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I Love You 3000

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The thing is…

Morgan wasn't the first who said those words…



It's the year 2050 a lot of things changed, and a lot of things continued to change, after all, time changes everything… That is if you weren't a Super Soldier. Thought Steve to himself with a small smile, everything changed in the past forty years or so since he woke up from the ice, lots of things changed, for the better or worse, but the world was spinning and that was the important thing.

After The Avengers, after Shield, Hydra, The Winter Soldier, Ultron, Civil War, after Thanos… things changed, and finally after so many years of heartaches and pain, after so many years of crying and betrayals… everything was finally looking up…

Everything changes in the world, especially The Avengers. They were the ones who were hit the hardest, they were the ones who refused to change with time, because want it or not, the world needs them now, more than ever.

It all started after the End after they finally defeated Thanos after they got their friends back, everyone finally got their lives together…

Bucky finally ends up getting his life back under control, he finally gets rid of the last reminding of Hydra he has, by getting rid of that arm. He finally decided to move on with his life, by finally asking Sharon out, it was shocking news to everyone, but the two of them worked so well, they were so happy, and lived full and happy lives with kids, they are now proud grandparents for a bunch of lively little devils as Tony liked to call them.

Clint was finally reunited with his family, and he was the happiest person Steve saw, he and his wife ends up having another child, a little girl they named Natasha, to honor their dead friend that sacrificed herself, Clint still live in the farm, with his children and grandchildren visiting him, Laura (God rest her soul in peace) had passed away ten years ago. Steve was never proud when Clint told him he was opening an orphanage to help children with superpowers abilities. Sometimes Steve will drop for a little chat now and then, these days they mostly talk about the past, Steve never mentioned to his friend how tired he looked, how old he looked day after day if Steve was right, his friend was going to be ninety in few months.

Thor… they haven't heard or see that much of him, ever since he gave the throne to Valkyrie and went with the guardians, Bruce was the person who talked with him the most and kept them updated on their friend, that was until he disappeared in 2026, they all have been searching for him, until Betty came to them and told them to stop. In the end, they did, after learning that Bruce was finally free from the burdens he put on himself, Tony spent that night crying…

Sam… Sam died heroically in the line of duty in 2030, sacrificing himself to save more than one hundred lives, his life was good, he ends up marrying Darcy and they had a son and a daughter, his teenage son took it on himself to carry his father's legacy of being the next Falcon, Steve visited his Godchildren from time to time, to see how Darcy and them were doing.

Wanda and Vision were still out there exploring the world, Dr. Strange took it on himself to teach Wanda how to control her powers before she ends up doing something she will regret, so now she and Vision were in Kamar-Taj training new sorcerers in the ways of mystic arts.

Lastly but not least Tony… Tony and Steve's relationship did get better in the end, after so many heartaches and pain. After the final battle, when Captain Marvel decided to sacrifice herself instead of Tony and snap the Gauntlet, it seems that Tony and Pepper's relationship was once again strained, Tony tried to make it work, if not for him than for his daughter Morgan, but everything fell like sandcastle when Morgan came home one day talking about one of her classes that day, talking about genetics and DNA, and how she wanted to do the DNA tests her teacher talked about. Tony laugh it off at that time and decided to indulge his daughter, only to discover the harsh truth later, when the results came, and the person standing in front of him was not related to him at all, that lead to a shouting match between Tony and Pepper, it ends with them splitting up. That day, Steve found a wet and shivering Tony on his doorsteps. That was the point their relationship turned one-eighty. Despite himself, Tony tried to be part of Morgan's life, he loved the little girl too much to cut her off of his life for the mistakes of her mother, unfortunately Morgan did not feel the same, she blamed her father for leaving her and her mother, which put the two of them in a strained relationship.

And lastly, there was Steve… Steve who seems like he didn't age a day over 46, other than the few laughing lines and the few white hairs here and there, he was still as young and strong as the day they got him out of the ice. He saw lots of ups and downs in his life, but it seems that the five years after the snap changed everything, instead of quitting heroism like Tony or Thor, Steve and the rest of what's left of the Avengers were active within the community, which caused them to become celebrities and figures of safety and stability in the fragile world, everything changed after the final battle. And after that day Steve found Tony on his doorsteps, things changed between the two of them, they tried to tie the snapped threads of their fragile relationship, they end up getting out with something beautiful instead, after a long and hard path, the two of them ends up getting married in 2028 and they had been married for over twenty years, Steve was never thankful for the Arc-Reactor as he was now, because it gave him a little more time with his loved one who was now reaching the age of ninety-five.

