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Let Me Paint You a (Festive) Picture (I Promise Not to Do it in Sharpie)

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Awareness comes over Sam slowly. The touch of soft, crisp cotton sheets against his bare skin. A familiar scent, mixed with others that are unfamiliar. Warmth, not just from the comfort of the bedding, but deep in his chest. Happiness. He hasn’t felt like this in so long. Relaxed. His limbs feel almost weightless, all the taut strain in his muscles melted away to nothing. Just this blissful feeling. He drifts in and out. Not quite ready to surface. 

A sound, a melody. Strings, being gently plucked. The refrain is familiar. The bed dips. A voice. The warmth in his chest spreads with the sound. He knows that voice. The words filter into his conciousness. 

What else should I be... All apologies... What else could I say... Everyone is gay...

There’s a soft chuckle and the notes falter. Sam feels the corners of his mouth stretch into a small smile. The melody picks up again.

What else could I write... I don't have the right... What else should I be... All apologies

Sam cracks an eye open. It takes a moment for the haziness of sleep to clear from Sam's vision. Dappled sunlight on pale skin. Golden strands threaded through chestnut brown hair. His head is dipped. He watches his own fingers as he plucks at the strings. 

“In the sun... In the sun I feel as one... In the sun...”

He looks up, words trailing off, lips stretching into a wide dimpled smile, sunlight catching his amber eyes, turning them the most gorgeous, brilliant color of gold. Sam’s heart skips a beat. He’s so beautiful. His Gabriel.

“Morning Samshine.”

Sam smiles, then arches an eyebrow. “You’re serenading me with... Nirvana?”

Gabriel arches a challenging eyebrow in return.

“I mean it’s a great song... but... romantic?”

Gabriel rolls his eyes. “Come on Sammy. You’re an emo artist. Of course it’s romantic.”

Sam scrunches up his face. So he likes a little indie music, he’s hardly emo. “I’m not... I’m not emo Gabe.”

“Okay bucko, name your favorite song.” Gabriel quirks his lips and raises both eyebrows.

Sam makes a face. He sighs. “Paint it Black. Rolling Stones.”

Gabriel barks out a loud laugh. Snorts. Chuckles. Sam levels a bitchface at him.

Gabriel takes in a deep breath and looks over at him, eyes alight with mirth, lips still quirked in amusement. “Not emo... Clearly.”

“What? It’s a great song ok.” Sam leans up on one elbow and makes a face at him.

Gabriel smirks, but his fingers shift on the fretboard. He picks up a plectrum from the bedsheets and begins to pick out the hauntingly beautiful opening refrain. 

Sam feels his heartbeat start to pick up, something tightening in his chest.

“I see a red door and I want it painted black... No colors anymore I want them to turn black...”

Sam’s stomach flips flops. God Gabriel’s voice... it’s incredible. Sam’s watched the video countless times, the one Castiel sent him, of Gabriel up on stage, singing an amazing rendition of All along the Watchtower. Even through the tinny speakers, Sam could tell just how talented Gabriel is. But this... this is so much more. Gabriel’s not just singing to an audience. He’s singing right here, right now to Sam, just for him. And not just any song...

“...I have to turn my head until my darkness goes...”

Gabriel bites his lip. His voice trails off. His fingers keep on playing over the fretboard. The melody doesn’t falter. Maybe he sees something in the way Sam is looking at him. He parts his lips, takes a deep breath, closes his eyes. 

“...I want to see it painted, painted black... Black as night, black as coal... I want to see the sun, blotted out from the sky...”

He’s skipped half the song. But it doesn’t matter, because Sam’s heart is aching, pulse thrumming through his veins. Gabriel’s voice rises as he reaches the climax of the song, head tilted backwards as he sings with heart felt passion. 

“...I want to see it painted, painted, painted, painted black...”

