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"Sweetness. Love of my life. Are you sure you absolutely need shawarma at..." Hades blearily checks his watch, "2:24 am?" 

"Yes," Persephone replied definitively, followed by the low grumble of her belly.

"But you're a vegetarian..." he reminded her, trying to change her mind so he could go back to sleep.

"And the baby wants what the baby wants. And right now the baby wants shawarma. With lamb."

"Do you even know what lamb tastes like?"

"No, but I feel like that's the right thing. I'm sure Baby knows," she smiled sweetly, placing her hands over her barely swollen tummy.

"Baby, who is not even born yet, knows it wants lamb... Fantastic..." he grouched as he threw the covers off of himself and huffed his way out of his warm bed. He snatched his phone from the nightstand and stomped into the closet.

"I love you," Persephone called after him with a sugary lilt.

Hades grumbled back.

After getting dressed, and a few minutes of digging on the internet, he managed to find the personal Fatesbook page of the owner of a small Mediterranean style delicatessen. A lucky break that the guy had his number listed on his profile. Without hesitation, he dialed it.

No answer. Not surprising.

He called again.

No answer. Fuck.

He considered dialing a third time, but figured the result would be about the same. Well, there's more than one way to do this...

Hades called a different number — one he had on speed dial. It was answered on the second ring.

"Hey, Boss *yaaaawn* what's up?" a groggy, feminine voice rasped.

"I have a job for you..."



Half an hour later, Hades was stood outside the door of the deli, practically hovering over the grumbling, pajama-clad shop owner who was currently fumbling with the keys.

"I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, sir," Hades offered, not sounding a bit sorry for the violet satyr. 

More grumbling was the only answer he received.

"You know, if you had just answered your phone when I called I wouldn't have had to get The Furies to retrieve you."

"Did it ever occur to His Majesty that I didn't answer because I wanted to be left alone?" the annoyed man finally spoke.

Hades' eyebrows hitched high upon his forehead. Not many were bold enough to address him in such a way and it was lucky for the gruff satyr that he was empathetic to being dragged out of bed in the middle of the night specifically for shawarma. "Apologies, again. But you see, my wife, your Queen, is expecting and was in dire need of a particular culinary cuisine that you serve here."

"And it couldn't wait til mornin'," the man griped again.

Hades had had enough of the attitude. "Listen, pal, if I have to be out here at 3 am for a damn sandwich then so do you."