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White Wolves and Snake Men, Part I

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The smell of fresh coffee, breakfast tea and waffles washed in over the expansive kitchen. Tony was sat next to Peter, helping him with his homework, Thor was talking avidly with a blushing Bruce about a possible date night. Just a typical morning in the Compound. That is until Natasha and Clint wandered in, arguing over how their last mission went, crushing the comforting atmosphere within seconds.

The pairs’ latest mission had been a huge failure, with the members of HYDRA in the base they were attacking getting away scot-free. Well, except one that Natasha had cornered and beaten to a pulp afterward.

“How was this any of my fault, Nat!?”

Natasha looked at him and practically growled, “I’m sorry, who was it that set off every alarm in that base within seconds of setting foot in there?”

“Nat, seriously!” Clint yelled back at her, “I didn’t think it would be so heavily armed! It was a small base!”

“That doesn’t mean you drop your guard, Clint Barton!”

Peter automatically raised his hands to his ears as the yelling continued. Tony didn’t look pleased, both of them knew that his son had issues with loud noises, “Gosh darn it Legolas, Arachnid, take your argument somewhere else before I set Friday on your asses!”

The pair looked at Tony before looking at Peter. Nat glared at Clint, “This can wait until later, our yelling has upset Peter.”

Clint turned and walked out of the room, he could never apologize without immense guilt and the team knew that, so they let him be. Natasha approached Peter gently, “Hey little spider, I’m sorry if I upset you.”

Peter looked up from where he was cowering into Tony’s side, “That’s fine Ms.Romanov. I don’t mind.”

Tony was still slightly pissed, “Sorry, but I do mind, you know how Peter gets at loud noises, Arachnid.”

Before she could reply, Loki and Barnes walked into the kitchen, discussing the latest books they’d read. Then slowly, everyone else trickled in, except for Wanda, Vision, and Pietro. They were away on business in Wakanda.

Shuri had struck up a conversation with Peter about the latest tech she’d been working on, Thor was teasing Loki, and Bruce and Tony were talking about science before Steve spoke up, “Alright. I know there’s been a debate about whether or not we let that kid we found on the last big mission, but I’m pleased to say that they are allowed to join us as an Avenger. Fury let me know this morning.”

The news was met with cheers from around the kitchen, Tony grinned, “Any details on em’ yet, Capsicle?”

“Well, as far as I know, they’re a male, handy with his shadow manipulation, and that he is a Snake Man.”

Bucky looked confused, “You mean like those ones you’d see in freakshows?”

Steve looked away slightly, “Yeah, bud’. Exactly like the ones you see in freakshows.”