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The Replacement Omega

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The Replacement Omega

“Captain Rogers there is a disturbance in Sir’s Workshop, my sensors project that a portal will open within the next two minutes.”

Steve and the other Avengers rushed to the elevator and within two minutes were standing in front of the steel shuttered glass walls.

“Jarvis, Alpha Rogers override BIDORIMCA-2019.”

As they rushed into the workshop a shimmering circle of bright green light appeared, growing larger, sparks of gold shooting from the centre, the swirling mass of red contained in the centre began to grow and with a sudden rush of howling wind a red and gold armoured figure shot out to crash in a crumpled heap on the hard floor by their feet.

Bruce and Widow were the only ones to notice the burnt, desolate landscape scattered with thousands of dead figures, the only living beings the familiar sight of the Avengers standing guard over Thanos’s dead body and the Infinity Gauntlet, before the portal imploded, the ravaged world within vanishing as quickly as it had appeared.

“What the fuck, that’s an Iron Man suit, what the hell is going on, how the fuck is this happening?”

Clint was seriously stressed out, after the shit show with Stark and the imminent threat of funding being withdrawn once life support was eventually switched off, he didn’t need any more crap happening.

Steve could only stare, stunned by the appearance of the battered and scorched armour, mind flashing back to the battle three weeks ago when Beta Tony Stark had fallen from the sky, hit by an EMP device he had crashed to the ground amidst ruins of the latest Dr Doom attack. Since then Stark had been in a coma, not even the Cradle had been enough to heal all his injuries. TBI and PVS had been the words the doctors used to describe his condition.

They had managed to cover up the diagnosis to the general public and the SI board of directors, Bruce and Dr Cho advising Ms Potts to make a statement that Stark had been placed in a medically induced coma to relieve the stress on his body whilst recovering and once he was stable would be then placed in Dr Cho’s Cradle to facilitate the enhanced healing of his remaining injuries.

The deceit had been necessary as they knew that Stark had a DNR in the event of severe brain damage, but with no direct blood heir, the Company by law would be placed under the supervision of the Government on the announcement of his death and his private fortune distributed to the many Charities and Foundations that he sponsored. Without the funding provided by Stark Industries and Tony Stark, the Avengers would be unable to function, as since the fall of SHEILD Stark had been bankrolling them. Pepper would be replaced by a Government Official and lose all her stock in the Company.

Months before Steve and Natasha with Ms Potts approval had hatched a plan for Steve to form a relationship with the billionaire after Widow had hacked Stark’s Will, and found that in the event of his death and provided that there was a blood heir, all of SI would go his child, Colonel Rhodes would become his Guardian and have control of Stark Industries and his personal fortune until the child became an adult. Any partner that Stark had would be provided with a substantial settlement but would have no authority over the Company or the child’s inheritance.

It had been pathetically easy to convince the outwardly obnoxious and arrogant billionaire that he was interested in starting a relationship with him, the Beta had fallen for Steve’s wholesome apple pie, innocent virgin act hook, line and sinker, awed that Captain America found him worthy unlike his father Howard. Steve smirked when he remembered the look on Stark’s face after he had fucked him through the mattress that first time, manhandling him into position with ease. Within weeks Stark had the paperwork drawn up to make him his Medical Proxy, after Steve had pointed out that Rhodes was not always available immediately to give permission for medical treatment and that Steve as leader of the Avengers and his partner was a more practical option.

Stark proved easy to manipulate and control, either by fucking him into blissed out incoherence or giving him the patented Captain America look of disapproval and disappointment whenever he became too independent of thought. Marriage had been proposed, children had been discussed, with Pepper offering to be a surrogate for them. Stark had accepted and had been in the process of having his Will rewritten to make Steve and any children they may have the sole beneficiaries, he had also agreed that the Avengers Funding should be addressed, but the accident had happened before it could be finalized, so they were all in a very precarious position if he died of his injuries.

