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An Uncomfortable Party

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"I mean, I've never been to anything like this before, but its a party right? So--" The white and pink spider demon pulled a glittery, pink, tight, and strapless dress from his closet. "No!" Cherri quipped jumping to her feet. "Angel, Angie, sweetie, no." She said flatly as she walked over and began shoving the dress back into the closet. "Wh--" Angel furrowed his brows doing a double take as he placed his second set of arms on his hips. "What's wrong with it??" He asked. "Alastor, the radio demon. He's who you're going with right?" Cherri asked, not bothering to look at Angel Dust as she paced over to the other side of the room and pulled a pink case up onto the spider demon's bed. "Yes..." Angel said slowly, raising a brow. "Your point?" "Alastor is a powerful and chaotic demon, but he clearly has class. So you should wear something that matches his taste, right?" She asked, clicking the latches.

"That dress is classy, what are ya' talkin' about!?" Angel gestured towards his closet, his golden tooth catching the lamp light. "Wrong type of class. So as your best friend, I may or may not have stolen something for you." She flipped open the suitcase and pulled out a reddish-pink dress with white ruffles towards the bottom. Angel narrowed his eyes as she aired it out, until she turned to him. Then his eyes went wide as he cracked an almost anxious grin. "What the hell is that?" He asked, crossing his upper set of arms. "Old western style dress, or at least, that's what the guy I nabbed it from called it." He looked it over, eyes narrowing slightly. It did look western. Like the Victorian type of western you saw in old movies you never took the time to fully watch through. He almost considered it. Almost. "Cherry-Berry, look--" He closed his eyes with a sigh beginning to unfold his arms, his second set easing on his hips. "Bitch no! At least try it on." She walked up to him, shoving it in his face, only for him to push it away. "Try it on!!" The one eyed demon snarled. "Fine!" Angel exclaimed, pulling it from her hands. His heels clicked as he made his way into the bathroom, grumbling as he slammed the door shut behind him. A few minutes later he came back out, jaw clenched, burning with embarrassment.

"Awww Angie!" Cherri exclaimed. He couldn't tell if she was mocking him or not. She guided him over to his vanity and sat him down in front of the mirror. He stared at himself for a long moment. "I don't like the sleeves." He said finally. The sleeves were long, tight on his wrists. He had been forced to remove his gloves. At the top they puffed out like ruffled balloons. Now he realized two things about the dress. The white of the dress was more cream than white, he found that out when he compared it to his bare arm, and that the sleeves were a dark grayish pink that didn't really compliment the dress. Everything was pink and white and then you just had these sleeves. He didn't even realize the well sewn holes for his second pair of arms until he put the dress on. "I think you look cute as a button." Cherri said. Now she was definitely mocking him. "Stand up." She ordered, walking away. He did what he was told and brushed off the butt of his skirt, backing up to look at his full body in the mirror. He saw Cherri coming up beside him with a large piece of leather the same color as his sleeves. "The dress almost makes you look like you actually have hips and an ass under there!" She quipped, smacking his rear with the leather. "Hey! Watch it, asshole!" Angel snapped.

Cherri cackled and reached around him, unfolding the leather and pulling it against his front, reaching her hands around to the back. His eyes widened. It was a corset. "I don't need this!" He exclaimed followed by a sharp gasp, lurching forward as she pulled the strings tight and tied them. He never said it outloud but he knew he was thin. He certainly didn't need to look any thinner. He arraigned up, his breath hitching. His second pair of arms had automatically found hand cut slits in the leather to go through. Now that he was looking at himself, he had to admit the dress was kind of cute with the corset to compliment the sleeves. He liked how it pushed up his chest fluff, making it look like he had an actual cleavage line. "Okay, I don't hate it." He admitted. Cherry cracked a smile. "Sit down, I'm going to go get your drag wig." He did as he was told, his ribs straining as he sat down. "Okay." He exhaled sharply as he propped his elbow up on his vanity table.

Not shortly after Cherri was brushing down the excess volume of his blonde locks in silence, following the action by curling his hair towards the ends. Angel watched her doing this in the mirror, silent. It was moments like these where Angel almost felt like a real person. Like he didn't have to put on a ridiculous show to prove a point or act like someone who ended up in hell. Sometimes he felt like Cherri had the same thoughts. She had done his lashes, and topped the look off with shimmering red lipstick and dark pink eyeshadow. "You look really pretty, Angie." She said in a perfectly normal, almost soft voice as she closed the lipstick tube. "Thank you..." He replied simply, with a small smile. "Ah shit! Almost forgot!" She reached over and grabbed the suitcase, pulling it over. She passed him long gloves that matched the off white of his dress and a pair of shoes. He took a deep breath, feeling different, serene, and calmer as he stood up. "I appreciate you, sugar tits." He said with a small smirk, before turning and heading for the door. "Don't die!" She called after him with a laugh.

How had he gotten into this situation? Well, it was actually rather simple. Angel had been lounging on the Happy hotel lobby couch, staring at a wall. Charlie was scribbling something on a clipboard when Alastor seemingly appeared out of thin air. "Oh Charlie~!" He said in his usual enthusiastic voice. Charlie had fumbled with her clipboard before clutching it to her chest. "Alastor! Hi. Hello. Yes??" "I was wondering if you and your tempermental friend would like to join me at a- what I suppose you would call a vintage party tomorrow evening!" Angel perked at the words vintage and party, mentally taking part in the conversation. Vaggie, who had been sitting in a dark corner shot up like corn in a field. "No! Absolutely not." She rushed over and grabbed the princess' arm. "Charlie say no." She hissed in the blonde's ear. Charlie strained a smile and furrowed her brows. "I'm sorry, Alastor, but me and Vaggie already have plans." His expression didn't falter and he gestured dismissively with his hand. "That's quite alright. I was just attempting to be more interactive with my business partners!" Angel jolted up. "Can I come?" He asked. Alastor closed his eyes, his smile unfaltering. "Hah! No." "Why not?" Angel asked narrowly. "I think that would actually be a good idea" Charlie interjected. She faltered a little with Alastors blood red eyes locked on her. "Because, well... Angel Dust is our representative so to speak. He's our only resident right now in the happy hotel. Don't you think its important that he open up his field of knowledge beyond violence and drug abuse?" She asked in the same sweet cautious voice she used when trying to ask something of her own father. Alastor stared at her for a long moment before his eyes trailed over to Angel Dust and narrowed briefly. There was a much longer pause before Alastor finally spoke. "Fine." Charlie exhaled, not having realized she was holding her breath, or that Vaggie was still squeezing the circulation from her arm. Charlie smiled. "That's good." She replied breathily. Alastor paced past Angel for the door, stopping momentarily. His iris' pulsed a vibrant glowing red and his voice staticed over. "Don't embarrass me." He warned. When Angel finally broke from the trance he realized Alastor was gone. Angel felt chills up his spine. He could still feel Alastor's gaze lingering. He was starting to see why lower class demons were so afraid of him. But Angel wasn't one to be warded away or scared off easily.