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Shinsou Hitoshi One Shots (Female Versions)

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Your front door crashes open loudly, causing you to cling to your comforter in shock.

"(y/n), where are you?" You breathe a sigh of relief hearing Shinsou's voice.

He doesn't seem to be in a very good mood. "Uh, I'm in my room. Is... everything okay?"

His footsteps fall heavy as he makes his way to your room, appearing in the doorway with crossed arms. You look up at him, trying to make your eyes look as big and cute as possible.

"So, I heard you and the guys from work went to the club last night. Apparently you got a little wild."

You wrack your brain trying to remember what occurred the night before, only to come up empty. One thing was certain, you had way too much to drink.

Your eyes fix on the carpet and you rub your hands together anxiously. Making Shinsou upset was probably your least favorite thing to do, especially if what you made him feel was sadness.

"I don't think I did anything too bad," you offer sheepishly, "Mic and Aizawa were there, I don't think they'd let me go too crazy."

Shinsou chuckles, combing his long fingers through his thick mop of violet hair.

"It makes me feel a little better knowing Mic was there," he grins while rolling his eyes.

You approach him with a slight hop, wrapping your arms around his tone yet slender frame. He returns your embrace with a tight squeeze.

After a moment his fingers grip your chin, tilting your head up to look at him.

"Well," a wild smirk spreads across his face, "what did I tell you would happen if you made me jealous?"

Your face drops in concern. Freeing yourself from his arms you slowly back peddle into the room. "Uh, I-I don't remember..."

"I do," he advances, backing you into the wall near your bed, "I warned you, that if you did anything to make me feel uncomfortable, I'd do whatever I needed to make myself feel better."

You swallow the golf ball forming in your throat.

His hands plant firmly on the wall to either side of your head while his deep, violet gaze penetrates your defenses.

"Now... do you understand why I'm doing this?" The familiar hypnotic resonance in his voice prompts you to press your lips together.

You refuse to answer.

He chuckles knowingly. "Smart girl."

His fingers trace your arms, guiding them to rest above your head. His soft hands press your wrists into the wall as his husky voice rings in your ears, waves of hot breath swirl around your neck, "Here kitty, kitty, kitty..."

You wriggle unconsciously at his call, he knows just how to break you. "Don't ignore Daddy when he asks you a question. Answer me."

"Y-yes Sir," you relent. Immediately, your head begins to float; a comfortable warmth enveloping you as he takes control of your mind.

His eyes narrow and a satisfied grin appears on his lips. Inspecting his prize, a knot forms in his stomach as blood rushes to the hardening appendage between his legs.

"That's a good girl. Keep these up for me." Your arms stay pinned above your head with no effort. Lips trace down your neck, peppering kisses on your soft flesh. A hard bite sinks into your shoulder, and you cry out internally; unable to control your muscles without a direct command. "You're a bit of a pain slut I see," bliss floods your mind as his ragged, hot breaths soothe the stinging area.

"Kitty... if you wanted me to hurt you," -he bites down roughly on your collar bone- "all you had to do was ask."

A small, pitiful squeak escapes your throat and he pulls back to look at you, eyeing you skeptically. "You can still make a noise? Well, we can't have that can we?"

He holds his fingers in front of your face for a few moments, deciding something before closing them again. "Hmmm, I do like hearing your cute little mewls. Maybe I should let you have some... wiggle room."

You regain control of your eyes and throat. You can blink, swallow, and most importantly, moan; all of which became apparent as his hands snake their way down your body.

"Seeing you at my mercy like this... it's intoxicating." More deep bites assault your flesh as Shinsou's excitement rises. Using his quirk on you this way is definitely his favorite application of it.

"Hands up. Hold them there." You helplessly obey. He pulls your shirt and bra over your head, watching as your breasts bounce free. The knot in his stomach tightens. He breathes deeply in an attempt to regain control over himself.

"Ugh, I love these perky tits." His lips latch gently onto your right nipple while his thumb rubs, flicks and twists the left. You feel the heat rise between your legs, earning him a shuddering moan.

"That's a good kitty, let me hear you."

Your face flushes and your breathing quickens. His fingers tease lightly up and down your sides. "This little body is all mine, kitty." You nod in agreement, mesmerized by his words and quirk.

He forces his knee between your thighs, edging them apart. It grinds firmly against your groin. His cock twitches in his shorts as he feels your arousal on his bare knee. "What's this? Has my little toy made a mess already?" Your body breaks down and your legs give way, sending you sliding towards the floor,

"Oop, careful kitty. Don't worry, daddy's got you."

He scoops you up and carries you fireman style to the bed where he places you on the blankets with care. You lay motionless as he removes your pants and positions himself between your legs, taking a moment to appreciate your vulnerable position. His palm cups your swollen lips.

"Oh no," his voice sounds sweet and concerned, "My little kitty's in heat." You press deeper into his touch, but he withdraws, places his palm flat on his own knee. "Tsk, what a greedy little slut you are, I don't think I gave you permission to do that." Your body automatically obeys and your hips pull back.

"I bet this aches so much... poor thing." He returns to rubbing you, this time more firmly, taking special care to thumb your clit through your soaked panties. The muscles in your stomach and lower body tighten.