He was jolted back to the present by Jarvis’s urgent words;
“Captain Rogers, my scans show that the person in the armour is an alternate version of Tony Stark, there are a few anatomical anomalies that set him apart from our Beta Tony Stark, I would suggest moving him to Medical as he has some internal injuries and a severe concussion.”

Thor and Steve used their strength to remove the wrecked armour, leaving the unconscious man in tight fitting under suit that was torn and bloodied. Bruce performed a quick examination before allowing Steve to carry the still unconscious man up to the Medical Wing.

Dr Cho was waiting for their arrival, having dismissed all the other medical staff on Black Widow’s orders, she couldn’t help but gasp when she saw the familiar features of her new patient. Bruce quickly filled her in on the circumstances of this version of Tony Stark’s arrival at the Compound.

“Bruce will you help me with the initial examination, once we have ascertained the extent of his injuries a decision can be made on whether the Cradle will need to be used. The rest of you can take a seat in the waiting room and we will come find you when we have the results through.”

Two hours later the two entered the waiting room, Steve could see the excitement in Bruce’s eyes and even Dr Cho had a small smile on her face. Bruce was the first one to speak.

“Guys, he is very lucky to have survived with the injuries from whatever battle happened before he was thrown through the portal, he has a severe concussion, multiple fractures, deep tissue bruising and four broken ribs, thankfully none have punctured a lung, the most severe is a ruptured spleen . Dr Cho has already set him up in the Cradle and full physical healing should take place within twenty-four hours.

Now let me fill you in on the details of the physical examination and what we have discovered. Firstly, he is a younger I would say about twenty, he is smaller in height 5ft 2inches and does not have the arc reactor imbedded in his chest, there is scaring which would be lead me to assume that it has been removed recently as the scaring is soft and pink. His DNA and fingerprints are a complete match.

But there is one major difference, this alternate version of Tony Stark is an Omega Femme, on examining him we found that he has a fully formed omega vagina with the hymen still intact, the ultrasound revealed a fully developed uterus with healthy unblocked fallopian tubes and ovaries. He has an undocked penis and has not been castrated, his anal passage contained a small plug, not enough to stimulate his prostrate but sizable enough to stop slick from leaking whilst in the company of any Alphas. There was a birth control patch that we have now removed along with a further patch which contained Omega suppression pheromones. There were small traces of semen in his passage so it would appear he is sexually active but there is no mating bite or Alpha brand.”

Clint head thudded against the table, “Fucking hell! What fucked up world allows an omega to damage themselves in such a way, let alone gives them the freedom to play at being a Superhero. Also, those suits cost millions, so who is funding him? Oh my god! Tell me that this version of Stark doesn’t have free control over his own money or his Company, Omegas are not capable of holding such high-powered positions, their brains are not wired to deal with stress or make decisions for themselves.

Why couldn’t our Stark have been an omega like this one, would have solved all our problems.”

Natasha, Steve and Pepper turned to look at each other, the same thought running through their minds, it was why Steve had chosen Widow as his Second in Command, she nearly always anticipated exactly what he wanted done and knew what he was thinking even before he could form the words.

“Bruce, the portal, do you think it will appear again?”

Bruce finished cleaning his glasses, before he answered;

“Natasha, Portals are notoriously unstable and difficult to control, especially where the Infinity Stones are involved. Dr Strange told me that there are thousands of alternative worlds, parallel universes and time streams. Portals that have not been summoned and tied to a world or area within, do not appear again, that is why then are called Random Singular Portals.”

Steve rubbed his hands over his face trying to ease some of the tension he was feeling.

“So, this version of Stark is stuck in our universe for good, even so, there are other factors to consider, our Stark is twenty years older and decidedly not an Omega, how would we explain these changes to Rhodes, the Government and the Public?”

Dr Cho cleared her throat, “As doctors, Bruce and I would be able to confirm and provide evidence that Beta Stark hid his true orientation, we have all the blood samples from the second Stark, which shows clear abuse of banned omega suppressants and illegal omega contraceptives, his DNA clearly shows his genetic gender as an Omega Femme.”

“How would we be able to pass off the clear disparity in his age?”

