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Loving You Requires Maximum Effort

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Wade wakes up to another day without his baby boy. He turns over willing sleep to come again but it’s passed him by.

{Just like Peter…}
[Fuck off, Whitey! We agreed not to say his name!]

Wade places his hand to his scarred forehead. He feels warmer than usual, but he doesn’t care. With a sigh he wills himself to get up. He stands on his wobbly legs and is surprised and disgusted to see that his broken hip healed so fast. He heads for the bathroom with whitey and yellow chatting in the background.

{He hasn’t called! He hasn’t even texted us!}
[He might be busy? Or maybe he lost his phone…]
{It’s been six fucking months! He would’ve contacted us by now!}

The voices are louder than usual and today Pool just isn’t in the mood. “Shut the fuck up!” He shouts aloud. The silence that follows is immediate. So are the tears that begin to stream down Wade’s face. “Spidey… where are you?” He cries slouching against the tiled wall. He lets his grief take over and out of misery he reaches for his Beretta.
He loads the barrel, cocks it, and places it to his head, all the while sobbing. Just as he’s about to pull the trigger there’s a loud knock on the door. Pool pauses in his actions but makes no attempt to move or see who it is. The knocking turns into pounding. “Wade, open up!” A deep voice growls. “I rather keep it closed, thank you.” Wade responds but out of curiosity he heads to the door to see who it is. “Iron Douche! Glad to see some of you Avengers are still alive. Wassup?” He asks opening the door a creak. “Look Wade, Spidey is missing, and you were the last to see him! I’m not in the mood for your bullshit. So, I ask you for the one-thousandth time, where is he?”

Wade’s face crumples and he begins to shut the door. Iron Man sticks out his foot into the door to prevent him. “Look, I know I’m not a good guy and I know you hate my guts. If I did know I woulda told ya. I’m not the most trustworthy person. But I would never stoop down so low to the point where I would lie about Spidey. So, I answer you for the one-thousandth time, I DON’T KNOW!” Then Wade attempts to shut the door again. Tony pushes Pool backwards hard and the door opens revealing an apartment with blood splattered everywhere. Behind him Black Widow, Captain America, Ant Man, and The Hulk step in. “You killed him!” Tony accuses. “No asshole, obviously we just walked into an episode from Suicide Squad.” Black Widow says spinning around to look at the mess. “I was thinking the Purge, but whatever floats your boat.” Ant Man whispers stepping over an intestine lying on the ground.

Now they stare at him in a mix of pity and disbelief. “Wow, he really doesn’t know where he is.” Widow states breaking the silence. Wade shoots an icy glare of hatred to Tony. Even though Tony is known to never back down he takes a small involuntarily step back. Wade’s eyes glaze over like he’s about to kill someone. “You think I… killed him.” Wade whispers in a deathly calm voice. It’s more unnerving than Deadpool’s apartment. “I told you I didn’t know. But you didn’t trust me. You come back time and time again expecting a different answer, but I DON’T KNOW! The fact though that you think I would kill the one and only person I love and care about makes me wonder if I’m really the sick one. Because if you think that than obviously, you’re the psychopath.”

{Yeah, Fuck you Stark!}
[We sure told that bitch.]

Finally, Deadpool’s done speaking in that haunting voice. He turns away but then turns back. With a horrifyingly toothy smile he says “Oh, and Tony your standing on my heart.” Tony’s eyes widen and he quickly jumps off the pulsing organ lying on the ground. Wade’s smile widens before he heads to his bedroom and slams the door. He presses his ear to it but hears nothing but silence. “Tony?” A voice questions. Then silence again. Wade decides to go out. He pulls on his bloody and torn suit including his mask. It takes him longer to find the boots, but he tugs them on immediately. He opens the window and throws a leg over the sill when the door opens. “Pool, wait!” Widow exclaims running towards him. The others follow behind. He turns to stare at Black Widow with an amused smile before flipping the peace sign and jumping the twelve stories. Widow lets out a loud horrifying scream.

Followed by an even louder *craaack*. Deadpool winces in pain and waits for his spinal cord to heal. A huge pool of blood surrounds him until he feels like he’s drowning. “♪♬ Papa can you hear me? Papa can you see me in the… night ♪♬? He sings with a demented chuckle. “Ow, that one actually hurt like a bitch.” He exclaims sitting up. “But no time for whining, daddy’s gotta go make the chimichangas.” With a grunt he stands and puts as much distance between the Avengers that he can.
Following his instincts Deadpool ends up on the west side of New York.

~Aka the Bronx~
Deadpool finds himself in new territory, it reminds him of where he grew up as a kid.

{♪♬Spidey used to meet me on the east side, in the city where the sun don’t…♪♬ damn forgot the lyrics}
[Yeah dude remembering is sorta my thing. ‘Member?]
{Wait, what am I supposed to be remembering?}
[I have literally two words for your stupidity: Fuck. You.]

He stares at the run-down streets and he can feel the evil all over the place. It’s like stepping into a bad nightmare. In the moment he doesn’t register where he is. He finds him self walking mindlessly through the alleys until he stumbles against a mugger. He has a girl pinned up to the wall and it’s obvious by the way she is struggling and how her skirt is pulled down what is happening here.

{Let’s fuck him up and see how he likes it!}
[What is wrong with you? But I agree let’s show this asshole.]

“Hey man we can do this the easy way or the hard way but then again that’s what you probably told her.” Deadpool says with a slight chuckle. “Hey man this ain’t no threesome! Go get yo own bitch.” The man says unleashing his hairy prick. “Well,” Deadpool scoffs. “Hasn’t someone ever taught you about sharing?” “What did I just say nigga?” The man says brandishing a knife. He holds it to the woman’s throat. Deadpool let’s loose a throaty laugh. “Well, you just took the hard way.”
Deadpool unleashes his katanas. The rapist presses his knife to the girls’ neck and retorts “You think that shitty costume makes you a hero? You look like a reject Spiderman.” That throws Deadpool over the edge. He comes swinging at the man. But knowing that he can’t kill him Deadpool decides to knock him unconscious. He grips the man’s head and slams it against the wall with brutal strength. The man’s eyes roll back and he drops to the ground.

{Now let’s fuck him!}
[Whitey how could you say-! Never mind, why do I even bother?]

Deadpool breathes hard before turning to look at the girl. She is slightly shaking but other than that she seems fine. “Hey, um, are you okay?” He asks edging closer. She looks up at him and he is shocked to see that she’s so young. “I wish I could’ve came earlier-” He’s cut off by the girl as she hugs him tight. Shocked he wraps his arms around her small frame. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She sobs into his chest. He rubs his hands in comforting circles on her back. Finally, Wade attempts to pull back but she has a death grip on him.

“What’s your name?” He asks when she finally lets him go. “Chantelle, and you’re Deadpool!” She exclaims eyes shining with adoration. “Heh, yeah. Glad to see someone still remembers me.” He says with a shy blush. “How could anyone forget you!!!” She squeals bouncing on her toes. Wade’s about to respond when there’s a grunt. He turns around and grabs the man and slams him again before turning back. “Let’s go get you some more clothes, ‘kay? “Okay!” She squeaks. He offers her his arm and escorts her to the nearest store.

About an hour later Chantelle has six new skirts and a bunch of (Deadpool themed. Hey, she chose them not him!) t-shirts. She waves at Deadpool before heading home. Deadpool waves back at her feeling a lot lighter. Nothing could make this day better, he thinks, as he climbs to the top of a random building. He’s staring out at the city when he hears a quiet *thwip*. “Wade?” A voice hesitantly asks.