Gabriel opens his eyes, quirks his lips and that’s all it takes. Sam is scrambling forwards, hands cupping Gabriel’s jawline as he leans forward and captures Gabriel’s gorgeous lips in a searing kiss. Gabriel groans. His hands leave the guitar strings with a discordant twang and suddenly they’re on Sam, grabbing onto the back of his neck, deepening the kiss. The edge of the guitar is digging into his bare chest, he probably has horrendous morning breath, but he’s struggling to care. He could stay like this forever, with Gabriel’s tongue in his mouth, his hands tangling in Sam’s hair, tugging just hard enough to stay on the right side of the pleasure-pain line. Sam’s hands go back into Gabriel’s hair, he buries his fingers in the soft, sleep tangled curls at the back of his neck. 

Gabriel pushes forward, ramming the edge of the guitar further into Sam’s chest. Ow... that’s actually starting to hurt. Gabriel makes a frustrated noise and pulls back, muttering something about cockblocking guitars under his breath. Sam can’t help but laugh. Gabriel pouts at him, but his lips are twitching upwards. Sighing heavily, he slides off the bed, gives Sam a heated look before padding through to the other room, bestowing Sam with an incredible view of his naked ass on the way.

Sam smiles and leans back on his elbows. God yesterday... Yesterday was one huge messed up rollercoaster of a ride. The exhibition was a veritable shit storm. Nothing could have prepared him for that. For all that crap with his brother. For the horror of Cas’ face as he caught sight of Sam’s drawings over his shoulder... Zachariah and Naomi. A whole host of revelations that followed. But... but Gabriel... stepping up beside him. Their argument forgotten. Facing all that vile hatred... for Sam. Sam’s heart clenches. He remembers fingers threading through his. Gabriel looking up at him with a small sad smile, fingertips brushing his cheek, I got you kiddo.

And then afterwards. Sam feels his pulse quicken, heat pooling in his groin. Gabriel beneath him, legs wrapped around his waist. Heels digging into the small of his back. So needy. So desperate. So goddamn pushy. Sam smiles and shakes his head at the memory. He fiddles with the brown cuff about his wrist, absently tracing over the symbol there. What are you waiting for? An invitation to the grand ball? Then he remembers all that heat, Gabriel surrounding him, his inner walls grasping him in a tight embrace. It was perfect, so much better than he could ever have imagined. Not just the sensations, incredible as they were. But the fact that it was Gabriel. Gabriel welcoming him into the perfect tightness of his body. The perfect intimacy. The...

Sam’s breath catches in his throat. Gabriel leans, hip against the doorway, arms crossed over his bare chest. Hair a tangled mess at the back, falling softly across one eye at the front. He’s already hard, beautiful flushed cock curving up to the softness of his belly. He’s gorgeous. Absolutely, heart stoppingly gorgeous. And then he smiles. A wide dimpled smile, eyes crinkling at the corners. Sam’s heart somersaults in his chest, his half hard dick filling with desire. He wants. He needs.

He starts to scramble from the bedsheets, long legs getting tangled in the sheets and... oh crap... He throws out an arm to stop his fall, elbow hitting hard against the nightstand... ow fuck. He lands with a thud, bedsheets still tangled about him, head throbbing from where it knocked against the wall. 

He hears a snort of laughter and looks up to see Gabriel standing over him, shoulders shaking, lips twitching furiously. Sam sends him an epic bitchface. Seriously, that actually fucking hurt. Gabriel pulls the offending lips into his mouth and then he’s crouching down, cradling Sam’s head in his hands, pressing a gentle kiss to Sam’s forehead. Licking over where he just kissed. Ew. That’s actually kinda gross. Sam tries to push him back. Gabriel chuckles and just pushes forward, licking a stripe over Sam’s cheek. Fuck’s sake. 

“Jesus Gabe. Get... get off me. You’re not a goddamn lap dog.”