Steve sighed at that thought and get out of his car smiling at the irony that flying cars do exist in the far away future, he walked toward his and Tony's home, the two of them did end up living in the Avengers HQ with Steve training the new recruits with the help of Peter Parker, the man who was like a son to him and Tony.

Everything changed

Steve gave a sad smile at that as he walked toward his and Tony's room he paused a little in front of the door with a bouquet of roses in his hands. "He is with us, Friday?" Steve asked softly, waiting for the robotic female to answer, his heart pounding in his chest, this was their secret code when it comes to Tony these days.

"He is Captain Rogers, he has been in a joyful mood all morning talking with Dum-E, he asked about you."

The Irish accented voice answered making Steve give a wobbly smile at that and knock on the door, he opened it a little while later to look at the man sitting near the window in his wheelchair talking with Dummy. "Steve? Oh, you are back! How was your mission?" The older man asked with twinkling eyes after he saw Steve enter the room and walk toward him. "Oh, for me?" Tony asked happily taking the roses out of Steve's hands.

"Of course! Who else would I give the roses for other than my best guy?" Steve teased gently making Tony chuckle happily at that, Steve gave a happy smile as he saw Tony looking at the roses. One of the most heartbreaking things Steve learned in his life, what broke him on the inside, was when his love was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2045 it had been a rough five years for both of them, it was like Peggy all over again. Sometimes Tony would remember him and would be even happy to see him, the two of them will spend that day sitting in their room or taking a stroll in the gardens, talking about the past, what they were going to do next, or just whispers love confessions over and over again. Sometimes Tony would wake up thinking that he was still married to Pepper, he will ask about Morgan and why his daughter and wife weren't there with him, on these days Steve didn't know what to say, he will just take Tony to the gardens, how does he tell the love of his life that his daughter was 33 years old woman with a husband and two children, and that his wife was still out there managing SI, locking Tony out of his company because of her want for revenge because she thinks Tony was the reason Happy was dead? Sometimes things were worse, the times when Tony woke up thinking that Thanos was out there and that they were about to do the Time Heist, he will beg Steve to come with him, to help him and the team, Steve always says they are handling it. But what broke Steve was when Tony will wake up remembering the Civil War, he would scream and scream when he sees Steve near him, because he will always remember Steve thrusting his Shield into the Arc-Reactor… Steve never regrets anything in his life as much as he regrets the pain he caused Tony.

"Hey Spangles, are you here with me?" Tony called out gently waving the roses under Steve's nose, making the blond man blink and sneeze, which made Tony lose it and laugh. "That trick never gets old…" Tony stopped laughing making Steve look at his aged face with a gentle look, Tony paused a little raising his wrinkly hand toward Steve's cheek, making the soldier take it in both of his and kiss it. "Hey, Steve… do you love me?" Asked Tony with a smile, making Steve paused at that and stand up to kiss him on the forehead.

"Of course, I love you three thousand remember?" Steve said making Tony hum at that. "I love you more than the suns, and stars, and moons, and every day I fell more in love with you than yesterday, I will love you for the rest of my life if you let me…" Steve said making Tony pause at that and chuckle while shaking his head at Steve.

"Silly old man… it's enough for me if you loved me for the rest of my life." Tony said looking at his wrinkly hand that was held gentle between Steve's bigger ones, that made Steve look up at Tony's sad, so sad, and understanding eyes. It made Steve let out a small 'Oh' and tears start gathering in his eyes… how did he forget, how did he forget that his love was dying, that any day now the Arc-Reactor would give up, or worse, Tony's body will give up, how did he forget that he would lose his love any day now, how did he forget that…

They are living on borrowed time

Steve always wondered about Fury, the two of them, believe it or not, become best friends after 'The End', most people call the final battle 'The End', but for some, they joked about being the 'Endgame', it made Steve shake his head at that, because it was not the end, villains are still out there hurting people, coming either from space or from the same earth they walk on, there was no end to their fight, as much as people wanted one. Steve always wondered how Fury was able to live this long without aging a day; it always made him suspicious, after all, Steve was sure he saw a glimpse of him once or twice in World War Two and not his father as the older man liked to say.

It made him on edge

That was until the older man told him that he was part a mutant, that his father was a mutant while his mother was a normal human being, that his mutant power came from him being able to live longer, that he was hard to kill, that he was actually born in 1888, it made Steve stunned, that he wasn't the only one that was out of time, it made him glade somehow, but it also made sense. How Fury survived when Hydra sent the Winter Soldier after him, how he was able to survive so many wounds that could have killed a normal person if he wasn't super. It all made sense and he was glad for that, but he was also sad that Fury didn't take the time out of his day to go out and find someone to be here with him, Fury will always pause at that and say that he didn't have time.

