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What To Not Expect When You're Expecting

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The cold air bit her sensitive skin, her feet ache and her hand is getting tired from trying to hold her belly and lessen the weight.

Her tears never stopping as she took these small steps in this dark street surrounded with thick trees, the cars barely appearing which makes her even more scared and somehow relieved, because god knows what the intentions of the person are if she decided to hitchhike.

She sobbed silently forcing her legs to move, why did this happen to her now, why her more importantly.

Her boyfriend, that piece of shit, she thought.

She couldn’t believe he literally threw her out of the car, she knew how he is like when he is drunk, but this was another level of fucked up.

She knows he didn’t want the baby, but he wasn’t ready to let her go. She also insisted on keeping their little bundle of joy, and he stubbornly agreed eventually.

She was thinking of leaving this toxic relationship, but she kept thinking of her baby girl and how she doesn’t want her to live without her father, although he is a douche bag, he proved that today more, and now, she is blaming herself, she should have left him earlier, the small display of violence at home was a big warning but she was oblivious due to the same problem most women in abusive relationships have, no home to come back to, not even family, she wasn’t going to risk that for her daughter.

Part of her wished he would come back, she wouldn’t survive this and the thought of that is making her cry more , blurring her vision making it harder for her to look in front of her and resume her way.

She heard a distinct voice of a car engine, and through hazy vision she could see the lights of that car, mingling all together, almost too bright for her eyes.

She covered her eyes when it approached her, stopping right where she was standing.

She could feel the anxiety creeping more now, the reality of the situation, could it be that asshole or another person, coming to take advantage of her situation and dumping her body in the river when they finish her off.

Her feet were stuck to the ground, her legs jelly, slowly shivering as the dark figure from the car came out.

It wasn’t her boyfriend. But the front lights of the car hit his figure and she saw him.

She took a deep breath as she was welcomed with a very handsome tall man, looking like he is in his thirties, his dark long blond hair pushed back and his beard thick with those fierce blue eyes, looking like he came out of an elegant party with the black suit.

She sobbed loudly this time, backing away slowly with the little energy she has.

"Please! Please don’t hurt me-" Her voice was raspy from all the crying, her other hand that wasn’t holding her belly came in front of her, as to defend herself, but he kept coming closer and closer.

"Calm down angel, it's okay, I'm here to help you."

"No stay back please, please! I am p-pregnant and-"

"I know, I know, come here I will help you."
He wasn’t listening to her and she was on the verge of having a panic attack, as much as she wanted to throw herself in his arms and hope for the best, she just couldn’t, not for her daughter.

She stumbled on a rock and fell on her ass hard, producing an animalistic cry from her lips, her sobs getting louder as her hands automatically went to shield her growing tummy.

The man ran quickly to aid her, one of his hands going to her face pushing the black curls from it to look at her teary gray big doe eyes, she was so innocent, so weak and so sensitive.

"Be careful there angel! You almost gave me a heart attack." While his hand stayed on her face, cradling her cheek, the other went to her belly, stroking her through the denim of her jumpsuit.

She cried into his hand, shutting her eyes tightly.

"Please don’t hurt me, please, I'm begging you.."

Her sobs made him frown in sadness, she was so broken, and that was the fault of her fucking ex-boyfriend.

She is with him now, and she will forever be safe, he will take care of her and her baby, and they will live like a happy family.

"I would never, ever hurt you y/n."

The mention of her name made her widen her eyes in confusion, how did he know that?

"Now come on, let's go, you must be freezing out here."

His hands went to her underarms, holding her up and resting her on his chest, making sure not to hug her too tightly. Her legs going around his torso and her arms circling around his neck, burying her head in his shoulder. Even with the baby, he was carrying her like she was a feather.

He smelled like cologne and a hint of cigar, the masculine smell.

She should be afraid, very afraid, but she was hungry, tired, cold, and very much confused.


He opened the door, laying her on the passenger seat closing it and going to his own seat.

He started driving, giving few glances at her to make sure she is doing okay, he even saw her looking at him for seconds before flinching hard and blushing, he smiled softly at that.

"Where are w-we going?"

She whispered, her eyes scanning the dark area, she tried to recognise the road, but she couldn’t.

"Home." His answer was straight-forward, she could feel that he didn’t want her to argue with him, and just trust him.

But she can't, everything in him is slowly creeping her out, how did he find her, how did he know her name, she was literally in nowhere.

It wasn’t her plan to get lost here but thinking about it, she shouldn’t have come to her sister's party out of her state, she shouldn’t even have come with that bastard.

Her silent tears coming back harder this time, she felt her heart was going to burst from how fast it was pumping.

"You're not going to hurt me right? I am pregnant and-"

"Angel, I told you already, I will never hurt you." He looked at her with disappointment written on his face, he was genuinely annoyed that she didn’t trust him.

"B-But who are you? How do you know my name?"

"That's for another time, why don’t you tell me why that fucking asshole dumped you on this dark road."

"Y-You know him?" She whimpered, she couldn’t shake the feeling that he was talking like a stalker, a guy they write about in horror kidnap stories.

"Answer y/n."

The words poured out of her mouth before she could control herself.

She explained to him that he got super drunk and she kept nagging on him along the way to be careful till he did something stupid and almost got them killed, she whined that she should drive but he didn’t take it very well and literally pushed her out of the car and went on full speed not even looking back at her.

"I hoped he would come back, if not for me, for our daughter." Her eyes shut tightly and she cried some more, she couldn’t recall a time in her life that she cried this much.

On the other hand Steve's heart was breaking to her little sad story, that dickface got her knocked up and he couldn’t even care a little for her well-being and her daughter's.

His hand went to hers that was holding her belly, grabbing it tightly and making his fingers lace with hers.

He was going on a medium speed to not make her panic, his eyes shifting from the dark road to her.

"He won't bother you ever again, I am going to protect you."

"But I don’t even know you-"

"I am Steve Rogers and that's just what you need to know about me angel."

She didn’t have the energy to push his hands or argue more, but she had one more question in her.

"What do you want from me Steve."

He stayed silent, he didn’t know how to answer her.

Should he tell her that he was watching for sometime, planned on making a move but couldn’t because the time he fell in love with her was when she found out she was pregnant. He hoped she would leave him, realise the big mistake he was, but she didn’t.

And when today he was waiting for her on his spot to watch her enter her house, he watched the asshole pull up on the driveway without his girl beside him, totally drunk that he passed out on the door step, making Steve baffled to how he managed to arrive safely. He knew she was with him, he was there when he saw them get out.

So he quickly went to look for her, he knew what road, cause he heard her on the phone talking with her sister about this gathering she should come to.

He brought her hand and kissed it before laying it gently on his lap.

He made her confused and suspicious, but she wasn’t even able to question his actions because before she knows it, the tiredness took over her and her eyes shut slowly as she fell into a deep dreamless sleep.