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What it’s like to date the avengers as a trans man

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Steve would definitely be confused at first trying to figure what “trans“ was, so he locked himself in his room for a few hours to do research because he really didn’t want to mess his chance with you.

He would help you workout if you wanted. He tried to get you too workout with him especially on the days when you where really dysphoric.

He’d probably make jokes about his chest being bigger then yours.

He’s probably feel pretty empathetic in a way because he understands what it’s like too feel like you’re not in control of your own body.

When it comes time for you to do your t shot he’d be more nervous then you. He’d definitely get you cute bandaids but only in masculine patterns like dinosaurs. he didn’t want to do anything to make you feel bad.

When Mother Nature rolls around he’d definitely pamper you telling you how your more of a man then any cis guy because they definitely couldn’t handle that. He’d probably try to use an old fashion hot water bottle to ease the cramps.

Would probably call you “baby boy” and “honey”.