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Captivity | Klaus Mikaelson love story.

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In third-person POV.


Elijah was sat in his armchair by the fire, reading the newspaper, tutting disapprovingly at the news. "Niklaus, another house fire has broken out... so tragic." Klaus rolled his eyes, "Yes, house fires are our problems now." Elijah glanced at him, annoyed. Klaus winked and turned back to his glass of scotch. Elijah suddenly put the paper down with a loud rustle and pricked his ear up to the ceiling. He hummed and turned back to his newspaper, "Klaus, it seems as if your new toy has awoken. She does not sound happy." Klaus's eyebrows raised and he put his glass of scotch on the table next to him. "I best go see to her then, make sure she doesn't wreck anything." Elijah sighed, "Niklaus, she's a human, not a toy." He sang. Klaus rolled his eyes and got up out of the chair, leaving the room.


Carolyn mumbled something in her sleep and shot up in an upright position, breathing heavily. She rubbed her eyes and took deep breaths to steady her breathing. She looked around the room she was in and tried to remember anything. Her mind came up blank and she rubbed her forehead with her fingers.

"Feeling tired, love?"

Carolyn jumped and inhaled sharply before diverting her attention to the door. A man stood there, leaning against the door frame. "Jesus, dude. Didn't anyone teach you to knock first?" The man's eyes read amusement and a small smirk played on his face. He crossed his arms across his chest and raised an eyebrow, "Any hurls of verbal abuse you're ready to throw at me?" Carolyn frowned, "What do you mean?" The man huffed, "I'm the reason you're here." Carolyn felt her cheeks grow red with anger, "You kidnapped me and brought me here?!" Her voice got louder with each word. "And you put up quite a fight if I do say so myself." Carolyn's eyes widened and her mind took over.


Elijah listened to the girl hurl an onslaught of verbal abuse at his brother and smirked. "She's fiery." A voice spoke from behind. "Indeed she is..." Kol moved to sit on the chair next to Elijah. "Brother," Elijah spoke. Kole grinned at the ceiling. "God, she's really going for it, isn't she? What'd Klaus do this time?" Elijah raised an eyebrow, "You don't know?" Kol shook his head, "If I did, I wouldn't be asking you what he did, would I?" He spoke playfully. "Watch it, young man," Elijah replied. Kol chuckled. "Word has it that the young woman is carrying a vampires baby." Kol frowned, "That's impossible. Vampires can't procreate." Elijah sighed. "I know. And yet, I can hear a heartbeat that is different from any other I've heard before, and that includes Hope." Kol frowned, "I'll ask Davina when she gets back from New York, she's landing in about an hour." Elijah nodded, "If you would, dear brother." The brothers continued to listen to Carolyn call Klaus every name under the sun.


"Are you done?" Klaus asked, amused. No one had ever called him a fucking-cock-sucking-wanker before. Carolyn glared at him through the wisps of her brown hair dangling in her face. She blew them out of the way, "No, but I'm too lazy to come up with any more insults." Klaus walked over to the bed and sat at the end. He looked into her eyes and began to compel her, "Ok, I'm going to ask you some questions and you will answer. Understood?" Carolyn raised an eyebrow, "Sure, but you don't need to bother about compelling me though, I can't be compelled." Klaus frowned, "How?" Carolyn smiled, "That's my secret. What d'ya wanna know?" Klaus shook his head. This girl was confusing... and slightly sexy.

"Who your old boyfriend was?" Carolyn frowned, "James. Why?" Klaus squinted his eyes, "How did he turn into a vampire?" Carolyn shrugged, "I don't know. He went to a witch, asked to be one, she turned him one and bang, he became one." Klaus grit his teeth, annoyed by Carolyn's unhelpful answers. "How did you get pregnant?" Carolyn frowned, "I'm sure you know how people make babies, dude." Klaus rolled his eyes, "No, I mean why? Vampires can't procreate. It's impossible." Carolyn frowned, "How am I supposed to know? I'm not some vampire expert!" A snort from the doorway diverted Carolyn and Klaus' attention. "I like her, she's relatable." Klaus rolled his eyes, "Whatever, Hayley. If she's so relatable, you ask her the questions then. She's annoying me." Klaus left the room and Hayley took his place, smiling. "I like you. What's your name?" Carolyn frowned, "Carolyn... why?" She said, her voice cautious. Hayley smiled, reassuringly. "Don't worry, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to ask you a few questions. Then we'll go shopping if you want?" Carolyn smiled, "I don't have any money?" Hayley grinned, "I do... if you answer these questions." Carolyn's smile faded, "Like?" Hayley cleared her throat and laid back on the bed. "How about we do 10 questions?" Carolyn snorted and laid back with her new friend, "I thought it was 20?" Hayley sighed, "Yeah, it's supposed to be, but I get bored after 10 questions" Carolyn laughed. "Ok, you first?"


Klaus made his way to his chair again and nursed his scotch. "She is a lot like Hayley, I've noticed." Klaus nodded absently. "Too much like her." Elijah laughed. "So, what did you find out?" Klaus raised his eyebrows and sighed, "Nothing remotely helpful." Elijah was quiet for a second, listening to the conversation upstairs. "Sounds like Hayley is getting the answers." Klaus sighed, "Where's that witch, Davina? I heard you and Kol talking about her." Elijah sighed, "You will not hurt her, I assume Niklaus?" Klaus placed a hand on his heart and gasped, "Me? Never." Elijah bit his lip, "Kol is picking her up from the airport and bringing her back. She will determine what the baby is and if it is a vampire." Klaus nodded. "She better do, or I'm not gonna be a happy man." Elijah snorted, "When are you ever happy, brother?" Klaus told him to piss off.


"No way! Oh my god, that must've been sooo awkward!" Hayley got out in between words. Carolyn wiped tears from her eyes. "Ah, yeah it was." The girls sighed and wiped their eyes. Hayley suddenly sat bolt upright. "Carolyn, can I ask a super random question?" Carolyn eased her way up as well, minding her slightly swollen belly. "Sure, shoot," Hayley bit her lip, "Can I try a vampire trick?" Carolyn nodded, "Go for it," Hayley made her way to Carolyn's bump and pulled her shirt up. She pressed her ear to her bump and frowned. Her eyes lit up as she moved her hands around. "I can hear your babies heartbeat." Carolyn smiled, "Does it sound healthy?" Hayley smiled, "Yeah, it does." There was a brief moment of silence before Carolyn spoke, "Hayley, what's it like giving birth to a vampire child?" Hayley frowned, "Honestly? Painful. Just like having a normal baby. I was kinda being exorcised on at the time, so it was worse for me." Seeing the look on Carolyn's face, Hayley continued, "But Klaus, nor Elijah, will let that happen to you. They're monsters, but they won't let anyone harm an innocent baby." Carolyn nodded, feeling a bit of pressure relieved. "Right! Let's go shopping, I'm sick of this room now!" Carolyn laughed and let Hayley grab her hands and pull her out of the room.

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