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Stranger Things Vore vics

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Will discovered he had gained a “power” if that’s what you’d call it from being possessed by the Mind Flayer, he was able to eat anything, no matter how big or small, certain things mostly living animals (which he found out by accident) could if he wanted to reform after a while. He had so far been able to keep this a secret, that is until know when Mike discovered it. The taller boy had walked into him eating a deer, instead of questioning what was happening Mike just asked how he was able to do it, what Will didn’t notice was that Mike also got hard seeing his best friend eat the deer whole. Will replied once he was finished that he had been able to do it ever since he was possessed by the Mind Flayer and that the Deer had been the biggest thing he’s ever eaten and that if he wants he can make living animals reform later. When Mike heard that he got even harder knowing that if he was brave enough he could ask Will to eat him and still live, but he figured Will would be grossed out upon hearing him ask that so he didn’t only going to sit down next to his best friend and secret crush. Will asked if he was going to keep this a secret and Mike said he would, gently placing his hand on Will’s slightly inflated stomach and rubbing it. Mike asked how long it usually stayed bigger, Will replying that it depended on how big the meal was, since this was the biggest thing he had eaten he didn’t know how long it would last but guessed that it would be around half an hour, Mike then asked how long it took for things to reform, and Will said that it after his stomach returns to normal and then said he’ll be actually digesting this deer.
Deciding he might as well ask before Joyce comes home in two hours (Jonathan and Nancy being on a date) Mike asks if he could eat him. Will was a little surprised at hearing that, but said that he’d be ok with eating Mike, of course he’d reform him. Mike then asked if they should wait until he was finished digesting the deer, and Will said yes not knowing what would happen. Once the deer was digested Mike asked if he should take off his clothes and Will said yes not knowing what would happen to them, Mike the quickly took off all of his clothes. Will told him to lay down on his bed and relax. Mike followed Will’s directions and did his best to relax, his erection from earlier not being present anymore but Mike thought it was a definite possibility he might get hard while being eaten. Will asked if he wanted to start at his head or feet, Mike replied that he didn’t have a preference. Will decided to start at Mike’s head so he kneeled down at the part of the bed Mike’s head was at and opened his mouth around his head. Will then slowly moved forward to swallow the rest of his friend’s head and his neck then resting a bit to breath and ask if Mike felt he was getting excited and felt his dick start to harden. Will started moving his head more down his friends body swallowing to his shoulder, Mike was still relatively calm for not really being able to see anything trusting Will that he wouldn’t hurt him, he guessed his head was currently in Will’s next, and the thought of that made his dick harden to it’s full 5 inches, Mike moaned a little but not loud enough for Will to hear. Will then swallowed more to his friends hips allowing to get his dick and ass in his mouth, Will deciding to have some fun with his friend moved his tongue around Mike’s hard dick giving it pleasure after a few minutes Mike came and Will swallowed the cum, and more of Mike’s body up to his feet, before swallowing one last time and depositing his best friend into his belly. Mike felt Will’s stomach acid start to take affect but not in a burning way, Mike squirmed around at the feeling, liking quite a bit, he then felt Will’s hand rub his own stomach and say that he was a good meal and that he might loose consciousness while reforming, he didn’t really know, but it probably wouldn’t hurt. Will liked eating his best friend as much as said friend did, his own 6 inch dick hard straining against his bloated belly, Will quickly masturbated swallowing his own cum once he came wondering if Mike would taste it.
After about an hour Mike reformed outside of Will, Mike quickly asked two things, the first was if they could do it again sometime later, the second if he would be his boyfriend. Will responded yes to both and quickly pressed his lips against his now boyfriend for a make out session.