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   From the moment Kirishima opened his eyes, to the moment he got completely dressed for the day, a smile never left his face. To him, it was impossible to let it go right now. He had too many reasons to be happy, and not enough to be neutral. So of course that smile would stay on his lips, gracing the day with his contagious happiness.

   He adjusted the bullet proof vest under his waistcoat, and then grabbed the tailcoat from his wardrobe, making sure it was properly put on, and then stared at himself momentarily in the mirror. He really doesn't look like a guard, he'll admit it, but he doesn't really fit in with the butler image either. He looked more like some guy trying to cosplay, but hey, he was there to do his job, not look the part. Carefully hiding his scar under makeup, and brushing any gel out of his hair, he sent himself a dashing smile, then left his room.

   He made his way to the staff's dining room, which he usually never went to when he started his job, afraid that the Prince would yell at him for being late, and he swiftly made his way to the kitchen, so see what he could eat.

   "Good morning!"

   He jumped slightly at the very bright greeting, but he immediately brightened up when he saw one of the girls who took care of the cleaning in the palace.

   "Morning!" he greeted back, hugging her briefly. If anyone in the staff was bright in the morning, it would just be those two. Even Sero is grumpy in the morning, although he has to wake up early each day. "What's for breakfast today?" he asked, looking through the fridge and then the cupboards.

   "I decided to cook for those with the same shift time as me," said the girl, chuckling. "I was thinking of just doing omurice," she said, taking eggs out of the cupboards. "There isn't a lot of us with our early morning shift, so it shouldn't be too time consuming," she said, taking out rice, and the rest of ketchup they had.

   "Ooh! Want some help? I'll have to go in thirty minutes, and anyway I'll be going with Sero because he has to wake up Princess Hana when I escort the Prince to breakfast, so I'll be going with him," he stated, taking out a few pans, and a few plates. 

   "Sure! If you get all the ingredients, that would be helpful!"

   Kirishima smiled as they cooked along each other side, and eventually the early shift people were up and waiting for breakfast. When they were served, the dining room was bursting with chatter.

   Kirishima sat with them, but left an empty seat beside him where Sero later sat in as breakfast continued.

   "Morning," he mumbled, digging into his breakfast rapidly.

   "Did you sleep okay?" asked Kirishima, chuckling when Sero rolled his eyes.

   "I had another dream about annoying work days. It's tiring now," he sighed, wiping some sauce that got stuck on his face.

   "Well, I hope you get better sleep soon," he chuckled, scraping any crumbs on his plate, and then standing up. 

   Sero followed his movement, and both men placed their dishes in the dishwasher, finally ready to begin their day.

   They said 'goodbye' to the staff still in the dining room, and made their way into one of the many hallways in the palace. After many months of working under the Royal Family, Kirishima learned to memorize the palace's layout, so he could go anywhere, and know exactly where he is, but it is always easier to just follow someone. So while Sero took the lead, Kirishima looked at the palace decor, relaxed.

   "What's your schedule for today?" he asked, skipping a few steps to walk next to his friend.

   "Not much, honestly," shrugged Sero. "I have to wake up Princess Hana, bring her to breakfast, where hopefully the Queen will still be at, and then when Best Jeanist finished dressing her, I'll drive her to her new school. And then I have free time until school ends for her, and then I'm back to the Prince to do some royal advising," he stated. "It's less busy than yours, I'm sure," he chuckled.

   "I guess," nodded Kirishima. "I just have to escort him to where he needs to be, and make sure nothing is out of the ordinary," he chuckled. "Hopefully, they'll let me have lunch at normal time," he smiled.

   "The Prince usually tells you to have lunch when he's practicing sword fighting, no?"

   "Yeah, but that's much later than the staff's normal lunch time. Thankfully, they always leave me something to eat," he grinned.

   "You got on their good side," stated Sero. "Of course they'll look after you when you can't," he said. "It's the staff's secondary job to look after other staff members," he added.

   "I'm glad I became friends with everyone, it makes this job so much better," he laughed lightly.

   "I'm sure you'd still have the same level of happiness with just the Prince as your friend. How many of them know about your relationship with him?" he asked.

   "Hum... Not a lot, to be honest. The Prince is still a bit embarrassed about it, so I usually don't talk about it, to reduce his stress," he said.

