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Let Mira Guide Us

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“Oh fuck no.” Yeosang rolled his eyes back and just turned around and walked away from Seonghwa, not wanting to believe this was the harsh reality that had hit him like a blizzard. The other boy is just left dumbfounded on that starry night where they just found each other’s starmates. Themselves.


“I’m trying to listen to the teacher, can you stop?” Yeosang whispered in a rather annoyed tone to which Yunho was oblivious for.

“But this is more important! Look, he’s so hot.” His blue haired friend kept hitting Yeosang’s arm, who kept shifting on his chair.

“Stop it, I don’t want to date anyone.” The brown-haired boy growled. “And deactivate that fucking grindr account, I can’t believe you set it up this is so embarrassing.”

“What? There’s guys interested in you so what’s the problem?” Yunho kept insisting. Sometimes he didn’t know when to stop and Yeosang frankly didn’t have the patience.

“I don’t care if we have a good sign compability in sex. I don’t want sex, I want someone to love for real. I want my starmate. You think I’m going to find it on grindr?”

“You have barely gone star gazing these days so.” Yunho finally backed off, placing his phone on the table, huffing lightly.


Yeosang believed in all the mystical and esoteric things the world had to offer. He believed deeply in astrology and how the signs were highly related to his whole being. He also believed in soulmates- well in this case, starmates. This type of relationship was theorized by famous astrologists in the past and Yeosang really couldn’t wait to meet his starmate, even if he knew it was rare to happen so. He just knew starmates existed. What could be more romantic than being connected through the stars? Yeosang also wanted the most romantic everlasting love that world had to give. That’s why he didn’t want any fuckboy from grindr, or guys with poor love compatibility (even if the sex compatibility was high, sorry cancer boys). For Yeosang the stars were the most important thing and he couldn’t stop imagine how his starmate was probably walking in the same places as him. They were together in the right time but not on the right place.


34 minutes and 23 seconds until the end of Seonghwa’s shift. After wishing customers a nice day for the umpteenth time exhaustion kicked in. It was one of those days, his desire to go straight to bed without even having dinner being extremely tempting. However, it was San’s birthday and he couldn’t ditch his best friend’s party dinner. In the end, with an empty mind and a significant urge to disappear, the black haired boy finished his shift from the convenience store, which was 5 minutes away from his rooftop studio. It was all he could afford in Seoul but he didn’t necessarily hate it. It was great to watch the small and barely visible stars that could be seen through the city sky.

“Happy birthday, San.” Seonghwa greeted the other at the door with a big childish smile to which San corresponded back, inviting the other to enter after hugging ever so tightly. His hugs were so reassuring.

“Seonghwa! Come here!” Wooyoung called the other to the kitchen where the chief in charge was surrounded by a whole set of pans and pots displayed through the counters. Seonghwa was still wondering why was he invited for the dinner when it was going to be just San and Wooyoung, as usual, as they lived together. It hadn’t been long since they moved in but Seonghwa knew it was the best moments of their lives. He felt so so jealous. The boy knew the couple loved him, however, he couldn’t help but think how he was literally cockblocking them. His self-esteem levels weren’t very high.

The meal was served not long after that, Seonghwa as usual scolding Wooyoung about how he did too much for three people. Wooyoung as usual responded that the rest could be eaten later. Their routines were very comforting for them three. Specially Seonghwa because he didn’t have any other people around him, besides his parents but they lived too far away. And also Hongjoong, but Seonghwa didn’t even count Hongjoong as something part of his life. They both knew it. They were just in it for the satisfaction and the moment. Nothing else.

That day, Seonghwa felt miserable. He knew his mood wouldn’t grow any happier the moment he opened his eyes in the morning. And his gut feeling was right as usual. Though he didn’t show it to his friends, they didn’t deserve to deal with his bullshit on such a special day. It was an important date for his friends, and he wouldn’t let his pity self ruin it.
Everything felt very suffocating. Since he graduated from college, he had been working in that convenience store and living in the small rooftop studio, working in his own music compositions. His biggest dream was to be a composer and he would do whatever it took to achieve it. That was his first mindset, but as time passed by, the life he was living felt stale and stopped in time. He felt like everyone else was living while he was just watching them. And that’s when his artist block appeared. He hadn’t been able to compose in 3 weeks and it was driving him crazy. When he met Hongjoong by chance in a bar, he lied to himself by saying that the boy with a blonde mullet could be his muse and inspire him to write. However what he thought it would last, didn’t.