It made Steve realize a lot of things about the commander of Shield, and his respect for the older man increase, it didn't hurt that Fury's mood always gets better when his Goddaughter Megan (Coulson and Maria Hill's daughter) come to visit him every week when she had time.

Steve took the position of the vice-commander of Shield, Maria had long since retired after getting pregnant thirty years ago, she and Coulson live in a country house now, where Coulson could finally try his skill at fishing and where Maria could finally play her cello in peace.

Today was a really good day; Steve woke up with Tony remembering him (it still befalls him how they were in 2050 and still, there was no curse for Alzheimer) remembering their marriage and was thinking that they were on their honeymoon, it made Steve happy. They ate their breakfast, all the while they were laughing and sharing old stories, taking a walk in the gardens after, Tony told him that he was going to work in the labs until Steve is back from Shield, Steve made sure to order Friday to keep an eye on him and close all the labs, as Peter was out of the town with his wife MJ and their kids May and Benjamin, so he couldn't ask the young man to stay with Tony as he usually does.

And as much as Steve wanted to stay with his husband or take him to Shield with him, he couldn't last Tony hurt himself or slip into one of his headspaces there and panic. So, in the end, he found that Cassie Lang (Who was the new Wasp) was still in the Avengers HQ, he asked the girl to keep an eye for Tony, with the promise that he and Tony will be happy to accept the dinner invitation Steve had been putting off for so long until now.

Everything was good… until it wasn't

When Steve reached Shield, he did what he always does, he trained the new recruits, and file paperwork, and attends the meetings, he was even able to make Fury give him the rest of the day off, to go and enjoy it with Tony. He even went to the café near their home to buy Tony one of those cherry pies he was always obsessed with these days.

The phone's ringing made Steve look at the screen and smile after seeing that it was Cassie. "Hey, Cassie… Cassie! calm down, what's going on?" Steve called out trying to make the woman that was crying hysterically on the other line calm down. What Steve heard made his heart stop, he didn't realize that everything he bought was now lying on the floor, that he let it go from the shock, it was a few seconds later that Steve starts running in top speed, hoping to reach the hospital before it's too late…

Hoping that this was just a nightmare

Steve ran all the way to the hospital, heart pounding in his throat from fear, tears stinging his eyes, he still couldn't believe what Cassie had told him, he just saw Tony this morning, laughing and joking with him, they were even going to Cassie's to meet her boyfriend and parents, how did this happen? Thought Steve as he thrust the glass doors open, making everyone look at him, he saw Cassie crying in the corner so he rushed toward her, he didn't remember what he said or screamed, but it ends with the doctors rushing toward him, trying to calm him down.

It ends with Steve walking on shaky legs toward Tony's room after the doctors told him that his husband was too old, that it was his time, that Steve could go and see him for one last time, Steve had to hold his sobs at that. As much as Steve didn't want, he called Pepper and Morgan in hope that the two of them will come, Tony still considers Morgan his own, even after all the pain she and her mother caused him, it made him hate them, even more, when they didn't answer.

Steve opened the door and entered the room, holding his sobs as he saw his lover lying on the bed with so many machines attached to him, it made him take shaky steps toward the chair near the bed and sit on it begging God that this was all some sort of a bad nightmare that he will wake up from soon.

"Hey… d-don't cry." Steve heard Tony's tired voice which made him look up and take his lover's outstretched hand. "W-we… both knew this-this was going to h-happen." He muttered making Steve shakes his head and kiss Tony's shaky hand… "M-Morgan?" He asked making Steve pause and swallow.

"She… she couldn't make it." Steve ends up saying, making Tony let out a dry sob, which made Steve stand up and run his hand through Tony's white hair. "But Peter would, Cassie called him and he is on his way with his family, you are going to see May and Ben, his children." That made Tony sniff and look at the side pointing toward the table beside the bed.

"The glasses…" He muttered making Steve look at his side to see a black-framed glasses, it warmed him to see something so old as glasses, as they weren't used since 2034. He took the glasses and gave them to Tony only for the older man to shake his head. "Take it… i-it will h-help you." He said as he pulled his hand out of Steve's hand putting the glasses in it and pushes it toward Steve's chest. "It's c-called E.D.I.T.H…," Tony said making Steve look at the glasses.

"Edith?" Steve asked getting a laugh out of Tony, making the older man look at Steve with tired but amused eyes. "What does it meant?" Steve asked as he sat on the chair once more, taking Tony's hand in his.

