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Rightside Up 2

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It was a quiet night in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The dark sky lit up by stars and city lights. Gentle hum of cars passing down the streets and people walking along. It was a peaceful October 28th as the year was 1984.


But peace could only last so long.


An alarm started ringing from an apartment complex, four masked figures rushing out of the building. All of them hurried into the van waiting for them, Axel closing the van door. Police sirens could be heard behind them, and their window of escape was quickly closing. Once everyone was inside the van, Mick wasted no time swerving the van to the left, flooring it down the Pennsylvania roads.


The cops were right on their tail, matching their moves as Mick weaved the van through the packed street. In the privacy of their van, all members of the gang removed their mask, panting.


“Get em off of us, Mick!” Axel shouted, seeing the cops gaining on them. “I’m working on it!” Mick shouted back, never moving her eyes off the road.


Mick stomped on the van, urging it to over faster. “The alley. To your right.” Kali said. Mick nodded, knowing to just trust Kali’s plans at this point. Listening to their leader’s directions, Mick drove into the alley, the cops temporarily slowed down by another car. Unfortunately, this put them at risk for the other cars driving down that alley. Mick managed to avoid all the cars whilst driving into a set of boxes left out on the road. Dottie cackled menacily, enjoying the wonderful chaos.


Pushing the van as hard as she could, Mick let out an exhale as she heard no sirens. It was short lived, as Axel looked back through the door windows upon hearing sirens. “Son of a bitch! We got more of them!” Axel exclaimed, seeing three cruisers chasing after them. “Do something, Kali. Do something!” Axel yelled, seeing how silent their leader was.


“Next right. There’s a tunnel. Take it.” Kali explained. Mick nodded, quickly driving the way Kali told her too. The tunnel was coming closer, but so were the cruisers. Driving into the tunnel, the group began panicking, they could be easily trapped her.


Kali wasn’t phased at all though. She closed eyes, holding up her right hand, and curled up her fist. “Boom” A loud crashing noise was heard behind them, and through the rearview Mick watched the first cruiser stop, making the others crash into it.


The others cheered in joy, knowing that Kali’s powers had once again saved their asses. Kali took a deep breath, wiping the blood from her nose, revealing the ‘008’ tattooed onto her wrist.


It was a normal day in Hawkins, Indiana. Houses were generously decorated, all prepared for Halloween to come. Will sat in the dining room of his house, humming to himself as he was working out a sketch. Despite being able to control his visions sometimes, he mostly relied on getting them in his sleep.


Being so intuned with his sketch, he didn’t notice Jonathan until his brother put six dollars of quarters in front of him. Will’s eyes widened, looking at his brother in awe. “What?” Jonathan snickered. As he leaned over, he noticed the picture on the table, making him raise a brow. While the image wasn’t complete, Jonathan was able to make out a woman with vibrant red hair followed by masked figures. “Is this something for one of you guys games?” Jonathan asked. Will gave a small shrug, looking at the time and gasped.


“We’re gonna be late!” Will picked up his art supplies and drawings, hurrying them into his room. Jonathan shook his head, snickering at his younger brother. He picked up the quarters and headed to the car. “Be good, Chester!” Will shouted, running over to his brother’s car. The boy hurried into the back seat, slamming the door shut behind him, and quickly buckling his seat belt. Making sure Will was all set, Jonathan pulled out of their driveway, heading to Will’s house.


“Shit, shit, shit!” Dustin exclaimed, running around his house, searching for some quarters. His mother let out a soft sigh, watching him toss couch pieces off, searching for the sweet 25 cents. “Mom, I need to check under your seat!” Dustin shouted. His mother groaned, which he mockingly copied her. Checking through his mother’s seat, he cheered finding some quarters. “Yes! Love you!” He gave his mother a kiss, before running to his room.


Getting his quarters together, Dustin called Mike on his walkie. “Mike, do you copy? Mike, do you copy?”. Mike looked up from his bed, leaning over and picking up the walkie. “Yeah, I copy.” He said.


Mike used to be witty and rather sassy when talking...but ever since he came home he was much more quiet and has lost his wit.


Dustin ignored it, “What’s you haul? Lucas and I have six dollars”. “Mom gave me four dollars.” Mike responded, “Will’s going to come pick me up.”. “Alright, see you there.” Dustin hung up. Swearing to himself, Mike got up from his spot on the floor, running upstairs.


“Barb, you’re going to be fine. He’ll be here any minute, so just calm down.” Nancy said, reassuring her best friend as they headed up to her room. Despite going steady with Jonathan for nearly a year now, the redhead was still nervous about dates. It was honestly sweet.


