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The Motherly Misadventures of Dell Conagher

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Overnight, the temperature had dropped immensely. However, it had still been a clear and beautiful morning after a night of dreadful rain and thundering. The sunlight had proved itself so by shining its rays from the blinds, directly onto the twins encased inside of Dell's eight month baby bump. The very small amount of heat caused the babies to start a boxing match in the beautiful Texan man, causing him to moan a little bit in his rest. When he did that, the babies seemingly stirred up a lil bit of gas from within him, making a small burp purr from his throat. After that, the man's eyes blinked awake slowly as he wriggled slightly in the sheets and numerous blankets Jane put over him. He whimpered softly as he sat up to look at his husband. Still, the Soldier was peacefully asleep. The pregnant Engineer decided swing his naked legs over the side of the bed and sigh as he could only think of what ever the hell could happen today as these babies were taking over his body.

Engie shivered a little bit as he felt goosebumps from bottom to top. He got his plump butt from off the bed and slipped his feet into a random pair of socks, not giving a damn if they were Solly's or not. Goddamn, it's freezin' in here...the man thought as he stood half naked at the end of the bed. His night apparel consisted of only a purple hoodie and his briefs. It would be the best idea to put on some thick fur-lined maternity leggings. Before leaving the bedroom, he decided to get a good look at himself through the mirror. These two have really pushed his body to an unbelievable length. His hoodie was only showing the little bit of chub that grew at the bottom of the belly. His hips were widened to be wider than his belly, giving him a pear shape. The fat on his bum had increased by at least a pound. He placed his chilly paws on his bum, rubbing in a circular motion. He knew damn well he was gonna stay like this even after he birthed the babies. That was, if he wanted. The two new parents were still contemplating on a home birth, or a C-section from Medic.

The Texan sighed as he made an awkward waddle down the steps. He wanted some hot chocolate for the chilly fall Saturday. He sighed as his belly gave a loud hunger gurgle in response to him opening the packet of powdered chocolate. He sighed. Dell didn't need that warning his body gave as he already knew he felt as if he could eat this entire house of the food and still not be satisfied. He grabbed the milk from the fridge and poured it into his mug of chocolate powder. The poor bean was still freezing, and he really just wanted to drink this right away. The babey mumbled as he placed a hand on his large belly, taking a spoon and slowly stirring up the contents until the mixture pleased the Engineer. Now he could put the damn thing in the microwave and wait just a few minutes longer. In the few minutes, he found the whipped creme, cookies, and some peppermint sticks to go with his lil cup of happiness.

The microwave went off with a DING! as the mercenary waddled to the microwave and opened it. It smelled so good...he took the mug and placed it on the stool next to the chase lounge he normally occupied. Dell flipped the TV onto some ugly political debate and winced in disgust as he surfed the television. Once he stopped at a channel, he used his whipped creme and cutely placed the peppermint sticks in the side of his lil masterpiece of a cup of hot chocolate.

His twins would thank him greatly for the sweet, warm liquid as he drank, event now and then licking away a sugary mustache. A familiar mumble came from the stairway. Jane had woken up. After the Soldier wiped his eyes, all he could do was state at the beautiful sight on the chase lounge. His wife, very pregnant, looking cold, small and vulnerable as all you could see from him was his cute, chubby face as a thick blanket covered his body mostly. Dell looked over to his husband.

"Good mornin' sweetie."

"Good morning. How are you feeling? Are you cold?"

"Honey, it may be cold outside, but ah've been warm inside fer bout eight months now."


"Well, whatcha doin', yet best impression of a Staregineer? C'mere so ah can share this hot chocolate."