   Sero gave him a grin as they arrived at the Prince's bedroom. They could already hear Best Jeanist's struggle to have Bakugou wear proper clothes. After the day Kirishima let him borrow his clothes to sneak out of the palace, he's been more difficult with his 'prince' clothes. Who can blame him though? Those clothes do not seem comfortable.

   "Hey! I can't fucking breathe in this-!"

   "Quiet down, Prince Bakugou. You must wear this for today-"

   "You don't fucking control me-"

   Sero sighed. "Why do people have such energy in the morning?" he asked, raising an eyebrow at Kirishima's bright aura, and the Prince's loud liveliness. 

   "You'll get there eventually," chuckled Kirishima. "I think mornings are rich, and so calming. Especially the early morning, towards dawn. There is that freshness in the air that I find welcoming. You gotta just look at the bright side!"

   "Huh. You just never stop having energy," he sighed.

   "I don't always have bright mornings, you know?" asked Kirishima, raising an eyebrow.

   "Yeah. I remember when you couldn't match anyone's bright energy. You were just in a bad mood," nodded Sero.

   "I had fallen from my bed. How am I supposed to be happy about it?" he shrugged.

   "Look on the bright side," stated Sero, chuckling as Kirishima sighed a laugh, knowing his own advice got used against him.

   They stopped their conversation when the double doors opened with excessive force, startling the two staff members. They immediately greeted the Prince, and Best Jeanist while they could.

   "Kirishima, Sero," nodded the Prince, in acknowledgement.

   Best Jeanist bowed at them in respect, lightly, and then made his way away, probably back to the staff quarters, to relax a bit maybe? 

   "Did you sleep alright, your Highness?" asked Kirishima, smiling lightly with a small frown as he saw the Prince's immediate scowl at his title. He would love to call the Prince 'Katsuki,' but while they aren't in private, Kirishima really cannot call him anything other than 'your Highness.'

   "Fine," he answered, glancing at Sero with a curious scowl. "What are you doing here?" he asked.

   "I'm on my way to wake up Princess Hana," stated Sero.

   "Hah? Her room isn't even in this direction," he said, his scowl remaining.

   "What if I want to spend some time with Kirishima, huh?" asked Sero, challenging him in a way.


   Kirishima chuckled, and stepped in between them. "Hey, I wanna hang out with both of you, so don't fight," he said, with a small hope of stopping their unnecessary fight.

   "Fuck that. Bring it on, Soy Sauce Face," growled the Prince.

   Sero was about to make a comeback, but Kirishima quickly intervened.

   "Nope! We aren't doing that," he stated loudly, placing a hand on the Prince to immobilize him. "A fun happy morning with peace throughout is what we are going to have!" he declared.

   "I agree," nodded Sero.

   "I disagree-"

   "Too bad," grinned Kirishima, sending Bakugou a slightly mischievous glance. 

   Their banter went back and forth for a while, until they reached the dining room. Sero said his goodbyes, leaving them to go to Princess Hana's room. Kirishima opened the door for the Prince, letting him step inside the room first, and then he followed suite, closing the door silently, and settling himself against one of the walls.

   As soon as the Prince sat down, and greeted his parents, Satou entered the room with three full plates. He placed one in front of each of them, and then announced what they were having.

   "For today's breakfast, okonomiyaki," he declared, bowing lightly, and then leaving the room with a smile when the three royals thanked him. 

   While the Queen and her husband  began eating slowly, Bakugou dug into his meal with eagerness. He was halfway through his meal when the Queen was just beginning her second bite. 

   "Katsuki, slow down! You are being improper," she scowled, glaring at her son.

   "You'll get a stomach ache," added his father, giving him a small smile.

   "Hah? I don't care. I just wanna finish everything early today," he said, not even bothering to slow down. He just stopped to speak.

   "Why? You get enough free time as you can everyday-" She stopped as she watched her son's cheeks redden a tiny bit. She smiled, smiling lightly. "Fine. I won't hold you back," she chuckled, giving her husband a look which just brought sense to him. Of course, for whatever the Prince wants to do in his free time, they won't stop him. 

   "We do want to have a talk with you before you go into your free time though," said Masaru, giving his wife an unsure look.

   She frowned, then nodded with realization. "It's important, so you better be there for it," she said, giving her son a stern glance.