It was midnight. Seonghwa bid his goodbyes to San and Wooyoung, who watched him walk away from their small balcony. They both knew the boy was going through a hard time and they wanted to be there for him. Even if it was hard as they knew Seonghwa was almost impossible to open up. During their last year of college, his friends made him go to blind dates but none worked out. And he didn’t even try to make them work out. He wanted love but something in him rejected that desire. Maybe it was the fear of loving and being loved. It exists.

His way back home was long and he felt glad. The light summer breeze caressed his skin in a way that made the boy feel a little bit more alive. He desperately needed a change in his life. That’s the last thought his mind processed before he took his phone out, dialed Hongjoong’s number and told him to fuck off. But in nicer words. He also decided that he would quit his part time job. He needed something else, someplace else.

And that’s when he looked at the sky and saw the most shining, the most brilliant, the most sparkling star he had ever laid his eyes on. It was Mira. The star that connected him to his starmate. Somewhere on the other end someone was also looking at Mira. It was Yeosang, casually going home, humming to the drums of the beat he was listening to, completely unaware that one second later his starmate appeared.

They both felt it, the sharp pain in the chest. Seonghwa thought he was dying while Yeosang knew it. He just knew it. It was his starmate! He read so many stories of supposedly true starmates on the internet and they all mentioned the pain. It was true! He felt overwhelmed.

“Starmate?” He raised his voice looking frantically around for someone, something that could take him to his starmate. Yeosang knew he couldn’t be far. He put his phone in his backpack and run to where his heart sent him. The boy could feel the other’s presence getting closer and closer as he ran without catching a breath. In a small dark street, his body automatically stopped when his eyes caught a figure staring at him.

Seonghwa’s heart wouldn’t stop hammering in his ears since he looked at the sky. He felt scared for a moment, completely unaware of what a starmate was and what he was indeed feeling. Frantic steps could be heard getting closer to where he stood, his dark eyes unable to pick the other’s figure in the dark. For a second he thought he was going to get kidnapped but the other person was just as surprised to see him.

Caught in the awkward moment that Seonghwa didn’t understand at all, nor did he understand why his heart was beating so fast, he stole a last glance at the stranger before walking away.

“Hey!” Yeosang shouted, making Seonghwa walk even faster, his anxiety spiking up.

Yeosang chased after him explaining himself “I’m not someone strange, It’s me, your starmate!!”

“what the fuck…” Seonghwa breathed faintly, his heart hurting at the mention of the starmates.

“Maybe you don’t know what a starmate is.” Yeosang kept following Seonghwa just a few meters behind, the street finally getting less dark, a constant streetlamp working as it should. Seonghwa’s black strands contrasted with his beige t-shirt, the light illuminating his back for the second he spent below it. Yeosang’s mind told him he couldn’t just let him go like that. It was the opportunity he had been waiting all his life. “Please give me a chance to explain what is a starmate, I’m not a crazy person. We can go to a busier street and talk there, please.” Seonghwa stopped on his tracks, infuriated by the stranger. The last thing he wanted to do was confront the other however, if he didn’t stop Seonghwa wouldn’t have any other option. Or that or running.

The boy turned around, exuding a hostile attitude. Yeosang halted, finally able to look at the other’s face, an immediate reaction boiling inside him. That had to be a joke right?
“Oh fuck no.” Yeosang rolled his eyes, turning around and walking away from Seonghwa, not wanting to believe this was the harsh reality that had hit him like a blizzard. The other boy was just left dumbfounded under that starry night where they just found each other’s starmate. Themselves.


When Starmates found each other, more accidental encounters occurred. That’s just what the stars had planned for them, every star scheming a different road for the ones sharing it. Yeosang had read about it, he knew finding Seonghwa in random places wasn’t a coincidence. As to Seonghwa, he hadn’t understood in the slightest what happened in that night, even though he fully knew why the other reacted like that. That night wasn’t the first time they had met.