Cho was quick to reply to Steve’s question. “Captain Rogers, the need to use of the Cradle to heal his extensive injuries combined with a dose of the modified extremis serum could be put forth as an explanation for his younger appearance and the full body scans involved in the initial assessment of his injuries revealed his omega status.”

Natasha laid her hand on Steve’s arm.

“There is another solution that may work, we could say that he is Tony Stark’s hidden son, only now coming into the spotlight because of his father’s death. But we will have to ensure that this alternate Stark is never allowed to speak in public or have access to electronics, he could never be left unsupervised with other people, especially Rhodes.”

Steve knew that the final decision would be his, both ideas had merit but trying to pass this younger Stark of as Tony’s son would mean having to produce a whole backstory as to who was his mother, who raised him, where had he lived, and what Omega Schools he attended. The media would go searching, if they found any discrepancies in the story then the speculation would begin, the gutter press would be relentless, they couldn’t take that risk.

“Dr Cho I believe that we should keep things simple, dose the omega with the modified serum, enough to heal him completely. He looks younger than your predicted age so report to the Omega Control Office that he has aged down to sixteen, this will mean that as a High Order Omega with no immediate family he will need to have two Guardian Alphas, one for his personal life and one for Stark Industries? That way Ms Potts and I will have full control of all aspects of his life and I will be legally obligated to bond him into the Avengers.

Natasha contact your pet Judge, ensure that all the legal paperwork is prepared and ready to be signed, after the legal matters have been settled arrange a fatal accident. Once I have advised Rhodes of Stark’s deception, then I think the Colonel needs to be called back to active duty straight away, perhaps a six-month tour of Afghanistan could be arranged. By the time his tour is complete, then this new Stark will be firmly integrated into his role as our omega.

If he wants to see Tony before he deploys, we will need ensure that he wears a gag in Rhodes presence just to be certain he cannot convince him of our deception. I will ask the Colonel to take Iron Man’s place and join the Avengers full-time once he has returned.”

Dr Cho left with Bruce to administer the injection of extremis, Pepper began to compose a statement to be released to the Press, Natasha had already left to make her calls when all of a sudden, the shrill sound of medical alarms blared loudly in the quiet room. Steve rushed out followed by the others towards the intensive care medical bays, they could do nothing but stop and stare as Dr Cho and Dr Banner fought to stop the violent seizures taking control of Stark’s unconscious body. Minutes passed before the machines stopped there wailing and only the flat constant sound of the heart rate monitor filled the room.

“Time of death 16.30 April 23rd 2019,” Bruce covered Stark’s body after Dr Cho had disconnected all the wires from the monitoring equipment.

Thor’s booming voice filled the silence; “Whilst I hold no love for the Man of Iron, I believe that I will stand guard over our fallen comrade and see him through to his final resting place. The Fates have given us a new thread to weave with this Omega and I believe that our course will run smoother and the Avengers will prosper now that our structure is complete.”

Pepper thought she would feel more sadness at his passing, but after the initial shock she felt more relieved than anything else. Over the years she had worked hard to gain the position of CEO, Stark had fought her rise to power, but the board had overruled him, wanting and Alpha in charge. Stark had been relegated to Head of R&D after his kidnapping in Afghanistan and the palladium poisoning debacle. He had still been a constant thorn in her side, adamant that he would not return to weapon development, which she thought was highly hypocritical as he flew around the globe in a weaponised suit of armour and outfitted the rest of the Avengers with any equipment they needed.

“Captain Rogers, I am going back to my office to finish off this press statement, can you get Natasha to join me after she had completed her calls, we need to ensure that all the legal paperwork is ready to be completed once he is awake. We will also need to send for an Officer from the Centre for Omega Control so that Stark can be registered, I suggest donating a suitably large amount of money so that there is no call for a public display of punishment for his duplicity, we don’t need him mouthing off when he is read his list of crimes against our society. You can flog him in front of the Officer and the Avengers before staking your claim, which I am positive the Centre for Omega Control will fully endorse.”