   He raised an eyebrow, then shrugged. "Fine, then." He stood up after finishing his meal, and without even sparing a glance to his parents, he walked away, just motioning Kirishima to follow him before disappearing. The redhead nodded, and bowed to the two royals, then left into the hallway to follow the Prince.

   They walked by each other's side in silence, comfort settling into each other's presence. They walked through the long hallways, turning every so often when a corner presented itself to them. Kirishima always took a few half a seconds to look at paintings while they walked past them, and even was a bit happier than he was before when he sees the vases full of beautiful lively flowers.

   To think the Prince didn't want his portrait done, Kirishima is slightly disappointed that he would never see the Prince's painted face on one of these walls. When he thinks about it, the Prince would fit in perfectly between all these paintings. Oh well, if the Prince doesn't want that to happen, then Kirishima respects his opinion. In all honestly, although it would be nice to see his portrait done, he doesn't want the Prince to continue pretending who he is. 

   They entered his office, and Kirishima placed himself near the door, while the Prince sat down at the chair behind his desk. He kept a smile on his face, and looked out of the window, sighing as he saw all the tourist that are already present. It was only seven in the morning! Why are they all up so early?

   The Prince glanced at his pile of letters, and immediately picked up a pen, and tore the envelope of the first letter. So many of these letters were just fans or people who just see him as a symbol for their country. The rest of them were usually from politicians or people that have contracts with the Royal Family. It is mostly politics, but some of them are the press and security forces throughout the country. 

   The two minded their own business, eventually not thinking about each other's presence. The Prince was focused on his work, and trying to get through it as quickly as he could. Kirishima on the other hand was daydreaming, his mind drifting away from what he should be focusing on. 

   Half an hour passed, but neither of them seemed to really get out of their focus. The Prince had gotten through about twenty letters, one which was from a politician so he had to focus on writing a reply which would go through the Queen first. He had more fan letters, and today he had so much mail that he had even received actual packages. 

   Kirishima eyed the packages on the floor, and wondered to himself what could be in it. Maybe it is just a bunch of more letters, but it could also be some valuable object. Only the Prince would know when he opens it.

   Another half an hour passed, and Kirishima couldn't stay still anymore. If this was any other day, he would be playing on the floor with Princess Hana. He would be playing with dolls, or learning to style hair, and maybe he would be creating stories with her for her dolls. He would be having fun, and although he really doesn't mind the Prince's presence, the silence is really doing something to him.

   He sighed loudly, his gaze going to the floor, then the ceiling, and then back to the window. He rocked himself back and forth, and began fiddling with his fingers, just searching for something to do.

   He sighed loudly again, and repeated everything again. He flinched slightly when he saw Bakugou's eyebrow twitch, and his fist clench. He relaxed when Bakugou's fist gripped his pen normally, but he didn't move his gaze from him. Eventually, he looked towards him, raising an eyebrow. They stared at each other for a while, and Kirishima couldn't manage to form words. Only when Bakugou went back to doing his work did Kirishima manage words.

   "I'm bored," he said, dropping his hands to his side, and leaning against the wall, his gaze settling on the bookshelf in the corner. 

   The Prince didn't look up from the letter he read, and when he finished reading it and putting it to the side, he stretched his arms up slightly. "Okay? What am I supposed to do about it?" asked Bakugou, reaching for another letter to read.

   "I don't know."

   "Then stay still for another hour."

   Kirishima pouted, and grumbled under his breath. "Can't," he mumbled out.

   "Then play on the floor by yourself, or don't. You'll look weird playing with dolls when you are meant to be a grown adult," shrugged Bakugou, ripping another envelope open. 

   Kirishima, out of spite, sat down on one of the couches, and picked up a doll that Princess Hana had left on the floor the day before. He opened his mouth to have the doll speak, but when he saw Bakugou staring at him, he closed his mouth and his eyes, a red blush covering his cheeks.

   He heard Bakugou huff out a very short laugh, and in response he slapped his hands on his cheeks, opening his eyes. 

   "I'm still bored," he stated.

   Bakugou didn't respond until he got through another letter. "I don't fucking know what to tell you. Just, deal with it?" he asked, shrugged, picking up another letter. "It's your boredom, not mine."

