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My Good Girl

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“Hey, Louis! How’re you doing on this fine morning?” Harry, my roommate, pops out of her room and greets me with a much too cheery attitude for so early in the morning. I’m currently eating breakfast, grumpily, may I add.

“S’a morning. I’m obviously doing wonderful.”

“Well, I’m doing pretty good. Sorry you’re not. Do you want me to make you some coffee?”

“Nah, I’m good. Thanks, though.”

She shrugs and then passes by me with a skip in her step. She’s wearing a short skirt and a revealing shirt. God, sometimes I just really wish she’d put some clothes on. I want nothing more than to take her into my room and teach her how to behave. Teach her not to show off what's mine to others. But she's not mine. Man, I gotta get out of my head and get rid of this crush.

“Lou? Do you think that I could borrow your computer for a little bit? Mine’s not working and I need to work on this now.”

“Yeah, sure. I’ve got to go into work for a little bit, just so you know. So I’ll be out all afternoon.”


I don’t get home from work until almost three o’clock and I’m exhausted. Five hours isn’t a long shift, but today I had to deal with a bunch of customers and employees complaining. Not that that’s abnormal, but the employees were more overwhelming than usual today. Plus, I was already tired before work.

I enter our flat and immediately get hit by the silence. It’s never this silent, even when it’s just Harry home. She’s always blasting some sort of music or watching TV, even when it’s just as background noise. But not today, for some reason.

I hear running water and jump at the sudden noise. Harry must be in the shower. I decide to start making lunch and make my way to the kitchen. That's when Harry walks out after a few minutes and looks shocked to see me in the kitchen.

“Oh, uh, hey, Lou… How long have you been back?” Her cheeks are flushed and her speech is even slower than usual, if that’s possible.

“Just a few minutes. I’m making myself a sandwich for lunch, do you want one too?”

“Uh, yeah, sure.”

We eat lunch and Harry quickly gives me my computer back before going back to hide in her room. I start going into Netflix before deciding to resume a YouTube video I had been watching a while back instead. I click into my history bar to find it and I’m given a surprise at the contents.

My most recent searches are:
Lesbians BDSM force roommate
Lesbians rough roommate porn
Lesbians roommates porn
Lesbians rough porn
Lesbian porn

My jaw drops. What the hell. Did Harry leave this on purpose? Does she want this to happen? It’s not like anyone doesn’t know how search history works. Oh my god. She wanted me to find this. What if she likes me the same way that I like her? Judging by the word choices she used, she's interested in me dominating her.

I stand up and exit my room, heading to Harry’s. I open her door without knocking and she looks up at me, surprised.

“What’s up Lou?”

“You’ve been a naughty girl, Harry. Watching porn on my computer. Porn with roommates. Do you want me to do the things they do to you?” She doesn’t respond, just blushes and starts attempting to think of a response. “Want me to control you, baby?”

This receives a nod from her. “Want you so bad.”

I crawl on top of her on her bed and place my hands around her head, caging her in. I straddle her waist and lean down. I entangle my lips with hers and our tongues mix as well. I move away from her mouth and trail wet kisses down her neck, leaving slight bite marks on her collarbones. I reach her shirt and pull it off, over her head.

Once I’ve done that, I unclasp her bra. I mouth at her breasts and trail bite marks down to the top of her pants. I then pull back and look at my work. She already looks wrecked, and I haven’t even really started. Her skin is bright red in all of the places I’ve been and it causes her to look like she’s got a path leading to her pussy.

I finally pull her skirt off, revealing her pretty little holes. “Such a naughty little girl. Wearing no underwear all day. Good thing you didn’t go out, anyone could’ve seen this if you had.” I lean my face towards her crotch. “And I don’t want other people to see my baby’s cunt.”

“Yeah, your baby.” She sounds so out of it already.

“Gonna eat you out now.”

I pull her legs over my shoulders and begin to lick at her clit, sucking it into my mouth. I push a finger into her and search for her g-spot. Once I find it, I start making beckoning motions and add another finger, causing her to moan out like crazy. She gently places her hand on my head, falling apart on my tongue. I pull my fingers out and swap my fingers and mouth, prodding my tongue into her, licking at her sweet little pussy. She starts grinding down on my face and I can tell that she’s about to cum.

“You gonna cum, baby girl?” She furiously nods her head. “Gonna cum all over my face like a good girl? Go ahead.”

I lean back down and lick a few more times at her before she comes apart on my face. I pull away after licking around a little bit and pull my own clothing off my body. I then crawl up her body, until I'm sitting over her face. I don't let myself drop down yet and ask her “Is this alright?”

“Yeah, definitely. Oh, god, so alright.”

“Okay. Gonna ride your face now.”

She nods and I drop down. "If you need me to pull up, tap my thigh twice." She starts licking everywhere she can, prodding her tongue in and out of my heat. Her nose is in a position that it hits my clit every time I move, which is amazing. “So good, H, fuck, so good.”

She taps my thigh like I told her to, and I roughly grip her hair again and she moans out. I then pull myself off of her and move so she's on top of me. Once she catches her breath, I maneuver her face into me once more. She can’t get enough, maneuvering her face so she has access to both my thighs and cunt. I begin moaning like crazy, getting closer and closer to cumming. I rut against her face and push her further in until I’m finally cumming all over her. She pulls away, gasping, her entire face wet.

I pull her into a kiss, mixing our tastes, hers on my tongue and mine on hers. I pull away and tell her how amazing she was. “That was the best orgasm I’ve had in a while, babe. You were so good.”

“I was good?”

“Definitely.” We kiss once more before laying on her bed to take a nap. I hold her close to me and kiss her forehead. "Such a good girl. My good girl."