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Lina's BKDK Southern Gothic Drabbles

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In 1963, Izuku Midoriya didn’t have a whole lot going for him. For one thing, he grew up without an alpha in the home. His father left when he was just shy of a year old. He and his mother haven’t seen him since. Money was always tight for the Midoriyas. Inko was an omega, so she was limited in the kinds of jobs she could apply for, and if Inko did get the job, she was paid far less than her alpha peers. Izuku’s future seemed to become even bleaker when he presented as an omega at thirteen. Most alphas were wary of mating an omega who hadn’t had an alpha in the home growing up.

But Izuku did have a few things going for him. He was incredibly smart and could write better than anyone else in his class. He was even graduating as co-valedictorian with Katsuki Bakugou.

Katsuki was the other good thing going for Izuku. Izuku has known Katsuki his whole life. They started courting their sophomore year and were determined to be married and mated as soon as they graduated high school. Izuku didn’t know an alpha who stood by their omega the way Katsuki stood by him- which is why his reaction to Izuku’s good news was so surprising.

“What the hell are you talkin about, Deku?” The blond asked, setting his burger back down on his plate.

Izuku smiled brightly, “I got in! Kacchan- The University of Alabama accepted my application to their journalism program! I’m goin to college! We get to go to school together!”

Katsuki was quiet for about five seconds before saying quietly, “Deku, you can’t. I- I know you wanna write. But no Omega’s ever graduated college round here. Hell, most of em haven’t tried.” He reached across the table and held Izuku’s hand, “And I couldn’t go to every class with ya- I can’t trust that the alphas down there’ll respect you and treat you proper. Deku, what if they hurt you?”

Izuku yanked his hand away from Katsuki, “I can take care of myself just fine, thank you. And they’ll all just have to accept it. I’m goin to school, Kacchan. And nobody’s gonna stop me.”


Two months later, Katsuki and Izuku drove down from Birmingham to Tuscaloosa together. Izuku was determined to enroll, and Katsuki was afraid to let him go alone. When they got to the admissions office, they weren’t too terribly shocked by what they saw. There was another omega, a pretty brunette girl by herself standing in front of a crowd of alphas. They were blocking the door to the office.

Izuku approached her with a big smile, “Hi! I’m Izuku Midoriya! That’s my boyfriend, Katsuki Bakugou. Are you enrollin too?”

The girl turned to face the couple, “Oh, um yes, I hope so at least. I’m Ochako Uraraka! Nice to meet y’all.”

Katsuki cleared his throat awkwardly, “Deku, I think that’s the Governor- the man that’s walkin over here to talk to y’all.”

As sure as the sky is blue, it was Governor Kurogiri approaching. He had a smile on his face that was so fake it made Izuku’s stomach churn. He stopped in front of the three teenagers and spoke, “Hey there! You two must be the omegas who’re plannin to enroll.”

Izuku nodded, “Yes, sir. I’m Izuku Midoriya. I was accepted into the journalism program. I’ve just gotta sign up for classes.”

Kurogiri glanced at Katsuki, who was holding Izuku’s hand, “Are you his boyfriend? D’ya really think this is a good idea?”

Katsuki blinked at the governor, “No, but he’s stubborn as a mule. I’m not gonna leave him to do it on his own when he could get hurt. ‘sides, I promised him and his mama that I’d stick by him. Izuku deserves this as much as the alphas here do. Hell, he’s probably smarter than the whole lot of em.”

Governor Kurogiri sighed and shook his head, “Well, it seems we’re at a stalemate. See, state law prohibits omega from attending any state-funded University. Alabama’s state-funded. So I can’t let you enroll here.”

Katsuki held back a growl as he responded, “President Nedzu issued a federal order yesterday that makes discrimination based upon secondary gender in higher education illegal on a federal level. I believe the President outranks you, sir. So my omega, his new friend, and I are gonna go in there and sign up for our classes.”

At that, the crowd of alphas gathered even tighter and blocked the door completely. Kurogiri smirked, “You can certainly try young man.”