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We'll meet again

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“Excuse me, what are you doing?”

Xue Yang turned to look at the speaker, as well as the light that was now aimed on her. The voice was soft, yet clear and resolute. The light, however, was too bright and highly annoying.

She worked best in the dark, away from prying eyes.

Especially Police eyes.

The woman standing at the end of the alleyway was thin, not even a baggy uniform could hide that. Her hair was short, not even falling to her chin but not a piece of it was out of place. Lips naturally reddish, skin fair and even. She looked more like the daughter of an important businessman, a proper young lady, than a cop. 

Xue Yang faked a big smile, changing the tone of her voice to sound more like a ditzy young girl.

“I'm just talking to my boyfriend, Officer!”

The policewoman’s lips drew to a thin line, unconvinced.


Both women looked at the man Xue Yang had pinned against the wall, her hand digging into his throat. He was probably in his 50s, thinning wispy hair, wearing old dirty sweats. Also, again Xue Yang’s hand was tight around his throat, his face was starting to turn red from struggling.

“Yes,” Xue Yang repeated. “My boyfriend. He likes this, promise. Super into BDSM.” 

The man shook his head, 'no' repeatedly, looking at the policewoman desperately.

“…Aren’t you Xue Yang?” The woman asked, taking a step down the alleyway, right hand moving towards the taser on her hip.

“I…heard you preferred women.”

Preferred was one way to put it, sure. Xue Yang might have had a small reputation with the police for flirting with all the cute girls in the department whenever she was brought in for questioning. She'd even fucked one secretary in the closet of the police department once, while still in handcuffs. That was just pure skill. Xue Yang didn't really care about any of them, besides the extent that it felt good, and doing it under the nose of the rest of the police was an added benefit. 

They never had anything solid on her, but it was enough to get a reputation on a few accounts.

Aw, I'm disappointed, Ms. Officer!” Xue Yang put on a fake pout.

“That's such a heteronormative view on the complex nature of human sexuality and romanticism! Sure, maybe I prefer women, but that doesn't mean there couldn't be a man I like!”

The officer looked almost guilty, before casting another look at the man in question. The look was replaced with a tired look of mild annoyance.

“Xue Yang, please release that man. I will take measures against you if you do not comply.”

Xue Yang huffed, before dropping the guy. He weighed about 45kg soaking wet, like a rat. The very idea of touching this man in other way besides violently was enough to make her skin crawl, truth be told. Men were disgusting.

The coward bolted first chance he got. That was fine, Xue Yang could find him again easily enough, and this time take more than his money. Maybe a few fingers, or his tongue. 

The officer had gotten closer when Xue Yang looked back. She looked surprised that the man had run away, instead of seeking help.

“Don’t look so shocked, that man was scum. Sold drugs, weapons, women.” Xue Yang told the woman, looking the woman over slowly. Thin, but up close, it was clear she was quite fit. Xue Yang wanted to feel the squeeze of those thighs around her head, and bite sensitive sides, suck on-

Ahem,” came the pretty voice, and Xue Yang met her eyes to see the woman looking mildly flustered at the blatant attention. Aw, she had glasses even.

“Even if that is…the case. That's the job of the police to handle, not citizens.”

Xue Yang rolled her eyes, pushing her hands into the pockets of her jacket.

“Yeah, you've done a bang up job, it isn't like crime has spiraled out of control recently. Hasn't the homicide rate gone up by like 45%? Isn't there a serial killer loose in the city?” Xue Yang was fairly certain there was, because she was in fact the killer in question.

Ms. Officer frowned at the comment.

“All the more reason for a young woman not to take matters into her own hands, you should be careful.”

Xue Yang grinned a toothy smile, sliding up close to the woman, just barely not touching, but close enough to feel their body warmth. “Aw, I can take care of myself…I can take care of you too, if you'd like…”

The woman turned red, lips opening just slightly. She was clearly not used to the attention, which made it all the more attractive. Xue Yang tipped her head in, pecking the woman on the lips quickly, before pulling backwards. The woman was frozen, apart from the occasional blink. It was like watching a computer boot up, a realization sunk in on her face.

Xue Yang laughed, taking a few steps backwards, and giving a small wave.

“I'll see you around, Officer! I'm sure we'll see one another a lot more from now on!” Xue Yang was turning the alley corner, disappearing into busy Beijing streets as the officer realized what was happening and began to protest.

Holding up a card, Xue Yang appraised the information with a predatory grin.

“Xiao Xingchen, huh?” It had been easy enough to steal the officer’s ID during the short kiss. Xue Yang memorized the information, badge number and all. 

The woman seemed earnest, a goody-goody, eager to help others. It would be easy enough to use that against her; to taint that kind disposition.

The idea was addictive.

Xue Yang needed to see her again, and what better way to get the attention of the police than another murder victim? She just needed to track down her prey again, the man couldn't have gone far.