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By the Angel

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Magnus’s loft


“Remember darling, I’m having a party, and I want you to meet them.” Magnus told his boyfriend before he leaned over to give him a kiss.


“I know, I’ll do my best to be there.” Alec said and left the apartment.


Once Alec closed the door, Magnus sat on the couch, he couldn’t wait to meet Crowley and his boyfriend, he thought on what he will set as the theme of the party, and an idea came to him. The warlock just hoped Alexander will not let his work interfere so he could come and enjoy the party even though he is not a party loving kind of guy.




New York Institute


“And here we believed that you’ll stay with your boyfriend and get ready for the party tonight.” Isabelle told Alec.


“Izzy, you know that on Halloween demons attack more mundanes than on regular days, and it’s our job to save them.” Alec reminded to his sister.


“I know, but you know, demons will always be here, they’re not going anywhere.” Izzy countered, and then she added, “Besides, Magnus told us that he is having over some guests, and he wanted us to meet them.”


“Fine, you go to the party, I’m going to check on something first and then I’ll see you in the party tonight.” Alec grinned at his sister and his brother.


“See, Izzy, I told you we’ll have to drag him by force if we want him to come to the party,” Jace smiled and added with a warning tone to his parabatai, “Just don’t do something I wouldn’t do.”


“Jace, brother, you do that all the time, with total disregards to everything I tell you.” Alec countered with a smile.


“I’ll see you at the party then, come Clary, let’s go hunt some demons until the party starts.”


“Just be careful Jace, and the same goes to you too, Fairchild.” Alec told them and headed for the library.


“Was that a tone of worry I just heard from him?” Clary asked in disbelief as she joined her boyfriend.


Night fell outside and the institute was silent as Alec left the library and went to gear up, he knew that his brother and sister were at the party, the constant messages on his phone let him know they were expecting him to come as well, so before heading out to the hunt, knowing that this constant nagging will be a distraction he puts the phone on mute mode, and left the institute alone, to have his own fun in the chill of night.




At the same time in Magnus’s loft


Isabelle came with her boyfriend, Simon, and Jace came with Clary, but Alexander was nowhere to be seen.


“Isabelle, where is my boyfriend?” Magnus asked with concern.


“Your stupid boyfriend went to hunt demons, but he promised us he will be at the party, so he’ll be here eventually, I hope.” Isabelle answered the warlock.


As the couples moved in, they noticed another couple already inside. A man, wearing a full black attire, and despite the locale and hour sporting a pair of dark sunglasses, was kissing another man wearing a stylish suit. Both seems enclosed in their own little sphere, not minding the surrounding environment around them.


“Magnus, who are those two?” Clary asked.


“Oh, you mean them?” Magnus asked and then he added, “Crowley and Aziraphale, one is a greater demon, and the other is a greater angel,” Magnus sighed before he added, “Crowley, he’s my old friend, and he needed some advice concerning his boyfriend. So, I invited them over to the party, where we can talk and share advice about everything.”


“That’s cute Magnus.” Clary told him.


“If Alec won’t come soon, I’m leaving to search for him and drag him here, by the scruff of his neck if I have to.” Jace told the warlock.


“He’ll be here, and if he doesn’t, I’ll track him and won’t let him leave my side, ever.” Magnus said, hoping his boyfriend wasn’t caught in any danger right now.




Alec followed the scent of demons he just caught, which led him to the dark alley, and then he noticed the demons themselves.


“Well now, you see Ligur, I told you we’ll find something to torture, and as a special bonus, this guy smells of angel blood.” Hastur sneered at the shadowhunter.


Alec placed an arrow in the bow and aimed at the strange pair and released a shot, only to see his arrow fall broken to the ground as maggots ate it.


The shadowhunter took a step backward, these demons were an unknown breed to him and he was not sure how to deal with them, he was wondering how the mighty Clave did not have any knowledge of them.


“What are you waiting for, Ligur? He can’t beat us!” Hastur jeered as he was getting close to the frightened shadowhunter.


“I really should stop those solo hunts of mine…” Alec mumbled to himself and drew out his seraph blade in the hope he’ll be able to beat at least one of them before they got him killed.


Hastur came closer to the shadowhunter, and suddenly he raked at him with extended claws, causing a burning line of pain to appear on Alec’s chest. It was as if his armor and runes were but vapor and air.


The pain was excruciating, and as the other demon get closer to him, moving faster than any other demon he had ever seen with a burning hellfire lighting his hand.


“You are all alone, shadowhunter. There is no one coming to your aid tonight, everyone is busy somewhere and you are going to die here, all alone…” Hastur leered at him, he relished the smell of fear that came from the young man.


“Come now, shadowhunter, meet your doom. you know that no one will come, so let us eat you.” Ligur said with a cruel smile, showing row after row of serrated teeth.


“Angel’s flesh is way tastier than mundane’s, we’ll have a feast tonight…” Hastur laughed at him.


“By the angel, I’m going to die here, alone…” Alec mumbled in despair, his phone lying forgotten in his pocket.