Gabriel snorts out a laugh, quirks his lips and sticks out his tongue, this time aiming for Sam’s nose. Christ. Sam holds him back with a hand to his forehead and attacks his ribs with the fingers of his free hand. He falls back on his ass, giggling and gasping and rolling in on himself. Squirming from side to side. His cock brushes against Sam’s arm. They both freeze. Gabriel takes in a deep breath, then he’s grabbing onto Sam’s neck and pulling him roughly down on top of him. Sam is completely crushed in the confined space. Legs protesting painfully. But he goes willingly, mouth easily finding Gabriel’s. He shifts the hand between them, wrapping his fingers around Gabriel’s cock, eliciting a long loud groan and a fuck Sam muttered against his lips. He strokes gently, luxuriating in the velvet touch of the delicate skin beneath his palm. Enjoying the strangled moans and profanity escaping Gabriel’s lips as he pulls back from Sam’s mouth and throws his head backwards. 

Oh perfect opportunity. Sam leans forward and licks a long, kinda slobbery, trail up the length of Gabriel’s neck. 

Gabriel scrunches his eyes up and makes a face, which is not completely and utterly adorable. 

“Not... playing... gah.” 

Sam twists his hand over the top of Gabriel’s erection, gathering the precome he finds there and smearing it back down over Gabriel’s length. He chuckles as Gabriel’s protests decend into incoherent groans once more. 

“...f-fuck-fair,” Gabriel finally gasps out.

Sam stills his hand and throws Gabriel his very best pout. 

“You want me to stop?”

“Don’t you... don’t you dare.” Gabriel glares daggers at him and grabs hold of Sam’s hand, forceably starting the motion again.

Sam smirks and leans forward again. No more licking, but maybe a little sucking. Sam mouths along Gabriel’s jawline, working his way down to the delicate skin of Gabriel’s neck. Ok so maybe he licks a little. But definitely with a lot less slobber. He sucks gently, enjoying the gasps and groans beneath him. Enjoying the taste of Gabriel’s skin. Gabriel’s hands are in his hair again, grasping handfulls of his locks. 

Sam’s legs are cramping painfully, but he doesn’t want to move. Can’t seem to tear himself away. Gabriel’s close. He can feel it in the pulse beneath his palm, in the rapid fluttering of the pulse beneath his tongue.

“Wait fuck.” 

Sam freezes. Furrows his brow. Did he... did he get a little carried away? He pulls back and eyes the purpling bruise on Gabriel’s flushed neck.

“Yeesh... enough with the puppy dog eyes Kiddo... I just... had plans.” Sam blinks down at him and Gabriel rolls his eyes. “Plans involving... you... me... your dick... my ass. Kapische?” Sam quirks an eyebrow. Definitely sounds interesting. Gabriel’s lip curls upwards. “Gonna ride you into next Tuesday Samsquatch.” He wiggles his eyebrows suggestively.

Sam feels his pulse race. He swallows. Yeah, definitely interesting.

Gabriel scrambles backwards and Sam sits back on his heels, trying to ignore the pain in his calf muscles. “You like the sound of that Kiddo?” Gabriel raises his eyebrows and chuckles as Sam maybe makes a little noise in the back of his throat. He tilts his head towards the bed.

Sam doesn’t need to ask. He knows what Gabriel wants him to do. Feeling his heart hammering in his chest, Sam climbs awkwardly onto the bed, disentangling his long limbs on the way. He can feel Gabriel’s gaze on him. He feels his cheeks flush. God, the thought of doing this again. Feeling himself deep inside Gabriel body. But this time with Gabriel in control. Actually, Sam’s not going to kid himself. Gabriel was very much in control last time. And he finds that... yeah he’s actually good with that. 

He’s barely stretched himself out on the bed, when the wind is knocked from his body, Gabriel’s solid form suddenly straddling his middle. He tenses his stomach muscles a little too late and gives Gabriel an exhasperated look. Christ. Gabriel at least has the decency to look mildly sheepish before shrugging a shoulder, quirking an eyebrow and leaning forward to scrabble in the nightstand. Sam can feel the heat radiating from his body, the leaking tip of his cock is nudging at Sam’s pectoral muscles. Sam draws in a deep breath, trying to calm his racing heart beat. If he gets too worked up now, he’s not going to last long at all.