   "What a caring boyfriend," chuckled Kirishima, sarcastically. He let a real laugh out when Bakugou glared at him. "I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" he smiled. "Don't you ever get bored?" he asked, his blush finally fading away.

   "No. I'm actually busy during the day so I don't have time to be bored," he growled, tossing another read letter to the side. By the time he'll have to train his fighting skills, he will have finished.

   "But you have time during the evening," he pointed out.

   "That- That's not my fucking point!" Bakugou pouted, and literally tore the envelope in half, tossing it in the bin at the other side of the room, his frustration spreading around him, yet his aim was perfect. "Just, read a book or something," he said, motioning the bookshelf in the corner.

   "But you guys don't read comics-"

   "Just shut up. I want to finish this as quickly as I can," muttered Bakugou, his eyes scanning through the content of the letter, then placing it to the side.

   Kirishima sighed loudly, walking over to the bookshelf, picking one book at random, and settling down into the couch again. He opened the book without looking at the title and author, and sighed again once he began reading the first chapter.

   He knew he wasn't going to read seriously, or get into the story. He'll just read, and if he didn't process any words, he'll just go to the next page, uncaring that he did literally just miss an entire page of plot. 

   Another hour passed, and now the Prince was bored. He had just finished writing another letter to another politician, and he still had at least a bit over half of the pile left. He just wished he had no work like this sometimes. He sighed loudly, and let his gaze go around the room, only to set on Kirishima after the ceiling and floor bored him too.

   From the way Kirishima was reading, Bakugou could see that he wasn't seriously reading. He huffed out a laugh, officially distracting Kirishima who looked up to glance at him.

   "What?" he asked, pouting as he put his finger under the line he was reading, as if he was actually reading.

   "I'm bored," declared Bakugou, taking another fan-letter, scanning the content, then putting it to the side.

   "Great. That makes two of us," shrugged Kirishima, looking back at the book. 

   "What are you reading?" he asked, scanning through another letter, and putting it at the side. It's not like they'll ever know their letter got read, so it doesn't matter to him if he skips some. 

   "A book."

   "What book?"


   "So you haven't been reading it then," grinned Bakugou, proud that he knows Kirishima enough to know reading isn't really a cure to his boredom.

   "Shut up, I'm at page a hundred."

   "How many pages did you skip?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

   "I... No."

   "I knew it," he chuckled. "This morning is boring as fuck," he commented, glancing out of the window, seeing a bunch of tourists gathered at the gates. Hopefully, the guards down there are doing their job.

   "I agree. It's more fun when Princess Hana is there," sighed Kirishima, putting the book down, not even marking the page he was at. 

   "More entertaining, yes," agreed Bakugou. "Hah? Wait, are you calling me boring?" he asked with a growl in his throat.

   "Well, if you keep reading those letters, then yes," nodded Kirishima with a chuckle.

   "If you read them too, it could go faster," shrugged Bakugou, taking a large part of the pile with only fan letters, and separating it from its previous pile. "I don't reply to any fan letters, so you can check them. If some should be read by me, pass them to me," he said. "There might be some for Hana as well in there," he stated.

   "Ooh! I'm doing a Prince's duty!" laughed Kirishima, taking the fan letters' pile, and setting it down on the coffee table in front of him. 

   "It's not much work," shrugged Bakugou.

   "It's repetitive though," smiled Kirishima, opening the first letter.

   They talked a bit between reading the letters, and it effectively got rid of their boredom. They spent the rest of the time before lunch reading the letters, and answering them in the Prince's case, and Kirishima surprised himself when he finished his pile before lunch. Well, they only had five minutes until they leave to the dining room, but it is still early.

   Kirishima glanced up at the Prince, watching as he finished writing a reply to someone again. When he finished, he glanced at his own empty pile, then sent Kirishima a grin.

   "Let's go," he said, taking the replies he had written in one hand, and holding his other one out to Kirishima when he made his way to the couch.

   Kirishima smiled brightly, taking the hand and letting Bakugou drag him up to his feet. He let go of his hand though when they entered the hallway. 

   They walked side by side all the way back to the dining hall, and Kirishima couldn't help but sigh as they past the same paintings, and vases, and flowers. Nothing ever seemed to change, no wonder Princess Hana always attempts to draw on the walls near her room, or scatter some figurines on the shelves in the hallways. The paintings are never removed or replaced by other ones either. Everything is the same. It's just the ordinary for those royals.

