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Hyung Line Play Time

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On first appearance it seemed like Namjoon was the one in control, that he was running the show, he was dominating and a strong presence with a firm hand, but no, he wasn't the one in charge. Jin was. Jin as he sat in his chair on the other side of the room and gave Namjoon both silent and verbal instructions on how to handle the two naughty boys on the bed. He was silent, and for the most part allowed Namjoon to do as he liked, but he was still in control.

Currently, Yoongi and Hoseok were in the middle of the bed laying side by side.

Their hands were tied behind their backs with black satin ribbons, blindfolds covered their eyes and spreader bars kept their feet apart. Their bars were attached to each other and thick glass plugs, ones almost the size of Jin's fist, were lodged deep into their lube slicked holes.

They were truly a sight to behold, and he loved to watch them squirm. This was the norm for them, Yoongi and Hoseok were stubborn and bossy during work, perfectionists through and through, but in the bedroom they needed to lose control and let loose. And control was something Jin and Namjoon were both willing to take. While Namjoon handled them, spanking, fucking, playing with them as he and the eldest pleased, Jin was a voyeur. He loved to watch, to sit on the sideline and take charge, control how everyone received their pleasure and not have to lift a finger to do so. He loved it.

Namjoon was spanking them both at the same time with a large leather paddle, smacking the skin of their asses until they were swearing, crying and begging with rosy cheeks on both ends. They twitched and squirmed, not able to get away from how they were bound, and if they really wanted to end this they could, but they never did. They never said the word that would end it all so they continued.

Jin lazily palmed at himself as he stared their leader down and gave him a nod, giving him the signal and the youngest grinned in sadistic glee. He pulled the plugs from the two bound men before him, twisting and turning them, making them gape around the largest parts before shoving them back in to their prostates, teasing them for what was to come. And what was to come was his fists, his fists that were larger than the plugs were going to slowly fill them up, and bring them to heights that they craved each and every time that they played.

Lubing his hands and arms up, Namjoon looked to Jin one last time before removing the plugs completely and sliding home. Yoongi and Hoseok were loose and pliant, moaning and keening as they were forced to accept the relentless pressure harassing their prostates as the youngest got a rhythm going. By the time he was punching into them, their holes dripping with lube and them screaming in their third untouched orgasm, Jin was pumping himself rapidly, holding off his own orgasm until namjoon came to him, until the younger man had settled the other two down and got them clean.

Then and only then would he take his pleasure, and take he did. He bent him over the desk and fucked into him relentlessly, the sound of his balls connecting with Namjoon's loud in the otherwise silent room, the younger man screaming as Jin pulled his hair, smacked his ass and shoved his fingers so deep into his mouth that he choked. Jin took and took until the other could barely move, laying like a ragdoll against the desk from having cum until his dick was sore and that came out was a clear stream. Namjoon's throat was hoarse from Jin's now tight hold and his screams, and just as his legs were about to give out the older man forced him to his knees and shoved in once, twice, and came bucking his balls into his chin.

Jin then lifted up a tired Namjoon, tucking him in the middle of Yoongi and Hoseok who were now falling into blissful sleep before cradling them all in his long arms.

He loved play time.