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Speed and Force

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5:30 am

Chels: hey Andre

Me: what's up Chels what's with the early text?

Chels: idiot you know what we have to go today right?

ME: hmm don't have a clue at all why?

Chels: picture sent

Me: FUCKKKKKKKKK i forgot 

Me: so sorry chels i need to get ready and pack fucking shitttt

Chels: idiot

Chels: and don't forgot to pick me up with your dad okay

Me: okay chels see ya soon

Chels: see ya soon fucking dumbass

I quickly get my red shoes on, my black jeans, a yellow off-white shirt and a white sweater. Why am i a fucking dumbass and why did i forgot we have to fly to Japan today I thought in my head, I put my hair in a curly pony tail because it's long, brush my teeth and I head downstairs to eat something first before I go to my dad who is already waiting outside in his car. I get inside and we start driving to get Chels who's real name is Chelsea Aki who is my best friend and childhood friend as well both of us wanting to be the best heroes but can't really do that in America because Japan Heroes get more fame and are ranked more higher in the World Ranking of Heros. We arrive at Chels place and to see her shoulder black hair wavy hair but today I see her in twin buns which made her look cute wait... But anyways I got out the car to help her with her suitcases but we both hug each other cause believe it or not she's really overprotective of me even though she knows I can take care of myself but I don't mind her hugs even though she's short. "Hey you dumbass forgot to wake up today when you know today's the day we leave to Japan" Chels said with a smirk smile "yeah yet you let me know Chels" I said to her with a smile which made her blush " y-y-yeah but your-r stil-l my friend and you should be reminded" she stumbled out and I came close to her and hugged her "I know Chels and i know you care for me and I care for you too Chels" I smiled at her which made her hug me even harder "thank you" she says to me. I get her hand and we teleport to the backseat of my dad's car "Sup dad" I say to him and he starts the car and we head to the airport.

