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3 2 1 Fight You Immediately Bite My Neck

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Park Jaehyung, resident fuck-up.

And man, has he fucked up now.

“Fucking Canada!” He hisses.

He glides his hand across the wall, the small ridges scraping his hand as he goes by, but what is he to do? He cannot see a damn thing. He’s in a hallway? Passageway? Some narrow death trap? He can’t see, it’s kind of cold and his hand definitely just went through a cobweb. He has considered turning back, but honestly, he took some right turns, maybe a left turn or two and yeah- he can’t find his way back now.

“I’m never drinking again,” he groans, his throbbing head a justified reminder.

Jaehyung feels the wall give away and before he knows it, he’s face to face with a cold stone wall in front of him. There is noise coming from the right. Sounds a bit like music, but it’s hard to tell. It sounds muffled to his ears, but the vibrations pound through the walls into his hand. He follows the wall to the noise, pulsing more prominent the closer he got. He just hoped to find an exit or someone that can help him at the end of this narrow death trap.

Bright, flashing lights. Jaehyung has stumbled upon a rave. Were raves still even a thing? The walls are thrumming with the beat drop, lights practically blinding as they flicker from place to place. A fucking rave. The place is packed and exploding with noise. Taking in the scene before him, Jaehyung suddenly feels dizzy.

“You look lost.” A chill shoots down Jaehyung’s spine. He whips around to find a man – pointed, sharp features, dark eyes. Surprisingly Asian too, Jaehyung observes, maybe even Korean like himself. He’s definitely not Canadian by the sound of his accent and hesitant slurring over his words.

“Uh,” Jaehyung chuckles a bit, leaning away from the man. He’s short, dressed in form-fitting leather pants and a shirt with a plunging neckline. “A little.” Jaehyung agrees.

“Follow me.” The man smiles widely, eyes disappearing into crescents. It’s disarming, but Jaehyung didn’t miss the sharp gleam of the man’s teeth. Just the lighting, Jaehyung decides and his body moves to follow the man before he’s even considered it.

He doesn’t feel right about following this stranger through the crowd, but he also doesn’t want to stand around alone lost. The man in front of him looks small, maybe a little weak. Jaehyung can definitely take him, he thinks. They approach a seated area after pushing through the squirming bodies on the dance floor. It looks like a lounge with a few people scattered around it. The man he’s been following bounces over to two men lounging on a long, red leather couch.

The man plops down on one of the men’s lap and waves Jaehyung closer. This man has sliver hair and stark features compared to the shorter man he’s been following. Jaehyung doesn’t know what to make of the current circumstance. And that’s when his gaze slips over to the other man. Slicked back, rich burgundy hair, cat-like eyes, pale lips. Jaehyung stops breathing.

“These are my friends. I’m Wonpil and this is Dowoon.” The short man pats the leg of the man he’s sitting on. The silver haired man looks beyond bored and uninterested in Jaehyung’s arrival. He grunts in lieu of a greeting – deep and unnerving.

Jaehyung nods, letting his gaze fall on the other man. “I’m Younghyun.” Jaehyung practically melts at his honey-sweet voice. “And you are?”

“I-I’m, um, Jaehyung. I’m actually kind of lost.” He chuckles awkwardly, stepping back from the group of Very Attractive Asian men.

“No you aren’t.” Something flickers in Younghyun’s eyes and Jaehyung becomes cold and stock still. He feels ridged and suddenly unfocused.  “Come here.” Younghyun commands and Jaehyung can hardly hear him with the bass pounding in his ears, but his body moves regardless and suddenly he’s standing in front of Younghyun.

Younghyun reaches out to Jaehyung and wraps an arm around his waist, effectively yanking him down onto his lap. Jaehyung is disorientated as he tries to right himself on this stranger’s lap. His head feels fuzzy and his limbs feel like jelly. The hand around his waist tightens and Jaehyung’s body gives, just collapsing onto the sturdy body underneath him.

“You smell good.” Younghyun purrs and for some reason, Jaehyung likes the idea of that. “Could smell you the minute you walked through the door.” Jaehyung can’t stop the shiver that crawls down his spine.

Younghyun yanks Jaehyung’s head to the side, one fist curling into his blond locks. Jaehyung lets out a pained whimper, staying very still despite the fear coursing through his body. He feels paralyzed. The last thing Jaehyung remembers is a searing pain in his neck, his vision tipping sideways and the light fuzzy feeling in his head, as if he’d stopped breathing. Jaehyung passes out instantly.

Younghyun pulls away from Jaehyung’s neck, not surprised to see the human unconscious. He puts his hands under the human’s thighs and lifts him, situating him comfortably on his lap so that his head is resting on his shoulder. The human looks tall and sturdy, but he’s surprisingly light and delicate. Younghyun likes this human – he tastes better than he smells.

“You want to dump him outside, or…” Wonpil trails off, staring at his friend’s arm, draped protectively around the human.

“I think I’ll keep him for a while. He tastes delicious.” Younghyun hums.

Buzz. Buzz. Buzz.

Younghyun attempted to ignore the irritating vibrations against his hip. But after the third disturbance he reached into the human’s pocket to pull out his phone. A message from a Sungjin, asking where the human had wandered off to. Another message from someone named Matthew, asking if he’d gotten lost. And a final message from a Sammy, asking if he’d gone home. Younghyun groaned.

What a delicate piece of technology that the human’s phone was; Younghyun squeezed lightly and watched it crumble in his hand. The screen, black and cracked, the phone nearly bent in half. “Toss this.” Younghyun tossed the phone to Wonpil without a second thought. The human wasn’t going to need it anymore.