“I don’t do calm with guys. What if i say something stupid though? He’ll think I’m dumb and not want to date me. Ugh, I don’t want to mess things up with him, I really really like him, Nancy.” Barbara groaned. Nancy rolled her eyes, ready to head into her room when Mike ran out of it. “Mike?” Nancy asked, very confused. She watched her brother run off, and Barb gave a small shrug, just as confused as she was. Trying to shake off what happened, Nancy smiled hearing a car pull up outside.


“Have fun.” Nancy said, turning Barb around, and nudging her towards the stairs. Barb swallowed nervously before making her way down stairs. Smiling to herself, Nancy headed into her room, shocked to find her piggy bank resting on her bed and emptied out. “What the hell?” She gasped, “Mike!”.


The rumble of Jonathan’s engine was heard outside as he pulled out of the Wheeler’s driveway, Mike and Barb already seated inside. Nancy ran outside, despite her father’s warning, huffing as they were already gone. “Asshole!” Nancy screamed out, hoping Mike heard.


Lucas and Dustin were the first to arrive to the arcade, stopping their bikes and parking them. “This is gonna be awesome.” Dustin smirked, checking his quarters when a familiar car pulled up. “Remember guys, I’ll be back in two hours to pick up both of you! Use their phone if you need to call your mom, Mike.” Jonathan explained, watching the two boys hurry out of the back seat, “Have fun, Will!”. Will grinned, waving his brother off before running over to the others.


“You poor souls, having to drive with your brother’s boyfriend.” Lucas said. “Think he’ll do the dick thing with popcorn.” Dustin said, resulting in Will hitting him in the arm.


After that little moment, the boys hurried into the arcade, hopping onto Dragon’s Lair. Dustin was near the end, the other three crowded around him, watching anxiously. “Left! Left!” They all shouted, watching him. They kept shouting for him to succeed, but much to the groups horror, he lost. “No! No! No!” Dustin shouted, throwing his arms in the air.


“Hey, at least you’re the top player at Dig Dug and Centipede.” Will stated, trying to comfort his friend.


His comfort was shot down by Keith’s interruption, “You sure about that?”. This instantly worried Dustin, running over to figure out what he meant. “Watch it you mortals!” Dorian exclaimed, nearly spilling her drink on her new leather jacket when they ran by, “I hate children.”. Her friend gave a small nod in agreement.


“No! No! No!” Dustin yelled, seeing ‘Mad Max’ labeled above his name with a higher score. “That’s impossible.” Mike gawked, seeing the points this ‘Mad Max’ had gotten.


“Is it you?” Will asked.


Keith scoffed, “You know I despise Dig Dug.”. “Then spill it, Keith.” Dustin demanded. “You want information, then I need something in return.” Ketih responded. 


The group went silent, all looking at Mike knowing exactly what this item in return was. “No, no way! You are not getting a date with my sister! I am not prostituting my sister!” Mike exclaimed. Especially after becoming much closer to her since he’s come back. “Mike, come on. Just get him the date.” Lucas said. “Guys, come on.” Will pleaded. “It’s for a good cause.” Lucas stated.


Before the two could argue again, Dustin stepped up. “No, no. Don’t get him that date. He’s gonna spread that nasty ass rash to your whole family.


“Acne isn’t a rash, and it isn’t contagious you pre-pubescent wastoid.”


While Dustin went at it on Keith, Mike turned around, walking away a bit towards the door as he heard something. There was a faint rumbling outside the arcade, and he could see particles flying in the breeze. “Hey, guys do you see-” When Mike turned around, he was shocked to find his friends missing. In fact, everyone in the arcade was missing.


The world around him shifted, turning into the upside down once more with the arcade machines screens flickering weakly.


Mike took a shaky breath, when the door behind him swung open, making him jump up in fear. Swallowing a bit, he moved forward, making his way outside.


The world outside looked the same as the arcade, a mirror copy of the hell he was trapped in. He gasped looking towards the sky, listening to the thunder. Frozen in terror, he watched a creature slowly be formed in the flashing red clouds. A shadow beast moving, and facing him from it’s spot. The creature began screeching as it laid it’s eyes on him, and Mike could only watch-


“Mike! There you are. Are you okay?” Mike gasped, turning around to find Will coming out of the door. Mike swallowed, looking back to the sky, only to find the normal dark night. Everything seemed normal.


“Yeah...yeah I just...needed some air.” Mike responded, not wanting to worry Will. Though, considering his friends powers, he was worried he already knew.


“W-Well it’s your turn on Dig Dug, come on.” Will said, heading back inside. Mike nodded, following him inside, but he paused for a moment on the steps, looking out to the sky once more. Seeing no eerie silhouette.


The episodes were becoming more frequent...and what terrified him most was how real they felt.