Finally Gabriel sits back, albeit a little more carefully, brandishing a bottle of lube and a condom. 

“Ready to rumba Samsquatch?” Gabriel’s lips quirk upwards and his eyebrows dance across his forehead. 

Sam furrows his brow as Gabriel balances the lube on Sam’s chest and rips open the the condom wrapper. “Uh, shouldn’t I open you up first?”

Gabriel just smirks and wiggles his fingers. “Already taken care of Bucko.”

Jesus. Gabriel already... while he slept? Much as Sam enjoys the process, the thought of Gabriel prepping himself, slowly opening himself up while Sam slept... Did he do it in here? In bed beside him? Christ, Sam was so exhausted, so out of it, Gabriel may very well have. The thought is... wow. 

Gabriel gives him a knowing look, but doesn’t pass comment, unless you count the arch of his eyebrow. Instead, he twists his body around and reaches back to take Sam in hand, expertly rolling the condom over his length. He grabs the lube and squirts some over the top, before positioning himself. Sam holds in his breath as he feels the tip of his cock nudging at Gabriel’s entrance. It doesn’t take long for the muscles to give way. They gasp at the same time as the head of Sam’s cock slips inside Gabriel’s body with ease. Fuck that feels even better than he remembered. And God, but Gabriel isn’t even pausing. He’s rocking his hips, pushing back, easing his body down onto Sam’s lap. Sam grabs handfulls of the undersheet as his cock slides further and further into that incredible tight, perfect heat.

At some point he closed his eyes. The sensations overwhelming him. But now he opens them. He wants to see. Has to see. Gabriel’s flushed. All the way from his cheeks down to the centre of his chest. Head thrown back, lips parted. Muttering obscenities. Sam reaches out, running a hand up one taut thigh muscle to Gabriel’s hip. Gabriel shudders and makes a whining noise in the back of his throat as Sam stretches up to run his fingertips over Gabriel’s chest, rubbing gently over one pert nipple. Fuck so beautiful.

“S-Sam.” Gabriel’s eyelids flutter, then he’s sinking back, Sam’s cock sliding those last few inches inside. 

Sam gasps and drops his hand down to Gabriel’s hip as muscles spasm around him. Gabriel’s breathing heavily above him, sweat standing out on his brow. His body has taken Sam faster this time, but he’s still going to need time to adjust. Sam rubs circles over Gabriel’s hipbones as he draws in a few ragged breaths. 

Then he’s moving. Ever so gently at first. Small rocking motions, little gasps falling from parted lips. It’s incredible. It’s too much. And it’s not nearly enough. Sam wants... He lifts his hips up to meet Gabriel as he rocks backwards. Gabriel stills, his eyes flutter open and he looks down at Sam, hair falling across his face. He quirks an eyebrow, the corner of his mouth turning upwards. And that’s all the warning Sam gets. Because suddenly Gabriel is really moving. Lifting off of Sam and then slamming back down, almost hard enough to hurt. Jesus fuck. Gabriel is fucking himself with wild abandon, one hand used to brace himself, the other going to his cock, the black leather of his cuff standing out starkly against the pale skin of his forearm. Sam stutters his hips upwards, meeting Gabriel halfway, pushing deeper inside him. He angles his hips experimentally with every thrust upwards. There. Gabriel cries out and pushes himself backwards more roughly, speeding up his motions. 

Sam’s fingers dig into Gabriel’s hips. He’s not going to last. He can feel the pressure building. Judging by Gabriel’s expression and the volume of his cries, he’s close too. Sam tries to hold back. Watching Gabriel’s beautiful features twist in pleasure. He slams back once, twice and then muscles are tightening around Sam, gripping him in that perfect tight embrace, pulling him over the edge as Gabriel screams out his name.


Gabriel’s face is kind of smooshed into the side of his neck, solid body still half on top of him, making it slightly challenging to breathe. They’re both sticky and a little sweaty and maybe kind of gross. But it doesn’t matter. None of that matters. He feels like he’s floating. A blissful warmth spread throughout his body. 