Tony's lips twitch up at that, and Steve could see how misty Tony's eyes were, they both were trying to hold their tears back. "Even Dead… I'm The Hero." Tony said making Steve let out a laugh that turned into a sob.

"You always love your acronyms," Steve said looking at his husband, who was looking at Steve with a concentrate look like he was trying to print Steve's face into his memory.

"Can you do something for me?" Tony asked with a strong voice, Steve kisses his forehead whispering 'Anything' making Tony hum at that. "Can you promise me to love me for the rest of my life?" Tony said caressing Steve's cheek, making the blond man smiled at him in confusion.

"Darling, I told you I will love you for the rest of my-" Steve couldn't continue as Tony put his fingers on Steve's lips gently, shushing him.

"No sweetheart, no… just for the rest of mine," Tony whispered making Steve shake his head at that. "Please… this is the only thing I ask of you… please promise me…" Tony's voice cracked at that making Steve whine.

"I can't… I can't…" Steve whimpered feeling Tony wiping the tears that fell from his eyes. "I can't make promises I can't keep…" Steve's breath hitches making Tony swipe his hair away from his forehead, usually, Steve kept his slightly long hair slicked back, a look he dons after the snap, but know, his hair was all over the place, making him look like a mess.

"Promise me, you will try…" Tony whispered making Steve look at his husband's sad eyes, in the end, Steve nods his head making Tony smile at that tiredly.

Peter and his family rushed to the hospital an hour later, tears were already in Peter's red eyes as it fell on his mentor and father figure, he wobbled toward Tony and held into him tightly when the older man opened his arms for Peter. Tony met his grandchildren and MJ, and to their joy, he remembered them. It didn't stop Steve from hating Morgan and Pepper more and more every second that passed, because every time the door to the room was opened, Tony will look up with such a hopeful look on his face, hoping that the next person that entered the room was Morgan. No matter how many times Steve called them, they didn't answer, nor came to the hospital after he sent some of Shield agents to go and bring them.

That night, Tony told Steve, Peter, and his family how much he loved them over and over, making Steve promise him to destroy the Iron Man suits that were left in the basement gathering dust, for Shield and Steve never found someone good enough to hold that mantra of 'Iron Man', he told Peter how proud he was of him and how much he was happy to call the younger man his son, he told MJ to take care of Peter and Steve, because he knew the two of them will always get themselves in troubles if someone wasn't there to stop them, he told his grandchildren how much he loved them and how much he was going to miss them… that night Tony went to bed with a wide smile telling Steve that he loved him three thousand…

He didn't wake up the next day

The funeral was beautiful

That was the only thing Steve could say, everyone from all around the world came to say goodbye to the hero, Steve saw all of his friends, and to his surprise even Thor and the guardians came to the funeral, but what made him seethe in hate was that Morgan and Pepper didn't even come to say goodbye to the man who still considered them his family, Steve never hated someone as much as he hated them. As for Steve he was still refusing to believe that his husband was dead, he was too tired and too drained, he spent the days before and after the funeral crying in Tony's lab surrounded by Iron Man's suits holding into the glasses Tony gave him not letting it go hearing the message Tony left for him in Edith's database, that Edith replayed for him over and over again at Steve's request, Dummy was there with him peeping sadly and touching the suits before wheeling himself toward Steve with a water bottle in his claw, sometimes with tissues, he was thankful for both Dummy and Friday, who refused anyone access to the lab, letting Steve grieve in peace.

What made Steve burn with fury was when he saw Morgan a month after the funeral coming into the HQ like she owned the place with a frown on her aged face, it made Steve so angry that the only reason she came to him was to give him an eviction order, telling Steve to order all the Avengers out of Stark's properties, Steve just held the paper for a long time reading it over and over again, he felt the shock coming from the Avengers and the recruits in waves, and anger from his friends in practical. He did nothing but rips the paper into pieces and throws it at Morgan's face, making the woman look at him with shock.

"You are not a Stark, so is your mother, so I highly suggest that you escort yourself out of the HQ or we are going to do the honor," Steve said coldly making Morgan look at him with a scowl.

"Just because my father-" She was cut by a glass of water being thrown her way making her squeak and avoid it last she got smacked in her face, she looked at Steve who thrown the glass with a feared look.

"Don't you dare call him that!" Steve remembered shouting at the woman glaring at her with hate. "You have no right to call him that, especially after refusing to come when he asked for you on his…" Steve's voice cracked and he shook his head. "Get out." Steve ends up saying leaving the HQ not caring about his friends calling out for him.

