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"It's almost done!" Mondo called, twisting something with a wrench. He was out in the yard Taka and him shared, finishing up the time machine they started together. 

"That's great! When will we travel to?" Taka responded, sipping from a water bottle and handing Mondo one. After high school, the best friends moved in together, and they've never been happier.

"I was thinkin' we could travel to... maybe ten years from now?" Mondo put the wrench in his mouth and shut the box he was working on. He got up off his knee, spit out the wrench, and grabbed the bottle. "Done."

"Wow... this is so cool! Thank you, Mondo!" Taka beamed, causing Mondo to blush, just a little bit.

Pressing a few buttons, Mondo took a swig from the water bottle. "Are 'ya sure 'ya want to do this?" 

"Of course!" 

"Okay... just be prepared. We don't know what happens in the future. Okay?"


Mondo pressed one final button, and a white flash blinded them for a few moments. The next thing they knew, they were lying on the same grass they left on. 

"Woah... it worked!" Mondo stood up and pulled Taka up with him. 

"Great! What now?" Taka asked, dusting grass off his clothes.

"I didn't really think this would work... have any ideas?" Mondo replied, doing the same.

Taka looked around and spotted a child on the front porch of their house playing with a ball. He had cocoa skin and messy black hair. 

"We must have moved somewhere else by now..." Taka examined, not taking into consideration that he and Mondo may have gone separate ways in those ten years.

He started walking to the boy, which Mondo tried to protest.

"Messing with the future won't be good, Ishi!"

By the time Mondo got the sentence out, Taka was already at the porch. 

"Hello, young boy!"

"Oh, papa! I thought you were in the kitchen!" The boy smiled, putting the ball away neatly.


"Yes? Is everything okay?" 

Taka sat down next to the boy.

"I'm your papa from the past. Ten years in the past, to be precise. What's your name?"

The boy stared but answered.

"Ayaan. You and dad adopted me four years ago!"


"Oh. Who is 'dad'?" Taka asked, blushing madly now. Was it Mondo? What if it was Mondo? Oh my gosh, what if it was Mon-

"Mondo! Uh, according to the stories you told me, the year you came from would be the year you two had your first date! Yeah, ten years ago!"


Mondo walked up the stairs and sat next to Taka, who was as red as a tomato.

"Ishi? Are you okay?"

"No! This is our adopted child, Mondo!" Taka blurted. Ayaan giggled.

"What?" Mondo looked pale as a ghost.

"My name is Ayaan! You come from ten years ago, correct?" 

Taka nodded slowly, while Mondo sat still.

"Dad, this is around the time you guys go on your first date! You told me so! Well... my versions of you," the boy explained. 

"Taka, I think it's time to go home..." Mondo suddenly said, getting up. Taka nodded again. 

"It was nice meeting you, Ayaan," Taka said. Mondo stayed quiet.

Once they got home, Mondo sat up and asked Taka out on a date, which Taka happily agreed to.