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A Longing Kiss

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She leaned in and placed a blood-stained kiss against his lips. Chaste, but sincere, and it left him wanting more. The memories of the night when they had marked each other came flooding back. Emilie help him, help him and forgive him, because Gabriel realized he cared, deeply, for Nathalie Sancoeur.

“Thank you,” she whispered as she drew back, falling once more into a stuporous slumber. This time so weak she forgot she didn’t need to breathe. Gabriel let out a final relieved sigh even as his heart raced within his breast. Gently, Gabriel placed her on her bed and tucked the covers up around her. When he was certain she was all settled in he retreated to the other side of the room. His hand hovered over the switch as he watched her sleep.

To the silent room he replied, “Anytime, Nathalie,”

And with a single click, the room plunged into darkness once more.


Nathalie was asleep in a soothing slumber. The Miraculous really took a number on her, it left her super weak. Her memory was hazy, she barely remembered what happened the day before. All she could remember was Gabriel carrying her in the dining room, her laying in bed in Gabriel's arms, him giving her his blood, kissing him. Her eyes slowly fluttered open.

Her vision was blurry, she couldn't see. Gabriel must've taken off her glasses when he left. She could hear footsteps at her door. Someone was opening her door, walking in. She could feel someone sit down next to her, reaching over her to grab something.

"How are you feeling?" He grabbed her hand.

"Weak, but better than yesterday"

"I'm just relieved that the damage wasn't too severe."

"I'm relieved that you got to me just in time" He handed her glasses to her. He cupped her cheek, she leaned into it, holding the hand that was at her cheek.

"Nathalie, you mean the world to me. My life would fall apart if I lost you"

"It wouldn't be that awful"

"Don't say that. Nathalie, after I lost Emilie, I never thought life would be the same. I never thought I would find love again. After what happened yesterday, I realized that you've been the one who's made my life better. You've taken care of Adrien when he needed help, you helped me when I thought life was falling apart, you are my catalyst, and you never needed an akuma to prove that. You're the strongest, smartest, and the most beautiful woman I've ever known."


He leaned in for a kiss, the kiss that he's longed since that night he hunted her, shared their blood, the night before when she kissed him. Her arms wrapped around him. She felt herself melting even more for him. She loved him, and this kiss felt like heaven bestowed on her lips.

Neither of them wanted to seperate, Nathalie didn't have to, but Gabriel did. Slowly, they broke apart. He saw the love in her eyes, he knew that she loved him, that she would do anything for him, and right now, she wanted his lips back on hers. She pulled him back to her, kissing him with all the love she had in her heart. Gabriel was kissing her back.

"I love you, Gabriel"

"I love you too, Nathalie"