Steve didn't know where his legs were taking him, until he stood up in front of Shield HQ that made Steve swallow and growl to himself and start running toward Fury's office not caring about the people who tried to stop him along the way, when he reached the office he slammed the door open, making Fury look up from his paperwork to gaze at Steve who walked toward him like a predator slamming his hands on the desk. "Send me on a mission," Steve ordered making Fury gaze at him for a long time with a little pause, then he opened his drawer and get a file out.

"A strange organization appeared a few years ago, calling themselves the 'League of Evil Inhumans' you will find everything you need to know about the members in the file, one of our spies told us that they invented a time-traveling machine, planning to go to the past and help Thanos in his quest, they somehow were able to steal the original blueprint of the time travel machine from the Time Heist. Your mission is to destroy the machine and take the blueprint, do not engage with them unless necessary." Fury said making Steve nod his head taking the file and turn around to head out. "Be careful, Steve, don't do anything stupid." Fury said softly making the soldier paused and turn to Fury giving him a tired smile.

"I never do…" Steve tried to joke but he couldn't summon any cheerfulness in his voice. "Thank you…" Steve ends up saying leaving Fury in the office looking at his back.

Fury wonders if this was goodbye

It was a disaster…

That was Steve's thought as he moans in pain as he tried to stand up trying to put his weight on his uninjured leg, he then starts limping toward the open portal that the machine opened, his broken leg hurt so much, and his broken ribs were about a hairbreadth from piercing his lungs, his bruised and broken body hurt him so much that he stay standing any longer and ends up tripping on his way to the machine.

After Steve took the file from Fury he spent a whole week, investigating what was called the evil league. He got to know a lot of things about its six members, their habits, schedules, and other things he should know about before he lanch into his mission. It was easy getting in, that should have been his first clue, but he was too deep into grieve and want to end this mission that he simply didn't care. It ends up with them attacking him all at once, and Steve ends up fighting them all for hours, he was still surprised that he was the last one standing. But unfortunately one of the idiots activated the portal before breaking the control panel, and now the portal was open with no way to close it, and if Steve didn't want the portal to go 'Boom' and do some unsavory damage, he had to do something and fast…

Steve wheezed as he moved his hand toward one of the pockets his suit, just moving his hand hurt, he got the glasses out of his suit thankful that it didn't break in the fight, and maybe he should be thankful that the glasses were made from the same metal as his Shield, and was self-repair. "E…e-Edith…" Steve wheezed out, giving a weak cry when a wrong move made his broken rib press into his lung, though he continued his mission and wore the glasses activating it.

"Yes, Mr. Stark?"

Steve gave a sob as he heard the Italian accented voice of the AI call by that name. Long-time ago, when Steve married his love, he wanted to change his last name to Stark, to tell his love that he loves and adore him too much to care about last names, but unfortunately Fury refused, saying the world needs Steve Rogers more than they needed Steve Stark, his Tony had looked so crushed but agreed with Fury. He was so happy to hear someone call him that, especially in a voice that resembles Maria Stark's (He spent a lot of nights going from video to video from Tony's childhood that he would never forget her voice) Steve cough a little and wince taking a deep breath. "S… a-activate... th-e mis... missile…to h-here..." Steve stuttered, making the AI paused if that was even possible...

"Are you sure, Mr. Stark?"

Steve heard her sad said voice, and he sniffed at that whispering his 'Yes', he ignored his Avenger's badge that was going off like crazy beside him and look at the burning warehouse he was in, the glasses turn dark for a second then it start counting down from five making Steve smile and close his eyes as he heard the sound of the missile getting closer and closer toward his location.

A small smile took over Steve face at thought of finally seeing his husband again, a shining light shined before his closed eyes and there was unbearable pain after, the last thing that crosses his mind was Tony's young face smiling when he heard the first love confession Steve told him years and years ago, before Pepper and Morgan, and Civil War, and Ultron…

I love you three thousand…



"Who is he, J?"

Steve heard someone call out, making him groan and try to open his eyes, which made whoever was in the room, with his talk in a frantic voice putting their hands on his shoulders trying to ease him into the soft mattress he was lying on. That made Steve opens his eyes then closes them, hearing voices talking above him. Steve tried to open his eyes one more time, and when he did his breath hitch in his lungs. "T…Tony…" Steve whispered brokenly raising his trembling hand toward the figure that was looking at him with a strange look…

It was Tony, it was his beautiful Tony, as young and beautiful as the day he first saw him when Shield asked him to fight Loki. A smile took over his face and he closed his eyes, feeling so happy that he was finally able to see Tony for one last time, he felt happy, and for the first time in a very long time he felt…