    Entering the dining room, Kirishima took his place by the wall, and just gazed around the room for anything out of the ordinary. 'Nothing,' he thought as he decided to look at the royal family members that are present for now. It seemed that the Duke wasn't there yet. He watched the Prince give the letters' replies to the Queen, and sit down, along with the Queen. The Duke entered after a moment, and Satou entered with their lunch. 

   It was a simple Japanese breakfast, and the Prince quickly began eating it. If everything went normally after their lunch, the Prince would want to go train, and Kirishima could have his lunch early. That would be nice.

   The three royal members talked briefly about what Kirishima could only imagine was politics or something involving the press, especially since the Queen motioning the Prince's replies. The Prince seemed annoyed at some point, so it must be something about him. 

   Lunch seemed to finish quite quickly, and Kirishima found himself having his own lunch very quickly after.

   "Ah, we only have yakisoba and chicken left," said one of the electricians of the palace, smiling apologetically towards Kirishima.

   "Nah, that's fine! I usually only get to have a sandwich," he chuckled, helping himself to some yakisoba that thankfully was leftover. 

   "Ah, the Prince keeps you away from your lunch break, huh?" she chuckled, giving him a big glass of water.

   "Yep! I don't mind too much though," he shrugged. "It's nice to be around him," he smiled.

   "Well, I don't deny that he can be kind sometimes, but I certainly don't deny that he can be scary when he isn't in the mood," she shivered. "I think he might have broken one of the light switches before, and he yelled at me like it was my fault it was broken. It was my first month on the job as well! It traumatized me," she chuckled.

   "Ah. Maybe he was just frustrated that he broke something, so he was trying to put the blame on someone other than him to relieve himself?" shrugged Kirishima. "He's not too much of a complicated man, so I think that's what could have happened," he chuckled. 

   "Still, he can be scary! I find it weird now when he smiles though," she admitted, watching as Kirishima dug into his yakisoba bowl.

   "I get that," he nodded.

   "Like, although he looked so dreamy and handsome when he smiles so seemingly natural, it just puts me off to see him like that now. I feel like the scowl and swearing fits him more," she shrugged.

   Kirishima smiled softly. "It's who he is," he said, his voice quiet.

   The girl glanced at him with a short raise of her eyebrow, but then grinned. "You really do get along with him, huh?" she asked.

   "Hmm?" He looked up surprised, his mouth full of yakisoba. 

   "I think it is impossible not to get along with you," she laughed lightly. "Ah, I need to get back to my job," she chuckled. "Princess Hana messed up the lamp in her room, so I gotta figure out the mechanism, or if it is just another dead light bulb," she said, standing up.

   Kirishima stood up as well, his bowl now empty. "I hope it doesn't become too troublesome," he said, putting his bowl in the dishwasher, and letting the girl put her own dishes into it.

   "It's not too complicated," she shrugged. "I've had harder days," she grinned with a small laugh.

   "I still hope your afternoon goes well," he chuckled as they went separate ways in the hallways.

   He waved at her until he had to turn a corner, and finally he tried to remember his way to the training courtyard. Well, it has been more than just a few months since he got the job here, maybe it was around six or more months, and he knows his way around, but it is easy to forget sometimes.

   Arriving at the training courtyard, he exited the hallway, letting himself get greeted by the afternoon's fresh air. He smiled, and waved when he caught sight of Aizawa and the Prince.

He watched as the two seemed to be practicing aiming with guns. Kirishima couldn't help but to grin, taking one of the two guns attached to his belt, and preparing himself to cock it. 

   He arrived by their side, and patted Bakugou's shoulder, talking to Aizawa.

   "What are you guys practicing on this time?" he asked, glancing at the targets on the other side of the courtyard.

   "Aiming. The Prince doesn't usually get it unless there is logic to it, so I'm trying to explain it. He's so picky though," he sighed, placing on hand on his hip.

   Bakugou growled. "I'm not fucking picky. I don't get why I can't just directly aim at the target."

   "Bro, you learn those kind of stuff on Wii Sport or something," shrugged Kirishima. "Like for bowling, if you want to get a strike, you gotta shoot from the side, not center."

