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The Luna Waltz Shorts

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Nox’ila holds onto her lover tightly, she is afraid if she let’s go this is all, but a dream and he will disappear, he kisses her forehead and whispers,

“I am here and intend to stay. I am not a dream, my heart.” She kisses him gently on the lips and sighs, he runs his hand through her hair but stops,

“Why are there salt crystals in your hair, love?” he questions,

“Need I remind you that we had to swim back after the battle,” she replies, he laughs gently,

“And if I left you and yours a boat, it will defeat the purpose of me playing my Villain role so excellently,” he adds. Nox frowns at him, he kisses her gently on the nose, her ears relax on her head.

“Come, love, let’s shower and I will help you shampoo your hair,” he offers,

“You really like to shampoo my hair?” she questions,

“When the memory returns to you, you will know why,” he replies and he sweeps her off her feet, bringing her into the showers. Nox surprise by his action blushes and hides her face in his neck, purring in content that she is once again with her Lover.

            Sitting on the short stool, Hades massages the shampoo into her shoulder-length azure hair, careful not to touch her ears, her tail is doing a slight wag. He has learned to read her mood by her tail and ears, this wag, she is happy and content, if he leans in, he should be able to hear her purring. He studies her back quietly, such a slender and delicate back, yet she carries so much hope and desires. Didn’t he too shoulder the same not so long ago?

“Hold your breath,” he tells her tender, the moment he sees her tail straighten as if she is readying herself, he laughs pours water over her head, washing off the shampoo. Gently taking her hand, he kisses each of her fingers gently, the bruises and cuts on her fingers from their final battle is still visible,

“If you were to apologize again, I will headbutt you, Hades,” she warns,

“You did what you think was right for the both of us and for a moment there, I really thought I would lose you, but you came back and that it matters,” she tells him. Nox kisses him gently before running and going into the humongous bathtub that Hades got for them, she sighs as the hot water washes her exhaustion away,

“I have never seen a Feline who loves the water, much like yourself, are you sure you are not part fish,” he teases, she growls at him, which causes him to laugh as he steps into the tub after her. He sits down as he leans against the wall, soaking the day away, she goes over and settling between his legs, her tail curls around his wrist. Hades touches his Ascian sigil that he placed on the small of her back, which cause Nox to purr loudly at his touch, he pulls her close and kisses her shoulder and her back, Hades is so afraid that is but a dream of a dead man but she feels real to him, the scent of her skin is like a gentle caress to his senses, he holds her flush to him and sighs.

            Nox turns to face him, she kisses his temple then his eyes, his nose then his lips, he gives her a half-smile,

“We need to stop making sure that this is real, we can make love that usually works if it is a dream,” he says in his usual manner, she sighs at him, this is him alright.

“My Soul, tell me what happened,” Nox request,

“You know I can never say ‘No’ to you when you use that god-awful pet name,” he says in an insufferable manner, she laughs, he cups her face gently,

“Finally, laughter,” he mutters and kisses her deeply and with need, he breaks away and sighs,

“Yes, talk first,” he reminded himself gently. He places his hand on his chest where approximately that gaping hole was, where the Weapon of Pure Light tore through him,

“I recall seeing the hole in my chest, when I see you, the Light within you is no more, it was spent as I hoped, you rejoined with one your shard as well, I couldn’t ask for more,”

“There was this dark vile finally lifted from me, the shackle that bound me as an Ascian shattered, I deliver that wonderful line to you and yours, then I allow death to claim me,” her hand on his shoulder tighten at the memory of his last moment. How her heartache remembering it.

“When I came to, I was before Hydaelyn, the Mother Crystal ask me of my wish, I told her to walk beside her champion, be her shield and her guide, be her support when she needed it and be her comfort when she needed,” Nox’s heart does the races and heat creep to her face at his declaration and to none other than the Mother Crystal.

