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"Daddyyyy!" Jungkook excitedly yells from the floor when Hobi enters the living room.

"What did I tell you about yelling inside the house, Kookie?" he kneels down to gently reprimand his boyfriend who is currently in little space.

"Dat god boys don yell. Kookie very sowwy, daddy" he genuinely apologizes. You'd think he's a gigantic brat when little but in reality he's more well behaved than when he's in his age corresponding head space.

"It's okay, baby. Now is there any specific reason you called for me? Do you need anything?". 

"C-can I bowwow daddy's walkie-talkie pleez?" he stammers while giving his caregiver the puppy eyes.

"You want to borrow daddy's phone?" Hoseok asks with a smile. Jungkook always calls it a walkie-talkie and it's the cutest and funniest thing. 

"Yes, pwetty pleez" he nods. "Wan play wit Yoongs". 

"Okay, pumpkin, just this once. Remember not to run with it because you might fall and hit yourself, yeah?".

"Okie, thanksies, daddy" he flashes his cute bunny smile and gives his boyfriend a sloppy, wet kiss on the cheek. He then walks to Yoongi and Namjoon's room and shows him the phone.

"Look, Yoongs! Daddy let Kookie powwow his walkie-talkie. Les play!" Yoongi proudly shows his daddy's phone too. Next the two boys get Namjoon to help them call Hobi's phone so they can use it as walkie-talkies and spy on the 'adults' while talking. They hide around the house and of course the goal is to not get caught by anyone, but suddenly Seokjin is getting a little too close for Jungkook's liking. He forgets his daddy's rule about not running while using the phone and starts sprinting as if his life depended on it. Suddenly he trips over a charger that he himself had dropped on the floor when he was in big space, and falls to the ground. He hears multiple voices from the kitchen asking what happened and if Yoongi and himself are okay.

"Is' okay. Don wowwy" he manages to get out before beginning to cry silently. The fall had scared him, his knee hurt, and on top of all of that his Hoseok's phone screen had cracked when Jungkook landed on it. 

"Kookie, you okie?" Yoongi suddenly asks from behind him and that startles the already crying Jungkook. When Yoongi sees that he's crying he quickly says: "I get Hobi-hyungie". That, of course, makes the younger cry even harder. 

"Noo, Kookie bwoke daddy's walkie-talkie" he cries out loud and only after he's said it he realizes how loud it was. He can hear a chair scraping over the floor and then fast footsteps, and before he knows it his daddy is standing in the doorway.

"What happened, Kookie?" he asks and immediately hurries to his baby when he sees that he's crying. "Why are you crying? Did you fall?". He sits down on the couch and places the crying boy on top of him. 

"" he sobs into the older's chest. 

"Hey, baby. I need you to breath for me. Can you do that? Can you breathe for daddy?" Hoseok tries calming him and it works. Kind of. "Now what happened? You ran, fell and hurt your knee?". Jungkook nods while looking at his caregiver with red, teary eyes. 

"...nd walkie-talkie broken". He shows the cracked screen to Hoseok who sighs in disappointment.

"This is exactly why I told you not to run while doing something else. I'm not mad about the phone. I'm disappointed that you didn't listen to me when I told you what could happen". 

"Sowwy. Kookie needs punish" he sniffs. 

"I won't punish you today since it looks like you've already punished yourself enough. But if you ever do it again I have to".

"Okie, daddy. Thanksies. C-can take a nappie now? 'm tiwed" he yawns.

"Of course, baby. Let's go get ready for bed, yeah?" Hobi smiles and carries Jungkook to their bedroom.