   "Hah? What's Wii Sport?"

   Kirishima flinched, but recovered swiftly. "It's a game that goes on the same console as the Mario Kart we played before. But like, since the forces get slower or something, you gotta aim a bit higher so when it falls, it falls on where you are aiming," he explained.

   Aizawa sighed. "He says he needs some kind of formula, but if you can make him accept it, that's alright with me."

   "Cool! I'll just show him then," grinned Kirishima. He made his way around Bakugou, and settled himself behind him, placing the gun in Bakugou's hands, cocking it and making him look at where he's aiming. "We'll do like you were doing, aiming right in the center," he said. He let Bakugou shoot, and saw his frown when the bullet fell just a bit under the target.

   "Fucking bullshit," he muttered, reloading the gun. 

   Kirishima shrugged, and went behind him again. "If you aim a tiny bit higher, then you should get closer, and aim better," he smiled, letting Bakugou aim for himself. He cocked the gun, and smiled as Bakugou hit the target.

   "But what are the conditions that makes it do that?" asked Bakugou, growling.

   "Dunno. I just accept that at long distance, it does that," shrugged Kirishima. He took the gun, and within seconds of cocking it, he shot the bullet right in the center of the target.

   "Fucking hell," muttered Bakugou, a scowl on his face.

   "It comes with practice," shrugged Aizawa. "He's trained to be able to handle a gun that quickly, and with little concentration," he said. "You've only started training with guns properly this year, while he has done it since finishing high school, I presume?" 

   Kirishima nodded. "Yeah. I had to do a bit of military training as well, but that wasn't for too long," he shrugged. "Just some of the requirements to be a bodyguard or just a guard," he chuckled.

   "See? You'll get there, your Highness. Just be patient," said Aizawa, raising an eyebrow as Bakugou tried to aim again.

   It took him a bit more concentration and time, but he managed to hit within the limit of the target's center, so it is already an improvement. 

   "Good job!" grinned Kirishima, patting his shoulder. 

   They were about to continue on training by doing some endurance, but they were interrupted by the courtyard's door being slammed open.

   "Excuse me for the interruption, but the Queen and his Highness are asking for your presence, Prince," said one of the guards. He seemed a bit out of breath, maybe he ran here?

   "Hah? What for?" asked the Prince, standing up properly, and beginning to walk towards the guard. Kirishima followed, and Aizawa too, but at a slightly longer distance.

   "I am unsure, your Highness, but it seemed rather important," he said, taking a step to the side to stop blocking the doorway. None of them tried to exit the courtyard.

   "Hah? Can't it wait?" he asked, muttering a curse under his breath, something about them being clingy parents.

   "I don't believe it can, it seemed urgent, as well as they are already ready to talk in the Queen's office," stated the guard, smiling when Kirishima waved at him with a grin.

   "Fucking fine," sighed the Prince, leaving the courtyard, and entering the hallway. "Let's stop here, Aizawa," he said with a shrug, looking at Kirishima expectantly. 

   "Alright. Don't be too much trouble for the Queen," warned the trainer, waving them off as the guard began escorting the Prince and Kirishima to wherever the Queen's office was. Kirishima waved him off with a smile, glad he got to train a tiny bit. He'll have to come collect his bullets later in the day though.

   The Prince was quiet as they walked, but the two guards had some fun with a conversation. If they were escorting anyone else, they knew they wouldn't be allowed to talk, but the Prince had grown some tolerance to let Kirishima do whatever he wants. Thankfully, listening to their conversation seemed to make the trip quicker, because they soon found themselves in front of the Queen's office.

   The double doors stared down at them, but the guard quickly knocked, and soon opened the doors. Kirishima was going to stay in the hallway, but the Queen told him to enter as well, so he positioned himself near the closed doors, yet inside the room.

   "Katsuki, take a seat," offered the Queen, motioning the simple cushioned chair in front of her desk. There was another one of those chairs, where the Duke was sitting in instead.

   The Prince reluctantly sat down, and crossed his arms as he waited for her to announce whatever she needed to announce.

   "I won't tell you too much of the specifics since it is related to politics, but our politicians have made some big alliance and agreement thing, which is good for the future of our country," she started, carefully watching her son's expressions. "We have made big agreements with England, in Europe, and it would benefit us since we would need stronger allies to prepare for any kind of future to come," she said.

