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Your Past Memories

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[Author’s P.O. V]
Smooth, delicate sleet falls as it layers the ground like paint.  The wind swirled the snow into the trees, causing it to crash and pile. Gentle chirping erupts from the trees, Birds singing their song as they calmed the anxious people nearby.

Marching and well synchronised movements from the brainwashed agents cross through the trees that sheltered the building nearby. The agents’ faces were blank, no emotion displayed, only taking quick orders from their commander. Their marching left footprints towards the base, soon trailing into the woods beside them.
The building is constructed out of concrete. It looked it could resist the blast of a bomb. The walls stood guard, keeping whatever was inside from escaping or hiding something secretive inside. The main door is of vibranium, one of the strongest metals known. It’s secured and shut by a secret, complicated password that only very few know.

At the entrance, two guards stood either side of the door, rifles in hand, ready to protect their base at any cost. They wore black turtleneck jumpers, leather bulletproof vests and camo trousers that covered half of their boots. The soldiers’ faces were half covered by a mask which made their identity impossible to find.

A tall, well-built figure approached the main door, punching in a 7 digit code as the two guards stepped to the side as the door whirred opened. The guards scouted for anyone that may follow; The man entered the building door closing behind him. A man moves along the halls, presenting his keycard to the agents that were there, making his way towards the rusted cells.

HYDRA had furnished the cells with victims that hopelessly tried to escape, seized in New York against their will as they were walking home or going out with friends. They craved to get better agents for the future, or in other words; torture more. They need every single agent to do a test before they join: a test of fitness, mental strength, physical strength, etc. The ones that fail die, or if they are lucky. Get kicked out. The ones that succeed become top agents and weapons for HYDRA. Hydra has two top secret weapons. To SHIELD they are the biggest threat they’re called The Winter Soldier and Raven. When they work together, they’re unstoppable. They had eradicated a city within an hour in the past and have hacked S.H.I.E.L. D twenty times without them knowing.

People know the Winter Soldier for being the most mentally unstable between them. He’s controlled by trigger words that can snap him into mind control. His left arm (that is metal) can snap someone’s neck in half within an instant and punch through walls with ease. Once he is unstoppable, nobody can stop him, apart from Raven who knows the words to calm him and get him back to his old self, nobody but Raven knows it.

Raven has the same strength as The Winter Soldier, their abilities are the same, but there’s one extra to the female. She’s known for Telekinesis and teleportation. Despite not having a metal arm, she can kill people with a few punches. Compared to The Winter Soldier, she too has trigger words that control her and causes her to go onto a massive genocide. The Winter Soldier himself only knows the words to stop her mind control.

The man smirks as he approaches the most secure cell. The bars were dented, walls had holes, and the floor was unrecognisable. Right at the front stood Raven, ready to give her best and follow orders. The cell next to her was The Winter Soldier, sitting on the ground with a blank expression. The man cleared his throat before punching a code into the keypad. This alerted the Winter Soldier to which stood up in case they needed him.

“Raven, we have chosen you to go on a solo mission for two months. You’ve got an assassination mission,” the man told her as the bars opened, releasing Raven. She stood in front of him and started heading off to the main debriefing room, being impatient. She hated waiting for people. She knew the procedure far too well at this point.

Soon, the man caught up to her, groaning at the fact he can’t walk as fast as Raven. “Okay Raven, you have a very important mission for the next two months. We want you to assassinate Director Fury, ALONE. Get any information he has on us, remove our files and get information on upcoming missions. You have until August to do this. The Winter Soldier will aid you if you do not return by august. If you do not do this mission, I will kill you. Understood?” he growled at her, hissing as Raven nodded. Instantly, he opened the front door; cold air piercing through the warmth. “Your time starts NOW” he screams, Raven bolting out into the cold and into the darkness. Little did they know, she had other plans.

Raven’s mission has begun

Raven’s POV
An ear-piercing screech screams through the speakers as emergency lights flash. My brain and body began to panic. Download is 60%, time is running out; I cannot fail this mission! Hydra will murder me. I rush to duck behind a table, pulling out my gun from my hostler and aim it at the door, checking the air vents.

Word had gotten around that Hawkeye, the most annoying avenger, is nearby. He has to be near; the cameras are everywhere. Hydra is playing at something here. Gunshots echo throughout the building, bullets fly through the wall and into my direction. Without thinking, I began to fire back with everything that I have, checking the memory stick every ten seconds.

If the Winter Soldier was helping, I’d do this far easier. I growl to myself as an agent entered the room, pointing a gun at me, to which my body sprung itself at them. I jumped up, wrapped my legs around their head and slammed them onto the floor with a growl, shooting them in the chest twice. A soft thud comes from behind me as I shot around, aiming my gun at the intruder. It was Hawkeye.

He aimed his arrow at me, ready to shoot. Without hesitation, he pulled out the memory stick, slipping it into his pocket and began to attack me. Left hand, blocked. Right hand, blocked. Spinning kick, blocked and thrown across the room. The fight continued on for another few minutes before a pair of hands grab me from behind, slamming me into the table and smashing my head multiple times against it multiple times, knocking me unconscious. Before my eyes shut, a man wearing a suit, trench coat, and an eyepatch filled my vision before everything went black.