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Nothing Bad Ever Happens In Potion Rooms, Right?

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Chapter 1
Hunk watched, as his lovestruck friend paced across his room. Lance’s room, he had invited Hunk in there to talk.

“I think I’m going to do it.” Lance stated. “Today is the day I finally tell Allura my feelings for her.” He stopped pacing to face Hunk.

While normally Hunk would be all for helping Lance, now he couldn’t do it, with what Allura had told him the day before.

He thought back to it, her voice ringing in her head, “I can tell Lance is going to confess his feelings for me. It’s not like I don’t like him as a friend but I don’t think of him as any more than that.”

“Hunk?” Lance waved his hands in front of his friend’s face confused.

Hunk’s stomach twisted into a knot. “Sorry I was thinking.” he had to tell Lance, he can’t let him embarrass himself.

“We need to come up with a plan, so everything goes well.” Lance said.

“About that..” Hunk trailed off. “I don’t think this is the greatest idea.”

Lance’s face fell, “What do you mean?”

Hunk didn’t think it could, but the knot got tighter. “Allura talked to me the other day.” He started, “She told me that she could tell you were... gaining feelings. She wanted you to.. know that she.. doesn’t like you, like that” After Hunk finished he already regretted it. Lance’s shoulders slumped and tears started to well in his eyes.

“I’m really sorry Lance, I am” He said, as if his friend wouldn’t believe him.

Lance remained silent until he let out a light sob and fell into a criss-cross position on the ground.

Although Hunk wouldn’t show it he was panicking. He did the first thing that came to mind and opened his arms for his sad friend.

Lance accepted the hug and joined Hunk on his bed letting out more quiet sobs into Hunk’s vest. While thinking of encouraging words to say, Hunk couldn’t help but think about what Keith had also confessed to him the day before.
//Flashback//(Hunk’s pov)
I was in the castle’s kitchen making lunch for everyone, after a training session. Lance was in the shower and Keith came up to me.

“Hey, man, can you talk?” He had asked.

“Yeah of course whenever. What’s up?”

“I,” He paused, “I have feelings for, one of the paladins.” I was surprised, I didn’t think Keith had very many emotions, much less romantic ones. The only person I could think of it being was maybe Shiro, but I assumed most of the group looked up to him like a father. Besides, Shiro had a boyfriend back at the Garrison.

Blush rose to Keith’s cheeks before continuing. “Lance, I have feelings for Lance.” He said, a little quieter.

“But don’t you guys, like hate each other?” I was taken by shock.

“You’d think so wouldn’t you” he chuckled, before continuing, “I had a small crush on him back at the Garrison. The feelings only grew from there.” He rubbed the back of his neck nervously. At first I was happy for him, then I remembered how much Lance liked Allura.

“I’m really sorry, but, he has feelings for Allura.” It was kind of breaking the bro code by telling him, but I had to, he probably already knew about it anyway.

“Don’t you think I already know that?” He became frustrated, then he sighed, “You’re his best friend, do you think there’s any chance he may like me?” He sounded desperate.

“I-I’m not sure.” I wasn’t entirely lying he hadn’t said anything about liking Keith in the past and he could have been hiding it.

He smiled softly, but I could tell there was pain behind it. “Thanks, don’t tell anyone I told you, please.”

I nodded and did the, lock-lips hand gesture, before he walked off.

//End of flashback//

Hunk snapped back to reality, as Lance’s sobs became louder. “Hey bubby, I know it hurts right now but it will get better. You’re the king of bouncing back remember?” Hunk tried to reassure his friend. He was going to tell him there were plenty of fish in the sea but he refrained. He didn’t really have any options, besides Pidge there weren’t any other girls on the ship. His options were quite limited. He thought back to Keith but he didn’t dare mention him out loud.

Hunk liked being the one everyone talked to, he was always willing to help his friends but now it just felt over whelming.

All Lance was feeling was deep pain. After hearing Hunk’s words, he looked up from the tear stained spot on his friend’s vest.

“The king of bouncing back huh?” He said between cries. “I don’t know about that.” Lance was sure he looked terrible but he knew Hunk wouldn’t mind.

“You are Lance, you’ve been rejected many times, but here you are. Once you get back on your feet you’ll be the one breaking hearts.”

Lance sniffed one more time, “Yeah, you’re right I am the king.” Hunk was glad Lance didn’t mention the rejection part. And, if he was already this recovered maybe the crush wasn’t too serious after all.

“Is there anything you want to do?” Hunk asked, if there was a way to get rid of the crush for good it would be a distraction.

“Yes actually, I think I am going to go train.” He said then stood up more confidently.

Hunk was happy his friend wasn’t as sad. Lance fixed his hair and wiped the tears from his eyes in his mirror.

Before he left Lance thanked Hunk and went on his way.

While walking throughout the castle he tried to avoid any room he would guess Allura would be in. After walking for some time successfully avoiding Allura he heard some small grunts coming from the training room.

On closer inspection it was Keith. Lance wasn’t too surprised to see him in the training room. At first he was annoyed but then he realized Keith might be the perfect distraction. He went into the small entrance room full of armor and weapons.

Lance could see that the Altean version of alternate reality was on for Keith so the room would look like a Galran ship. On closer inspection Keith looked pretty cute slicing the bots. Did Lance really think that? No, it was too soon, he just got rejected by Allura.

He immediately dismissed the thought and slipped on some armor.

“Hey, Mullet.” He said before shooting down the three bots in front of Keith.

“I had that!” Keith exclaimed before turning the alternate reality off.

“I know, just wanted to make a grand entrance.” Lance said back, he put his bayard up, ready for a fight, before asking, “Wanna spar?”

Keith narrowed his eyes. “Only if you practice with a blade.”

Even though blades weren’t Lance’s thing he was willing to practice using them, if he ever needed it. “Challenge accepted.” His bayard flashed into a sword before making an attack on Keith. It was quickly deflected and they went into heated battle.

After about half an hour of sparing, Keith grabbed Lance’s wrist, which had his bayard, making him drop it. He then grabbed his other wrist and wrapped it around his back pinning him to the ground.

“You admit I win?” He asked after Lance winced.

“Yes, yes I admit it.” Lance chuckled before getting up.

“Say it.”Keith demanded.

“Omg, Keith is the best sparer ever. He’s so amazing and handsome.” Lance sarcastically complimented Keith. He blushed but without Lance seeing.


“Hey, you seem a little distracted, are you okay?” Keith asked while they went to go get some water.

“Yeah, I’m fine.” Lance thought back to Allura, it was getting late and he’d have to face her at dinner, he cringed at that. He agreed to himself he wouldn't tell Keith about Allura. Keith would just make fun of him.

“There is something I’ve been wanting to tell you, but I’m not sure if this is the right time.” Keith took a sip of his needed water.

Before Lance could respond they heard Coran walk into the training room.

“Ah, my boys I am doing some inventory in the castle’s potion room and I was looking for some help, would you want to come?” The boys looked at each other before shrugging and agreeing to it.

Nothing bad ever happens in potion rooms, right?