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Don't mess with мамa паука

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"Peter пора просыпаться" Peter heard his mother call from outside his room. Sitting up Peter stretched going over to his drawers pulling out his clothes for the day a navy blue shirt and a pair of jeans putting it on calling back "Приходящая мама"

Opening the door of his room and walking out getting hit with the aroma of Bliny a pastry which was like a pancake but more flat and his mother only baked them on special occasions which today was said special occasion it was his first day of high school!

Going up to the table the young boy saw a stack of Bliny with chocolate and bananas smiling he sat down in the chair and started to eat loving every bite he took. Natasha came around with a cup of coffee in her hand sitting across from her son, he was home schooled since he was born as the two hard to move frequently from Russia to the U.S for her work.

Now getting a place in New York this was their permanent home and Peter was very excited to start his new school. Nat knew he didn't know much English as they talked mostly Russian at home but she knew slowly but surely he'd be learning english soon.

Peter looked up smiling swallowing his food having his mother chuckle "Ты готов к своей новой школе?" the boy nods replying "Да! Я хочу встретить новых друзей и узнать, что такое школа!"

Reaching her hand over to his head Nat ruffles his hair "хороший. возьми свои вещи или ты опоздаешь." Finishing his last bite of the Bliny Peter gets up going over getting his backpack which was red and black the color of his favorite spider and superhero the black widow aka his mother. Before going up to her and kissing her cheek "пока мама паук" Natasha smiles and kisses his cheek back "пока, паук, я люблю тебя"

Peter smiles "я тоже тебя люблю" he backs up and goes out the door walking to school. Natasha continues to smile taking another sip of coffee "My precious boy, be careful and make sure you come home for dinner okay.." her phone started to buzz seeing messages from Tony

T: Hey where are you at! Need you for a meeting.

Natasha rolls her eyes texting back.

N: Seeing my son go off to high school for the first time. What is it Tony? Can't you explain it over the phone?

T: Do you really want me to explain to you over phone what Nick wants us to do.

Nat sighs and texts back

N: No. You win I'll be right there.


At school Peter gets to his first class he assumed that the adult in the room was the teacher who stood by him though he only knew that the teacher said his name while gesturing to the class. Peter gives a small wave and in broken English said "hello.. um.. Peter, nice meet everybody.. not good english."

The class continued to stare at him as silence filled the room Peter didn't know what to do but the teacher started to talk again and points to an empty seat and hearing the word 'sit' the boy walked over to the seat and sat down putting his bookbag down next to his desk unzipping it getting out some notebooks to try and keep up what was going on.

Two rows across from him sat Flash Thompson giving a smirk he nudges the side of him friend "check it out new meat. Let's make sure he gets the proper welcome here."

His friend nods in return "yeah this is going to be fun."