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The Anti-Hero Version

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Hello Everyone!

You might all be wondering, "what is this?"

This is one of the ways that my Currently Unnamed Overpowered Marinette Maribat AU could go!

In this version, Marinette realizes that she has the powers of the kwamis, with ultimate power comes ultimate corruption they say and in this version, Marinette who has lost her friends to Lila and her boyfriend Adrien to Hawkmoth decides to leave Paris and ends up in Gotham! She decides to help the heroes but she's currently filled to the brim with trauma.

Will she ever return to Paris? Will she ever become a full-on hero instead of an anti-hero? Will she ever fall in love again?

That's up to you!

Your guys' support and opinions mean a lot to me so anytime I have to make an important decision plot-wise (with a few exceptions) I'll ask about it to see which you'll like better!

I am going to write a version where Mari's a villain, depending on which you guys like more, I might put more focus into one of these versions but I'll generally try to balance it out!

Please let me know what you think!


The goal is to have Chapter One up before the 20th!