            Nox wonders how she is going to face, Hydaelyn in the future when the Mother call upon her again,

“Hydaelyn told me that the Warrior of Light and had free me from Zodiark's chains and I was free to make a choice, to do as I wish for or return to Livestream awaiting for reborn anew,” he says, he pauses and tugs her hair behind her ear,

“I told her, I will return to her Champion and complete her rejoining, I think I felt a ghost of a hug before I was send back here, where I caught you weeping your heart out into my coat,” he teases.

“I was heartbroken…I thought I lost you after we finally found each other,” she says in a huff, he laughs

“So now, another question to you is, what should I call you?” she asks,

“I am no longer Emet-Selch, that title died along with the Ascian and seeing that I am no longer an Ascian…even though I retain all my powers. But I have grown fond of how you moan my true name when I am inside you,” he says in a low sensual voice. He pulls her in for a hungry kiss, he needs her now, he wants her to come undone with him deep inside her, Hades devours her lips, her hands run down the abs on his chest as she returns his kiss with the same hunger, he pulls away,

“Scream for me, my love,” he whispers into her ears.

            He captures her lips once more, his tongue claiming her lips, Hades strokes her silken folds, causing her to buck her hip once, he presses a finger into her as he strokes her walls causing her to break the kiss and cries,

“Hades…gods.” Hades captures her pert nipple with his mouth, grazing it gently between his teeth and sucking on it, he adds another finger into her

“Hades…stop…stop teasing me, I need you, inside me…now,” she pleads with a slight growl, Hades bite her lips gently,

“I am not done with you,” she uses her tail strokes across his length, causing him to pause, he laughs throatily,

“My kitten is being naughty,” he mutters.

“Inside now and stop teasing me,” she growls once more, Hades sighs

“So, impatience, I didn’t have my fun,” he lifts his lover by the waist and pushes himself into her, she moans,

“Hades…hmm,” biting her lower lip, when her nether lips fully engulf his length, he sighs, this is exactly what he needed. To be inside his lover, with her body on his, her taste in his mouth. He kisses her deeply, he slowly thrust into her, making sure to hit her sweet spot, her nails dig into his back and her legs wrap around his waist.

“Hades…faster, please stop driving me crazy…” she pleads,

“As my lady wish,” he whispers, he hastens each of his strokes into her, she muffles her scream of his name by holding her hand over her mouth. Hades feels her wall clamps down on his length, he feels her climax in his arms, thrusting deep into her before he too climaxes, emptying his seeds deep inside her. He pants,

“See this is not a dream,” he informs her, she smiles and kisses him deeply.

            After another round of washing up, they finally got dress and now is laying on their bed, Hades takes her hand and interlocking their fingers,

“I wanted to return something to you,” he says, a red aetheric mist flows out and around her ring finger as the mist dissipates, a tattoo of sort of a red mark can be seen around her finger, she looks at Hades’s finger, there is a similar mark but his is blue around his ring finger,

“This is our marriage band, yours has my aetheric hue with my signature, while I have yours,” he explains, Nox takes his hand and kisses where the ring is,

“Well now that I have a collar pe say on you to claim my ownership, I am well within my rights to scare off any male that hovers around you…especially that Crystal Exarch,” he growls, Nox laughs,

“Be nice, he is a good friend,” she tells him off. She presses her forehead on his hand, he turns his hand to stroke her face,

“I have grown fond of that laughter of yours, I intend to hear it often,” he tells her, Nox leans in and kisses Hades deeply,

“I will laugh with you, cry with you, endure hardship with you. I will not walk behind you but beside you, for we are equal. I will be your shield, your sword, and your haven, what is mine will be yours, I will cherish and honor you as long as I breathe,” she tells him, he kisses her gently,

“That sounds like a wedding vow, kitten,” he tells her, her face turns beet-red and she buries her face in his chest. Hades laughs but, he takes her hand kisses her marriage band, he repeats the same,

“I will laugh with you, cry with you, endure hardship with you. You will not walk behind me but beside me, for we are equal. I will be your shield, your sword, and your haven, what is mine will be yours, I will cherish and honor you as long as I breathe.” Nox looks at him with a tear slide down her face,

“It is a vow and I intend to keep it,” she tells him,

“I know…so do I. Love, so do I,” he replies and wipes her tear away with his thumb.