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(Hey you guys! Back with more Jethro and Margie stories. This is just a little bit of fluff so enjoy!)


Early on in their relationship, Jethro and Margie would have lunch together, usually at NCIS in the Naval Yard. It gave Margie an excuse to get out of her office and she likes to go places where Jethro feels comfortable. She knows about his staff being surprised that he was now leaving the office for lunch. But during the past week they had no lunch dates because they were both busy with cases in their respective offices. Therefore this weekend they plan to spend the weekend together doing fun things. Margie has one special thing to do with Jethro and she hopes that he enjoys it as much as she does.

Jethro’s team is looking forward to the weekend. They finally complete their cases and have plans to just relax before another week of work starts on Monday. Tim and Delilah have rented a cabin and just plan to spend time with nature; Torres and Reeves are competing in a bicycling race in Annapolis; Bishop and Abby are attending a women’s retreat; and Gibbs has plans with Margie. He doesn’t know what she has planned but he’s looking forward to it nonetheless.

Unfortunately all of their plans are delayed and they all are in the office on Saturday morning resolving one (1) snag that prevented the closure of one of the cases. Because they all came in early they are able to finish before noon and that allows each of them to keep their prior engagements except for Gibbs.

When he has to postpone his time with Margie she decides to go on a day excursion with her mother and one of her mother’s friends. Gibbs is disappointed but she assures him that they will still get together on Sunday so it isn’t a total loss.

The team is disappointed for Gibbs but he tells them to enjoy their weekend and he will see them on Monday. They all say that they want to hear about the big to-do with Margie when they see him on Monday. He frowns at them. They know that he won’t say anything about what he does out of the office especially what he does with Margie. They like to tease him though because they notice the change in him since he and Margie got together and they think that the change is good for him.


On Monday the team files in and each one smiling thinking about all of the fun that they had over the weekend. When they make it to their desks and see Gibbs already there they look at each other puzzled. Gibbs usually comes in a little later and plus he doesn’t look too happy. Looking around at each other they prompt McGee to find out what’s wrong with Gibbs since he is the one who has known Gibbs the longest of the three (3) of them. McGee is hesitant because he knows his boss doesn’t like explaining himself or talking about his personal business and surmise that it is personal because they are not working on any cases at present.

McGee gathers his courage and approaches Gibbs at his desk.

“Boss are you alright? You look a little down and you’re not usually here this early. Is everything all right?”

Gibbs looks up at McGee as if he would cut off his head but then he stops himself. He knows that McGee is only asking because he is concerned. He looks around at the other team members and see them all watching him and McGee. In an effort to calm their fears he asks them how their weekends went. They all tell him but they know that he’s only trying to divert the conversation so McGee adds to his previous question,

“Boss if you don’t want to tell us what happened that’s fine. We just want you to know that if you want to talk about it that we are all here for you. We hope that you had a good weekend too.”

McGee turns to head back to his desk when Gibbs says,

“Margie says that we’re not compatible and she doesn’t know if she wants to continue to see me.”

They all look shocked. They never in their wildest dreams thought that Gibbs would divulge such personal information. Now that he’s mentioned Margie both Torres and McGee look at Bishop to say something with her being a woman perhaps she can help Gibbs understand what Margie means because they certainly don’t. Bishop looks at both Torres and McGee with daggers in her eyes. Why does she have to say anything just because she’s a woman? Not wanting Gibbs to suffer any longer she decides to give it a try.

She walks to his desk and asks if she can speak with him in one of the conference rooms. That way they will have more privacy. Gibbs stands and she follows him and Torres and McGee follow her. She looks back at them and gives them a menacing scowl that she will make them pay for this.

They arrive at the conference room and all sit down. Bishop is the first to speak,

“Gibbs, in what context did she say you two are not compatible? Did she mean because of politics, race, religion, or what?”

Gibbs looks at her and shakes his head and says,

“No, none of those things. We’ve already talked about those things and we are fine with them. We want the same things out of life for the most part. Here’s what happened. We planned to spend the weekend together and you know that we had to come in on Saturday. That wasn’t a problem because Margie understands how things like that can happen. So she planned something special for Sunday. Well things didn’t go as well as she planned and afterwards she said that we’re not compatible. I don’t know if this was some test of some sort and I failed but she’s not talking to me. She won’t call me and she won’t take my calls. I didn’t think that it was a big deal but for Margie evidently it is and I don’t know what to do.”

McGee and Torres are about to bust their guts laughing because they can’t believe that Gibbs is having women trouble. He’s the smoothest guy they’ve ever met so Margie must be very special to him if he’s this torn up about her saying that they’re not compatible. But if it isn’t about politics, race, religion or the usual things that people talk about as compatibility issues then they don’t know what to say. They both look at Bishop for some clue as to what else to do when they hear Gibbs say,

“It boils down to my not knowing something that she considers critical so I’ll ask you guys.

“What is STAR WARS and what does it mean ‘May the Force be with you’?”


Author’s Note: I told you it was fluff. Now if you don’t know the answers to Gibbs’s questions then I have nothing else to say. Of course they reconcile. Margie was just ‘pulling his leg’ but hey all’s fair in love. And don’t worry Gibbs does get her back for this. Perhaps that’s another story. Who knows?