He’s had sex before. He’s made love. He hasn’t had a huge number of partners, but he hasn’t been a stranger to the concept of the one night stand. But none of it. Even the very best times with Jess... It never felt quite like this before. Part of it is that... hell, it’s just really great sex. Gabriel hadn’t just been boasting when he proclaimed himself to be a spectacular lay. God he hadn’t even been exaggerating in the slightest. But it’s more than that. Far more. That undefinable something.

The first time they had sex Sam blurted it out. He hadn’t even defined it to himself, not fully grasped what it was, but somehow the word came out anyway. Love. It seems like such a small word for such a depth of feeling. He’s loved before. Loved so much that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with that one person... But with Gabriel. It should scare him that he feels that way already. That he felt it so goddamn fast, on a level he’s never really felt it before. Hell it did. It scared him when he didn’t know he could love again. When he felt like he didn’t deserve it. It took him way too long to get his head out of his ass. But now. Now it just feels right. Everything just feels right.

He presses a kiss into Gabriel’s sweat damp hair. It’s about all the movement he can manage right now.

“I love you.” It’s barely a whisper, but Gabriel seems to hear him anyway. He makes a contented noise into Sam’s neck and burrows closer.

Sam smiles. He could stay here forever. Ok so they might need to take care of such things as eating eventually. Peeing. Maybe sooner rather than later. And if they don’t clean this sticky mess from their skin... Well there’s a very real possibility that they might actually end up glued together. But for now...

Sam lets his mind drift. Enjoying the warm weight of Gabriel’s body, the tickle of his breath, ghosting against Sam’s skin. He takes a moment to be glad he doesn’t have classes today. He has an exam tomorrow. But screw it. He’s studied enough. Worked his ass off since he started back at college. He knows more than enough to get by. He doesn’t have to rush off anywhere. Maybe he can just stay. Can he just stay?

“Gabe... are you... are you working today?” Sam asks tentatively.

Sam feels movement against his neck. An eyebrow raise? He smiles. Yeah he’s going to need a little more than that.

“Gabe?” He summons the energy to reach over with the arm that’s not being crushed underneath his lover and gently strokes his fingers down Gabriel’s spine.

Gabriel makes a muffled sound of complaint against his skin, but eventually pulls back enough to squint up at Sam’s face. 

“Nope. ‘M fine n fancy free.” Gabriel’s voice sounds kind of raspy. He quirks an eyebrow. “Please tell me you haven’t got any more apocalyptic exhibitions to...” He extracts his hand from between their bodies and waves it about.

Sam’s not entirely sure what the hand gesture’s supposed to mean, but he smiles and shakes his head. “The exhibition’s on all week, but I have plans to burrow my head in the sand and pretend it doesn’t exist.”

Gabriel raises his eyebrows. 

“No one expects us to turn up. It’s exam week. We’ve done our duty. And I don’t have any exams until tomorrow.”

Gabriel’s eyes brighten. Then he furrows his brow.

Sam huffs out a laugh, guessing what’s bothering him. “I’ve studied enough.”

Gabriel quirks an eyebrow and levels a smouldering look at him. 

The corner of Sam’s mouth turns upwards and he quirks his own eyebrow in return, running his fingertips back up Gabriel’s spine. “You want me to stay?”

Gabriel’s expression turns more heated. He nods his head.

“You want me to stay right here and...” Sam bites his lip and runs his fingers up Gabriel’s neck and around to his upturned face. He cups the side of Gabriel’s jaw and runs his thumb along Gabriel’s beautiful lower lip. “You want me to...” Sam trails off, flushing lightly.

“Fuck me again and again?” Gabriel supplies with a hopeful look on his face. 

Christ. Sam flushes a deeper shade of red, but he nods his head. 

“Hells yeah,” Gabriel says, a broad grin spreading over his features, as he dives in to capture Sam’s mouth in a searing kiss.