   "Okay? I could have just saw that on the news," he shrugged, looking down at the floor.

   "Yes, but since we represent our country, it was requested that we meet England's own representatives," she said.

   "So we need to prepare more guest rooms?"

   "No. In fact, we will be travelling to England to have some public outings with their own Royal Family," she announced.

   Kirishima glanced up at the ceiling, in a few wondering thoughts. 'Huh. So they'll be travelling... Does that mean I'm gonna have a holiday?!'

   The Prince frowned, then huffed out a few breath. "Why can't they just come here?" he asked.

   "Because. They have made the effort to pause their political struggles to agree with our political request, so we must make the effort to meet them," she sighed, crossing her arms. "Aren't you excited to go travelling a bit?" she asked, with her own frown.

   "No. Especially if it is to see some stuck up royal family," he growled.

   "They are not 'stuck up,'" she frowned. "Where do you even get this language from," she sighed, clearly disappointed in his attitude. "Anyway, you do not have a choice of coming or staying. You will be coming with us," she said, pinning him down with her stare.

   'So I will be getting a holiday,' thought Kirishima, a smile trying to make it's way on his lips.

   "Oh, and Kirishima," called the Queen, shaking him out of his thoughts. "You will also be coming with us," she smiled, lightly.

   'Ah. So no holiday?'

   "Sero will be too, to take care of Hana. Since a lot of our outings will be guarded by the British Royal family's guards, you won't really need to guard Katsuki as much as you do now," she said. "So, if you want to have friends come along on the trip, feel free to invite them, and in your free time you can go visit around London," she smiled.

   'So it is a holiday!' Kirishima blinked a few times, then grinned. "Are you sure? I wouldn't want to have your Highnesses and Your Majesty at risk," he said, hoping that it won't stop this holiday. He didn't want to show disrespect.

   "I'm sure," she nodded. "You have well deserved this holiday, as well," she chuckled. "I will send Sero the dates of the trip to send them to you, and you could talk about it to your friends," she smiled. "I'm afraid we cannot take you on our private jets though, so you would have to pay the travel yourself," she added.

   "Ah, that's okay," he smiled. "Thank you, your Majesty," he grinned.

   "Do take your weekend to talk to them about it, the trip is soon," she smiled. "You are dismissed, Katsuki, Kirishima," she stated.

   The Prince stood up silently, a frown on his face, and Kirishima followed him out of the room, a smile on his face.

   "Isn't this going to be fun?" he asked, as soon as they began walking towards one of the living rooms.

   "No. It fucking won't," growled Bakugou. "I don't want to fucking pretend to be my public persona for a whole day in front of some really stuck up royal family. Especially the English one," he snarled.


   "Wha- Because! They are such a big family, and I don't even know what their names are! And the stupid old hag expects me to act all friendly with them? I'll just want to cut their heads off by the end of that trip," he growled.

   "I'm sure it'll be fine," shrugged Kirishima, opening the living room door for the Prince. "Plus, it isn't like you'll spend every second with them. You could go and do some tourism with me and our friends when you aren't busy," he grinned. "And then you could be yourself," he smiled.

   Bakugou stared at him, then settled himself on one of the couches. Kirishima sat down next to him.

   "I just... don't want to have such a big influence on the world... It is fucking politics, and if I don't do it well, which I don't want to do actually, then I would be the one to blame," he sighed. "It's just... a huge pain in the ass," he growled, turning the television on, going on a channel with game shows.

   "I guess, but if we can offer you a nice relaxing tourism break, then I think it is worth it," he smiled, putting an arm around his shoulder. He smiled brightly when Bakugou cuddled into him a bit.

    They fell in a comfortable silence, watching the television, and an hour later it was broken by a familiarity of Hana  playing on the floor, and Sero joining her. Kirishima let himself join as well, and Bakugou put on music instead of television. Those are the times Kirishima would never want to give up.

   That weekend, he made sure to tell everything about the trip to Kaminari and Ashido, making sure he told them the dates. Not much was organised that night, but they got so excited that Kirishima's heart was going beating with adrenaline, and they all got a noise complaint for their loud excitement. 

   They had a feeling that this trip was going to be one of the best trips that they'll have in a long time.