"Chels wake up" i poke her cheek and she wakes up... I fucked up but she wouldn't hurt me right? "Andre why did you wake me up" she stares at me with venom in her eyes "because we landed already?" i tell her to look at the airplane window " holy shit Andre our dreams of coming here is almost here" she half-squeeked out "Chels where are we staying at?" I tell her while me and her are heading out the airplane and going to get our suitcase "hmmm I think where we reversed to rent is near U.A and it's a apartment complex near U.A High so we should be heading there as soon we get our suitcase" she told me and my left eye started to hurt "ow ow ow" i mumbled but somehow Chels heard me "Andre are you okay" she said panicked and held my face to inspect my left eye I was holding out of pain and I took off my hand "Andre you should tell me when your eye is purple" she told me and took out a eye patch that she always somehow has and put it on my eye "thanks Chels but how do you always have that eye patch" i said while i got my suitcase and she got hers " It's because I don't like you getting hurt" she looked with care in her eyes "okay okay don't get mushy with me Chels" I say to her but she just smiled at me "okay let's get moving" I say and purple electricity comes out of me getting my quirk ready "ready to hold on Chels" i say to her "you know am not used to thi-" she half says until we are outside the airport "this" she finishes and looks at me "sorry Chels" I laughed at her and i felt the force on the ground move "Andre if you ever do that again if am not ready or your going to feel the air fuck you up" she said in the most serious I ever seen her "ay-e" i stumbled out. Me and Chels were walking to go to our apartment we both rented out for our self's and we both saw the apartment building and it wasn't that old but it would be weird that two 15 year-old living together which is more weird when both are of opposite gender but fuck them we are both best friends and nothing is going to get in our way "Chels come on we should look in our apartment" I ran up the stairs "Andre! don't fucking run you can't see well you idiot" I heard her said but then I crash into something "Fuck my eye!" I half-scream and I see this pinked-cheeked girl and brown bob-cut hair looked at me with guilt that she made me fall " Hey are you okay mister?" the girl say to me but then feel a force in the ground "Andre what happen?" Chels checked me and look at the girl "Chels don't kill the poor girl it's my fault for being reckless" I get up and I reached my hand out to help her and she gets up by her own "Sorry for making you fall!" she bowed as she said that "it's no problem anyways i can't see well cause of my eye" I tell her with a smile and reaching her hand "Name's Andre Xai and the girl who almost was going to kill you is Chelsea Aki nice to meet you" I say with a smile and she didn't go for the hand shake I wonder why? "Oh nice to meet you Xai and Aki and my name is Ochaco Uraraka" she said with a bright smile and i saw Chels go up to her "Why are you so small and cute" Chels said to her hugging the smaller girl " Chels don't crush Uraraka now" I said half-laughing and prying off Chels off Uraraka "So what brings you here I never seen you guys before?" Uraraka says to both of us "It's because me and Chels here are going to U.A. High" I say with pride " WOW so you guys are also trying for U.A I moved here alone to go to U.A and seeing new people makes me happy" she says with a bright smile and Chels starts hugging her again "We can visit you Uraraka you want to come set up our apartment?" Chels said with a bright smile "Chels i swear smiles more your going to be the death of me" i say knowing am going to break her "u-m-mmm am just trying to make her happy" Chels stuttered out and i saw her blushing "Let's go to our aparment Chels" I grabbed Chels and signed Uraraka to come with us. "Woah Andre this is so COOL we get to live on our own and buy whatever we want and this is cool" Chels bounced around the decently pre-furbished apartment and a big T.V I stared at am going to have to buy some games if we are going to live here i swear I thought in my head. "Hey Xai and Aki from what part of Japan do you come from?" she said to me and Chels "Oh we are both from America and we are coming as foreign students at U.A but we have to pass the entrance exam first though" Chels explained to Uraraka as I was exploring the place but came up with the idea i want to scarce Chels and show my quirk to Uraraka so I left in a way they knew I left the room and teleported behind them "BOO" I screamed and the second I know get hit by a force field "FUC-" i half-screamed and hit the wall "owwww" i groaned and my left eye since i can't use my teleportation well yet started bleeding "OH MY God am so sorry Andre" Chels ran to my aid even though she just chucked me across the room and saw Uraraka looked panicked "am okay Chels" I looked at her and she started to be even more panicked that she saw blood run down my left eye "Andre your bleeding let me clean that up" Chels ran to go get something in the bathroom "Xai was that your quirk?" Uraraka said to me "Actually it's my second quirk it's called teleportation and my first quirk is Speedster which they both speak for them self" I said to her and was shocked that I had two quirks and before Uraraka can say something Chels comes with a towel and another eyepatch and cleans my eye " Hey Chels I think my purple eye is staying because I been having more control over it" i tell her but Chels still puts the eye patch on my left eye " better safe then sorry Andre" Chels says to me but Uraraka still has questions to ask us so I made some food with Chels and talked for a while explaining to Uraraka that my purple left eye is a result of my second quirk and Uraraka also explaining that she wants to be a hero to help her parents which i thought was really sweet. Uraraka excused herself to go home because the entrance exam is tomorrow "Hey Andre?" Chels sat down next to me "What's up Chels?" I paused the video i was watching in the T.V "Are you nervous for tomorrow Andre because I am if we don't make it we don't get to be the heros we want to be and if don't make i do-" i cut her off by kissing her on the cheek "hey stop it Chels me and you are going to make WE are going to make it so stop doubting yourself and keep your head up also you have an amazing quirk Chels" I tell her because i know she's capable of doing it and maybe me too"Andreee~" she cried on my shoulder and nuzzled her face on my neck "Let's asleep it's going to be a big day tomorrow" i say and teleport us to the bedroom and put her to sleep "Andre can you...never mind" Chels face turned red and put the blanket over her body "Good night Andre" she said to me "good night to you too Chels" i say to her and closed the bedroom door tomorrow is going to be a big day I thought.