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The Seraphix. An oil rig - a supplier of Chaldeas. Found in the Pacific, near the deepest trench in the Earth. Far from home…


"However, I am also needed here." 


You convinced yourself, shaking any thoughts of homesickness. No matter how hard you might miss what you have left behind, you are also needed here. To be a lending ear, to help ease their pain. However..  


No, no. You can't afford to think that way. Channeling enough stability, as you cleared your mind of your selfishness. Finally reaching the part where you would be stationed, along with a fellow nun of another belief. The church.


Taking a deep breath, you calmed yourself as you've finally entered a familiar yet not surroundings. Nothing way more comforting than to be surrounded with what you have grown up with. The familiar yet not chocolate brown pews, as the gentle lighting of the outside glamoured the beauty of the altar. 


It was quite simple, yet it felt good. It felt good to be here. Preventing any tears from leaking out, you have kneeled in front of the altar. The sacred grounds fueling your strength to go on. Hands intertwined as you started to pray. To help wish for a safe duration of everyone's stay in here. For everyone's good.


Not taking track of the time, you've continued on. To be heard by God clearly, to thank Him for this opportunity, and towards the life you've left behind ever since you've stepped onto this environment. This… The Seraphix.


You slowly attempted to raise yourself, yet it felt as if your knees were stuck to the ground. Attempting to grab ahold of anything, you felt a soft… warm hand firmly holding of your arms.


"A-Ah.. I.." You slowly tried to feel your legs, in which took a while. Your voice felt dry. Has it been that long. 


Finally managing to stand up, you gratefully looked at the person who helped you up. Meeting with their gentle golden irises, and a soft smile. As they wore the usual outfit in which nuns wear.


"..Thank you.. miss.." You felt embarrassed in not knowing the name. Was she the one you'd be helping the people with? You were the one supposed to be helping not to be helped.


"Ah.. no need to thank me, sister (L/N). I just wanted to help." 


Smiling bashfully, the nun lightly waved her hand. You smiled in response, your companion seems kind. And refreshing. 


"I uhh… feel embarrassed in not knowing but, to what should I refer you as.." You lightly bit your tongue at the awkward-sounding statement you have let out. Breathing in, to calm yourself from the embarrassment.


"You can just refer to me as Kiara, sister (L/N)." She smiled gently. Offering a hand to shake.


"No need for formalities, Sister Kiara. Please refer to me as (Y/N), too." 


Taking the warm soft hands onto yours felt like a privilege. As the feeling was embedded onto your mind. You thought that was weird, yet lightly brushed it off. Ah, it feels as if you have gained a first friend.


"I hope you'll take care of me, Sister Kiara. I'm.. still new here.. so.." 


Flushing red, you heard her lightly giggle. As you felt her come closer to your form, and lightly patted your back as reassurance.


"I might not be of much help, but I hope you'd rely on me, Sister (Y/N). I am open for questions any time. Any problems, I'd listen."


Ah, she's really admirable. Almost saint-like. You wanted to be like Miss Kiara. Composed, the complete opposite of you.


With a small squeak you managed to let out and nod, she smiled adoringly as you blinked in confusion. You felt her pull away, as she offered to give you a small tour all around the Seraphix. Slightly smiling at your childlike side as you saw unusual yet unknown things.


"Please let me help introduce you to the people." 


You nodded, as you fell into the flow in which she had decided. Meeting with new people, unlike the town in which you have once decided to serve the rest of your life in. New people, new faces. 


You hoped something wont ever go wrong. As the nagging intuition of yours felt as if.. something will go terribly wrong. You hoped not. 


You hoped..