"Hmmm, you know, you shouldn't be able to move this much, even under light control." He continues to mercilessly rub firm circles around your bud. "Are you that turned on? Maybe it's because you have a special connection with daddy. Is that it?"

You're unable to answer, but let out a squeak.

"You're leaking everywhere... sigh. What am I going to do with you?"

He stops touching you and stands to remove his clothing, large cock springing proudly once it's freed. "Heh, I see you looking cutie. You know how it is, I can't help but swell when I get the chance to brainwash you."

"Get on your knees in front of me." Your body responds without your permission. Shinsou's words are the only direction it needs. "Now, show me how sorry you are. Give me a tongue bath, kitty."

Your mouth opens and your tongue extends fully. Your half-lidded eyes stare up at him, earning you a sharp inhale as he takes in the lewd scene.

Long, eager laps nearly make him unravel as excitement rises in your own stomach at the sound of his husky moans. His tip briefly slides between your lips and he pulls away, leaving you distressed and needy. Your mouth hangs open desperately, begging for him to fill it.

He grabs your face firmly, squishing your cheeks a little, "Tongue only. Don't you dare put it in your mouth until I tell you to." He brings himself back in reach and you obediently massage him with your tongue.

"There you go. That's exactly what daddy wants." He relishes in the feeling of you lapping him for quite a while, before finally allowing you to move forward. "Take it all kitten."

You eagerly comply, mouth opening wide as you lean forward, sheathing his cock completely in your throat.

"ugggh, yessss." his hips buck forward and he leans into your throat. "Such a good little slut."

You feel him tangle his fingers in your hair. He pulls you to him, forcing you to take his entire length. He holds you there until he sees your eyes start to water, fanning his sadistic side. When you feel like you're about to burst, he pulls back and watches you gasp for air. Saliva covers your chin, neck, and breasts.



Panting breaths escape him as he stares at you lasciviously. "You know... sometimes, I don't want to let you go. It takes all of me to resist holding you there until you pass out with my cock jammed in your throat. You'd be such a good fuck doll."

You look up at him helplessly, only able to let out a pitiful squeak. He releases you from his quirk. "What is it? What do you want to say kitty?"

"Please use me, Daddy."


A carnal growl leaves him and he grabs your hair, turning you roughly and shoving you onto the bed. "You perfect little whore. I'll fucking use you alright."

He strips what's left on you and spreads you wide. You feel him take over again and quickly note that you can still moan and blink, but nothing more. He teases you with his tip, slick from excitement.

"Say you want Daddy's big stick."

You comply.

He pushes himself into you in one rough thrust, a ragged breath slips from his lips at the feeling of his length wrapped tightly by your walls. "This sweet cunt is all mine," he sighs. "No matter how much I use you, you stay nice and tight for me."

Control leaves him and he ravishes your body, relishing in every quiver and throb. He comments on how well you're handling him, followed by a string of dirty talk that would make even Midnight blush. The sound of skin on skin fills the room, mixing with moans, grunts, whimpers, and sighs.

Suddenly he slows his thrusts and pulls himself out with agonizing patience, letting you feel every inch before his cock leaves you gaped and wanting. You push your hips back and groan needily.

"Daddy's a bit excited today... " his hands trace your curves while he consumes the scene laid out before him. "Alright baby, you know what I want to hear." He releases his quirk, freeing you to act.

You turn to look at him, eyes half-lidded and skin flushed bright red. His heart skips and a lump forms in his throat. You know how much he loves hearing these words.

"Please give me some milk, Daddy."

Clenching his jaw he reclaims your hips, pulling your abandoned pussy back around his cock. "Fuck yes. You're so fucking filthy." A strong forearm wraps around your neck. Pulling you onto your knees while still fucking you from behind, he wraps his arms around you in a tight bear-hug.

Your hypnotic master bites your neck and digs his nails into your soft skin. "I need to get a collar for my little kitten, don't I?" You melt as he takes you, holding tight to the arms wrapped tightly around your chest, every thrust threatening to make you gush.

"Cum for me kitty, cum for daddy while he gives you his milk." His words send you over the edge, "That's right, do it with my dick in you inside you. Make a fucking mess for me."

You scream his name and go completely weak as you climax. He releases you and you fall forward onto the bed, nails dig into your sides while he empties himself inside you. His loud, husky groans mixing with your pitiful mewls. You savor every throb as his load fills you completely.

He withdraws his cock and you feel his warm liquid free itself from your used cunt, and drip slowly down your thighs.

"Uh-oh... It looks like you have a mess to clean up, kitty cat."

He sees you spent on the bed, panting and exhausted, knowing you need to come down.

"Come here, love." He lays next to you and pulls you to him, stroking your hair and kissing your forehead. One hand tickles up and down your back, causing goosebumps to form on your skin, the other holds you firmly to his chest. He speaks softly and sweetly, praising you for a job well done.

"Got you pretty wrapped up in that subspace, huh kitty?" You nod, panting heavily. "Shh, it's okay. I've got you. I'll hold you until you're back. Take all the time you need. I'm not going anywhere."

"Thank you, Daddy," you breathe into his chest.

You squeeze him tighter and kiss his toned chest. His thumb rubs your cheek tenderly as he hums to you. You fall asleep in Shinsou's arms. He keeps true to his promise and doesn't let you go.