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I Got 99 Problems and They're All Souyo

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Rain poured from the sky, the sound drowned out by the rushing water of the Samegawa River. Souji's eyes were trained on the boy standing in front of him. They stood a foot apart, chests and shoulders heaving with strained breathing from the screaming match they'd been in not even two minutes ago.

"Just tell me this isn't true. Please." Souji pleaded once again, his voice sounding like it would give out at any moment.

"I don't know what more you want me to say, Souji. What's done is done." Yosuke crossed his arms over his chest, his face blank.

"I can't believe... How could you, Yosuke? After all we've been through, how could you just throw it all away like it meant nothing to you!"

"I told you I didn't like guys. You're the one who kept trying to convince yourself that you could change that. I tried to change it. For you. But I just can't. This isn't who I am."

"So instead of telling me all of that you sleep with some random fucking girl?! Instead of telling me the truth and us being able to get past it, you cheat and lie and break my heart?"

Yosuke grimaced, knowing he had no way to justify his actions and he didn't plan to. He knew he fucked up. But as he said, what's done is done. This was for the best. He never deserved Souji in the first place. This was the only way to make sure that when he left next week, Souji would be able to never look back on his time wasted with the sad excuse for a man Yosuke was. He had to hurt Souji to save him from a life of disappointment and regret. Yosuke had to make Souji hate him so that he could let him go.

And as Souji stormed off and disappeared from his sight, Yosuke let the rain wash over him and drown out the tears that he'd been holding back.