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KnY modern setting (demon slayer/kimetsu no yaiba)

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This is KnY High school, full of life and peculiar people. It is certainly a ride. People cling tight together. It's pretty much layed-out in groups of people.
You have the sports kids, the popular kids, the jocks, the nerds, the gamers... and then there are normal people, or groups of friends that sit together. Tanjiro Kamado, a perfect student with excellent grades. He had a sensitive, unending kindness. He's often seen around a younger boy, Zenitsu. It's a short, yellow-haired boy with quite a bunch of fears. The poor guy is often the victim of cruel bullying that takes place. Perhaps because he's quite a stress-case, cries easily and gives up too soon. Giyuu was a silent guy. He's alone often, rarely seen around a girl; Shinobu. Mitsuri is a very pretty girl that doesn't deserve to be in the group of friends that she is. And Genya... must be the worst of misfits. He's rough, he's ready to beat your ass.

Classmates like to sit together like a packed jungle. The enitre cafeteria was filled with people, filled with life and Tanjiro caught himself staring around, wondering if maybe one of those guys in there could be the one he's looking for. Tanjiro Kamado, role model student, held a secret. A lot of people like him and are close to him, but nobody knows he's gay.

Friends are greeting each other with a hug or a playful punch while newcomers stand looking scared. The seniors stand, tall and proud, confidence born of experience. The monotone buzz of several-hundred voices hummed like an orchestra of deadbeat droids. Even given just a script of their conversation, with no context or voices, you would know they were boys. The task directed conversation was interrupted only by jokes, often at the expense of one of their friends. Yet from the dialogue that followed it was clear that no offence had been taken, quite the contrary. They enjoyed the banter, the witty and not-so-witty put-downs. They teased and jibbed one moment and discussed team strategy the next, taking one another seriously and giving well thought responses. But the sensible talk could never last too long, like it was scheduled by an egg timer. Soon the hilarity would start all over again. Were they in class it would be enough to drive any teacher crazy. It was true fun.
Inosuke Hashibira, kind of a big deal. He befriended these people, but it never quite clicked. He's not alone, but it's not that different from it.
At the table sits Mitsuri. A young girl with beauty. She's famous around school for her shy nature. She did fuck a lot of guys, don't let her fool you. Shinobu is an absolute bitch, a pain in the ass. It's what the feral boy liked about her. Moichiro is hilarious, always stoned and weird.

A lot of bullying happens at this school, upward into the power structures and the methods of control. bullying is the inevitable result of a harmful environment and the result of a failure to properly love and protect our children with soulful and dependable leadership. As to prove his own strength, Inosuke would fight others.

Before the wild boy even had the time to finish lunch, the familiar sound of the school-bell rang through everyone's ears. Tanjiro watched Zenitsu's usual routine of flinching at it because of his sensitive ears.
The school halls filled with students returning to their classes. When the brunette and scaredy-cat reached class, the teacher did their usual student role call. A lot of people were absent, many caught the flu. Genya was skipping class.. Like always, he did it to the point where every person wondered how he was going to make it this year. A lot of classmates were missing, for more reasons than one. This couldn't be a long term plan, Inosuke knew that, skipping school wouldn't solve anything. He was a firework forever stuck in that split second after explosion, both hurtling through space and static, always energetic.

He joined a group of friends, waiting behind the back of the school.
He didn't hate him. He didn't feel anything towards him one way or the other. To Inosuke, he's a tool to vent his frustrations on, have some fun with, feel superior to. When he teased the other, he got a surge of power he just couldn't get another way. Why him? Why not? He's small, scrawny. Inosuke would call him something lame and they've got entertainment all day just watching him suffer. Did he feel sorry? Did he feel guilty? No, not really. It's just nature, right? Strong versus weak, and if anywhere in this concrete hell is still a jungle it's the schoolyard. So, they waited. A head popped up, and Sanemi jumped up in excitement. Zenitsu arrived. The school bell rang once more to indicate the end of the day and everyone's freedom to go. Zenitsu said he had to go home early to help his granpa out with the farm. It was unknown to him that his plans would take a turn for the worst.