood. You ran over to her falling to your knees beside her you then realized her body was covered in stab wounds. Then it clicked in your head that your father did this with his quirk since he can turn his limbs into knives and he was nowhere to be seen until you heard footsteps approaching behind you.

You got up as quickly as you could with your mom's blood on your pants. You turned to see him stumbling a little and tears running down his face. "I didn't mean to, she just wouldn't stop arguing with me" he said in a low shaky voice. He took a few steps closer to you as you backed away. "If we hide the body then your poor dad won't have to go to jail" he said now casually walking up to you. You froze once he put his hand on your shoulder "C'mon help your pop out okay?". You didn't say anything more like couldn't as you felt knots in your throat, heart, and stomach. You felt the familiar sting in your eyes indicating you were going to cry, instead you gritted your teeth and turned your hand into a claw then slashed the side of his face leaving four straight lines across his cheek. "AH! FUCK!" he screamed while holding his cheek. "You little..." before he could finish what he was saying you quickly ran out the door tears running down your face. Once you got a good distance away you called the police.

-A week later-
You're father was arrested, your mother is now dead, and your living with your cousin Kiara all at the age of 13. Your cousin thought it was a good time to start school again but you didn't saying anything in protest. You didn't talk much before but know you were reduced to nodding and shaking your head.

In school you didn't pay attention, your grades were the worst in the class, and you had no friends. But deep in your heart you still wanted to become a hero so you can help those that were stuck in the depressing situation you had. You told yourself you'll start over in highschool. You'll act as if you hadn't such a vile past.